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Dec 20, 2009 - 07:13 AM
A farewell to video games (for the most part)
For the last few months, I have been in a state where I was bouncing from game to game, not really able to stick with any one in particular. The stack of perhaps 30+ PSP games stands testament to this. I have come to realize that with very few exceptions, I really have come to hate games.

I am at a stage in my life where sitting in doors and doing nothing but playing in some virtual world just no longer appeals to me. I feel there are so many more things to do. Sitting down and losing a day because I needed to get just a little further in <insert game here> has lost me so much, and has made me into a recluse at times.

I do not think there is anything wrong with games, but if you are reading this and you know you are addicted or think you are, find more things to do. Read, write, become a magician, hang out with friends, just do something.

Tomorrow as I go sell my 5 systems and numerous games at gamestop, I will reflect on all the time I wasted on games that truly did not matter, while remembering the time spent on those that did.

Happy holidays to all you gamers and non-gamers alike.

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Sep 18, 2006 - 07:57 PM
And Today, A tribute to all VG Fan Art!(56k Stay back!)
So while browsing for some pictures for a thread, I come across a picture of a horribly mangled Samus after her fight with Mother Brain, and I just thought that those people who do this kind of thing need some sort of mention.

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Sep 12, 2006 - 08:04 PM
What the hell am I (was I?) thinking?
Okay, firstly, yay! This is my first entry since I came back to GFF. But on with it...

...and if you get to the end of this, there is a question for you...

...and simply put I am a very confused person at this point in my life. I always thought that when all you odd adult type of people said that in High School we do all of our soul searching, you were not telling me the truth. Especially that part about the teenage angst. I am, and because of recent events, I feel like a complete dumbass. Oh, and for the reader's pleasure, I will just leave out all the angst involving my last ex and all that other fun stuff...

Okay, me, end of last year. So-so student, just got through with my last ex, still kind of on the rebound from it, seeing as how most of the stuff that happened was my fault, working on getting this final project done over at my friend's house, and he tells me his friend invited someone over. Long story made shorter, they come over to my friend's house instead. 2 girls, other school, we hang out, I get one's phone number and give her mine, we exchange AIM SNs and off I go.

Summer starts. Summer fun

I log on to AIM once, she says hi, and we start chatting. We hit it off fairly well(online) and we make plans to hang out for awhile with each other once I get back from the little vacation I was on.

Now a note about her(Heather). She is younger than me, and she graduated early from highschool. I, at the time of this writing, am a senior, and about a month from being 18, and she is younger than I am (birthday in April). Now somehow, some way, she managed to get signed up for the army, and left on August first.

Back to the story. I get back, we hang out, we feel something for each other and go steady. We hang out awhile more, and decide that there is definatly something there between us. Love? That is what we call it, but what do I know?

Anywho, so now here it is in September, and we are writing back and forth. I have agreed to wait for her until Feburary, which is when she can come visit, and we can decide some stuff. She has already talked about me moving in with her once she gets her stationing. I agreed to think about it, after all that will be in roughly 8 months time, and I am considering a little.

Now...what do you, the reader think? What do you think I should do? Do you think I am a complete dumbass?

Let me know what you think.

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