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Apr 21, 2010 - 10:21 PM
I know you're all a bunch of nerds
But in the future, when your wife or girlfriend is in labor, sit with her. Keep her company. Don't play Left4Dead on your 360 the whole time she's pushing and then claim the baby isn't yours.

So, I have two weeks left this semester, and then I'll finally be on summer break. That means I can play vidya again. I'll be able to complete Final Fantasy XII and XIII, Dead Space, and Resident Evil 5. Also, I bought a PS3 on a whim, so if any of you guys wanna add me, my ID is Max Biggs.

That is all.

Currently Playing: Watching Glee on Hulu

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[public entry #41]

Dec 12, 2009 - 04:52 PM
"You should try Wet, it plays like a more polished GodHand."
This was the blasphemy a friend of mine (now mortal enemy) posted on my facebook wall. I posted back, correcting my friend on a few points.

1) Gene doesn't rely on pistols or a sword, 'cause he has the motherfuckin' GODHAND.
2) Time doesn't slow down in Godhand every time you PUNCH somebody. That shit's for real; none of that Max Payne horse shit.
3) Sometimes you'll get a Game Over in Godhand, because it provides something Wet doesn't: a challenge.
4) Godhand and Wet are two different genres. Godhand is a beat-em-up. Wet is a piece of shit.
5) Godhand has a deep fighting mechanic that takes days to master. In Wet, you just gotta remember to slide around like you're constantly oiled up and shoot helpless thugs in slo-mo who never had a chance.
6) In Godhand, your fighting style was 100% customizable. You had the ability to choose from over a hundred different moves, and could put them in any order you wanted to fit your own fighting style. In Wet, you have guns and a sword. Maybe shoot some guys, then chop 'em. Maybe chop 'em up a little, then shoot them? Maybe do both while you're sliding around impossibly long distances, looking sexy all the while. Decisions, decisions.
7) Godhand has a hilarious, campy atmosphere to it. Wet plays like some unholy union between James Cameron's Dark Angel and John Woo's Hard Boiled, and they botched the abortion.
8) Finally, please compare Wet's shitty anticlimactic ending:

with Godhand's fucking epic ending:

I hope I've made myself clear.

Currently Playing: Stepmania

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[public entry #40]

Nov 23, 2009 - 04:13 PM
Playing online with buddies on a Silver subscription
So, Microsoft kindly reminded me two weeks ago that my 13 month Gold subscription had run out. I hadn't played with my buddies online in a while, so I figured I'd just go out and buy a new points card the next time I wanted to play online, or whenever I wanted to stream some movies through Netflix. Fast forward to last night, when my roommate was playing on my 360 under my profile with a few of our friends. I was obviously confused, so I asked if he had purchased a Gold subscription, which he denied. Indeed, trying to access Facebook and Netflix both yield a screen telling me to upgrade to Gold, and when I try to "Sign into an existing Gold Account" under my profile, it doesn't work. I'm getting ads on my dashboard to upgrade to Gold, as it is 20% off right now ($40 for a year). I've checked my credit card activity and bank account, and I have no new charges. As of this morning, I still can't connect to any other Gold services, but I'm also still able to play games with others online (works for Gears 2, MVC2 and BlazBlue, so I figure it's safe to assume I can play any game online).

This ever happen to anyone before? I feel I'm missing something pretty basic here, but I can't figure it out. Hopefully I'm not banned from Live later for maj0r hax.

Also, I tire of Borkingforce. Can we update the banner?

Currently Playing: RockBand - The Final Countdown

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[public entry #39]

Jul 24, 2009 - 11:39 AM
How I've Wasted Seven Years on Gamingforce
Damn, it's been a long time here at GFF, and I've done just about everything. I've downloaded a few gigs worth of music from the old Gamingforce Audio and survived three board crashes and a domain change. Hell, I dated a GFF member. I stick around to this day because the membership here is a cut above the rest of the general interweb riff raff. You guys always make Gamingforce interesting (and sometimes enlightening). I know I post probably less than once a week, but I do make time for GFF every day. I lurk a lot, much more than I post, so I'm pretty wise to the goings on of this place. I guess I just don't have much to say these days, so I lurk. I like to watch. I've also been going to chat these days, something I never used to do, so you can catch me there in the evening hours.

