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May 31, 2008 - 01:29 PM
Fresh Frank is SUCH an asshole.
One night this week, someone had the great idea of making chocolate-covered strawberries. This had occurred at the 2007 NE meet, and the result was a tasty success. I am sure everyone at this meet counted on a similar outcome, because really, what can go wrong with chocolate-covered strawberries? Well, I'll tell you what went wrong. Frank went wrong. Yeah, that's right.

We had this assembly line thing going - Temari washing the strawberries; Plarom, Monkey King, and I handling the dipping - and things were going pretty well. Strawberries were lovingly coated with chocolate and placed in their new home atop a waiting aluminum foil sheet. It was a delicious sight - until Frank showed up.

"Whoa!" he exulted. "Chocolate-covered strawberries, huh? Those look pretty good! Would I be amiss if I tried some?"

"Well," I began, but that was all I could say before Frank reached down and yanked the aluminum foil toward him. It was like the next 20 seconds occurred in slow motion. The strawberries, some only placed on the foil a scant minute beforehand, had in no way begun to adhere to their setting, and the result was disastrous. Fruit sailed in every direction! I could only watch helplessly as our hard work was splattered against the counter, the cabinets, the ceiling... everywhere but the proper destination of our mouths. Through the strawberry chocolate rain, I could see Temari, staring agape at Frank. Plarom looked similarly horrified. Monkey King... well, that poor bastard just looked pissed.

Time began to flow normally once again as I surveyed the aftermath. I looked at Frank, who simply shrugged and, with a carefree "Hey... it's what I do," wandered off to go climb around on the roof.

Seriously guys, everyone put him on your ignore list right now.

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May 27, 2008 - 07:54 PM
I walked down to the beach this evening. There's a small expanse of dunes with a path through it before you get to the beach proper; the light from the setting sun behind me cast the grass in a beautiful yellow-green, and focusing on the path before me, I thought to myself how the scene could stand alone as a framed picture. I suppose many things could qualify for such a treatment, but it was nice to be struck in such a way.

Many things here are rather striking, actually. The house, of course, is great. Everyone here is a blast to be around (I get worried about meeting new people, and it takes me a little bit to break my shell and socialize, but once I do it's no problem). Alcohol is also a wonderful tool, although I drank way too much on Saturday, spent the night extrapolating to Crash how I would really regret it the next day (among other topics I generally keep to myself when sober), and then fulfilled my words by throwing up most of Sunday morning and being hung over as fuck. That did wonders for my perception of my alcohol tolerance.

I'm having a great time. Can't believe the meet's already half over.

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Dec 16, 2007 - 01:45 PM
Have I mentioned I hate snow?
I woke up this morning, and the first thing Radez said to me was "It snowed last night." Took a look out the window. Fuck.

It actually wasn't too bad once I got my car out of the mini-snowbank it was in - Radez shoveled me out enough so I could reverse into the parking lot, while I cleared off my windows, because he's awesome like that <3 - but it was pretty slow going. My Accord pretty much starts sliding if you breathe wrong while driving on snow, so I turtled my way down 290, then 495, in the right lane the whole way. Oh, and I noticed that SOME DRIVERS STILL DID NOT HAVE THEIR HEADLIGHTS ON EVEN THOUGH IT WAS SNOWING, AND SLIPPERY, AND VISIBILITY WAS SHIT. WHAT THE FUCK WILL IT TAKE FOR YOU PEOPLE.

Got home to find my driveway draped in a pristine blanket of ankle-deep snow. I have a guy that comes and plows it for me, since my driveway is loooong like longcat and fuck if I want to bother with it, but he obviously hadn't come yet. So I parked at the bottom of the driveway and ran up it, bounding through the snow with agility the envy of small woodland creatures everywhere. Or not, y'know, since I got really out of breath about halfway up, then started to feel like I was on the set of Alive a moment later. I got to the garage and had to lean on the door for a few seconds. After this, I reshoveled a patch of my yard so that I could take the dogs out. I got inside, finally, to find that one of said dogs had shit on the floor because it took me three times as long to get home as it normally does. Another half hour to clean up, feed and take out the dogs, and finally it was hot shower time. Ahhhh.

Yeah, so with the exception of making dinner later, I plan on doing exactly fuck all for the rest of the day. I was going to get some more work done, but I got in a couple hours yesterday, so I think I can be satisfied with that.

edit: Oh, and when I was on 290, I saw a vehicle with handicapped plates - the license plate read CRIP.

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[public entry #20]

Dec 14, 2007 - 09:52 AM

It's gonna be a long day.

edit: I think this mail icon is really cute. (Such a lol reason to edit an entry.)

See, it's been replied to and forwarded. It's like the arrows are going "Mine! No, mine!" It's so cute. ;_;

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[public entry #19]

Dec 13, 2007 - 10:24 PM
MMORPG + Christmas event =

The letters are supposed to be hung on the tree, as you can see to the right, but I guess 12-year-olds are just too darn creative!

Also, why am I playing Maple Story.

