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Feb 8, 2015 - 01:15 AM
I made a thread!

fucking go visit it or something


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[public entry #282]

Aug 20, 2014 - 06:09 AM
odd gff dream
So I had an odd GFF related dream just now. Fell asleep rather early tonight for once and this is what I get. Something amusing. So I can't quite remember what exactly lead up to it but it basically involved a completely immersive 3D virtual reality space where you could meet up with people. The rules of gravity were completely arbitrary. You could walk on walls, set furniture on walls, fly, crawl up said walls that people were currently walking across, and I'm sure much more. That said this place was rather plain and simple looking and more than likely heavily influenced by Street Fighter IV's training room. It was big and empty and shaped like a big cube.

So where the hell does GFF fit into this? Okay so in the middle of the room was a wall that split the huge space seemingly in half going almost all the way to the ceiling and walls. There was just enough space to squeeze by. From a distance it would look like an ordinary wall until you got up close to either walk in from the sides or over the top of the wall. I mention all this because a bunch of GFF folks had a very long table propped on the wall itself on the other side with a bunch of chairs like it was no thing just playing table top games, cards, and about to set up some sort of D&D game. I'm most definitely sure Deni was there, Pang as well, and a few others I can't recall. Maybe diss, sprout, and q? The person I interacted with the most though was Puck who was the host of this virtual party.

So what was the point of all this? Well as usual some fuckery just had to happen. Skills, CHz, and some other folks from chat figured out a way to hack the session so that Deni's puppy that he had brought with him would play an incredibly Skrillex-esque tune mixed with clips Arnold Schwarzenegger saying GET OUUUUT from its collar whenever it barked. Nobody at the party was particularly savvy enough for some reason to get rid of the code so they just had to deal with it whenever the puppy barked at a new arrival or some other reason. Yes, apparently you can bring your pets to this virtual reality too.

Eventually I got wind of this and was like holy shit I got to see how everyone is handling this hilarious idea Skills, CHz, etc. came up with that they had been monitoring and snickering about. So I join the session, experiencing a mostly empty room, however I can hear people on the other side of the wall echoing about the place. I crawl up the wall, peer over it to see the table and everyone propped on it, and Puck must have seen my head pop up from what to them looked like the floor so he comes over and we talk about some stuff. I seem to recall him asking something about how well I do in whatever D&D type game they were about to set up and I basically tell him it depends on the DM most of the time. I get a derisive expression from Pang as I mention this. That's about when I noticed Deni's puppy who must have been sleeping wake up.

So yeah I remember why I came to the session to begin with and I'm like oh man so how bad has this been? Deni frowns a little and Puck says well it's been a bit annoying but it certainly has had its moments. The small puggish dog comes up to me all excited through the crack in the side of the wall after hopping onto an opposite wall and walking on it like it ain't no thang and barks at me as it passes by the giant separator wall I'm hanging on. Puck follows the dog through as well as the "music" and GET OUUUUUTS begin to roar from the puppy's collar. And it was just so stupid and cute as it walked about on the wall that Puck and I joined it on that surface and started dancing and jigging with it. I was having a blast and then of course on a particular GET OUUUUT I wake up. What an odd dream. I wish we lived in a world where this was reality.

Currently Playing: not in a near-future but really neat fully immersive virtual reality

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[public entry #281]

Jul 2, 2014 - 12:40 PM
Hey Garr hey buddy~ here's my pile of words
Response to: Self-improvement by Garr "Pulchritudinous" Mondo, PhD

Started this off as a comment in Garr's journal but it got so big I figure nah I might as well make my own tl;dr entry too.

Garr, you are fantastic. I can relate to wanting to get fit and being too lazy to do much. Especially after doing so and then going back slob mode (and just getting fat again). I'm probably going to go back to juicing and actually making an effort to work out a little this time. Lost 50 lbs doing jack shit but juicing last time but like I need to do some exercise to mold this pile of meat into something decent.

There's plenty of crap I'd love to do too. And like I won't pretend I don't put on a face for my normal every day life and one for meet and Internet. I like to have fun at the meet and all but most of the year I'm fairly quiet and tend to stick to myself. I wish sometimes I was more outgoing like Hyde, sprout, and Deni. I wish I was an eighth as good a story-teller as them too. But hey I recognize that I also just really enjoy listening to people too. And then there are times when somehow I manage to talk someone's ear off. Did that last week when going up to Nutty/Mo0's and had Mo0 outside in the street by my clown car while he was barefooted for like what felt like and hour while we talked about meet stuff and other things.

