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Dec 4, 2015 - 03:13 PM
A Life Update (LONG OVERDUE!!)
Holy crap, I didn't think it was as long as it's been since I last did any posting here. I'm way overdue.

So for the past couple years, I've been more busy than ever with gaming, game collecting, traveling, conventions, and tournaments. For 2014, I finally made the trip to the EVO Fighting Game Championships in Vegas and competed in 3rd Strike, Ultra SF4, and UMVC3 (which was a joke of a decision. I suck at Mahvel). I had a great experience at the event, but I really don't think I need to go back. I'm not as ambitious about fighters now as I was back then, although I still keep up in 3S and Ultra somewhat. I can say I did that and am happy with it.

Along with that, I started taking up NES Tetris more seriously, mostly thanks to that documentary I mentioned last time. I found out that the 5th Anniversary of the Classic Tetris World Championship was taking place at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo, so I decided to attend the expo, which also tied to my new hobby of retro game hunting, and participated in the tournament. Had a lot of fun and learned quite a bit on how to play better, though I'm still kinda stuck at my current skill level. :P

The expo itself was an amazing experience, but it definitely made me wish I had started doing this when I was younger. Seeing dozens of vendors with multitudes of games I wanted just overwhelmed me. At least when I went back this year, I had my best friend, IdleChill, come with. Nothing like partnering up with someone, especially someone you've known all your life, to make a mutual hobby more enjoyable! Also did a little better in the Tetris tournament, but still lost early.

2015 was probably my most busy year thus far. I attended MAGFest for the first time. I thought Youmacon was massive in terms of gaming. Yeah.. Youma is still the biggest in terms of anime conventions I've attended, especially after this year (I've not attended and doubt I'll ever attend Anime Expo or Otakon), but MAGFest blows it away. I think the only time I wasn't having fun that whole weekend was probably the couple of hours I couldn't even break 300,000 on Tetris while practicing for a fairly boring tournament. Aside from that, nothing but fun had.

I'm still into, and more ambitious about it than before, DDR. Surprise, surprise. In fact, so much so that I attended my first DDR Storm in Florida back in May. Did better in the DDR X3 tournament than I thought I would, given the level of competition there, and took 2nd in the SNES Tetris tournament. The overall event was just a blast for me. Plus, DA BEEEACH!!

So aside from the traveling, the awesome Meets, and the retro game collecting, I've mostly just been trying to be more social and outgoing. It's a little hard for me, but I'm still trying. Truth is, after so long, I've finally convinced myself that I'm ready to start trying to date. It's been kind of a rough start, so much so that I felt it was taking a lot out of me and time away from other things that make me happy, so I'm already putting my social life aside for a little while to kind of relax and refresh. I have hope and confidence it will work out for me, but it doesn't pay to stress out that it hasn't yet.

Well, that's been my life for the past couple years. I'm still alive and stepping, so I'm grateful.

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[public entry #116]

Jun 16, 2013 - 03:32 PM
Meet 2013
I know I told myself (and a couple of others) that I would not be popping online for a little while for personal reasons, but those matters won't come into play until tomorrow, so screw my declaration until then.

This year's meet definitely made my year, as each meet tends to for each year. They are some of the greatest moments of my life that I never want to forget. Every year, I feel like I grow closer and closer to everyone, whether individually or as a group, and it makes me truly feel like you are all family to me, and I couldn't be happier.

I don't know what it is, honestly, but this meet was probably the hardest for me to see end. I haven't broken down for anything in years, but it just hit me so hard to say farewell to everyone. However, time heals all wounds, and I will recover and begin preparations for the future, and yes, Meet 2014 is definitely in my plans.

That'll do it for me, though. I love you all and already miss you like crazy.

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[public entry #115]

May 15, 2013 - 08:57 PM
Going Retro!
YouTube Video

So yeah, last week I bought and watched the Ecstasy of Order DVD, and pretty much got heavily inspired by all the madness from the masters that I went and bought a top loader NES with a few games including this one. I know I've got a lot of work to do before I could ever hope to be on their level, but this attempt which gave me my new personal best for lines and score has definitely got me motivated.

