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Jun 8, 2007 - 08:33 PM
For Ulysses
I didn't forget. Unfortunately my camera doesn't take very clear video. Also, for some strange reason it sounds like the wind is blowing really hard, but actually it's hardly moving at all tonight.

There were a lot more fireflies last night. It could be because we had a thunderstorm earlier today.

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Jun 8, 2007 - 05:04 AM
Blackberries and Bunnies
My house sits in a clearing in the woods, and it happens to be completely surrounded by blackberries, which are now starting to ripen. Yesterday I was out picking the few ripe ones I could find, when Peanut suddenly pounced into the blackberry patch and flushed out a tiny bunny, no bigger than my fist. The bunny ran right behind me -almost brushing against my heel - and got away by diving into another blackberry patch.

Also, last night there were so many fireflies in my yard it looked like Christmas.

I never want to live anywhere but here. <3

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[public entry #228]

Jun 4, 2007 - 08:59 AM
<3 Kairyu
Once again Kairyu has outdone himself. I paid him $15 to make me a Clayfighter av/sig set, with Ickybod Clay as my avatar. He won't have time to get to the signature for a couple of weeks, but check out this amazing artwork!

The signature will have all the other good ones (Bad Mr. Frosty, Helga, Blue Suede Goo, Taffy, etc.) looking menacing.

(Don't be jealous that I now have the best avatar ever.)

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[public entry #227]

Jun 2, 2007 - 07:05 AM
I drank a beer last night for the first time in ages and did not get a headache.

Also, nobody is ever on GFF this early in the mornings. (Except neus, who is probably out running a five-miler right now.)

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[public entry #225]

Jun 1, 2007 - 07:26 PM
Worst stuff ever
I just had the worst. yogurt. ever.

I bought 10 or so cartons of this new yogurt I found at the grocery store today. The brand is Blue Bunny (cute, huh?) and it comes in all these wonderful flavors like Blackberry Harvest and Strawberry Creme. I eat a cup of yogurt every day and this looked much more interesting than the boring kind I usually get, which is why I went out on a limb and bought so much of it.

Well, when I opened it up I immediately noticed that there was purple liquid floating on the top. My spider senses told me that this was not a good thing, but I checked the expiration date and it's fresh, so I stirred the liquid into it (it turned very lumpy) and boldly tasted a spoonful. That turned out to be a very bad idea, because all joking aside it tasted like what I would imagine rat poison to taste like. Then I noticed that right below the label in very fine print it reads, "No added sugar!" Now, what the hell is that about? Some fool decided to sweeten yogurt with Splenda, which completely flies in the face of what God intended. I mean, it's yogurt, for heaven's sake. It doesn't need to be made any healthier than it already is.

So now what am I going to do with all this yogurt I bought? =(

Also - and this is random - I had a laugh out loud moment in the car on the way to work this morning. One of the local radio stations (the top 40 station that I never listen to except on Friday mornings from 7:45-8:00) does this thing every Friday morning called, appropriately, "The Friday Morning Weekend Blastoff." During the blastoff they play songs from the 80s and 90s that make you want to jump out of your car and dance all the way to work. It's the greatest thing ever. Some examples are songs like "Cherry Pie," "Now That We've Found Love (What Are We Gonna Doooooo....With Iiii-iiiit)", "Cottoneye Joe" and "Cold Hearted Snake." Sometimes they get really crazy and throw in some "Funky Cold Medina" or a little "She's Crafty," when they feel like mixing things up.

So today I'm cruising along singing along to "My Prerogative" when the next song comes on and my joy turns to icky, icky nostalgia. I was transported by the music to a time not so far away (6 years, maybe?) when I used to be a server at Outback Steakhouse. Every year we had these craaaaazy Christmas parties where we would all get dressed up to the nines and pretty much take over whatever dance club we decided to go to. This one particular year I was dancing with the store proprietor, an extremely handsome GQ-looking black man who I will call "Charles" for the sake of the poor guy's anonymity. Now, let me give you a tiny bit of backstory here. There had never been any flirting or sexual banter between us ever, ever, ever. He was my boss and I was his best employee. =) However, as we were dancing I suddenly found myself flattened against a pole on the dance floor with his tongue down my throat. One of my friends from work saw what was happening and literally ran up and dragged me away, which was a good thing since we were both pretty drunk. Needless to say, my next shift was very awkward what with him feeling the need to have a BIG TALK with me about how sorry he was that he had "let that happen" and how I didn't have anything to fear from him. Honestly, in my mind I had already chalked it up to drunkenness, but he sort of made a big deal about it, which in my opinion just made the whole thing that much more awkward.

