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Nov 6, 2010 - 11:02 AM
HD Projectors
Does anyone know much about them? If some higher being reading this does, I need to know which one is best for gaming/film a-watchin'. My budget is about £300, so obviously I know I won't get THE BEST but whatever.

In other news, I graduated Uni, yay!! In other other news, I'm unemployed, yaaay!!

Currently Playing: 4minute - Highlight

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[public entry #107]

Nov 26, 2009 - 06:11 PM
I got a job on a film set for a cheesy horror film!!
Sure i'll be a runner, but who cares! Gotta love low budget horror films! The guy who runs it looks like a right character:

I'm so excited, sure I've got a dissertation to do and a film of my own to plan, but there's nothing like a bit of work to whack on the good ol' CV for when I graduate.

Also, as a brit with American friends - it's awesome tagging along to their Thanksgiving shenanigans. I ordered 2 meals for myself, 2 for £10 get in! I can officially say I am a fatso. But it doesn't matter "it's Thanksgiving".

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[public entry #106]

Nov 13, 2009 - 12:56 PM
Internet Friendships...your creative opinions?
Ok guys, I need some opinions here and what better place to come than the place that's full of them!

Basically, for my 3rd and final year at Uni I have to create a 10 minute film. An idea I've had in my head for a while is a sort of conceptual piece on Internet friendships. Now, what I mean by that is basically visual metaphors for what it means to be close to someone online...

I know it sounds pretty weird, but I'm really excited about doing this project because it gives me a chance to do some cool cinematography and set designs without calling it an experimental film.

The narrative as it were would be a visual representation of the virtual world that these two people submit themselves into when they talk online. It's not necessarily a love story, because I wouldn't want it to do sexual imagary ifyouknowwhatimean.

So, think about a time where you felt incredibly drawn and connected to someone online, someone you've never met. Think about the feeling it gave you when you got to talk to them, now try and imagine a visual metaphor for this.

For example, the things I've come up with so far, is someone in a room full of writing on a wall. So the writing doesn't appear just on the computer screen, but in someones environment, as if those words wrap themselves around something physical around them like the sound of those words would travel through the air.
Another thing is like a prison type visitor booth (dunno what they're called!), and the two people are on both sides but they can only see a blurred version of each other, because the computer screen acts as a barrier for both people.
An idea I've had that I'd love to do just because I love them, is like a masquerade ball. I want to recreate the Labyrinth ballroom scene =D. I'm not sure how I'd link it as a metaphor but god dammit I will try and think!

Any relevant ideas will be uber helpful!

Added note: If you don't have any visual metaphors of your experiences, just describing the feelings/emotions is all good. It works as great research.

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[public entry #105]

Nov 8, 2009 - 05:16 PM
"Can I have a smooch?"
So. There's this guy. In my first year at Uni he takes me out on a date. I didn't actually know it was a date until I was on it, I kind of got the impression after he started paying for everything and the such. I liked the guy, he was really really nice, but at the time I was already head over heals about my now ex boyfriend. He kinda dropped off the radar since then.

Recently we started talking again, we met up a total of two times before the events of Friday evening. On both of these occasions, we were talking just as friends do. Friday night was just the same, chit chatting away for a while. No flirting, no suggestiveness, no 'date' setting etc.

On the way home, when we were parting ways, I give him a hug and say have fun on holiday since he's going away. As we part, he stays close to me and I know in my head what is coming next. I look to the floor, feeling slightly nervous about the impending moment that is about to happen. After a line of continued conversation, he blurts it out: "So...can I have a smooch?"

1. Who says smooch and 2. What? I was so taken off guard by the whole thing I nervously laughed and asked why?! If the guy had been flirting with me or being suggestive on previous occasions then maybe I would've seen it coming. And by it I mean perhaps a small peck to test the waters. I dunno, I really just wanted to take things slow with the guy because I don't even know if I like him in that sense. But now steps have been taken that screwed up the whole process and BLARGH.

