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Jun 22, 2009 - 11:24 AM
House drama...and a picture for Sass
Last year I meet friend through friend. Very nice girl.

We all start living together. Cool.

Halfway through the year girl starts complaining about her smallish room and says she'll move out if she can't swap with someone with a big room. Gay.

I root myself into my decision to stay in my nice big room, but after realising the hassle it will be to move out, since the landlord likes groups of people to know each other, I stand up and say I'll swap. Fine.

Over time I realise I clash with girl more and more, what with myself being quite a blunt outspoken person and her being a bit of an emotional naive girl who is very sensitive. Bad times.

Over the weekend she asks me if we can swap the rooms 3 days before I leave for the summer, time I want to spend chilling out and enjoying those last moments of glorious sea side freedom. No chance.

Drama happens, she rings me in a fit of tears saying I'm being selfish and not taking her feelings into consideration and I should have the courtesy to move out of my room in the middle of the summer holidays. Problem with that, I need to work through the summer since I'm almost out of money. Not a chance in hell.

Finally after a much annoying conversation with a teary girl who is in the mental state of a teenager, she calms down and says fine she'll move when I get back. But she just HAD to end it on the "oh well I'll just have to live with a friend over the summer then because I just can't handle this situation". FINE BY ME.


She'll be back from her home visit Wednesday, I plan on making myself scarce to avoid more guilt trips. If she can suck it up and act normal then that'll be ideal, but I highly doubt it.


The picture for Sass, and anyone else bothered, it's our chickens! They're a right little gang of egg making mafia type creatures. They even charged at my dog when she went too close to the hutch.

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