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Oct 27, 2013 - 06:09 PM
Even on my days off.
I still can't catch a fucking break.

I just want to have stress free relaxing days off, because between September 3rd and October 24th, I've only had 4 days off within that 51 day timeframe.

I woke up this morning to find the television in our company condo was stolen. Its only now we're reporting to the police because my room-mate had people over last night for a halloween party. When everybody left, I shut the sliding doors to our living room and went to bed. I woke up at 4 am and walked downstairs to discover that not only were two of the couches in the living room lifted upright, the lamps were laid on the other couches and the television was gone. I guess the biggest thing I don't understand is that the television was the only thing that was stolen. When there were smart phones, a laptop computer, my psp, my 3DS, and the ps3 were all left behind.

It is why I didn't think it was a robbery at first, and I didn't want to cry wolf until I knew everything that happened. My room-mate and his stupid frat boy room-mates have a bad habit of going through those sliding doors whenever they come over. Every time I wake up after these guys have a party, they always have the sliding doors left wide open because they always come back at around 2 am and 3 am to pick up whatever shit they left at the condo.

Even if I get the police involved nothing is going to be done, I already cleaned the place up and put all the furniture back. I'm so angry at him and his friends right now. This a company condo, this is my free place to live, and I'm grateful for that since it is so expensive to live up here especially when your by yourself. What is going to come out of this incident, I have no idea but I guarantee you the landlord is not going to be happy.

I feel like I'm party responsible because when I closed the sliding doors, I didn't lock them because I knew my room-mate and his friends were going to be back and previous parties at this place, they always go through those fucking doors. So what I think what happened I went to bed at 12, him and his friends got back between 1 and 2, they grabbed their shit, left, forgot to close the sliding doors, they were probably all too drunk to even know any better, they were pretty loaded before they even left for the halloween party last night. Woke up at 4 and that is when I noticed the television missing.

I'm just so fucking spent right now.


We got the TV back. We found the TV at my room-mates apartment tucked away in his fucking closet. Somehow around 2 am this meathead of a fucking room-mate in all his drunken glory decided he was going to take the tv without letting anybody know. I love the fact this is all a luahging matter because break and enter happen a lot in this town. I'm just fucking livid how all this went down at least my gut feeling was right.

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Aug 31, 2013 - 10:05 PM
GFF Meet 2013 Thoughts (Sorry if its a little late)
This is going to be a long journal entry, so I just wanted to give people a heads up.

For something that I've been trying to attend over the last 4 years I'm happy that I had the chance to go to this. You don't truly understand how much I needed this and at the end of this experience I come out of it with no doubts and no regrets.

You have to understand that I was really scared and really nervous about coming to this meet. Even though I've been part of the forums for over 7 years, I've always considered myself an outside member of the forum, a lot of the jokes really go over my head and I'm happy that out of all the time I've been here I haven't been issued any warnings or had any infractions over the time I've been here. Sometimes I can come up with the scatter good idea, but in those 7 years I've formed some really great friendships with some really good people. Coming to the meet has strengthened those friendships and gave me the opportunity to form new ones. I know my time at the meet I don't think I was the most social one there, there were times I preferred to be alone but it wasn't due to anybody, my heart and my mind is always heavy with responsibility even when I'm trying to enjoy myself.

This has literally been one of the best highlights of this entire year and I will forever be grateful for that. I will definitely try to make it to another meet, but I don't want to make promises I can't keep. I will just have to wait and see.

I guess this is the part where we talk about everybody we met.

SimDaddyGT/Jason: You can kick my ass in street fighter III - 3rd strike as much as you want. If its one regret I have, I wish we could of had our little ddr matchup but unfortunately the weather just wouldn't work with us so we'll have to do it for another year. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to play a lot of games on your XBLA especially Radiant Silvergun and Guardian Heroes. I really enjoyed your company my friend your an excellent person to talk to and at least I know I always got a friend to keep on top of the latest bemani news.

Plarom/Greg: The man with the million dollar smile. The funny thing is I barely interacted with you on the forums at all Greg. I knew who you were and was always aware of your presence. You were always in a good mood and I’ll be happy to play you in chess anytime.

Talec/Dwyn: You have an evil smile. Every time I see you smile I think you are having deliciously evil thoughts. I hope everything goes well with your text adventure contest at the convention you are going to. Thanks for allowing me and shade to guess the ingredients in all of your non-alcoholic drinks at fancy dinner night. I really enjoyed the conversations we had at fancy dinner night; it was really great to know you on a personal level. I wish you nothing but the greatest success in life.

Sprouticus/Dave: You are the one guy that I know of that share my love of the 80’s action movie genre. I can’t tell how many great movies I have seen based on your recommendation. You’re a man of many talents and I truly hope your film career takes off. I would love to see your short film make it to a film festival and I sincerely hope it does. Listen with everything that happened Thursday night I had no problems making time to be there for you because in all honesty these meets wouldn’t happen without you and besides I’ll always count on your recommendation for an over the top action movie any day of the week. You’re an awesome person.