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[public entry #114]

Feb 10, 2013 - 01:26 AM
Might as well do a Life Update.
So, pretty much following the trend here.

Since the GFF Meet, I've pretty much been back to the usual routine, work and gaming. I've been putting a little bit more effort into trying to meet new people, and maybe get out in the dating world. Sadly, the closest thing to this kicking off was a friend taking me to some cafe where she didn't talk much unless I started a conversation. We spent the weekend together at New Orleans Comic Con, but something happened at the con while I wasn't around that depressed her before leaving, and she wouldn't tell me anything.

Honestly, I am happy staying friends with her, because a relationship wouldn't work if opening up to someone is out of the question, and I'm not gonna sit there feeling pushed away. Unfortunately, this did kinda scar me a little and I've sat on it for a few days.

Aside from that, I've been traveling to more anime conventions to broaden the horizons and keep to the trend of meeting new people. I've been to AWA in Atlanta, where I met one of my favorite Bemani artists and get up to speed on the releases for Arcade versions of the various Bemani games.

Unfortunately, one bad part to that whole adventure was that I learned how horrible Greyhound is, and I refuse to do business with them again.

The morning after Halloween, I ventured to Detroit for YoumaCon, where I competed in my first DDR tournament in 3 years, missing 3rd by a mere 2 Perfects. It was still an awesome experience.

The new year started off in a lightly awkward fashion. I went to the wedding of a childhood friend, whom I barely spoke to since before high school, and I didn't know about it until 3 days before it happened.

Things got better with a trip to Austin the following weekend. Went reunite with 3 awesome friends, had a marvelous time, and met Walter Day of Twin Galaxies. I already find myself wanting to go back so badly.

The video in my last entry pretty much sums up what happened shortly after that. One thing I didn't note in that entry was that before the show started, I ran into one of my best friends whom I haven't seen in 2 years, and something about seeing her again and knowing she, along with many other friends, was in the crowd watching me perform just eliminated the nervous feeling I was getting prior to going on stage.

Guess that's pretty much it. Just got back from a wedding (in fact, the wedding of that friend's brother), and I just wanna crash, wake up, and see what the future holds.

Currently Playing: Metrik - I See You

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[public entry #113]

Jan 29, 2013 - 08:23 AM
Highlight of my Life
YouTube Video

Day late on this, but been busy.

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[public entry #112]

Jun 17, 2012 - 11:35 PM
Adding to the chain of post-meet entries
I know I said I wasn't planning on making a post-meet entry in chat last night, but now I feel the need to more than anything.

I'm not sure if others have said this exactly, for themselves, but this year's meet, for me, was the best one by far. Seeing everyone again and meeting the 2 new attendees brought the greatest smile to my face in some time. Things in my life have been a little unbalanced lately, and I really needed it, so immediately, thank you all for that.

I can't really say anything to anyone individually, because there were some of you that I talked to frequently, some of you I really only said "hello" to every now and then, and then the rest of the time, I really didn't speak to anyone even when hanging out with everyone. It's not a personal negativity towards anyone. I just have a habit not to get involved in things that go over my head, nor do I want to bother someone if they look like they're not really in a talking mood, and that plays a part in my constant returns to the basement. I am quite thankful, while I wasn't necessarily thinking it would happen, that someone confronted me about this issue and tried to get me more involved with the group, whether I participated in individual or group conversations/activities or not.

This is something I wish I would've begun doing when I first started attending back in '09. I'm honestly really sorry it took this long and it took someone to talk to me about it before I saw the light. You're all some of the greatest friends I could ever have, and I cherish you like family.

Needless to say, this week has been both one of the most interesting weeks in my life and a learning experience. I say the latter, because along with what I've noted earlier, I've learned to stop worrying so much about "leaving bad tastes". I'm still kinda on that "Try not to piss people off or sound like an idiot" binge, but people have told me to ease up, as they would let me know personally if I crossed a line.

