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Jun 26, 2014 - 09:57 AM
Meet pictures and videos
I didn't get nearly as many this year as I had hoped. Most of them are from fancy feast, day 0, and swaggerathon. Regardless, Q keeps bugging me for them, so here ya go.

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Jun 17, 2012 - 04:29 PM
Meet entry #1. Title: Fuck United.
So, I'm home. I have two facebook posts I'll be writing. The first one, this one, is filled with negativity related to United. This is a rundown of my experiences with them this go-around and to give everyone an actual summary of the past 5-6 facebook posts:

- After saying goodbye to the last of the group at PWM, Erik and I waited for our plane. The trouble begain almost immediately at the point that our plane landed. Why? Because it had already been delayed in arrival. I'll get to why in a moment.

- 10 minutes late, we're finally boarding the plane. We start taxi-ing (taxing? taxiing?) out to the runway when we find out that Chicago has a ground-stop in effect due to weather. This explains why this plane was late. It also means we're delayed by at least 30 minutes. So we have to sit and wait.

- It is now 45 minutes past the time of our original departure time when we finally get the OK to take off. The plane takes off toward O'hare and we're on our way.

- We approach Chicago, and due to weather, have to repeatedly switch gates. We take a bit to land, and take even longer to taxi. By this time, we're over an hour late into the terminal. Our connection flight has just left. My mobile boarding pass had "SEE AGENT" on it for the flight. Grand.

- We went to the first United customer service desk and there was already a long line. We were told about another customer service desk across the airport that had barely anyone in line. Well, it might have. We arrived at said service desk to find a similar line, but at least there were more people working, so we got through pretty quick.

- The lady behind the desk was a bit of a brush off to us. I understand that dealing with customer service with airlines dulls your sympathy and all, but I was disappointed with how United handled the situation. They gave us a discount voucher for a hotel in the area, no discounts or credits for the flight, no compensation, etc. Okay fine. Not that big a deal, I know that it was out of their control. On the plus side, they had already booked us for the next flight to PDX, which was at 7am.... Oh, and when I asked her about my luggage, she said it'd be on the flight with me to PDX. More on that later.

-Erik and I gather things together, get some food (by the way, O'hare. Please stop closing restaurants at 9:30pm. SOME OF US DON'T WANT MCDONALDS AS THE ONLY CHOICE > ). We call and get the discount for the hotel. After this point, things start to look up. We get to the hotel, nice hotel. Get a few hours of sleep and then head back to the airport at about 5ish.

-Trip back to PDX was uneventful and no problems. I was happy, and things looked like they were back to normal, until I got to PDX.

-Went to baggage claim, waited, and waited, and waited, and waited. My luggage never showed. Went to the baggage office, they told me that my baggage was sent to PDX on a different flight. Even though I was told otherwise previously. On top of that, the flight it was sent out on, got delayed. Cool, wonderful, thanks United. At this point, I told them I was done and to just deliver the luggage to the house when it arrives.

-Got home, showered, and now here I am. Its been a rough 24 hours, but I'm back.

I'll do a positive post about my week later, after I've had dinner and some time to relax and reflect on the week as a whole.

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Aug 12, 2011 - 10:39 AM
Happy Days
Response to: (Deleted Entry)

YouTube Video

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Jun 13, 2011 - 05:30 PM
Holy crap meet write-up.
I decided to activate my journal to write this. First journal post is a long one about the meet, awesome. I'll break it up into two sections to make it easier to read. tl;dr version: you're all awesome, I had a good time, hopefully get to know you all better next year.

The meet in general:

Its hard to sum up a week of pure awesome in a single journal entry. I was going to this event with expectations of alienation and drama and came back with one of the most eventful and awesome weeks of my life. Let me see what I can sum up in so many words.

Let me start by saying that I did feel a bit out of place or alienated, but it wasn't any particular person's fault. As the week went on, this feeling faded quite a bit, but I still felt like noting it. It stems from three things:

- My hiatus from the forums and inactivity in chat for the past few years. Sure, I run the chat, but it doesn't require a lot of effort to run it. I've been so busy with classes that I haven't had time to really interact a lot. This is changing since classes are done with and I hope to further increase the bond of friendship I've made with most of you.