The hilarious part, though, (and I couldn't tell you why I remember this detail or so many other trivial details about so many things) is that this memorable event took place during THE THONG SONG.

*sigh* Good times. Good times.

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[public entry #224]

May 31, 2007 - 04:46 AM
Stupid Head
Like an idiot, I thought maybe my cluster headaches were over since I hadn't had one since Saturday afternoon. But I was wrooooong.

They do seem to be getting less frequent, though.

I can't wait until these fuckers are gone.

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[public entry #223]

May 30, 2007 - 05:04 AM
Vivid Dreams
Last night I had an extremely vivid dream. In the dream I had taken my new granddaughter (note: I have no idea yet whether this baby is a boy or a girl) to church with me. Strangely, I was carrying her in a large paper bag. The fancy kind with handles that they give you for leftovers at nice restaurants.

When I got to church I pulled her out of the bag and was slightly horrified to discover that Christian had dressed her in a bright red onesie thing with a silver HIM symbol embroidered on the chest, which I immediately surmised had come from Spencer's. Also, she was extremely tiny and wrinkled, as if she had been born prematurely.

I don't remember much else, but I do remember that in my dream I was wigging out because church was taking forever and I wasn't going to have her back at the specific time that Mathiu had set for me.

I don't know why I posted this.

Response entries:
About Future Prediction Dreams... by Dekoa

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May 26, 2007 - 06:04 PM
Click if you love nature.
Here are my pictures from my hike today. It was so beautiful up there. Unfortunately, my parents' camera is barely better than my cell phone camera, but at least these will give you an idea of why this is my favorite place.

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May 26, 2007 - 06:31 AM
Recent Happenings
Julia Fordham does the best rendition of "Someone To Watch Over Me." This is an indisputable fact.

Last night I watched King Kong in high definition (at someone else' house who has this extremely cool home theatre). It was my first time watching that movie, and that was an excellent way to see it, although I do think a third of that movie could have been cut and it would have been much better.

My spider bite or whatever the hell it is now looks like a bruise.

My mind is changing. I'm not sure if it's because I've been through so much emotional trauma over the last couple of years or if I'm just (finally) growing up, but I'm different somehow. Things that used to amuse me seem ridiculous, and so many of my thoughts and decisions are based on common sense instead of emotions. And that's not like me. I don't know, maybe this is what happens when people grow up and I'm - as usual - a late bloomer. I still have a long way to go before I reach MATURITY, but I feel like it's happening.

Tonight I make chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and coffee with Bailey's!

Update on Christian. She is still really, really sick, although much better over the last couple of days than she was early in the week. I spent last Tuesday night in the hospital with her. She has a condition called hyperemesis, which is really just extreme nausea. They ended up giving her SIX BAGS of fluids and putting her on the same medication used for chemotherapy patients who are experiencing severe nausea. Poor thing. Her due date is officially Nov. 30 (she had an ultrasound and <3 <3 <3), so she should be feeling better any day now. Oh, and the nurses thought I was her sister! How great is that?

I saw a copperhead snake in my yard two days ago.

My headaches seem to be getting a little better. I'm hoping they'll be completely gone by the time I go to the meet (I just realized yesterday that it's in 3 weeks! Where did the time go?), but if not, at least I know that they'll be at a manageable level and that I won't have to go into hiding several times a day.

I dared to look at my ass yesterday for the first time in forever and liked what I saw.

I'm going hiking all by myself at my favorite place today (South Mountains State Park). I guess "all by myself" isn't completely accurate since I'm taking the Peanutster with me. I would take pictures, but Randy took our camera with him to the Braves game. First, though, I have to take Wyatt's soccer ball to the game he's missing and get it autographed. Some professional soccer players are going to be there, and Wyatt was so upset that he had to miss it. Also, he was supposed to play goalie today for the first time today. Oh well, there's always next week.

This week I'm in love with that Boston song by Augustana.

I rented Little Children and I'm going to watch it tonight in my scary, scary house in the middle of the dark, dark woods. I really hate being alone here at night. In the daytime it's great, but I night I get scared. I've already seen the movie but since I absolutely adored it I'm going to watch it again.

I bought some bright green socks that I love.

Currently Playing: The Cars - Since You're Gone

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[public entry #220]

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