Dopefish/Chris: I often don’t understand why people give you a hard time on the forum. Your one of the most level headed guys I know of, and you always have interesting stories to tell and the banter you and Danielle share is absolutely adorable. You always made time to listen and I think one of my favorite times at the meet was you, Danielle, me and nutty talking at kitchen table about politics and a whole bunch of other topics. I will always have an NHL rivalry with you for life.

Sassafrass/Danielle: You’re an absolute sweetheart in every sense of the word. Not afraid to give your opinion and always looking after the best interests of the group. You were accommodating to me when you didn’t have to and I appreciate everything you did for me. I wish there was some way I could repay the amount of kindness you showed me. You always made sure I was having a good time and you were the first person to make me feel welcome throughout the entire experience. I owe you a debt of gratitude and you helped me immensely through our conversations throughout some of the stress I was going throughout the week I was in Maine.

ElectricSheep/Patrick: Patrick I did not get a chance to talk with you a lot personally over the entire meet. I appreciate you bringing to the airport Saturday morning. You’re an awesome story teller, I appreciate being a passenger in your vehicle on more than one occasion. I sincerely hope the summer treats you well.

Hyde/Pete: You my friend are a ball of energy. You and I made sure there wasn’t one dirty dish in the house. You were always going a mile a minute, between having a good time and keeping up with your schoolwork you’re the ultimate multi-tasker. I know we didn’t get a chance to interact much, but your one cool dude nonetheless. You always wanted me to be part of the group. I appreciate the private message you sent me and I truly hope you have an awesome summer to look forward to.

Seris/Abby: Random Seris hugs are always the best hugs. You’re an absolute doll and despite all the jokes that get thrown at you, you take it like a champ. Your one of the most caring people I’ve ever met. What you done for Dave is just a testament of how kind hearted you are and what you do for your brother is just something that makes you such a wonderful person. You’ll win your battle against the seagull eventually.

Hito/Cody: You are a master chef my friend. It was interesting to see the amount of detail and hard work you put into your food. Even I ate food that you made that I wouldn’t normally eat. I still feel bad over steak night, I know I usually prefer my steaks to be medium but you really didn’t have to go out of your way to prepare the steak the way I wanted it. I can eat anything you prepare and it was really great to get your opinions when we went out to fancy dinner night.

Temari/Ally: You were my favorite surprise throughout the entire experience. I never even had any idea you were going to show up. I know we’ve shared a few conversations on skype when you were having a boring day. It’s sad you couldn’t be there for the entire experience and I really wanted to have the chance to say goodbye to you. Unfortunately I was out grocery shopping with the rest of the guys. Dave and I were suppose to get revenge on you for pool shenanigans especially getting me with dirty water when you were out of the pool and hitting Dave in the head with a sponge ball. I guess we’ll have to wait until another year for revenge force.

Sousuke/Tai: I didn’t get to interact with you that much Tai, you were quiet but incredibly soft spoken. I don’t know if that’s a testament to your character but we’ve had some really good hot tub conversations over the week. I am happy that I got to meet you, I was really concerned when you were sick prior to coming to the meet, but I’m happy you mustered the energy to get down here. I hope you have an awesome summer to look forward to.

Fresh Frank/Frank: Two Words. Fucking Chapels. Thanks for taking time frank to teach me the scatter new board game or two. I’ll be up for a poker game with you at any time. I play enough of them when I work way from home.

Lurker/Sarah: Your blunt, to the point, unapologetic, not afraid to speak your mind, but guess what your still an absolute sweetheart and one of my favorite people that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in Maine. Thanks for all the conversations we’ve had at dinner at the chicken wing place and throughout the entire meet experience. I enjoy talking with you and I’m sure your sunburn has long healed up by now. I hope you have a great summer for yourself.

Pangalin/Andrew: Here is my biggest observation about you my friend, I really expected you to be incredibly vocal throughout the entire meet. I’m so use to your sarcastic comments on this site, I thought I’d be hearing zingers from you left, right, and center. However, I’ve noticed that the moment you got something to say that is absolutely evil and hilarious, you get this little grin on your face and I know something good is coming. You got some awesome gff stories to tell, and I didn’t get to talk with you a lot, but throughout all of the E3 conferences and throughout the entire meet I’ve really enjoyed your company. I will be happy to play against you with regards to injustice, you and your poking and flying projectile bullshit.

Garr/Rylan: I still feel horrible about hitting you in the face with that Frisbee. I still feel awful bout it because I’m probably one of the few gff members that has caused Garr to draw blood and lived to tell the tale. Your insanely good at super smash bros, and I got a good laugh when it was your turn to play cards against humanity and you had a hard time reading some of the responses because they were that funny.

