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Nov 1, 2009 - 08:45 AM
The first movie in about 10 years to make me scared of the dark. Seriously creepy shit. In my opinion, this film has the closest to perfect representation of ghosts in a horror film I've seen...exactly how I imagined them to be. Great Halloween movie! Can't wait for Paranormal Activity...

In other news, I cut out someone from my life for good. Very weird thing to do really, and I know he deserved it. Basically, it was my ex boyfriend (typical huh?). We were going out for a year, he broke up with me because he said he didn't have time for a girlfriend in his 3rd year at Uni (we were finishing our 2nd year going into the 3rd at the time). Well now he's going out with someone else...fair enough he's moved on from me, but I do not want to be messed around by a liar. He said nothing to my reasons, which is sort of nagging on me but it wouldn't change anything if he was apologetic or angry or whatever. But yes...very strange. Dreading the moment when I bump into him, I know I'll walk straight by but I know my heart will go crazy inside my chest.

I have a lot of work to do, but for once I feel like I'm on top of it. Really annoying though, you can order books from other libraries at our Uni, so I ordered 3 and I misread the due date as 1/11/09. There's a £133.50 late fee charged (not shitting you) so I was skim reading the shit out of them and photocopying so much thinking I would have to give them back today. It turns out after panicking the library is closed on a Sunday that looking closer they're due back 1/12/2009...Le sigh. But still, I get them for longer =).

I'm going to have an It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia marathon with a good friend of mine today, we bonded over the show so it's only fitting we gorge ourselves on terrible food and laugh our asses off.

I've had 3 Matt Bellamy dreams in the last 3 nights. All of them have been awesome.

I used to love using this smiley

That's the most journaly like entry I've made in a while, 0 comments await!

Currently Playing: Paramore - Oh, Star

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