Back to things I'd love to do. I'd love to know a foreign language or two or three but like that requires a lot of time and work. My problem is I haven't even tried the easy way with like Pimsleur or Rosetta Stone. I've even pirated older copies of them shits and still haven't done anything with them. But yeah I studied Spanish for 3 or 4 years in junior high and high school. Don't really recall too much but it was a good opener for feeling through another language. Took a year of German after that. Enjoyed the crap out of that because I took it with my best friend who was a grade ahead of me and we NEVER had any classes together because of that situation but it was simply the best - he's a linguist by the way. Took a year or two of Japanese in college and got the jist of hiragana and a little this and that but eh... it didn't really stick too well. And basically I shrugged off French b/c of Freedom Fries and other stupid bullshit until I realized oh fuck France can be fucking awesome at stuff - basically animation mecca these days. So yeah I'd love to be fluent in Spanish, German, Japanese, and French. Would make my hobbies more enjoyable and hey would be cool to visit and enjoy the culture of the places where these languages are spoken too one day. Maybe I should torrent some fucking Muzzy.

I've enjoyed the crap out of playing games with you guys and our Skype talks. Only problem is I can't really play much unless a) nobody is around b) it's late at night because nobody is around. I'd love to stream more regularly because I have a shit ton of games to play and I enjoy streaming for you guys. I still feel guilty about not finishing Vanquish or Skyward Sword. I've been eyeballing a C985 Live Gamer HD capture card and other associated stuff to work with it (because Sony is a bitch about HDMI and the PS3) and hell even getting a modded 3DS that has the ability to be captured. But the cashdollars so expensive (says the guys who wasted so much on Steam sales). Anyway, I've been digging Twitch and certainly would enjoy doing it more often is all. I'd also like to take some time to get good at Street Fighter IV. I don't mean good like oh I'm going to beat you guys all the time good (it'll never happen). I just mean competent. I know how to play Smash Bros. I know how to mess around in it. I don't win a lot in it but I have a lot of fun just messing with folks. I'm not exactly sure how you mess with folks in SFIV yet but I'd at the very least like to be competent enough to move my character, understand spacing and how to execute moves, actually execute moves that I want to do and not accidentally pull things out of nowhere, and heck maybe win a few matches where it doesn't feel like I'm being toyed with because of being so terrible at the game. Don't get me wrong I do appreciate that you guys aren't being brutal with me in the game but yeah...

I'd also like to maybe do Drink On or other media streams more often. Like I'm probably never going to ever do archives if I start streaming anime again but I wouldn't mind watching some shows with those that are interested in tuning in. Oh speaking of Drink On I feel that subjugating you guys to weird Youtube shit is fun and all for online Drink On streams but that I probably should cut back on it a bit and cut back entirely (except for maybe a short or two) for the meet. I noticed how well Puck's movies did. Very casual. Very relaxed and fun. He'd just start a movie and people would join in. Helped that he had great wonderbad movies. Also helped that he just did these movies. It was a blast the first few years I did Drink-On events at the meet but I believe that those times are over. From now on if I show movies at the meet they'll just purely be movies back to back with maybe a short as an inbetweener.

Originally my Youtube shit was maybe 2 or 3 of them as way for people to get up, take a bathroom break, grab a snack, and maybe when they get back one or two silly videos will be left and they'll have a quick laugh before the next movie starts. Then it snowballed out of control where I'd collect shit over the year and just have 20 to sometimes 40 videos for inbetween sections. It got way too big and I'm sure people who came for the movies got bored and left and maybe returned in hopes of the next movie or since they never knew when the next movie would start just didn't bother. It just wasn't a good idea. Not unless I got a fucking countdown clock and waiting number system for folks upstairs. And even that would just be adding to the problem. I made it this huge event and felt the need to corral people to come watch all this shit. Maybe they're busy playing boardgames or getting high or some misc. group activity that I'm not a part of because I'm way too focused putting on a marathon of destroying couch cushions with your ass waiting for the fucking movie to start.

I mean it's just this big feedback loop for me. I really really really dig seeing your reactions to this stuff. But that's not what Drink On is really about. It's about getting comfy and enjoying a movie or two or three with a bunch of good buddies and experiencing that together. My mishmash of crap just became some mildly entertaining video-based LET'S ALL GO TO THE LOBBY song that ballooned into a big ol stinking tumor. But I kind of like that silly tumor. In fact it's not really a tumor at all. It's its own thing. It too can be a very casual kind of thing. Hey we're bored and not doing anything and don't feel like watching Sim murder someone again in this game. Also we have short attention spans right now for some reason. YOUTUBE AND OTHER SILLY VIDEOS. QUEUE THEM SHITS UP. 17 videos later: Okay we're done for now. And then hey we can start up where we left off whenever again. Not an event. Just a thing that can be done. Like the odd video can have its place at Drink On. The 7 minute long prank phone call about tickets to see John Cena on Pay Per View made complete sense to play before that Scooby-Doo Wrestling movie. It works there. But did it need 40 or whatever random youtube videos before it? No. I could have fit that and Pang's Bollywood movie if I had just run things the way Drink On should be run at the meet. And to an extent yes I should cut back on this stuff during streamed Drink On's too. If for some reason people are still around at the end and want more silly then I'm sure I could cook up a little extra but the stopping at 4 AM because I did 20 videos between movies needs to stop. Maybe make it 7 max for streaming from now on. That seems tolerable.