Radez/Andrew: You are one of the most intellectual people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. You’re a true gentleman and incredibly soft spoken. I enjoyed our early morning conversations. You were always one of the first guys up, since I was quite the early riser throughout the entire meet. I hope you have a really enjoyable summer my friend, I know you always got a ton of work and a ton of responsibility but it was great getting to know you for the short amount of time I was there.

Shade/Chris: I so look forward to meeting you again when I head out to Portland, Oregon in 2014. It’s kind of funny because I never got to know you well until we had our fancy dinner night and you are an excellent storyteller. You can come up with some of the most incredibly random things that nobody won’t see coming.

Omagnus/Ben: Supposedly Philia thinks we’re completely alike, and in all honesty I can’t really see it. Ben, you don’t how much it means to me for what you did on Thursday night. Giving up your bed so that I could have a place to sleep, I’ll never forget that. You went way out of your way for me, and I sincerely hope you did not have to sleep anywhere uncomfortable that night. Every opportunity I had to talk to you, I enjoyed immensely because we had the opportunity to talk about a lot of subjects; I’ll be honest I’m not the most knowledgeable about a lot of things, and you actually challenged my thought process and my point of view on a lot of different topics, but you were always respectful about it. I’d be happy to talk to you about any subject, any time.

Acer/Chris: The biggest regret I have more than anything is that I did not to get to interact with you as much as what I would liked to. Your definitely the master of entertainment and anything tied to the words insane and unexpected. You can't really go to these one of these meets without getting a great big acer hug or two. Thanks for taking the time to make that masterpiece of the amalgamation of space jam and the chamber of secrets.

Deni/Lucas: I couldn't of asked for a better room-mate. You are the ultimate story-teller out of this entire group. I can't tell you out of all the time I've been on this forum how many stories I remember that you have told on this site. You made me feel really welcome throughout the entire meet, and you know just those simple days I would get a random chest tap or a pat on the back. It really meant a lot. I will gladly be on the receiving end of your jokes anytime, because I can take it.

Skills/Frans: My best friend on these forums. There is not really any other way I can put it. Thanks for looking after me, and more importantly thanks for being the highlight of watching the E3 conference. There is no other person that can rant about video games in such a direct and vulgar fashion, you have made me laugh on more than one occasion with your tasteful rants. Who knew I was so good at Mario Kart 7, probably the only game I can kick your ass at. Loved the conversations we had, and thanks again for being understanding.

Tawnee/Fernando: This guy, we have a video game rivalry going on. Fernando and I, played a whole ton of super puzzle fighter II turbo, and boy was it intense. We were going back and forth and there really was no clear cut winner. Some of those matches were pretty intense and right down to the wire, so if we end up playing that game again, we'll have to continue that rivalry. I hope your playthrough of star ocean 2 is going well, some of those boss fights will rape you if your not prepared.

nuttyturnip/Nathan: It was always a pleasure to talk to you about a variety of different topics. For all the conversations we've had on the radio show so long ago, it felt that I knew everything about you already. Thanks for bringing in the moonshine, but I'm sorry to say, my stuff I helped my dad make is much more potent. I'll be happy to play you at poker anytime.

Qwarky/Mark: Your incredibly soft spoken Mark, but you were an enjoyable persons to talk to. Funny enough it seems like my best conversations with a lot of people at the Meet have been in the hot tub. Heaven only knows Mark, what they'll keep you dressing you up as every year you come to these things.

Tritoch/Devin: Your insanely fucking good at Super Smash Bros and I don't think I'll ever be good at that game. I never got a chance to interact with you that much, I guess we were always in different sections of the house. You've had more than your share of amusing things to say.

Mo0/Jay: One sentence. "Deni hit me, and it hurt." Always a constant source of entertainment of Mo0 and I didn't get much of a chance to talk with you, but your antics and some of your quick witted banter was always appreciated.

In conclusion, thanks for one of the most entertaining times I've had in my entire life. I don't really get a chance to do a lot of things for myself and there aren't a lot of situations where I can comfortably be myself and this was one of the few experiences in which I could. I really hope I can make it to another one, but all in due time.


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Apr 28, 2013 - 10:03 PM
Angel goes to Vegas
Its going to be a long journal.

Despite how much I work, one perk that comes with this job is knowing that any time I request to have time off I can get it and I usually have a little bit more disposable income to travel to places I've always wanted to go.

I've made it a new rule that I need to travel at least once a year, kind of like giving myself a little reward for all the hard work I've put in. I think for as long as I work up here I'll be traveling to the states or another Canadian city at least once a year. There are other places my wife and I would like to go such as Japan, Brazil, England, Ireland, and Australia but we'll save those trips when we get closer to retirement.

My wife and I already went to Seattle for Pax Prime in the summer of 2012, but one place I've always wanted to go was Las Vegas. Not necessarily for the partying and the night life, but just to see some shows and have some good food. Vegas is a big destination for a lot of the oil workers up here and you can fly to vegas for pretty cheap from Northern Alberta. A lot of guys I work with always have great stories to tell so I thought what better opportunity to go.