I've gone through most of high school and four years of college with this place. I've evolved from a naive crater face to a naive student nurse. Gamingforce really isn't a huge part of my life, but I'm glad I found this place nonetheless. See you all next year.


Currently Playing: God Hand

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[public entry #38]

Jun 17, 2009 - 02:55 AM
Drunkforce: June 19th
Response to: June 19th. by Sarag

In chat. Don't forget to be there, mother fuckers.

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[public entry #37]

Feb 4, 2009 - 01:33 AM
Bitch is a bitch
So I was talking to my buddy on an Instant Messenger yesterday. However, his typing speed seemed a little faster than normal, and his general attitude didn’t seem…right.

tl;dr: friend's girlfriend was pretending to be him with him right there, so she could feed her ego and somehow prove to him that I'm not a good friend.

Maxx Biggs: Hey (friend A).
Friend A: hey buddie
Maxx Biggs: What's going on?
Friend A: oh nothing much
Friend A: you?
Maxx Biggs: Nothing much going on here. What are you up to, dudester?
Friend A: i am playing games
Maxx Biggs: So, am I still getting payment on Friday? =D
Friend A: no
Friend A: ha ha yes
Maxx Biggs: Oh really?
Maxx Biggs: Know how much you owe me?
Friend A: ummmm 107ish
Maxx Biggs: Hahah, okay.
Maxx Biggs: I should be studying, but I'm filling out a little note on facebook. Taking foreeever.
Friend A: oh how fun
Maxx Biggs: Hey (friend A), remember I took you out to eat a few nights ago?
Friend A: what?
Maxx Biggs: Yeah.
Friend A: what night
Maxx Biggs: The night we watched a movie on Netflix.
Friend A: oh burger king....ok and?
Maxx Biggs: Okay.
Maxx Biggs: Just seeing if you're (friend A). =D
Friend A: what? why wouldnt i be
Maxx Biggs: I don't know. I just have brain powers. And you're typing oddly.
Maxx Biggs: But okay. =)
Friend A: im sorry i am just hyper
Maxx Biggs: Hahah. Okay.
Friend A: so thats all, you were just checking?
Friend A: are you really maxx? [Am I really who?]
Maxx Biggs: Nah. Just procrastinating.
Maxx Biggs: No
Friend A: omg! you are reese witherspoon
Maxx Biggs: ....
Friend A: i think that (friend B) is losing it
Maxx Biggs: (friend B)? Why's that?
Friend A: he is acting strange
Friend A: he keeps calling me (friend C)[this is just friend B’s way of calling friend A a liar]
Maxx Biggs: Wha?
Friend A: yes he is
Maxx Biggs: Uh...why? O_o
Friend A: well you see, i like (girl B), i want (girl A) and i dont have a chance, and (friend A’s girlfriend) has a b/f. and (friend B) is angry because i like girls
Maxx Biggs: ...wait
Maxx Biggs: WHAT
Maxx Biggs: Who is (girl B)? Why do you want (girl A), and (friend A’s girlfriend) has a boyfriend? O_O [I actually dropped my suspicions at this point. Very unfortunate]
Friend A: (girl B) is a girl from high school that we hung out a lot, and always had a little crush.....(girl A) is hot, but i cant have her, and (friend A’s girlfriend) is dating (random guy 1)
Friend A: and (friend B) is calling me (friend C)[friend C also supposedly dates girl A]
Maxx Biggs: Because you want (girl A)? Heh.
Maxx Biggs: (girl B)...short girl, shortish hair, joined the army?
Friend A: why wouldnt i?
Friend A: NOT that (girl B)
Maxx Biggs: Ah, okay.
Maxx Biggs: (random guy 1) isn't that Marine, is he? -_-;;
Friend A: yes he is
Friend A: but you are thinking of (random guy 2)
Friend A: this is a different guy
Maxx Biggs: Ah, okay.
Friend A: ok so if you were me...which girl is hotter....(friend A’s girlfriend) or (girl A)?
Maxx Biggs: Hahah. You seriously asking that?
Friend A: yes, i really wanna know
Maxx Biggs: I don't prefer blondes really....but I guess (girl A), by a bit.
Friend A: why?
Maxx Biggs: Hmm. Not sure. Why do you wanna know?
Friend A: its all in my head, and i need another guys perspective
Maxx Biggs: Doesn't matter what I think.