- The group did get a bit segregated as people broke off into the 'familiar' groups. This is to be expected with a large group really. I am happy to see that people did make efforts to bleed over into other groups, such as people migrating into the basement for Rock Band and Brawl.

- I floated a lot. I told myself at the beginning that I would try to hang out with as many people as possible. I told myself this mainly because I knew of the segregation from the reviews of previous years. Deni noted in his entry about my fluidity between groups, which I think was both a good and bad thing. It allowed me to interact with many people, but kept me from getting close to anyone in particular.

That said, I was the new guy and one that no one really expected to show up or knew how to interact with. Hopefully next year will be different.

With the negative out of the way, lets get going on the positive.

- Everyone was very friendly and open. I never felt like I was intruding on anyone's conversation or game when I'd randomly wander in and felt like if I had stuck around long enough, I would have enjoyed the entiretly of the conversation at hand.

- Everyone was extremely helpful. There were people volunteering left and right and things got done fast and without too much effort. I was pleased to see this since it is a large gathering of people on vacation, so usually that can cause problems with laziness. There was rarely a time that anyone had to really bug anyone to get dishes done, or cleanup handled.

- The house was awesome. I'd been in beach houses before, but nothing like this. I was very impressed with the location. Being able to walk to the beach in literally less than 2 minutes was really awesome.

- The lack of drama was good. I was expecting some, and it was kept to a minimum, so thats totally awesome.

The people:
And now, the obligatory individual shoutouts that most new meet goers do. I'm doing this mostly by order of the group photo as a reference:

- Garr/Rylan, bunkmate, big man, garrgameface.jpg, you were a great person to meet. Easily one of the people I was able to fall into good friendship with. It was always easy to just randomly strike up a conversation with you. You were also easy to spot at the airport. Team Newark 4eva.

- Radez/Andrew, my tequila compadre. You are a wonderful individual who is not afraid to express himself and I salute you for this. If I was not-straight, I'd hit that. Lets drown the meet house next year in the river of Don Julio that we started this year (I totally love the fact that we convinced like 10 people to drink tequila with us, f yeah).

- Deni/Lucas, you were one of the biggest surprises at the meet this year. You were always quite skeptical of the meets and so I never expected you to actually attend one. I am glad you did, because it allowed all of us to see the real you and allowed you to see the real us. All in all, you were entertaining to have around and a basin of knowledge in many subjects. Glad to see you're considering coming back.

- Acer/One of many Chrises, hey buddy. Playing Brawl with you was fucking hilarious and you were always a good source of amusement and wit. You were one of the few whom I interacted with a fair amount prior to the meet and your personality translates exactly how I expected. Don't ever change. Also watch out for kamikaze mice.

- Shade, fuck you (see what I did there).

- Q, my nemesis. You and I chatted a lot in IRC, but when it came to the meet, it took a bit before you and I really got a chance to talk. Once we did though, I felt like you and I had been good friends forever. The bowling competition made candlepin bowling totally worth it. Next year, my amigo, you and I break the tie.

- Omagnus/Ben, we didn't really talk much before the meet, and we didn't really talk much during the meet. This may just be that we were usually in seperate groups most of the time, but shit happens. Hopefully we'll be able to talk more next year. From what I did experience, you're a fun gent to hang around with, and its always fun to have a brit around to pronounce words in funny ways.

- Sousuke/Tai, for the longest time I thought you spelt your name "Ty" which really threw me off during the beer tasting event. Regardless, it took nearly half of the meet before you and I actually started to communicate, but once we did, it was good times. We'll definitely need to play more Catan.

- Packrat/Trevor, eat a fucking cheeseburger. No but seriously, you are an intelligent person who had a dry wit about him that I could truly appreciate. Your shirts were even cheesier than mine, which can be tough to do, so hats off to you on that. Also you're the only person I know who'd bring a soldering iron to a meet.

- Pang/I don't think I ever actually got your real name, another 180 from the online world. I saw a lot of myself in how you acted, in that you were very quiet around large crowds, but really lightened up when drunk. I used to be the very same. I hope you are able to open up more given time, because you're a great guy. You have such lengthy and intelligent posts online, so it was interesting to see the quiet demeaner you held. I hope we're able to talk more next year, cause you seem to have quite a bit of knowledge and I'd love to just bullshit with you.