We cleared things up and he apologised for over stepping the mark, but I still kinda feel a twang of sadness that he was so keen to just kiss me and fuck off to Hungary for a week. I'm not sure, I'll still meet up with him because he's a cool guy and maybe something will spark with him, but I don't 'smooch' people for the hell of it.


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[public entry #104]

Nov 6, 2009 - 08:32 AM
Completely uninspired to write
I have a methodology report to do for my dissertation, and I know what I need to write but when I stare at the document I can't seem to do it. It's like my mind says "NO! NOT GONNA!" and I'm left with this blank feeling in my brains. It's awful ;_;. I know I'll DO it, it's just getting started and finding the right motivation. It's a feeling I've been getting a lot recently, as well as the feeling that I'll fail at life when I leave Uni and try and find a job.

The real world scares me ;_;.

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[public entry #103]

Nov 3, 2009 - 05:23 AM
Stupid boy thingy and a cleaner who doesn't clean
So I walked past said boy yesterday, the one who I said uhhh gfto of my life to, and I got like this surge of nervous energy. My heart was pounding and I fell into a right weird spot. I don't regret anything, but god damn bumping into the person you've said bye to forevah is pretty intense stuff. I sorta looked out of the corner of my eye, and I think he looked my way, but who knows. Right at the key moment of passing my friend asks me "Did you get the Contain materia from the Chocobo in Medeel?" (I actually didn't, fail!)

I'm in a student house, a very nice student house, a very expensive student house, and the landlord insists on getting a cleaner in once and month to you know...clean. The first one she hires didn't turn up, the second one was nice and put a lot of effort into trying to spruce up the place but apparently she wasn't good enough so she fired her, and now we have her MOTHER cleaning for us. She's almost dead and has one hell of an attitude on her. Everytime she's been here she's mentioned to "clear the shit out of the front room"...what you mean is you want US to do YOUR job. And for the record, the 'shit' she is refering to is you know, a few glasses, a magazine, a few controllers, dvd mouldy takeaway boxes or anything of the sort. It's so annoying! I swear she's always gasping for life whenever she's around. And her cleaning isn't that great either! We do better than her!


I have a shit load of work that needs to be done. A research portfolio for my dissertation for next Thursday. Really need to get cracking with that one.

MY BROTHER IS 30! WTF. Am I old now?!

Currently Playing: Deadlock - Dying Breed

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[public entry #102]

Nov 1, 2009 - 08:45 AM
The first movie in about 10 years to make me scared of the dark. Seriously creepy shit. In my opinion, this film has the closest to perfect representation of ghosts in a horror film I've seen...exactly how I imagined them to be. Great Halloween movie! Can't wait for Paranormal Activity...

In other news, I cut out someone from my life for good. Very weird thing to do really, and I know he deserved it. Basically, it was my ex boyfriend (typical huh?). We were going out for a year, he broke up with me because he said he didn't have time for a girlfriend in his 3rd year at Uni (we were finishing our 2nd year going into the 3rd at the time). Well now he's going out with someone else...fair enough he's moved on from me, but I do not want to be messed around by a liar. He said nothing to my reasons, which is sort of nagging on me but it wouldn't change anything if he was apologetic or angry or whatever. But yes...very strange. Dreading the moment when I bump into him, I know I'll walk straight by but I know my heart will go crazy inside my chest.

I have a lot of work to do, but for once I feel like I'm on top of it. Really annoying though, you can order books from other libraries at our Uni, so I ordered 3 and I misread the due date as 1/11/09. There's a £133.50 late fee charged (not shitting you) so I was skim reading the shit out of them and photocopying so much thinking I would have to give them back today. It turns out after panicking the library is closed on a Sunday that looking closer they're due back 1/12/2009...Le sigh. But still, I get them for longer =).

I'm going to have an It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia marathon with a good friend of mine today, we bonded over the show so it's only fitting we gorge ourselves on terrible food and laugh our asses off.

