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Nov 3, 2009 - 05:23 AM
Stupid boy thingy and a cleaner who doesn't clean
So I walked past said boy yesterday, the one who I said uhhh gfto of my life to, and I got like this surge of nervous energy. My heart was pounding and I fell into a right weird spot. I don't regret anything, but god damn bumping into the person you've said bye to forevah is pretty intense stuff. I sorta looked out of the corner of my eye, and I think he looked my way, but who knows. Right at the key moment of passing my friend asks me "Did you get the Contain materia from the Chocobo in Medeel?" (I actually didn't, fail!)

I'm in a student house, a very nice student house, a very expensive student house, and the landlord insists on getting a cleaner in once and month to you know...clean. The first one she hires didn't turn up, the second one was nice and put a lot of effort into trying to spruce up the place but apparently she wasn't good enough so she fired her, and now we have her MOTHER cleaning for us. She's almost dead and has one hell of an attitude on her. Everytime she's been here she's mentioned to "clear the shit out of the front room"...what you mean is you want US to do YOUR job. And for the record, the 'shit' she is refering to is you know, a few glasses, a magazine, a few controllers, dvd mouldy takeaway boxes or anything of the sort. It's so annoying! I swear she's always gasping for life whenever she's around. And her cleaning isn't that great either! We do better than her!


I have a shit load of work that needs to be done. A research portfolio for my dissertation for next Thursday. Really need to get cracking with that one.

MY BROTHER IS 30! WTF. Am I old now?!

Currently Playing: Deadlock - Dying Breed

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