Maxx Biggs: But only on looks? Hahah.
Maxx Biggs: Who's "hotter" shouldn't matter. It's the person.
Maxx Biggs: And there are soooo many people, just here in Dekalb.
Maxx Biggs: We should all get together sometime and make you a profile for one of those dating sites. Not the trashy ones!
Maxx Biggs: But like, or something. We'll take a good picture and help you out with the profile.
Friend A: no way
Friend A: im into (friend A’s girlfriend)
Friend A: and (girl B)
Friend A: and (girl A)
Maxx Biggs: Hahaha.
Maxx Biggs: Sorry, that sounds funny. =D
Friend A: sigh
Maxx Biggs: You can just as easily be into another girl, ESPECIALLY if she's really into you. Forget those girls.
Maxx Biggs: (friend A’s girlfriend) is only causing you distress, it seems.
Friend A: ok i have to tell you the truth now
Friend A: i am (friend A’s girlfriend)! i am typing you both.
Maxx Biggs: And (girl A), you're right, probably don't have a chance with her, simply because of the fact that you don't know her.
Maxx Biggs: That's what I thought at first.
Maxx Biggs: But you knew how much (friend A) owed me...
Maxx Biggs: And about Burger King...
Maxx Biggs: Which means you had to be getting that info pretty quickly.
Friend A: thats cuz he tells me everything
Maxx Biggs: Oi oi. Hahah.
Friend A: you are so mean
Maxx Biggs: Including his AIM password?
Friend A: duh i am a genis when it comes to computers
Maxx Biggs: I'm sure.
Friend A: anyway, you would pick me...uh! your so dumb
Maxx Biggs: So you're doing this, to what? Validate to him that we're the wrong kind of people he should be hanging out with?
Maxx Biggs: Hmm. Is (friend A) with you?
Friend A: he was, but he has been sleeping for a long time
Maxx Biggs: Man, he does tell you a lot.
Friend A: uh yeah
Friend A: anyway, i am hot
Maxx Biggs: Yup. But you're also a bitch.
Friend A: duh, im a girl
Maxx Biggs: And the world keeps on spinning.
Friend A: yes it does, too bad it stops for you
Maxx Biggs: Meaning?
Friend A: take it how you want it trophy boy
Maxx Biggs: Well aren't you a clever girl.
Maxx Biggs: You don't have to get butt hurt just 'cause I called you a bitch. Seems like you embrace it anyway.
Maxx Biggs: Hahaha.
Friend A: not so haha
Friend A is idle at 7:13:19 PM.

After this, my buddy (friend A) called me up laughing, and he gave the phone to his girlfriend. I gave her a piece of my mind. She tried her best to sound like she tricked me or that she didn’t care, but she seemed really PISSED. I guess I was too, not because of the deception really, but because A) she’s been trying to turn friend A against myself and my buddies for a while. He’ll deny this, but she tries to control 100% of his attention whenever it’s convenient for her, and B) she basically wants to hear that she’s hot from as many people as possible. This was exemplified a few weeks ago when friend A’s girlfriend and her friend briefly met us at a restaurant. This was maybe a five minute social nicety before the two ladies left. Afterwards, she asked friend A what we said about them after they left. He told the truth. “Nothing”, to which she exasperatingly said “What, are they gay?” I honestly tried to like this girl at first, for my buddy’s sake, but I’m done trying now. I have this personal problem: stupidity offends me. Not the kind of stupidity you really can’t help. We all experience that. I’m talking about when you just don’t think, or when you do think, and the whole mess is just retarded anyway. I guess unabated vanity offends me too, and this girl has it in spades. Her image is everything to her, and she goes so far (according to friend A himself) as to yak up what she eats so she maintains what she thinks is a sexy image. I’m not holding friend A’s relationship against him. Hell, even if he ends up “choosing” her over his friends, I’ll just pray for his happiness, and be there if and probably when she leaves him in pieces.