We left to go to Vegas in the middle of March and we decided to go down there for 3.5 days. A lot of people told me if you go to vegas, your best going for 3 to 4 days. Besides there was no way I was going to get a week off especially with a small office staff over the winter. Its kind of funny the days we left it was like -30 degrees Celsius and when we arrived in vegas it was going to bordering around +30 degrees Celsius. So we're literally going from one weather extreme to the other.


We got into Vegas around 9:00 pm and we just wanted to relax for the night. We stayed at the Monte Carlo which was a pretty good hotel, and it was rated 4 out of 5 stars. We didn't do too much, we just literally explored the hotel, casino floor, and food court just to what services and stores we're being offered at the hotel.


Friday was pretty much our biggest amount of free time throughout the entire trip. Saturday and Sunday we pretty much had plans for the majority of those two days. We spent a great deal of Friday morning walking as much of the strip as possible. We stopped into a few stores bought souvenirs for family and friends. We had to make it back to the hotel before noon because I was going to meet one of my youtube gaming friends. We coordinated our trips to vegas so we can meet and hang out for a few hours. Well we couldn't be down in vegas without making a trip to the cheesecake factory. When we were in Seattle my wife got addicted to that restaurant so anytime we go to the states we have to eat at a cheesecake factory every time. I can tell you this much it was a chore to find it. It was located in the Forum Shop, which is the shopping centre for Caesar's Palace and it was literally at the very end of shopping centre.

After the meal, one of the places I really wanted to go to since I'm a really big retro gamer at heart was the Pinball Hall of Fame. Some of my friends had told me about it, and I was a hardcore pinball player during my teenage years and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to play some pinball games I haven't played in a really long time. They even had my pinball machine which was The Machine: The Bride of Pinbot and every time I see that machine I need to play it. They even had a pinball machine for Tron Legacy and that was a sweet pinball machine as well. Fast as hell but a lot of fun all the same. They even had some old school arcade games as well such as Ms Pac Man, Donkey Kong, and one of my personal favorites the 1980's tron arcade game. So my youtube friend and I spent a good bit of time reliving old arcade memories of the past. We also stopped in to A Gamers Paradise (Retro Game Store) which was next door. I was hoping to find some hard to find games, but it was very slim pickings, I was kind of disappointed with their stock I was hoping to find more games I was interested in. I still picked up:

Threads of Fate (Ps1)
Koudelka (Ps1)
Witch's Wish (DS)

That pretty much summed up Day 1. We spent the rest of the evening having supper at Magaritaville with the owner of Game Deals in Vancouver, he was in Vegas the same time I was. I've become really good friends with him over the last 2 years. During the night time we checked out the Volcano show at the Mirage and the fountain show at the Bellagio. We had our pictures taken with some of the performers on the street.


We spent Saturday morning visiting the Titanic Exhibit they had at the Luxor. This was an exhibit we had no idea existed, we would of never found out about it, if it wasn't for our friends mentioning it to us at Magaritaville last night. It was a very interesting exhibit, they tons upon tons of artifacts taken from the ship itself. My wife is a big Titanic buff, she watched the Titanic: Blood and Steel mini series, and she considers herself very knowledgeable about the disaster. They even had the big piece of the titanic showcased at the exhibit.

We spent the afternoon just relaxing pool side at the Monte Carlo. I even learned how to swim, poorly now mind you, but still a pretty big personal accomplishment. We spent supper at Gordon Ramsey's Steakhouse at The Paris. We booked reservations well in advance, and I must admit the food is quite good. It was the most money I ever spent on meal for both of us. I think for a three course meal for both of us it cost about $225.00

I think the biggest highlight for Saturday was seeing Penn & Teller at the Rio. It was an awesome show, and they did a meet and greet after the show. My wife and I managed to get our picture taken with Penn & Teller and one interesting thing to note when we were talking to Penn, we mentioned to him that we were from Newfoundland, and Penn actually has ancestral ties to Newfoundland. He was actually quite happy to find out that is where we came from. We even got the first season of bullshit signed by both of them.


Our final day in vegas we went to the Siegfried & Roy Dolphin and Wildlife reserve at the Mirage. That was enjoyable to see a lot of the wildcats. They had Tigers, White Tigers, a White Lion, Leopards, and a Black Panther. The dolphins were pretty enjoyable to watch, the youngest dolphin was incredibly friendly and this was actually my first time seeing dolphins in the flesh.

Throughout the rest of the day my wife was really tired, and she didn't want to go anywhere else. We did a lot of walking throughout the entire time in Vegas. We managed to cover a lot of the strip. We managed to walk from Mandalay Bay to Treasure Island. My friends told me I had to visit fremont street, so I set off to fremont street myself because I wanted to see the huge retro toy store they had there. When I got there I was amazed with the amount of boxed G1 transformers they had there. It was incredibly pricey, but it was nice to see transformers such as Metroplex and Fortress Maximus complete in their box.

