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Jun 26, 2009 - 05:44 PM
Not really, but I'm surely not keeping up with my usual fitness routine. Which isn't all that harsh, but I figured if I want that ideal bikini summer body then I should start doing something a bit more brutal. Since I'll be back home with the 'rents over the summer, I'll be away from the gym which means I have to RUN.

It won't be too bad, since there's a canal nearby that I can run down and hide away from complete public exposure. All I have to do is avoid the homeless trying to push me in or being mugged and we're all good. I'd take my most agile dog, but god damn he doesn't listen when I call him.

I'm thinking of running as far as I can 3 times a week, with some ab exercises inbetween, and of course I'll watch what I eat and cut down on the snacks and pop. The pudge and boobage loss chart will be on the fridge for all to see.

In other news, house mate discussed in previous entry came home, said a few hello's and was being ok but then stayed at her friends house. Said friend also came with her, probably for some sort of support system. I almost, almost gave in to her wounded animal emotional behaviour, but got the sense talked back into me. It was a close call but I pulled through. If she wants to play that card then fine. FINEEE!

GFF EUROPE MEET! I'm really looking forward to this going ahead, it'll be a bit weird what with me having no idea where or what I'll be doing upon graduation but hopefully I can make it happen.

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