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Mar 13, 2009 - 11:51 AM
Fruitpicking and ninjamobiles.
First off, riding a sportbike 700 miles or so in three days is extremely strenuous. I wouldn't recommend it.

Second off, Encephalon lives in the middle of fucking nowhere. SO NOWHERE we stopped on the side of the road to pick and eat oranges. They were delicious. Fruit picking Mexican, hrhr.

Here's the pics everybody wants...

And here's the rest from the short trip to Sequoia. We didn't see the whole park. The ridiculously short amount of time we had for the trip didn't allow us to do much. If you don't want to see my dirty ex-wife, don't click the spoil button.

Some beautiful waterways through the canyon in the park.

Riding up these twisty roads was pretty fun on the bikes. It kinda sucked when we got to the higher elevations and there was still snow, since safety took precedence over fun, but still enjoyable.

Jenn's bike.

My brat and I.

Squirrel butt.

This tree has the greatest volumetric space of any tree on Earth.

Hey Zeph, look behind you.



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Dec 20, 2008 - 08:09 PM
In which Zephyrin loses his job for standing up for himself....with a headbutt.
No, seriously. Everytime I try to stick up for myself against assholes who just feel like giving me shit for whatever reason, I always come out as the bad guy. Fuck society.

Here's the story.

I work(ed) at a car wash. My duty is to do the oil changes and other services, but that business is kinda slow since they only started it a few months ago, so I mostly help wash cars.
There's a particular loudmouth noisy motherfucker who seems to think he's hot shit.
Well I was ALMOST done with a particular car. He hops in it to pull it up to the finished line. I said "Wait. I'm not done yet. I still have to put armor all on the tires. "Well hurry up, I gotta pull it up." This, despite you shouldn't pull up a car unless it's finished. So he ignores me and does so anyways. I throw the towel at the car and tell him "Fucking do it yourself, then." And he pops his head out of the car to tell me I best not talk to him in that way, in his wannabe tough guy voice.

So I go back to the supply cart, and have a bottle and a brush in my hands, and he comes niggerlimping over and ask me what I think gives me the right to talk to him that way, despite him talking to people like almost every fucking hour of the day. I say, "What, are you gonna start a fight, cuz if you are, you're going to have to throw the first punch." So then he gets RIGHT up in my face, I mean, almost eskimo kissing, man. Cocks his head like a parrot, then snaps off something along the lines of "I don't know who the fuck you think you are to talk to me that way. Trying to start something?" I really wish I could remember situations verbatim, but the voice recorder in my brain is broken. Fuck, I don't even remember what I said after that. All I know is he didn't back off, stood there in my face trying to intimidate me.

BAM. I headbutted that motherfucker. I could hear his nose crunch on my forehead. I pulled back on step, him two, and his face started to trickle up and pour out. I think I broke the skin against the cartilage. I got a tiny scratch on my forehead for it, though.

So he stares at me with WILD BEWILDERMENT IN HIS EYES! "Why'd you do that?! I didn't even touch you man."
"What? You got this close to my face, what'd you expect? You gonna cry about it?"

So he says he's gonna call the cops, and he does. They come and question me, and when I told the officer my side of the story, I even got a short chuckle out of him. It was obviously a waste of time, and he didn't even write up any paperwork. I already knew that, but whatever.

Then the son of the owner (there's two stores) cam from the other car wash and told me I violated "company policy". I dunno, I just find it funny that a business that can't keep enough money in their accounts to make payroll is allowed to say they even HAVE company policies.
And since the officer was already there, he had him escort me off the property. The owner's son is such a douche, anyways.

Not upset, since it was a shit job any fucking ways. And I've had a lot of pent up frustration lately and have been wanting to beat the shit out of somebody. This doesn't completely satisfy that desire, but it helps a little.

Currently Playing: The Offspring - Come Out and Play

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Jun 1, 2008 - 04:18 PM
A journal entry about the meet that is more than 3 fucking sentences long.
So I took off Thursday and spent a couple of days at Sass's pad. Got there late in the night, so that day was spent mostly flying.

Friday equaled a failed attempt at playing Guitar Hero, walking around a junkyard, driving around in an 88 Celica, eating at TGIFridays with a vegetarian, watching Indiana Jones 4, and making an ass of myself.

Saturday included trying to eat a 4 lb. box of twizzlers, getting butt-raped by a dog, chasing around a soccer ball, setting off Sass's sister by making a joke about her relationship, then watching her relationship nearly take a nose dive 3 hours later because of said comment. Lulz.

Jenn arrived at the airport at 10pm and it was 3 hours to the meet house. So I'll count days based on when I woke up, rather than the rolling of midnight.

Day 1, Saturday - We arrive (after driving in circles trying to find the place) by a mob of drunken people waiting for us in the street. Everybody's running around all crazy like. I promptly steal food from Sprout, then introduce that order. After introductions, we walk down to the beach to check it out. Radez, drunk as a gay skunk, dives into the ocean with all his clothes and phone in his pocket (which apparently Frank did to the pool earlier in the day.). We started drinking, smoked a little weed, watched the sunrise, then crashed. Throughout the night, Styphon and Skills banned the house's IP, then they had ban wars back and forth. Oh, and I broke the screen door.