I also met the owner of Game Deals while I was walking fremont street, so we had supper at the Heart Attack Grill which was lets just say an interesting experience. You can build burgers at least 7 patties high, and if you don't finish your meal you get spanked by the waitresses with a paddle. I didn't even take a chance and I just got a double pattie burger which was still quite a mouthful but I finished my meal. My friend however didn't, so it was pretty funny to watch him get spanked. They even had something called Mexican Coke which I had never tried before.

Sunday night we went to see the Blue Man Group which was a really awesome show. I really enjoyed it, especially the amount of comedy throughout the show. The audience interaction was pretty amusing and I especially enjoyed where they brought up a female member of the audience and they had a Twinkie date.

Finally you can't really come out of Vegas without doing some gambling. I wasn't going to gamble very much money. I talked with my wife about it and whatever money we had leftover on sunday night with regards to petty cash we would spend on the casino floor. She took 15 bucks and spent it on the slot machines and won nothing. However I took 15 bucks and played blackjack where the minimum bet was $15 and the maximum bet was $1000. Turned my final 15 dollars into 150 dollars which in all honesty was strictly beginners luck. It was kind of funny because I only ever expected just to play one hand and be done with it.

Overall it was a pretty awesome trip and I can see myself going to vegas again, maybe not for another 5 years but it was an awesome trip.

With regards to me right now, I'm just fighting the good fight right now. We're less than two weeks away from the start of the busy season, so this is pretty much the calm before the storm. I don't think this highway project will be as busy as what it was over the last two years but there is still a lot of work left to be done. I still can't believe in less than 6 weeks I'll be heading down to Maine to see you guys, so that is definitely something to look forward to as the summer seasons starts to ramp up.

I hope everybody is doing well and I'm really excited for the playoffs this year. Maple Leafs are in, its just too bad we're matched up against Boston in the first round. One team you definitely don't want to be going up against in the playoffs.

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Feb 12, 2013 - 10:25 PM
It's hard to admit that I'm a Workaholic
I guess I haven't wrote a journal in a while, and I guess since everybody is writing life updates, I thought I might as well contribute.

Here we are, 2013, and its been almost 7 years since I decided to move away to try to make a living. Do you want to know the scary part about it, when I first did this it was really hard. This is coming from a guy who has only been off the island twice before 2006.

These days, I'm pretty much gotten use to it. I try to not dwell on things or the difficulty of this entire situation. In the end I have to be pretty proud of everything I've accomplished over the last 6 and a half years, that I know I would of never accomplished if I was still back home in Newfoundland.

As good of a person that I think I am, and how hard I work to try to be an excellent provider, if its something I've learned within these last 7 years is that I'm incredibly stubborn and I have way too much pride. My worse fear is failing the people that depend on me. Failure is not an option and I know I'm strong enough and patient enough to overcome any challenge, unless circumstances happen that were completely out of my control but I make sure I'm well prepared for any hiccups that may happen along the way.

I know I push myself too hard all the time, but its gotten to a point right now that I just buckle down and get the job down. Its almost as second nature to me right now. You know when I went home over the Christmas holidays everybody wanted me to try to relax, and lets face it my time home over the holidays wasn't as near relaxing as what I thought it was going to be. I've kind of adopted the work ethic that I can't relax unless I know everything is done that can be done. I would get up every morning, and I can't really do anything enjoyable unless all the house work is done. I could of probably sat home all day and played video games the last time I was home, but I always feel better you know if I'm being a little bit productive.

I've always had a hard time even being the littlest bit selfish, its something I've often struggled with over the last couple of years. I've been getting a little better at it, I got to take a few trips I've always wanted to go on because I've felt like I deserved it. Like my two trips out to Vancouver over the last two years.

Its kind of funny because my workaholic nature with my job and household chores, have spilled over to my video game hobby. All you guys know I'm a video game completionist, and even though I'd probably get through more video games if I wasn't so anal retentive about doing everything in each game I play. I kind of enjoy the challenge of completing games and it really makes me feel like I'm putting my money's worth into each game I play.

Overall life is good, as good as it can be. I have my wife coming up to visit me for an entire month on the first of march and we're actually going down to vegas for 4 days which should be a pretty cool trip.

With regards to both of us living here in Alberta full time, I still don't know, a lot of things are up in the air right now. I'm still waiting to hear back from my human rights case. If we win, it should make the move a lot more easier, but in all honesty I'm not particularly fond of hitting the reset button and putting myself into another major debt just for both of us to live here. In all honesty at the end of this year, I'm going to have my mortgage down to 5 figures. If I can just get this mortgage paid off as fast as I can, it would make it much easier to move home permanently and take a 40 hour a week job. The biggest drawback with both of us living here is that its just so damn expensive even if both of us was working.

I'll figure something out, I always do even if it sends me to hell and back.