Enough of that, though. I didn't write this entry to necessarily address some of my personal/ity faults. This entry was made to thank everyone for a wonderful week that will live forever in my memory and in my heart. Whatever road I may travel in life in the coming months, I will immediately ensure that next year's meet is on it, because I'm already looking forward to it.

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[public entry #111]

Oct 12, 2011 - 11:26 PM
YouTube Video


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[public entry #110]

Jun 27, 2011 - 07:33 AM
Time for Change
So since the meet, I've pretty much returned to my fairly boring lifestyle: work, game, barely hang out, etc. Off the bat, it started sucking. One thing I can say that I've done that truly made me incredibly happy since coming home was doing another ITG run, because in the process of actually going out to play ITG, I ran into all of my friends that I hadn't seen in a couple of months. One of my female friends that I ran into even invited me to go watch her and several others perform hafla (belly) dancing that night. Given I didn't know jack shit about what it was, I figured it would be better than just going home and not talking to anyone.

It was quite interesting, I must say. I ran into a good friend of mine since Elementary school who was actually in the performance herself.

Other than that, fairly sad mode.

Since returning from the meet, I've also unfortunately stacked on another few pounds. Given how well I was doing last year to lose weight, this upset me quite a bit. People still tell me today that I look like I've been losing, but I sure haven't felt like it when weighing in.

Now, I'm not very good with routines, especially when it comes to eating better or exercising. Hell, I only get out once a week to play Pump or ITG, unfortunately. So last night, talking with several people here, I got the motivation to TRY to do something new by jogging during morning walks.

This morning was the first time since probably March that I've attempted this, and back then, I made a mistake of going too fast and wound up with stiff ankles for 3 days.

I'm feeling fairly good from it right now, and it's something I really want to do more than once every full moon, but my paranoia will kick in, I'm sure. Is it something I can stick to doing, or will this just be something else that I try and then eventually fail out on?

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[public entry #109]

Jun 12, 2011 - 11:32 PM
Meet Review Time!!!
Now that I've actually gotten some sleep, I think it's time to express my personal opinions about the meet this year.

First off, it was a wonderful experience once again. Seeing everyone I already knew from previous years and meeting new people, it always makes me happy. There were a lot of people whom I didn't really talk to much this year, and I apologize for that, but I'll try to sum things up as best as I can.

Acer - Once again, awesome and hilarious person all around. Your devotion to the success of gaming and theater events in the basement was much appreciated. Already looking forward to the madness again next year.

Shade - I didn't really know that much about you, since I didn't talk a whole lot in chat, but I must say, it was a huge honor and just plain out awesome gaming it up and chilling out.

Sheep - I didn't really get to know you a whole lot, but for what I do know, you're very straight-forward as well as relaxed, which is beyond awesome.

Sousuke - For what I've seen of you, you're very quiet and calm as if nothing really bothers you, and that's something I can respect a lot.

Radez - Sometimes, I can't tell if you're drunk or sunburn at these meets, because your face is always pink. However, that doesn't change the fact that you always seem to be in a good mood, because there's always a smile on your face. I think that's why you're so awesome.

Omagnus - Great Rock Band sessions, great Brawl sessions, fun times getting yelled at by you for being somewhat oblivious to what was happening outside at times... actually, I'm just gonna apologize for being oblivious enough for you to have to yell at me. Nonetheless, good times, sir. Looking forward to more awesomeness next year.

Mo0 - Another glorious week of hanging out, dude. I'm sorry I took things too seriously in our Marvel matches at times, but I'm thankful you took it like a champ, because you're still better than me at a lot of games. Already looking forward to more fun next year.

Nutty - While I didn't see you game much compared to last year, it's all cool. You definitely know how to keep a good conversation going, whether about gaming, other meet-goers, or even things I'm just listening in on because I have no personal opinion. Always a pleasure, man.

Dull - It's hard to really say much, considering now you and I will be hanging out more than once a year. What I will say is, from when we hung out at Planet Zero the first "day" I was in Houston to yesterday morning when I left, I've enjoyed every minute of your company.

