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Such a Lust for Revenge!'s Journal

Bottlenoses... ASSEMBLE!

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Feb 18, 2007 - 08:46 PM
Can it be?
[08:01] OctoberOmicron: sup homey
[08:01] OctoberOmicron: come back and post
[08:01] OctoberOmicron: things will be ion our favor soon
[08:03] OctoberOmicron: JOIN ME
[08:08] dj satis: bad timing, i'm just about to go out =(
[08:08] OctoberOmicron: aww man
[08:08] dj satis: but remind me tomorrow!
[08:08] OctoberOmicron: butt its something you might be into doing?
[08:08] dj satis: yeah, why not
[08:08] OctoberOmicron: come back and post?
[08:08] OctoberOmicron: skates gone man
[08:08] OctoberOmicron: thiongs can happen
[08:08] OctoberOmicron: come back plese bastard
[08:08] OctoberOmicron: and have fun tonight and bang someone
[08:09] OctoberOmicron: I AM YOUR FATHER
[08:09] dj satis: i already said yes haha. are you drunk?
[08:09] OctoberOmicron: High man, just high.
[08:09] OctoberOmicron: with this stuff from up North.
[08:09] OctoberOmicron: Dude, we have a lot to discuss then
[08:09] OctoberOmicron: but have fun and well catch up!
[08:09] dj satis: we do
[08:09] OctoberOmicron: And guess what
[08:09] dj satis: what
[08:09] OctoberOmicron: this week will be six years since we both joined
[08:09] dj satis: whoa, crazy
[08:09] dj satis: it really has been that long
[08:10] OctoberOmicron: Chinese new year just started yesterday
[08:10] OctoberOmicron: year of the omicron mtoehrfucker!
[08:10] OctoberOmicron: haha, have agood one fucker. TEAM FEDORA JST GOT SOME JOLTS.
[08:11] dj satis: hahaha. catch up with you later!
[08:11] OctoberOmicron: =O

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Gamingforce Choco Journal
Such a Lust for Revenge!'s Journal

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