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Jan 8, 2008 - 02:44 PM
Return From the Holidays
I have been absent from most of the board for a few weeks. I say most because I did make the one journal entry and did check in on Werewolf about every other day or so. I went home for the holidays where I spent time with family and had new toys to play with. You know how it is.

Anyway, today I returned to college. Classes don't actually start until next week, but my job is doing training this week (starting today, but they are cutting me some slack since dorms didn't open until today). I'll likely go to that training tomorrow. In any case, there were a few things I had to accomplish yesterday and today:

Finish a drawing I was working on. Check. (Perhaps I should start working on the GFF calendar now?)
Sort through my clothes for packing. Check. (Although there's the possibility I'll realize that I need something else later.)
Bag leaves in the yard. ...Sadly, I can't check that one. It's really a two-man job and everyone was busy yesterday.
Go to the DMV for a renewal. Check. (With added bonus of registering to vote.)
Check comic shop for two issues I miss. Check/uncheck? I got one, but not the other.

Most of today so far, aside from travel, has centered around stuff directly related to college. Packing, unpacking, buying books, etc. But that's pretty uninteresting. Well, except that there at least half a dozen books I might need for one class (as listed) and that I've skipped on getting them today so that I can check the syllabus first. Still not that interesting, though.

And now I notice that there's a new emoticon. Doves? Interesting. Kinda ironic.

Currently Playing: Elebits (okay, not anymore...)

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