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Nov 13, 2009 - 12:56 PM
Internet Friendships...your creative opinions?
Ok guys, I need some opinions here and what better place to come than the place that's full of them!

Basically, for my 3rd and final year at Uni I have to create a 10 minute film. An idea I've had in my head for a while is a sort of conceptual piece on Internet friendships. Now, what I mean by that is basically visual metaphors for what it means to be close to someone online...

I know it sounds pretty weird, but I'm really excited about doing this project because it gives me a chance to do some cool cinematography and set designs without calling it an experimental film.

The narrative as it were would be a visual representation of the virtual world that these two people submit themselves into when they talk online. It's not necessarily a love story, because I wouldn't want it to do sexual imagary ifyouknowwhatimean.

So, think about a time where you felt incredibly drawn and connected to someone online, someone you've never met. Think about the feeling it gave you when you got to talk to them, now try and imagine a visual metaphor for this.

For example, the things I've come up with so far, is someone in a room full of writing on a wall. So the writing doesn't appear just on the computer screen, but in someones environment, as if those words wrap themselves around something physical around them like the sound of those words would travel through the air.
Another thing is like a prison type visitor booth (dunno what they're called!), and the two people are on both sides but they can only see a blurred version of each other, because the computer screen acts as a barrier for both people.
An idea I've had that I'd love to do just because I love them, is like a masquerade ball. I want to recreate the Labyrinth ballroom scene =D. I'm not sure how I'd link it as a metaphor but god dammit I will try and think!

Any relevant ideas will be uber helpful!

Added note: If you don't have any visual metaphors of your experiences, just describing the feelings/emotions is all good. It works as great research.

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