In all seriousness, the biggest struggle I deal with is I've adopted the all work and no play attitude with regards to life, and it can get a little depressing from time to time. It doesn't really help that I feel lonely a lot of the time, and its just the nature of the work when you work up in the oil fields.

I've been trying my best to deal with the constant loneliness but sometimes it can be hard. I really have to thank a lot of gff friends for making time to make sure I'm doing alright especially Sass, Skills, Deni, and Term.

I want to especially thank Philia as well, she is literally the most hardcore girl gamer I know. She is definitely not the type of person to give you false sympathy, but she is very supportive and very understanding and its really good to have people like that in your life. Let's face it, life is not easy, nor should it ever be, and she's had her share of challenges and she can definitely relate to some of the things I go through. She is one of the few people that can give me a good kick in the ass when I certainly deserve it especially when it comes to video games.

I do skype with my wife every night or every other night, and it helps as well, I just really wish I kind of had a life outside of work, but you know if I want to have a retirement and get everything paid off I'll do this as long as I can.

Listen deep down, I don't say all this because I'm looking for sympathy because I'm really not. I don't want people to feel sorry for me because in the end nobody forced me to do this, this was my choice because I want to have a life I can look forward to. I'm grateful for everything I've accomplished over the last 6 and half years. I might feel like I'm missing out on a lot, but you know its like my dad says the short term pain for the long term gain.

Besides I'm really treating myself to something great this year and that's obviously the GFF Meet, that will give me a perfect time to recharge my batteries for the hectic busy summer season.

Only 4 months away.

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Nov 19, 2012 - 11:55 PM
Meeting Terminus (Vancouver Trip) + Video Game Collection
So about a week and a half ago, I head out to Vancouver for a little 4 day vacation to go to the Vancouver Gaming Expo. I kind of felt I was overdue for a little vacation.

The summer and early fall has been really hectic with regards to work but with work gradually slowing down just because winter decided to hit our area a couple of weeks early I really needed to get out of here at least for a couple of days.

This was my second time out to Vancouver, the first time I headed out to Vancouver in 2011 I was suppose to meet him but things were really hectic the first time around and I had been staying with friends at the time and there was literally no time to get away.

I ended up getting asked to go to Vancouver for the expo, so I decided to head out to it and since I was going out by myself and wasn't really meeting anybody. I thought it would of been a perfect time to finally meet Terminus since we've been planning this for a really long time.

So when I checked in the hotel, term showed up about an hour or two later and you know I was absolutely surprised. I was under the impression that all the stories I've heard about Term he would be loud and really outgoing, but he was a incredibly genuinely nice guy. The three days we hung out together were incredibly awesome. Strangely enough we kind of have the same style of clothes wearing bright plaid colors.


Basically I'm as roughneck as they come, so I really had to count on Term to help navigate around Vancouver since I had no idea where I was going, so we walked quite a lot and took the bus to downtown vancouver just sharing stories and our thoughts on gff and how long we've been there. We were also making a bunch of jokes and skills and Winnipegs expense. We initially grabbed supper first.

This was a video game themed restaurant, and I have to tell ya I was pretty impressed. The food was incredibly good, and they were showing video game footage on large screens scattered around the restaurant. We literally had a three course meal and a few drinks and a couple of shots afterwards. Term actually took care of the bill, which I felt really bad, but I made it up to him throughout the weekend.

For the rest of the night we were just walking all over downtown vancouver visiting a few stores such as a drug store, future shop, comic book store, and we went to a local arcade as well. We even found the church of scientology vancouver branch so we had to openly mock that building out of spite. It was such an awesome experience to be in an arcade again. They had good mix of old arcade machines and new arcade machines. So while term was playing marvel vs capcom and a few other games, I was playing puzzle bobble, pac-man, and a few others. We even had a match of Marvel Vs. Capcom and I managed to beat him just barely though.

We pretty much ended the night at a sports bar across from the arcade and had a few appetizers and a few more drinks just casually chatting it up. The strange thing about the sports bar is that it wouldn't accept debit, it would only accept cash or credit which I had never heard of before. I pretty much took care of the bill since term looked after supper that night.

I noticed as Term got more alcohol into his sytem the louder he got, but he made sure I got back to the hotel.


I only got to see Term for a few hours, because he had other obligations that day but we hung out at the gaming expo for a little while and had lunch at the expo as well. He kicked my ass quite a lot in blazblue.

I ended up getting some really good stuff and I stayed within my budget as well.

What I picked up:

Soul Blazer - SNES

Skies of Arcadia Legends - Gamecube

Viewtiful Joe Red Hot Rumble - Gamecube

Atelier Iris 2 The Azoth Of Destiny - PS2

Lufia: The Ruins of Lore - GBA

Revenge of the Ninja - Sega CD

Robo Aleste - Sega CD

Mr Driller - Ps1

I went to some of the panels:

State of the Industry Panel (Really great insight into the video game industry and how a lot of jobs are being lost in Vancouver and how Indie games are pretty much the future when it comes to true quality within video games.)