Day 2, Sunday - I woke up then had a penchant for cleaning up the kitchen. Apparently the dishwasher was on the fritz, so it took way too long for what few dishes we had used thus far. I cooked some bacon and eggs for a few folk, and I can't remember exactly what happened after that. Probably some pool time. Played some billiards, hung out, and had a good time. We went shopping for foods. Raspy, Sass, Crash, and Radez must've dropped a good 500 dollars altogether. Sprout and I pitched in and bought the beer and toilet paper. We had steak and lobster for dinner. I got to have fun ripping apart living animals. Awesome fun. I officially don't give a shit for lobster now, but at least I tried it. Dope incredible hulked one of the shell crackers and bent the shit out of it. The girls made chocolate covered strawberries later on.
Later on we played some Texax Hold 'Em. Plarom couldn't be bothered to stay at the table, otherwise he might've gotten somewhere. I outed him and Dope in one hand. Went on to beat Frank, and win 35 bucks. Out for vengeance, he later mooned me through the glass door, among everybody else.

Day 3, Monday - I can't honestly remember what the fuck we did on this day. It was probably an montage of Smash Bros., pool, swimming, drinking, and eating Rasputin's cooked pork pull. Probably some DS warring in there, also. Tried on Temari's skirt. It fit pretty well. Frank and I also climbed onto the roof. Nice view.

Day 4, Tueday - We all walk down to a local diner, and fill the place up. They closed the place since there wasn't much more room. Seris and Hyde arrived later. More decadence, as the slogan goes. Can't remember much about this day either, ironically. See above day. Most people crashed earlier on Tuesday, due to staying awake so long on the previous days. I had to stay awake to entertain Seris with Warioware, whom hadn't been there long enough to be exhausted, and fox, who just wasn't partying hard enough to be passed out.

Day 5, Wednesday - Made some mean omelets that morning. Had a fight with my wife and with Sass, left the house to walk to the next town to cool off, while Sass and my wife subsequently flipped out. Oh, and Sass cried because she almost lost her cats.

Day 6, Thursday - Pool, then hot tub. Or maybe that was yesterday. I swear it wasn't the booze that made me forget. Seris and I looked at rule 34 porn for a while, and decided we had reached a peak when we found Missingno. porn. Bought my own pool stick the previous day, so I spent a good bit of time breaking it in. The night was filled with Jenga, then Scattergories. Good times. Plarom gave me wife too much weed, and she toppled the tower. Watching her play Scattergories was both amusing and embarassing. Oh, and Jagerbombs! Fuckin' Skanks.

Day 7, Friday - Anazai and I had been sick mostly all week, but she had it bad on this day. I tried to tough it out. Seris drew me my fucktard poster, so I took some pics with that. It was awesome. More Smash Bros. We went to eat at some place where they ate last year, apparently. The food was sub-par when compared to the prices they charged, but whatever. We tried to drink as much of the alcohol as we could that night, but a GOOD portion of it was missing. I didn't know why until the next day, but I knew that Radez had hidden it. I found out later that it was because Temari, and probably Seris also, had asked him to hide some of it. Which makes sense, because Temari had become bitchy towards the end of the week, probably because she couldn't hang with the boys.
We played a good game of Scattergories that night, in which some hilarity ensued. I can't wait for Plarom to upload the recording from that game. God was black, niggers bounce, having no legs was a tardy excuse, and being a forest was an occupation. The last night was awesome.

Day 8, Saturday May 31 - Everybody is scrambling to clean up and get everything together and packed. Everybody made amends by this point. Hugs and handshakes. It was a good morning. Sass had to drop us off at the airport 3 hours away by 1:30, so we left a little early. 5 minutes after we drove off, it started pouring cats and dogs, so we got lucky there. We almost missed one of our transfers home due to inclimate weather, but we got lucky and made it home in time.

I only took a few pics, but you can see them here, and find everybody else's.

Currently Playing: Demons and Wizards - Beneath These Waves

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Mar 5, 2008 - 01:32 PM
So beyond whatever spiritual meaning life has for myself, I think I've just about come to a conclusion on what I might try and do with the rest of my life...


Yessir. The one thing I remember from my high school economics class other than diminished returns is what the teacher told us the meaning of our lives were. He said " make life easier for the future." Or our children, or some shit like that. I have to disagree. It's no doubt that life is always becoming easier, for the most part (Americans, at least). But we undoubtedly are killing our planet.

I'll rephrase for him. "Our purpose is to make life better for those that come after us."

So I'll probably seek to right the universal wrong of ecological deconstruction in one way or another. I guess I haven't figured that part out yet, but in the meantime, I'll post some inspirational editorial cartoons.

Annnnnd this one I just thought was funny.

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