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[public entry #18]

Dec 12, 2007 - 07:01 PM
Argh, Christmas shopping.
4 posts today and 2 (I think) journal comments. Man, I am on a roll. Heh, I know it's pathetic. Was I just more talkative in the old GFF days, or did the boards move faster thus giving me more chances to respond? I admit I'm vain enough to want random forumgoers to recognize my name, but for that to happen I need to start talking more. Or I could just throw a grand at Miles - that'd work. *glances at checking account*

So I really need to get my Christmas shopping done, pronto. I wish my immediate family were the kind of people who'd be happy with gift certificates as presents. I personally love getting them, well, assuming it's for someplace like Barnes & Noble and not Sports Authority or something (haha, I would laugh and laugh if someone thought that was a good gift idea for me). What's better than getting to decide your own gift? But alas, this isn't how we do things, so every year I play the guessing game. My problems are not unique, I know, but this entry is helping to put off the actual decision-making. ^^;

I need to get on that initiative I mentioned a while back, about sending in suggestions for the shopper forms. There's one form in particular for this new client that I have a hard time proofing because it's ambiguous in all the wrong places. Also, someone apparently hypercorrected, because "merchandising" on one form is spelled "merchandizing." Look, the shoppers already can't fucking spell. I don't need some idiot form designer encouraging the behavior.

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[public entry #17]

Dec 10, 2007 - 07:04 PM
Oh hell yes.
So I worked up the courage to email my supervisor today. Totally got the response I was hoping for.

Originally Posted by the aforementioned
[W]e usually make the decision to hire people with the company after 90 days of going through Joule.

I can assure you, however, that I am pleased with your work and and as long as you continue to produce at a high level, we will definitely keep you around. This is not a temp job where if you produce we are going to tell you that we are out of work or anything like that.

The work is going to be consistent -- in fact, we are actually looking to hire even more new people in the new year because some of the programs are expanding. [...] I would not worry about it because the work should be steady and we plan on keeping you around.
Whee~ Of course, this means that I will definitely not have any vacation time when the meet rolls around. I've been with the company a month and won't have anything of note accrued if I assume a hire date of late January. I still need to work that out.

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[public entry #16]

Dec 3, 2007 - 06:54 PM
How do people WRITE this shit?
I came across a great, great example of the kind of things people write in these mystery shop reports. Behold:

What is this shit. I ask again, what is this shit. Sometimes, the reason it can take me ten minutes to complete a shop is because I see writing like this and I just fucking stare at it.

I can't even comprehend what kind of language inability or mental retardation or really fucking fat fingers could possibly explain this. All lowercase, alright, fine. But the serial killer random spacing? Not-even-CLOSE-to-complete sentences? Punctuation, whazzat? Random observation of something that the teller was NOT? (I don't get that. It's right up there with someone writing a description and saying that the person "wasn't wearing glasses.") It combines to form a great big mess of WTF. The WHOLE REPORT was written like this.

So yeah, if people were wondering, this is the kind of stuff I just delete wholesale. I'll rebuild it with the original thoughts as intact as I can make them, but otherwise you see how I have no choice but to rewrite entirely.

I take my ability to write for granted, and don't really think it's anything special. Shit like this reminds me that, apparently, it is.

On an unrelated note, I bought music from iTunes today, something I swore in the past I'd never do. I justified it due to the cost: $3 for iTunes single versus $15 with shipping to import the physical CD. Regardless, I don't want to make this a habit. DRM is so fucking dirty. =/

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[public entry #15]

Nov 30, 2007 - 01:37 PM
So I'm on my lunch break. I went to refill the dog food container from the bags of food I keep in the basement. I went downstairs and discovered that someone (not me) had left one of the bags open without making any attempt to cover it back up. "Oh," I think, "I hope no mice got in there."

I was not sure which type of food the bag contained, since there are two types and I have to mix them together in the container. I decided to put my hand in and pull a bit of food out. OH. EXCEPT I DIDN'T PULL A PIECE OF FOOD OUT, I PULLED OUT A MOTHERFUCKING DEAD, DECOMPOSING MOUSE. I screamed like a total girl and flung it, which probably wasn't the most heterosexual reaction possible, but OH GOD DEAD MOUSE AND I WAS TOUCHING IT. ARGHGHHGH.

Now I'm gonna have to buy a whole new bag of dog food, because who the fuck knows what ELSE is in there. Probably mouse shit, or maybe MORE MICE. UGH.

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[public entry #14]

Nov 29, 2007 - 06:18 PM
keyboard failure, NEW HI-SCORE!!, Rachel with an "ae", sleepstatic
I turned on my computer this morning to find that my keyboard had inexplicably stopped working. Just didn't register any input. It's a plain Dell USB keyboard, only had it since last December. Tried disconnecting and reconnecting it, but nothing. Since I worked from home today, I had to go get the old keyboard that I spilled soda on a while ago. It's wireless, which is nice, but the right arrow key sticks like a bastard. I'm still using it now. =/
EDIT: Plugging it into the other USB port solves the problem. Whatever. Both ports still work, though, since I switched it with the mouse and that's fine.

I got copied at the tail end of an email exchange between the other proofer and my supervisor this afternoon. The proofer wanted to have a shop re-reviewed because she thought the teller's name might be misspelled. The name as written was Rachael. She was like "Don't you spell that with just an E? I'm confused!" My supervisor's response was pretty much "/facepalm" except nicer. I just laughed.

Anyway, 52 shops today! I rock. Gonna shoot for 60 tomorrow. I'm worried that I will actually be less productive in the office, since I like working at home so much. =/ I think I'll try calling the dogwalker and tell her not to come tomorrow.

Also, I noticed last night that when I'm falling asleep, but get woken up by a loud sound, I actually "see" the sound while my eyes are closed. It's like a sudden burst of snow (static) from a television. Does this happen to anyone else? I sometimes wonder if I have a dormant form of synesthesia or something, because there are rare occasions where I will see faint colors upon hearing sounds, but it's never as strong as what I just mentioned. It's weird, man.

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[public entry #13]

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