So uh... now that I've brought up meet stuff I guess maybe I should talk about the meet a bit. Swagathon went off really well I think. There were very few fuck ups. The big thing was rushing into the start of it without having properly tested and configured everything. I did make a push for starting that particular day so hey I can appreciate Erik getting folks together to get it going but maaaan... we barely were ready for that. I had only configured a single SNES controller for ZSNES. I hadn't even done any testing of the sound yet which is why Mario Paint sounded like absolute ASS. It wasn't until Game of Thrones later that night that we figured out why the receiver wasn't pumping out anything that didn't sound like someone trying to talk through a gimp suit. Anyway not completely blaming you on this Erik. I could have easily said FUCK OFF EVERYONE WE AIN'T DONE WITH THIS SHIT YET. But I didn't. Ah well those first couple rounds that needed sound input from the PC weren't crucial. Everything else that came from the Wii and 360 sounded normal of course due to the nature of the problem. I definitely would have had everyone halt and either wait or come back for a bit if this had happened during Audio Surf. But hey we had that fixed by then.

Besides that we also had the goof up was not configuring the controllers for everyone beforehand for a few games and I had to ask them to press the inputs for ZSNES and MAME. I know I didn't really listen to you all that well but your support was really really really appreciated during MAME, Pang. Thanks!

And of course the last screw up was putting the Virtual Boy stand hinge on backwards. I actually have to take the stand apart when storing it in its travel/storage case. I keep the hinge and its two screws in a ziplock bag so I don't lose them but hey it just meant a delayed start of 3 to 4 minutes. Oh and not having the Virtual Boy USB controller plugged directly into the computer instead of through a USB hub was a mistake too. It dropped OP's inputs and cut out entirely like two times during Mario Clash before I figured out what was going on which meant restarting that game each time for both OP and Plarom.

So yeah Swagathon went pretty darn well in pretty much every other respect. The digital setup was spectacular and made for transitioning to different systems a breeze. Our only other flaw was not being too prepared for tie breakers. We basically made that shit up on the fly. We could do well to think up something better but all things considered I thought our tie breakers were pretty fair. Another song in Audio Surf and CLOP worked out well.

I want to thank rasputin, lurks, and FRANS for helping organize, keep track of scores, and come up with some of the most fun game related silliness we've had at the meet ever. I know some thoughts of perhaps adding an qualifying round so more people can try to get into Swagathon without Skills having to tear his hair out trying to figure out how to work the brackets since we needed two more groups of four in order to allow more people in that would have liked to participate. With a qualifying round we could have had the same bracket numbers we had but allowed some more people to participate to get into those brackets. More participation equal better I imagine. This is not my idea by the way. I got it from Mo0 who told me about it from I believe either him or Tritoch talking about this with Skills or something. Anyway I think it has merit. Thumbs up!

So I know my time at the meet was limited this year because of a family wedding and that I missed out on two days but I'm damn sure I didn't use my time as wisely as I should have at the meet. Granted I was busy working Swagathon but that was only two (or was it three?) days. I also spent far too much time downloading Youtube videos and wasting people's time with Drink On. Things I probably could have gotten in on but was way too into whatever unimportant crap I was doing but didn't need to do: telestrations (oh my god that looked like fun), various board games (i did get to play dinosaurs for like 15 minutes before going to pick up Skills from the airport - it was fun i lost teeth), actually setting up the Virtual Boy somewhere for people to play and experience (I robbed you fuckers for not doing this - instead it just sat on the pool table doing nothing), playing some mother fucking Super Monkey Ball (Monkey Target and whatever those blessed GameCube games offered it's all good fucking great great fantastic games), more Mario Kart 8 (would have been fun to DUI that shit), getting people together to do blind Smash (we had wanted to do that again casually and I could have definitely made it happen earlier - I wanted to try it out too), reading more awful books at you (love doing this never stopping), more people at Oceanforce and just going outside in the pool and walking the beach and stuff, just talking to more of you guys in general, and well any number of things really.

Despite simplifying a great many things this year I didn't simplify some core things I bring to the meet back to their origins and as a result I cooped myself up planning for things that honestly didn't matter spending time on things that I probably should have spent doing something else. I was at the meet for a week despite leaving early but it felt like I was with you guys more like 3 days instead. My bad.