I've had 3 Matt Bellamy dreams in the last 3 nights. All of them have been awesome.

I used to love using this smiley

That's the most journaly like entry I've made in a while, 0 comments await!

Currently Playing: Paramore - Oh, Star

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[public entry #101]

Oct 21, 2009 - 02:40 PM
Seriously guys, who.

To the shock of everyone who may read this...I have never played FF7 before. But because I lurked around here while I was 12 in the Square Forum I was pretty clued in on the story (a bitch gets stabbed), so since PSN released the game and after Timby purchased it and demanded I should play it, I'm giving it a whirl.

Now all these questions of who should be my trio is lurking in my brains. I quite like the Cloud/Tifa combination because the bitch is hot and Cloud is STAPLE. WHO IS MA THIRD?! I'm thinking Yuffie...then maybe Vincent.

In other news...sup. I'm at Uni doing my 3rd year, DISSERTATION TIMEEEE.

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[public entry #100]

Jun 26, 2009 - 05:44 PM
Not really, but I'm surely not keeping up with my usual fitness routine. Which isn't all that harsh, but I figured if I want that ideal bikini summer body then I should start doing something a bit more brutal. Since I'll be back home with the 'rents over the summer, I'll be away from the gym which means I have to RUN.

It won't be too bad, since there's a canal nearby that I can run down and hide away from complete public exposure. All I have to do is avoid the homeless trying to push me in or being mugged and we're all good. I'd take my most agile dog, but god damn he doesn't listen when I call him.

I'm thinking of running as far as I can 3 times a week, with some ab exercises inbetween, and of course I'll watch what I eat and cut down on the snacks and pop. The pudge and boobage loss chart will be on the fridge for all to see.

In other news, house mate discussed in previous entry came home, said a few hello's and was being ok but then stayed at her friends house. Said friend also came with her, probably for some sort of support system. I almost, almost gave in to her wounded animal emotional behaviour, but got the sense talked back into me. It was a close call but I pulled through. If she wants to play that card then fine. FINEEE!

GFF EUROPE MEET! I'm really looking forward to this going ahead, it'll be a bit weird what with me having no idea where or what I'll be doing upon graduation but hopefully I can make it happen.

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[public entry #99]

Jun 22, 2009 - 11:24 AM
House drama...and a picture for Sass
Last year I meet friend through friend. Very nice girl.

We all start living together. Cool.

Halfway through the year girl starts complaining about her smallish room and says she'll move out if she can't swap with someone with a big room. Gay.

I root myself into my decision to stay in my nice big room, but after realising the hassle it will be to move out, since the landlord likes groups of people to know each other, I stand up and say I'll swap. Fine.

Over time I realise I clash with girl more and more, what with myself being quite a blunt outspoken person and her being a bit of an emotional naive girl who is very sensitive. Bad times.

Over the weekend she asks me if we can swap the rooms 3 days before I leave for the summer, time I want to spend chilling out and enjoying those last moments of glorious sea side freedom. No chance.

Drama happens, she rings me in a fit of tears saying I'm being selfish and not taking her feelings into consideration and I should have the courtesy to move out of my room in the middle of the summer holidays. Problem with that, I need to work through the summer since I'm almost out of money. Not a chance in hell.

Finally after a much annoying conversation with a teary girl who is in the mental state of a teenager, she calms down and says fine she'll move when I get back. But she just HAD to end it on the "oh well I'll just have to live with a friend over the summer then because I just can't handle this situation". FINE BY ME.


She'll be back from her home visit Wednesday, I plan on making myself scarce to avoid more guilt trips. If she can suck it up and act normal then that'll be ideal, but I highly doubt it.


The picture for Sass, and anyone else bothered, it's our chickens! They're a right little gang of egg making mafia type creatures. They even charged at my dog when she went too close to the hutch.

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[public entry #98]

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