XBOX Live Achievement Hunting Panel (Basically xbox acheivement hunters make my tendency to complete games look like a complete joke, but to go after achievements takes a lot of work and dedication as well.)

Term had to leave at around 2 pm, so we were going to hook up again on the final day of the expo for a few hours.

For the rest of the day I hung out with some fellow gaming youtubers and had supper with them out to the Keg.

I think one of the biggest highlights of the night is they actually had a video game themed burlesque show which was lets just say interesting.

This what they had:

Fallout 3 Burlesque Girl
DDR Burlesque Girl
Halo Burlesque Girl
Female Portal Burlesque Girl
Companion Cube Burlesque Girl
Male Pokemon Burlesque Guy (Seriously)
Pac-Man and Ghosts Burlesque Girls


Sunday was a pretty relaxing day. Term and I just spent most of the day going to a few panels and trying to get his character leveled up in code of princess. I really wanted to do something nice for Term, since he took care of the bill at the exp bar so I pretty much bought him any game he wanted from one of the dealers. I bought him a factory sealed copy of Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time. It was the least I can do. I still don't know if he'll be able to make to the Maine meet, but Term is an incredibly nice guy and it was a pleasure to meet him and he made the trip really enjoyable and we had a lot of similar interests and attitudes when it comes to gaming.

I think the best story he told is when he was at one of the meets, and when you guys went out to dinner the waitress wanted to know what nationality he was, he told the waitress to guess, and she thought he was spanish. That was hilarious, from here on out when Term goes anywhere he will conquer it in the name of Spain.

I think meeting term makes me a lot more comfortable about going to the meet next year, and I sincerely hope he can make it.

Overall guys, I got less than a month before I go home. Its been a pretty hard year but I got a lot of things to look forward to in 2013.

Also as an added bonus, I'm sure everyone is aware I'm a big video game collector when I was home over the summer I decided to do a video of my video game collection so if your interested here are the two videos of how I got my game collection set up.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

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Jul 3, 2012 - 01:54 AM
To My Fellow GFF NHL Hockey Fans.
I just recently had my birthday last week. When my work colleagues took me out to a sports bar I was watching TSN sportscentre and I was watching one of the best Top Tens I've ever seen.

The top ten was top ten cheeky goals. The list consisted mostly of goals from football and hockey, but they actually have the list on youtube even though the person who uploaded it had to omit the football goals because of copyright claims.

Still I thought it was something worth sharing and I hope you get a good laugh out of it as much as I did.

YouTube Video

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May 11, 2012 - 11:00 PM
I got a raise today.

At least all the hard work is slightly paying off.

Now to see how I'll survive this upcoming but brutal summer season.

Hopefully, I'll make a journal entry in the near future, just to give you guys an update.

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Mar 24, 2012 - 11:03 PM
Shit Fort McMurrayites Don't Say
So guys, I know its been a long time since I made a journal entry, but I will make one just to let you guys know how things have been going on in the near future.

In the meantime I've come across this video from one of my facebook friends. I found it absolutely hilarious because everything in the video I can absolutely understand just because of all the time I've worked up here. So if any Canadian is familiar with working in the Oil Sands or this area in general I'm sure you'll get a lot of the jokes. This video pretty much sums up the area I've been working in the last 5 years.

YouTube Video

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Nov 2, 2011 - 11:26 PM
Struggling: Its been a while
I really wish there is a way I could sum up everything I've been going through over the last couple of months, but there just isn't simply enough hours in a day.

I can't believe its been three days already and I already have to go back to work. I'm sure a lot of you can understand I've been busy, so busy that its only now that things have started to slow down.

This job has been really busy and really tiring, and only true positive that comes from that is that it makes time go by so much faster. I can't believe were into November already.

It has been a rough couple of months, which is the reason why nobody has barely seen me on the forum.

I'll try to sum up the last 5 months as much as I can.

- The job has been really busy and really hectic, because of my previous experience. I've been placed on some really large high end jobs especially this highway job I've been working on and been constantly talking about from time to time.

- I managed to get a raise within two months of the job, but as a result of this I've constantly been working schedule of up to working 20 days straight which can be really tough on the system.

- I've had a lot of brutal toothache pain especially during August and September, so bad its costs me at least 3000 dollars to fix everything. My dental plan does not kick in for another 6 months, so it was tough all this dental work putting me into debt, but thankfully its all looked after.

- I've literally had no time for gaming, but I managed to get a few games completed over the last couple of months. I got a chance to see a few movies at the movie theatre.

- I'm heading out to Vancouver in 2 weeks to meet a couple of youtube gamers I've been really close friends with over these last few months.

In all honesty doing this the second time around has been really tough, not necessarily because of the work, its just for the fact that I have no social life ever since I've been put on a lot of these larger projects. I know some sacrifices need to be made to provide myself with the best quality of life, but there are days that I feel like its costing me my sanity in the process.