Don't get me wrong I still had fun and enjoyed the crap out of what I did with you guys. I don't blame Swagathon. That was a blast. I do blame my poor handling of Drink On that has been a problem for probably the past three years. I blame my ego which always wants to do something bigger and more and more and more for Drink On and other things. Probably want to dial that back a bit for gift giving and celebration stuff but eh... I still really enjoy that and I think most of you guys do too. I like to see you guys being happy because that makes me happy and I don't want to waste anyone's time and I'd like to be a part of experiences where people are happy that I'm merely just there for and not the instigator of. I'm super glad that this year's meet went really well but I think with some changes I can make it better for people who enjoy my silly events but don't wish to be consumed by them. I can thank Puck for being his awesome self and bringing Drink On and just how I should handle things in general back to their origins. Fun, casual experiences very yes. Rigid, forced events very no.

Anyway I think I've probably rambled on enough about this shit. Garr, we like you loads. Never not be you. <3<3<3~

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[public entry #280]

Apr 1, 2014 - 06:30 PM
So I was just browsing when all of a sudden...
...I made a new friend! And then lost said friend. Then wandered about. And made an even better new friend!

YouTube Video

and then i lost that friend too

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[public entry #279]

Feb 3, 2014 - 10:26 AM
Deni! It's time for more story time! =D
So what's best to follow a horribly one-sided superb owl? A horrible reading of more Twilight! That's what!

Enjoy chapters 3 to 6. Now with even more stuttering, awkward pauses, and awful Muppet voices!

YouTube Video

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[public entry #278]

Jan 29, 2014 - 04:30 AM
Cheer up, Deni! I'll read you a story. =)
[01:08] <AcerBandit> downloading grrm ebook collection
[01:08] <Poncho_DeNews> I'm awesome at Megamans. I won THREE whole games once. Wait, no, two. I WON TWO WHOLE GAMES once.
[01:08] <Poncho_DeNews> And don't rub it in.
[01:09] <Poncho_DeNews> I flinched at "spider hands" before you even said anything.
[01:09] <CHz> Acer Why
[01:09] <AcerBandit> do you guys want me to stream me reading it?
[01:09] <AcerBandit> yes/no?
[01:10] <Poncho_DeNews> No. No I don't.
[01:10] <Poncho_DeNews> Twilight? Yes.
[01:10] <AcerBandit> i can do that
[01:10] <Poncho_DeNews> Cause THAT would be hilarious.
[01:10] <CHz> Acer, Deni doesn't want you to stream it. He wants you to drive over to his house and read it to him in person.
[01:10] <AcerBandit> lol i do have a passport
[01:11] <Poncho_DeNews> I would rather drive to him.
[01:11] <AcerBandit> reasons for visiting canada sir?
[01:11] <AcerBandit> my friend from the internet wants me to read him twilight
[01:11] <Poncho_DeNews> I'd lay, belly down on the foor, chin in my hands, expectant, as he read to me the story of a forever love.
[01:11] <AcerBandit> my friend from the internet wants me to read him twilight
[01:11] <Poncho_DeNews> I'd lay, belly down on the foor, chin in my hands, expectant, as he read to me the story of a forever love.
[01:11] <AcerBandit> welcome to canada
[01:11] <CHz> "I'm just going to mark down 'drug mule'"
[01:11] <AcerBandit> welcome to canada
[01:11] <Poncho_DeNews> "Oh, you know Lucas."
[01:11] <Poncho_DeNews> "Yeah, go ahead."
[01:12] <a_lurker> skills
[01:12] <a_lurker> I had to take the finger
[01:12] <a_lurker> sorry
[01:12] <a_lurker> god that was badly worded
[01:12] <Poncho_DeNews> Or really, really well.
[01:12] <AcerBandit> okay for real i just downloaded twilight
[01:13] <Realistic_and_Powerful> lmao
[01:13] <AcerBandit> you want me to do this thing, deni?
[01:13] <Poncho_DeNews> Yes. Yes I do.
[01:13] <AcerBandit> okay imma go downstairs brb
[01:15] <a_lurker> I love how an incoherent dude like this, who keeps making shit up like how actual feminists who care about actual feminism TEND TO REALLY LIKE HIS BOOKS
[01:15] <a_lurker> is on my ass about standards

Ladies and gentlemen. BEHOLD.


YouTube Video

Also there was this really funny thread on Abby's Facebook today about rape. That Dan friend of yours is top class. Real outstanding fellow.