- Hito/Cody, the gourmet chef himself. You have spoiled me forever on your cooking. I thought I was good at cooking, but I can't hold a flame to you. I can't wait to be able to taste your cooking again next year. I also hope to volunteer to perhaps whip up some breakfasts since that seems to be the only territory you don't venture into at the meets.

- Sheep/Patrick, quite literally the snappiest dresser at the meet. Every event at the meet is documentated between you and Dave. You have taken some really awesome photos and I can't wait to see them all in their full sized glory.

- Dull/Yen, I am sad to hear you may not be attending next year's meet, but totally understand the want to use what vacation time you have on other places as well. Your vast taste in music is awesome and your knowledge in vinyl blew my mind. I look forward to seeing how much your collection grows.

- Mo0/Jay, you have literally the thickest skin of anyone I've ever met. I've never met someone so casual about jokes aimed at ones self. You're a blast to hang out with and easily one of the people I was able to talk to constantly at the meet.

- Skills, you fucker. One of the chat brigade. We had talked here and there, but never really clicked. You were a huge source of entertainment and took jokes like a fucking champ. You, sir, are a fantastic addition to the meet. Hopefully next year your glasses won't break.

- Temari, I can't say much about you. We interacted a little bit, more so later on as we got close to your leaving, but we never really got close. Hopefully we can change this as time goes on.

- Lurker/Sarah, you lush. I had joked forever that you'd always be too tired to meet up with me since that time you visited Portland. I think I interacted in chat with you the most of all of the meet people. I'm glad to finally see you in person and really get to know you. Next year, we'll collaberate on the beer tasting more so we can make it flow more smoothly and make it truly awesome.

- Shorty, darlin'. Before the meet, I wasn't even sure you liked me, let alone knew I existed. But you turned out to be one of the two people I clicked with first and fastest. You are a doll and I enjoyed the time you were around. Next year you are coming full time and I will gladly get you plastered on mixed drinks all week long.

- Dope/Other Chris, we didn't interact too much, but it was fun playing Rock Band with ya and the occasional conversation.

- Sass/Danielle, we had passing conversations, but I didn't spend a lot of time at the outside table, so you and I didn't converse much. You definitely have the 'motherly' approach to the meet and I think its very much appreciated.

- Seris/Abby, I keep wanting to put an extra e in your nickname. You and I didn't really talk much during the first half of the meet, and I'm saddened by that, because you are a great person to interact with as I found out during/after bowling. You're adorable and peppy. After meeting you, I can't quite grasp the negative attitude you have toward yourself in your journal entries :P

- Plaron/Greg, shadow man. You are a hoot and joy to be around. Late night beach runs and pool treasure diving will always stick around in my mind. <3

- Rasputin/Erik, fellow Portlander. Its amazing that we live within miles of each other and have never hung out. Goes to show how little I actually communicated with people prior to the meet. We will definitely need to fix the lack of hanging out.

- Nutty/Nathan, another person I didn't talk much to. Passing conversation. You're fun though and the shots at Mo0 will never get old.

- Sprout/Dave, the man himself. Thank you for taking the lead on the meet this year. It sucks you had all that crap fall on you during the meet, but you did a great job getting everything going and keeping things sane. Though you and I didn't interact nearly enough, I truly appreciate what you've done. Plus your photos are fantastic. <3 cell phone writing.

- Sim/Jason, we played a lot of games together. It was fun. I was also happy to see you came and visited with other groups as well, and that you came out to the pool to hang out as well. You're an amusing guy, just stop beating yourself up over things.

That about covers it. Sorry this became so wordy, but the meet was 100x better than I expected, so :gush:. Next year I hope to actually bartend with bartending equipment and/or make breakfast a few mornings (fuck yeah chorizo). Thank you all for making one of the best weeks of my life happen.

An EDIT: I hope next year I can stay up later. I was so exhausted from finals and presentations that I just could not stay up late most nights. That sucked. Oh well.

Last EDIT I swear: Dr Uzuki, I'm dragging your ass to meet next year.

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