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May 26, 2010 - 12:31 AM
I Am Now A Hobo

I was kicked out of my house today. Tensions had been mounting for a long while; I didn't feel welcome, and my family felt I'd been there too long. After tiring of feeling like an intruder in my own home for so long, a small argument over a bothersome, automated caller escalated into a critique on everything that's wrong with me, and though I tried to remain calm, I was put on the defensive. I said the wrong thing and was shown the door.

Most of my life is now in my car. I'm allowed to come back for the big stuff in time, but otherwise, I'm to keep my distance. I'm staying at my brother's for a couple days but it's not ideal since he doesn't really have the means to support a guest. I have a couple options, and I'm pretty sure my one friend will be glad to help me when I'm down. He lives a county away, however, and that, combined with having no actual residence, means I will probably have to quit my job earlier than planned.

I had plans to move to Pittsburgh in July anyhow to attend school. This isn't quite the monkey wrench it seems. It just forces me to expedite the matter. It also might grease some wheels, since my situation could be considered a medical emergency due to my post-transplant status. At the very least, being unemployed and homeless would make me eligible for things like Medicaid and food stamps. I dislike it but you do what you must to survive, ya know. At worst, I'll go to Pittsburgh, put myself up in a Ronald McDonald house with medical consent, and apply for a financial hardship waiver. I know such a possibility exists.

The good news is that this doesn't really interfere with my plans to attend the Meet in Maine. I just might arrive with a carload of 50% of my belongings that will need to be stowed somewhere. Fortunately, some of those things are stuff I'd planned to bring to Maine anyhow, and made certain to pack up. I'm also probably free to visit my friend in Boston for a few more days, as she's been bugging me.

I'm just not sure exactly what's going to happen now. I'll get it sorted out since I've formed enough contacts to weather things like this. It's just the in-between time that I hate. I never truly believed I'd be cast to the curb before I was ready to leave the house. I was wrong.

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Gamingforce Choco Journal
Crash "Long-Winded Wrong Answer" Landon's Journal

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