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[public entry #277]

Jan 27, 2014 - 03:20 AM
Cheer up, Deni! Be happy, friend!
[00:44] <Poncho_DeNews> Acer, I had a terrible night. Make me feel better with your hilarity. Image me. Go.
[00:50] <AcerBandit> oh hmmmm
[00:50] <AcerBandit> lemme go dig through my folder
chat log:
[00:52] <AcerBandit> you know what there was a recent silly sailor moon thread
[00:52] <AcerBandit> time to dump some shit from that
[00:57] * BZ|Windwakin ( Quit (Quit: )
[00:57] <AcerBandit> sailor scouts spin
[00:57] <AcerBandit> sailor costanza
[00:58] <AcerBandit> sailor mercury falls down the stairs
[00:59] <AcerBandit> sailor jupiter perspective of sailor mercury falling down the stairs
[00:59] <AcerBandit> i love those two but oh man this one
[00:59] <AcerBandit> sailor mercury danger zone
[00:59] <AcerBandit> that is a thing that happened
[01:01] <Poncho_DeNews> ahahaa. Thanks acer.
[01:01] <AcerBandit> <3
[01:03] <AcerBandit> alright time for some more silliness
[01:04] <AcerBandit> - rape horse
[01:04] <AcerBandit> poor pussy
[01:04] <AcerBandit> actually think that one would be really funny to try
[01:04] <Poncho_DeNews> lost it at the last panel.
[01:04] <Poncho_DeNews> meet drinking game?
[01:05] <AcerBandit> yeah
[01:05] <AcerBandit> why not
[01:05] <AcerBandit> best puzzle
[01:06] <AcerBandit>
[01:06] <AcerBandit> not spoiling that one although high chance you've seen it
[01:06] <Poncho_DeNews> BAHAHAHAHA
[01:06] <Poncho_DeNews> I had not.
[01:06] <AcerBandit> the bunny did not stand down it was worth it
[01:08] <AcerBandit> skills found this sign in his favorite stall at work
[01:09] <AcerBandit> rubberbandgun oh wow
[01:09] <AcerBandit> golden girls are now super metroid bosses
[01:10] <AcerBandit> question does she have a booty
[01:10] <Poncho_DeNews> the booty one is a personal favourite.
[01:12] <Taco> [01:05] <+AcerBandit> best puzzle
[01:13] <Taco> literally worse than hitler
[01:15] * Juanzen ( has joined #gfchat
[01:15] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Juanzen
[01:15] <AcerBandit> it's such a great one, deni
[01:15] <AcerBandit> taco i don't care i'd want to try such an asshole puzzle
[01:15] <AcerBandit> the aliens were right it was awful
[01:16] <AcerBandit> every day is icecream day
[01:16] <AcerBandit> happy boat
[01:17] <AcerBandit> mandela funeral balloon artist
[01:17] <AcerBandit> dachshund is ready for winter i guess
[01:17] <AcerBandit> american kirby is a patriot we can all believe in
[01:17] <AcerBandit> art
[01:18] <AcerBandit> nightmare donald duck
[01:18] <AcerBandit> clever simpsons movie advertisement
[01:19] <AcerBandit> shade contemplates the meaning of the floating hotdog why hotdog why you do this thing
[01:19] <AcerBandit> babar by tohad
[01:20] <CHz> deni.jpg
[01:20] <AcerBandit> looool
[01:20] <AcerBandit> suddenly we all are swarmed by insects and die
[01:21] <AcerBandit> thanks deni
[01:21] <Roph> seriously
[01:21] <Roph> who the fuck designed Star Trek: Enterprise's opening sequence
[01:21] <AcerBandit> but yes CHz I saved that one as deni gets a deathnote.png
[01:21] <CHz> ^
[01:22] <Roph> stupid montage with a gay cowboy country rock ballad over the top
[01:22] <Poncho_DeNews> BOAAAAAAAAAAAAT
[01:22] <Poncho_DeNews> saw arach, not clicking
[01:23] <CHz> Is actually SFD, does not contain any graphical depiction of spiders
[01:23] <Poncho_DeNews> Ahahaha.
[01:23] <Poncho_DeNews> Extra SFD.
[01:25] <AcerBandit> fuck your hat luigi
[01:25] <AcerBandit> picard at picard
[01:25] <AcerBandit> jesus and buddah share an apartment in japan
[01:26] <AcerBandit> bayonetta changes the channel and adjusts the volume at the same time
[01:26] <AcerBandit> casting pearls before god into the ocean
[01:27] <AcerBandit> punching a frog
[01:27] * Hito ( has joined #gfchat
[01:27] <AcerBandit> speedrunner saves cat
[01:27] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Hito