Packrat - Fun times all-around, and good conversations during Team Low-Tide. Will make more efforts to hang out next year.

Pang - You, sir, are still very funny when you are blasted. You're also still very relaxed and awesome to talk to. Keep doing what you do, buddy.

Erik - While I don't play it, it's still always fun watching you and others play Catan. Also, thanks for explaining to me what some of the courses Friday night were composed of. Looking forward to more craziness next year.

Greg - My God, dude, it's NEVER a boring moment when you're around. I'm glad we finally got to play some Dethklok songs together this time. You're a damn good man, sir.

Garr - There's nothing bad that can be said here, dude. Gaming sessions online are great, but gaming sessions at meet house are even better!! Watching you and Skills get incredibly hammered did scare me to the point where I had to leave the area, but it was still pretty funny. Ready to do it all over again already.

Qwarky - It's been a while since you and I actually talked on the boards, but I must say, it was a hell of a lot better meeting you and hanging out. Really glad you got to stay the extra day and game it up a little more. Looking forward to more of it next year.

Sprout - I know how busy you were hosting everything this year, so I'm not worried that you and I didn't really hang out a lot. For what we did, though, it was still rad. Thanks for helping make Team Sunrise another big success. I swear, 3.0 will be even better next year.

Hito - You're still as gold as always. We don't talk much, but I know how busy you are all the time in the kitchen preparing awesome dishes. Keep doing what you do and I'll look forward to it even more next year.

Dope - As usual, man, good times and nothing but. Our Rock band sessions were even better this year. Congrats again to you and Sass. Hope y'all can still make it next year.

Deni - I must say, given how I've always set myself up for you to insult me in the past, I was rather nervous about meeting you. However, from what I've seen this week when I actually left the basement, or even when you came down to chill out, you're pretty damn cool. I'm sure I set myself up a time or two this week as well, but I won't dwell on it. Just gonna say looking forward to next year.

Skills - This was several years in the making, dude. I'd been waiting to finally meet the man who myself and Idle had been playing vidyas with since the days of UT2K4 and Counter Strike. This was the highlight of my week, dude. You're just as awesome, funny, and rowdy in person as you are on Xbox Live, and it's awesome. Brawl sessions were fun, conversation time was great, watching you and Omagnus go back and forth on high scores, hilarious and awesome. Return next year so that the awesomeness may continue.

Sass - It's always a pleasure having conversations with you. Glad you come down and join us in Rock Band sessions from time to time. As I said to Dope, congrats to the two of you. Please return next year.

Temari - While we didn't really hang out a lot this year, especially with you leaving early (which really sucked), it was great seeing you again. Really praying you can return next year, and stay the whole week.

Seris - Must say, it was great talking to you a lot more this year. It was something I truly enjoyed doing when I wasn't hiding in the basement doing what I do best. Wouldn't mind doing it all again next year, so you have to come back.

Shorty - I probably said this last year, but I cherished every moment we hung out, even if it was for a very small time. We've made Team Sunrise an even bigger success this year with the huge expansion, and I loved it. Next year, though, you HAVE to stay the whole week. You're just that damn fantastic a person.

Lurker - Again, hanging out with you, though very little, was wonderful. You did an excellent job setting up beer tasting, despite me not being part of it for obvious reasons. I was happy to help out in any way that I did. Again, I'm sorry it took me the entire week to stop being a wimp and talk to you about certain things, but I am happy and thankful that you took the time to talk to me and help me overcome them. You're a damn good friend, and I can't wait to hang out again next year.

That should be everyone, but if I missed someone, I apologize for it. I would also like to take the time to apologize for any abnormal behavior I might have displayed or any out-of-line comments I may have made during the week. Next year, I'll work a little harder to be an even better person. And I promise, I will NOT leave at 5:30 in the morning next year, because I'm sick of not being able to say goodbye to people.

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Jun 11, 2011 - 10:47 PM
Forgot to note: I'm home!!
And I'm running on 3 hours of sleep since 9:30am Friday morning, so fuck talking. I'm going to sleep now.

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[public entry #107]

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