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Nov 8, 2009 - 05:16 PM
"Can I have a smooch?"
So. There's this guy. In my first year at Uni he takes me out on a date. I didn't actually know it was a date until I was on it, I kind of got the impression after he started paying for everything and the such. I liked the guy, he was really really nice, but at the time I was already head over heals about my now ex boyfriend. He kinda dropped off the radar since then.

Recently we started talking again, we met up a total of two times before the events of Friday evening. On both of these occasions, we were talking just as friends do. Friday night was just the same, chit chatting away for a while. No flirting, no suggestiveness, no 'date' setting etc.

On the way home, when we were parting ways, I give him a hug and say have fun on holiday since he's going away. As we part, he stays close to me and I know in my head what is coming next. I look to the floor, feeling slightly nervous about the impending moment that is about to happen. After a line of continued conversation, he blurts it out: "So...can I have a smooch?"

1. Who says smooch and 2. What? I was so taken off guard by the whole thing I nervously laughed and asked why?! If the guy had been flirting with me or being suggestive on previous occasions then maybe I would've seen it coming. And by it I mean perhaps a small peck to test the waters. I dunno, I really just wanted to take things slow with the guy because I don't even know if I like him in that sense. But now steps have been taken that screwed up the whole process and BLARGH.

We cleared things up and he apologised for over stepping the mark, but I still kinda feel a twang of sadness that he was so keen to just kiss me and fuck off to Hungary for a week. I'm not sure, I'll still meet up with him because he's a cool guy and maybe something will spark with him, but I don't 'smooch' people for the hell of it.


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