[01:28] <Poncho_DeNews> you know, when the game clocks in at 9 hours, I don't think it counts as a speed runner.
[01:28] <AcerBandit> suteki (which for some reason was a thumbnail of kreiger telling archer "Stop. My penis can only get so erect." but alas
[01:28] <AcerBandit> )
[01:29] <Garr> Hello again, internet.
[01:29] <AcerBandit> seriously ritsuko what the hell
[01:29] <AcerBandit> kumin dance
[01:30] <AcerBandit> even fags love the jungle queen
[01:30] <AcerBandit> butt you can hardly swallow
[01:33] <AcerBandit> joke explanation: Sonic Adventure 2 "Live and Learn" Music Request - YouTube
[01:37] <AcerBandit> haha imgur just prompted me to make sure i'm not some spambot
[01:37] <AcerBandit> zelda's bizarre adventure
[01:37] <shade_> :3
[01:37] * shade_ is now known as shade
[01:37] <AcerBandit> laughing crocs
[01:37] * ChanServ sets mode: +oa shade shade
[01:38] <AcerBandit> ursula is smashing
[01:38] <AcerBandit> slumber party court
[01:39] <AcerBandit> i dunno shinji why don't you toke up some more
[01:39] <Talec> phew
[01:39] <Talec> now I'm only three VGCW shows behind! (plus EDBW)
[01:41] <Talec> oh my god so many links
[01:44] <AcerBandit> yeah deni has me uploading images cuz he's had a bad day and needs to cheer up =Y
[01:44] <Poncho_DeNews> It worked a bit.
[01:44] <AcerBandit> fatty makes the dunk
[01:44] <AcerBandit> i'm glad deni =)
[01:44] <AcerBandit> get more cheerful
[01:44] <Poncho_DeNews> blackmo0.
[01:45] <Poncho_DeNews> and please. when am I ever cheerful?
[01:45] <AcerBandit> still your lettuce please give him back imma cry
[01:45] <AcerBandit> oh you are plenty happy sometimes
[01:45] <Poncho_DeNews> NEVER
[01:45] <AcerBandit> crab nicholson figure gonna open this whiskey
[01:46] <AcerBandit> well you certainly are in my clown car and at the meet
[01:46] <Poncho_DeNews> No I just like you
[01:46] <AcerBandit> <3
[01:46] <AcerBandit> domestic violence
[01:46] <AcerBandit> roy is perfectly disguised
[01:47] <Poncho_DeNews> BAHAHA
[01:47] <AcerBandit> oh god this picture always kills me
[01:47] <AcerBandit> sometimes mysterious
[01:47] <AcerBandit> and then the interview was over
[01:48] <AcerBandit> ironman x samus
[01:48] <AcerBandit> the purest slut
[01:48] <AcerBandit> oh god i love the light novel cover generator
[01:49] <AcerBandit> this one is for chz
[01:49] <AcerBandit> wide upset
[01:49] <Poncho_DeNews> i love the cat one
[01:49] <CHz> :wiiiiiiide:
[01:49] <AcerBandit> yeah that one is one of my favorites too, deni
[01:49] <AcerBandit> every mario game
[01:50] <AcerBandit> oh god these two pictures
[01:50] <AcerBandit> someone likes marshal a bit much
[01:50] <AcerBandit> yeah definitely like marshal a bit much there girl
[01:53] <Talec> awwww deni
[01:53] <Talec> I'd like to recommend some W/VGCW
[01:53] <Talec> shit always cheers me up
[01:58] <AcerBandit> M-masaka! He used THAT!
[01:58] <AcerBandit> dinosaurs ruin dinner at the cobras
[01:58] <AcerBandit> potemayo hnnnnngggg
[01:59] <AcerBandit> the wa is angry
[01:59] <AcerBandit> dio saves christmas
[01:59] <AcerBandit> hades is this mad
[01:59] <AcerBandit> is nothing easy
[02:00] <AcerBandit> falconpawnch
[02:00] <AcerBandit> corgi squid adventure
[02:00] <AcerBandit> one of my most favorite screencaps
[02:01] <AcerBandit>
[02:02] <AcerBandit> i recognize that bulge
[02:03] <CHz> knew what that last one was without clicking
[02:03] <CHz> i recognize that i recognize that bulge
[02:03] <AcerBandit> this one took advantage of a couple years ago when some assholes were posting images embedded with code because there was no captcha in place
[02:03] * coeccias ( Quit (Quit: )
[02:03] <AcerBandit> bowser's lava pits
[02:04] <AcerBandit> cat eat spaghetti
[02:04] <AcerBandit> that's really really fucking cute
[02:04] <Poncho_DeNews> kitteh
[02:05] <AcerBandit> fucking tails
[02:05] <AcerBandit> so then i'm like AAAAAA
[02:05] <AcerBandit> i never asked for this feel
[02:06] <AcerBandit> action boner
