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Jul 12, 2006 - 07:48 PM
Thank you.
I´ve been looking through the archives lately, mainly at what happened the week or so after I got locked up. I wanted to thank many of you for responding the way you did when I left March two years ago. A lot of you I expected to get some kind words from, but many people who I didn´t necessarily get along with came through. Of course, when I came back this time these same people didn´t say a damned thing to me, but in a way that´s good. I know you´re there with me when it counts.

Here are a couple of links to what I´m talking about:

It´s funny that virtually all the people that said they´d write, didn´t. But I don´t mind, I know how things are in the free world and how shit gets in the way. Also, information on how to contact me may have been held back and unnecessarily complicated and I expect many just gave up. I can´t blame you. But at the very least, thanks for giving a shit. And a big thank you to the people that did write: Sass, Zephyrin, a lurker, Wild Violence, julia, dsal, and Chuck. Also for the Christmas and Birthday threads you guys printed out and sent me. A lot of your letters reached me at probably the worst moments of my life, and I´ll never forget that you were there for me.

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Jul 12, 2006 - 12:04 PM
Gym woes
I´ve always gotten pissed off when I go to gyms. Without exaggeration, 90% of the people in gyms don´t know what the fuck they´re doing. They run in there thinking they can get results slinging weights around wrecklessly, or training for two plus (no plus symbol on this damned keyboard!) hours daily. That´s the major reason I worked out in my own little home gym for so many years.

I guess in this new country I´m in it´s no different. People are jackasses all over the world. Unfortunately, being in Guatemala and all, the average size and height of the people here is much lower, and the equipment is adjusted to meet these standards. So I´ve had to do some creative shit to get a decent workout at the gym I´m going to. To top it all off, they only have five pound weight plates and up. No 2.5 pound plates, and sure as hell no one and a quarter pound plates. The whole point of weight training is to do a certain amount of sets and reps, complete them, and GRADUALLY increase the weight resistance so your body can adapt. a 2.5-five pound increase is great, but this gym only allows for ten pound increases at a time.

And then their damned dumbells only go up to fifty fucking pounds. Maybe no one´s complained before, but I´m going to see if I can get a job there and help bring some better shit in. This is a silly ass topic to start my journal with, shame I don´t have my old entries anymore.

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