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Dec 14, 2007 - 10:08 PM
Giant-sized 210th Entry! (A Bunch of Stuff!)
At this point, I would tell you that I this starts out with life stuff and moves on to the good stuff, but I don't have any interesting life stuff to tell. So, here goes:

I've been working with GIMP:
This semester, I decided that since I have the GIMP on this machine, I might as well learn how to use it. Here's the stuff, step by step.

The first kinda neat thing I learned to do was use the Stroke Selection tool to add borders to images.

Next, I learned that I could do a decent job of digitally inking some line art by selecting similar colors (the Select by Color tool). I would show an example, but it's scheduled to be part of an upcoming webcomic. Just know that this process is used for the line art below.

Now come the fun stuff, most of which was made for a thing I'm doing on another board. The drawings were done by my dad.

Here, I was working with layers and adding backgrounds. Also, I learned how to use the Fuzzy Select tool.

Next, I worked with coloring, using mostly pencil at various sizes. I would've used layers for this, too, but it didn't seem any quicker.

This still has the same coloring, but here I was messing around with the Blend tool.

In the midst of the image completed today (which you'll see at the end), I did some work with transparency. First, Divest's request for help regarding editing his signature gave me the opportunity to use a tutorial I'd wanted to try. This involved duplicating the image, setting one to Grayscale and then back, then putting the colored version under the black & white one and then adding a mask so that I could paint on the red.

Then, I worked on my current signature for Doctor Who week. This time, I wasn't working with full transparency.

And finally, today I finished the last of my images, combining much of what I've learned so far. I used Stroke Selection (somewhat to blur colors together), Blend (which is evident), and adding a background. There was going to be some transparency, but it didn't help the image.

For more versions of this, see inside:

In honor of Doctor Who week:

I though I'd provide my assessment of Series 3. Overall, it's still pretty good, but here's the best:

Family of Blood

Each is inventive in its own way. All three have action, suspense, and some sort of creepy monster. As a bonus, Blink and Gridlock are pretty self-contained, so anyone interested in the show should look to them. Family of Blood surprised me because the first part of the two-parter (Family of Blood being the second) was a bit dull to me.

The worst was the season finale, but specifically The Sound of Drums and the Last of the Time Lords. Sure, there are inventive ideas here, too, but most if it gets lost in a scope that's too large, the Master acting un-Master-like, poorly explained Time Lord science (I'm looking at you, Paradox Machine and telepathic network). And then practically everything reverts to normal (although for some reason not everyone present at the death of the President is present when time reverts) and no one really seems significantly changed, despite all that's happened.

Some fun with usernames (take 2):

Over a year ago, I had some fun providing definitions of people's usernames. I do so again now.

Bigblah - somewhere between "Meh" and depression
blue - clearly a liberal
CHz - Cheez Whiz
Dekoa - the cliched army decoder who only gets fewer scenes than everyone else
Divest - a man with two vests
Drex - Chex that were cooked to long
Dullenplain - the process of making a field black & white
Helloween - to think up a greeting
knkwzrd - typing blind
Krelian - that monster under your bed (don't look now!)
LordsWord - what the slavemaster says
Maico - a toy company
Megalith - one with an abnormally large thumb
nazpyro - WWII German in charge of the furnaces at the concentration camps
Qube - a Saturday morning block. Seriously.
Sassafrass - Sylvester's rarely used alternate swear
Smelnick - sibling to Smelmatt and Smeldave
sprouticus - a kid in Roman armor
Traumatized Rat - a rat that saw its grandparents having sex
The Wise Vivi - a man who has the wisdom of 66 lives--similar to The Wise Lxi

A news story:

The 10 Worst Gadgets of 2007

I wouldn't rank them in that order, but they are all stupid.

Lastly, some YouTube:

Why 210? Because I missed 200 and 210 is a nice combination of those all-important numbers 7 and 3 with my favorite 10.

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