[02:06] <AcerBandit> just going out to get some milk at the grocery store be back in a second
[02:06] <AcerBandit> this chair would talk but the shock prevents it instead it meditates calmly reflecting on the good that is left in the world and ponders if those aren't lies as well
[02:07] <AcerBandit> here's a few for chz he's probably already seen
[02:07] <AcerBandit> mulbruk pointing over there
[02:08] <AcerBandit> palenque boss battle
[02:08] <AcerBandit> mulbruk these tissues did come in handy thanks
[02:08] <CHz> huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu
[02:09] <AcerBandit>
[02:09] <CHz> ^
[02:10] <AcerBandit> and oh god whatever artist made this they are just the best <3<3<3
[02:10] <AcerBandit> proud dads for ron paul
[02:10] <CHz> What.
[02:10] <AcerBandit> looool
[02:12] <AcerBandit> also lol the scanlator who did this must have been taking some liberties for a great wild wild west joke or the mangaka is haha wow
[02:12] <AcerBandit>
[02:15] * Boo-kun ( has joined #gfchat
[02:15] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Boo-kun
[02:19] <AcerBandit> talec might like this one coulda sworn she linked me to them or something
[02:19] <AcerBandit> pokecapn finishes a stage of sonic06
[02:19] <AcerBandit> GaoRed is a genius
[02:20] <AcerBandit> do you even puzzle
[02:20] <AcerBandit> descartes give her the dig thread
[02:20] <AcerBandit> oh wait
[02:20] <AcerBandit> that was the image for the thread
[02:21] <AcerBandit> here's the thread
[02:21] <AcerBandit>
[02:22] <AcerBandit> time for la-mulana dump chz
[02:22] <CHz> lmao the barrel
[02:22] <AcerBandit> mulbruk judges your penniless deadbeat ass
[02:22] <CHz> 23:20 <+AcerBandit> descartes give her the dig thread <<< highly accurate
[02:23] <AcerBandit> mulbruk duck face
[02:23] <AcerBandit> mulbruk posing with flower
[02:23] <AcerBandit> la-mulana i ain't scared of nuffin
[02:23] <CHz> Acer, you know Rose & Camellia? The Flash game with women slapping each other?
[02:23] <AcerBandit> yeah same dudes
[02:24] <CHz> The one with Mulbruk posing with the flower is from a La-Mulana version they did
[02:24] <AcerBandit> ahahaha yes!
[02:24] <AcerBandit> thought maybe that was fan art but that's fantastic
[02:24] <CHz> Rose & Camellia & LA-MULANA - NIGORO
[02:24] <AcerBandit> la-mulana mm 1 - da monster mash
[02:25] <AcerBandit> la-mulana mm 2 - It was a graveyard smash
[02:25] <AcerBandit> la-mulana mm 3 - they did the mash
[02:26] <AcerBandit> la-mulana birds are kinda dicks
[02:26] <Boo-kun> time for acer to go to bed
[02:26] <AcerBandit> la-mulana here have this axe it's pretty neat
[02:26] <AcerBandit> everyone is sexy in la-mulana
[02:27] <AcerBandit> la-mulana IT KEEPS HAPPENING
[02:27] <DisslaptopDATLAPTOP> FFFFFFFF
[02:27] <CHz> AHAHAHAHA
[02:27] <AcerBandit> michael jackson in la-mulana
[02:27] <AcerBandit> looool knew that one would get you, diss ='D
[02:28] <AcerBandit> mulbruk sleeping
[02:28] * DisslaptopDATLAPTOP (~Diss@54C55249.F529E917.6EA1F6E3.IP) Quit (Quit: DisslaptopDATLAPTOP)
[02:28] <CHz> So mad he quit.
[02:28] <AcerBandit> yup
[02:28] <AcerBandit> la-mulana where the hell am i 1
[02:29] <AcerBandit> la-mulana where the hell am i 2
[02:29] <AcerBandit> sexualizing mulbruk
[02:30] <AcerBandit> pretty much that images is in most la-mulana threads
[02:30] <AcerBandit> *image is in
[02:31] <AcerBandit> oh and this is probably my most favorite BAW CAD abortion parody
[02:31] <AcerBandit> all you need is loss
[02:31] <AcerBandit> very flexible sigourney weaver
[02:37] <AcerBandit> thumbs up neko-chan
[02:37] <AcerBandit> yes human fly to the edge of dawn
[02:38] <AcerBandit> crsty pls
[02:38] <AcerBandit> wow check out that roof it folds back
[02:38] <AcerBandit> pooh the jackass
[02:39] <AcerBandit> did you catch that yes i did
[02:39] <AcerBandit> yuuko and mio being non-suggestive
[02:39] <AcerBandit> haha chz you'll like this one
[02:39] <AcerBandit> ranma boys troupe okay who the fuck let ryoga have the map and mousse be the eyes