I've been fighting with myself over knowing the difference between making the right decisions and making the happy decisions, because in all honesty I'm not happy that I'm in the situation I'm in yet again but we really don't live in the greatest time right now. I'm really focused on building a steady foundation and making sure a constant stream of funds is coming in. I've accepted the fact that I can do any job well as long as I know what I'm doing, its just I hate the fact that its always my burden to bear to make sure everything is paid off and looked after.

In all honesty I know I got a good head on my shoulders and regardless of going through this again I'll overcome it. My brother is thinking of coming up here after Christmas, so that take a lot of stress off my back if we end up getting a place together.

Take Care Guys.

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Jun 18, 2011 - 09:29 PM
5 Years on GFF
Well I guess this entry is a month late.

So what have I learned for being a member on this site for 5 years?

Not A Damn Thing

Its kind of funny, but this is just one of the few forums I've ever remained a member of. Usually I grow tired of a lot forums within a few months, but I guess this forum grew on me and I really made a couple of great friends on this forum.

One thing I've always count on the forum the most is its ability for me to laugh out loud. I can't tell you how many times I just had a rough day, then I would come home have a look at the forum and then I would see something that would immediately cheer me up. I just loved everybody's sense of humor on the forum and in all honesty we have some of the most hilarious sarcastic witty people I've had the pleasure of knowing. I can't tell how much you guys have picked me up when I was down with all of your antics on this forum.

When I first joined the forum I didn't even post that much, and obviously just like any new member I got grilled a little bit from people like Alice and few others, but that didn't deter from still sticking around. It really took me a long time to find my place on the forum and as I got to know more people I felt more a part of the community.

To be honest I doubt I'll be leaving anytime soon, because when I first moved up to Alberta in 2006, I really looked to this forum to help me dealing with the depression of working away from home. I said a while ago one of the things that I use to do, was that one my days off I use to go down to the office around the 11 o'clock in the night and stay there until 2 am and 3 am in the morning just to see what was going on in the forum because I didn't have a computer at the time. Just being a part of this forum really helped me deal with working myself to death and being away from home at the same time.

I guess when I look back on my time here, I never really knew a lot of the inside jokes that took place on this forum. They were completely over my head as if I was the last to know, but you know I was perfectly fine with that.

So to celebrate my 5 years on GFF, and since I can always count on you guys for a good laugh, here are my top 5 funniest moments I've ever seen on GFF over the last 5 years.

Keep in mind, I'm probably missing a lot of the most hilarious moments that ever happened on this forum, but these are the ones that seem memorable to me:


Sprout Vs. LeHaH in anything movie related:

I know these two guys have had their differences in quite a wide variety of subjects, but some of their best banter comes when it comes to talking about specific movies. The way these two bounce the insults off one another when it comes to movies quickly turns hilarious. I can't tell you how much enjoyment I get out of watching these guys try to prove to each other who is the biggest movie expert.


Denicalis House Gifs:

I forget which forum it was. I really wish I knew which forum he had posted a whole bunch of these. I specifically remember going onto the forum one day and seeing all these house scenes or house making various facial expressions and I totally forget what the forum was about but they matched perfectly. I just remember seeing them for the first time and literally losing my breath over how funny it was. I think one of the funny things about it is that it all came from the same house episode.


Shin Vs. OCRemix

This one I do remember where it happened. It was in the thread Sonic has a fucking sword. Shin went on this big tirade on why he hates OCRemix and this caused a big flood of members of OCRemix to join the forum to defend their site. I just loved how the community made them look like a bunch of idiots by making them sound like they were thin skinned and they couldn't take even the littlest bit of criticism. It was just hilarity seeing OCRemix members getting banned and some of the posts they made throughout the entire ordeal.


Skills being an administrator:

Skills being a moderator was bad enough, but now we had skills as an administrator. With skills having that much power god only knows what would people. People's avatars and usernames would change without notice and it mostly incited by radio show shenanigans or anything along those lines. They're always been hilarious no matter what he does and I always get the feeling that if the forum ever crashes skills would probably be responsible.

By the way I think this whose line is it anyway clip, sums up skills in more ways than one.

YouTube Video

Just replace drew with skills.

Pangalin Vs. Concert Hall

The reason why I remember this event so well, is that this event happened during the days leading up to my wedding and even on my wedding day. I truly don't remember the story behind it. I just remember all the hilarious journals and posts regarding the matter. I even remember one of the highlights of Pangalin even creating a brand new forum for the concert hallers to go to. I really don't know what incited this entire incident between the concert hall and the rest of GFF, but I do remember laughing so hard at everything that was involved with it. I think even Lehah had something to do with it as well, but to this day it remains my most hilarious experience I've ever seen on GFF.

Here is to 5 more years if the forum lives that long. You guys are literally some of the coolest people I've ever known and while I'm back to the same routine of working away from home, I look to this forum to help me get through my miserable time up here.

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