Currently Playing: Nope. Heading to bed.

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[public entry #36]

Jan 23, 2009 - 12:35 PM
Should I be angry or happy?
Bit rushed
Since I live my life by copying other gamingforce members, I decided I needed RAM for my laptop. After figuring out the appropriate memory I needed, I purchased two one gig orders of RAM from newegg. Upon checking out, my NationalCity Visa Security check out asked for my 16 digit credit card number and my password. It's been a while since I bought something online, and I'm usually forced to tweak the password I have to use depending on password rules and limits. After three failures, NationalCity kindly told me that my order was canceled, and for security reasons I could not buy that order with this card anymore.

I was livid, but once I was redirected back to newegg, it informed me that my order was successful. I got emails saying the same thing, and even a tracking number, and as of yesterday, the package is on its way to me. I haven't been charged for this order (at least yet), so I feel like I slapped the face of Moses and got away with it. At the same time, even though I feel keeping my card numbers to myself is security enough, I can't help but be a bit bothered that either NationalCity's security system failed so thoroughly, or newegg doesn't honor those additional securities.

Currently Playing: MORTAL KOMBAT

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[public entry #35]

Jan 12, 2009 - 03:58 PM
Since there isn't a Help Desk forum for other electronics...
So, I'm getting my Heroes fix via Netflix through my XBOX 360, and like a big nerd, I watch it pretty late into the night. However, I don't wanna wake my roommates, so I thought it would be a good idea to plug my headphones into the TV. There is a headphone jack, but it only seems to work when I switch the TV to its PC input (the stereo jack is right under the RGB port). You guys have any idea if I can use that jack to listen to anything else that comes out of the TV, such as cable, or for watching shows off my 360? I would just watch Netflix off my computer and connect that to my TV via a VGA cable so I could use my headphones, but my computer can't handle it very well (it's a piece of shit), and I'd have to upgrade my Windows Media player and use a different browser (Internet Explorer). By the way, I play my 360 through another input, via an HDMI cable.

Oh, and here are the specs on my TV, if you need them.

Currently Playing: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

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[public entry #34]

Nov 2, 2008 - 03:08 PM
Scans of my company's anti-Obama letter
Still sick =(
Since some of you guys wanted to see this. I think I'm gonna give these to my bro so he can spread them around on some blogs, too. =)

Citing wikipedia as a source haha


Currently Playing: Final Fantasy IV DS

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[public entry #33]

Nov 2, 2008 - 10:29 AM
My company doesn't want me to vote for Obama
Got a SEVEN PAGE LETTER in the mail a few days ago, written by the Chairman of the Board of my company, saying why we shouldn't vote for Obama.

The coming election is critical to our future. The combination of Obama as President and a Congress controlled by Democrats would eliminate all "checks and balances" and could not only destroy our business but also our economy and our country.

Enclosed are a collection of memos which I have recently written explaining my very serious concerns. In addition, enclosed is some published information regarding Farrakhan, Rev. Wright and Obama.

It is important that you vote and that you carefully decide who you vote for.
When he says published information, he mostly means published by him. Six of the seven pages in this packet are personally written by this guy, mostly talking about Obama's character and how his economic plan is socialism.

So, anyone else gotten anything like this from their place of employment? This was good for a laugh at first, but thinking about it now it's just kind of awful.

(Also, that was a sneaky switch on the GFF Presidential vote poll)

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[public entry #32]

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