[02:40] <Boo-kun> why is acer doing this
[02:40] <AcerBandit> deni told me to
[02:40] <CHz> lmao best navigation duo
[02:40] <AcerBandit> the best
[02:40] <CHz> Maybe they'll cancel each other out
[02:41] <AcerBandit> no you just get to go to everywhere but your destination
[02:41] <AcerBandit> until you leave the group and find it yourself and wait
[02:41] <AcerBandit> and then forget
[02:41] <AcerBandit> and then go back to your usual
[02:41] <AcerBandit> and then they'll come back all angry wondering where the hell you were
[02:42] <AcerBandit> and you'll be all THAT WAS TWO MONTHS AGO
[02:42] <AcerBandit> toriyama pitch
[02:42] <Talec> <Hazel> delicious looking on the outside, horrible on the inside
[02:43] <AcerBandit> kamiya and his waifu
[02:43] <AcerBandit> isabelle what have you done
[02:44] * Talec is now known as Talec|Zzz
[02:51] <AcerBandit> duane always ready to get down
[02:51] <AcerBandit> diss using the internet
[02:52] <AcerBandit> the no-pantsu brigade goes down the stairs with big dog in tow
[02:52] <AcerBandit> and now we begin the ballad of laser cheese cuz everyone loves a classic
[02:53] <AcerBandit> laser cheese
[02:53] <AcerBandit> laser cheese 2 electric nightmare
[02:54] <AcerBandit> laser cheese hd
[02:54] <AcerBandit> dark souls laser skeleton
[02:54] <AcerBandit> frickin lazer cheese
[02:55] <AcerBandit> bonemerang
[02:55] <Kishin> Acer is broken
[02:55] * Garr (~Garr@5A28620B.E41192B9.23093AFE.IP) Quit (Quit: )
[02:55] <AcerBandit> i seriously hope you don't do this scooby doo
[02:55] <Kishin> last one: Mewbro
[02:55] <AcerBandit> yeah that one is cute
[02:56] <AcerBandit> dogs crawling like baby
[02:56] <AcerBandit> dog showing up human
[02:57] <AcerBandit> why can't i hold all these kittens
[02:57] <AcerBandit> just gonna slide on in here
[02:57] <AcerBandit> shining dragon
[02:58] <AcerBandit> samus waifu
[02:58] <AcerBandit> dogekind
[02:59] <AcerBandit> doge snow
[02:59] <AcerBandit> boo will enjoy this one if he hasn't seen it already
[02:59] <AcerBandit> authentic mabel cosplay
[03:00] <AcerBandit> my neighbor seinfeld by spacecoyote
[03:00] <AcerBandit> <3 spacecoyote
[03:00] <AcerBandit> no thor that's the wrong lever
[03:00] <AcerBandit> op and q would love that one
[03:00] <CHz> tonari no seinfeld instant classic
[03:00] <AcerBandit> totally chz
[03:01] <AcerBandit> where's wall-e
[03:01] <Kishin> ::slap bass no totoro::
[03:01] <AcerBandit> another one boo would like
[03:02] <AcerBandit> sweater buddies by nelmathyria
[03:02] <AcerBandit> captain falcon yes
[03:02] <AcerBandit> dale objection
[03:03] <AcerBandit> selling propane by daylight by tehsteveyurko
[03:03] <AcerBandit> and with that we've come back full circle to sailor moon
[03:04] <AcerBandit> i hope you've enjoyed this presentation of my pics folder in effort to cheer deni up
[03:04] <AcerBandit> speaking of deni i've got one little extra gif just for him <3~
[03:05] <AcerBandit>
[03:05] <AcerBandit> hope you feel better, buddy
[03:06] <CHz> ::Deni went to sleep an hour ago::
[03:09] <AcerBandit> well i guess i'll just post this in my journal then
2 hours 15 minutes of time well spent. <3 ya buddy.

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[public entry #276]

Dec 27, 2013 - 07:58 AM
Secret Santa

Oh boy time to play with the train!

Clickity clack! Down the track!


Zuwah! What's this?!

Oh my lawd!

Term: FUCK! Mexican genie in a bottle, baby!

::Term hovers ominously::

::furious charging noises::


Term: Haha! Surprise new pimp Santa wizard powers!

Oooh... shiny...

Term: Yeah, they're pretty fucking neat. Go try that shit out on that box.


Oh shit! Presents! Just the kind I need to send off.

Term: Already wrapped too! I'm just the best.

Well thanks, floating head of Term. Think you could get this out in time for Christmas?

Term: Hahaha no.

That's not the answer I wanted!

Term: Woah dude. Calm down.


Term: Fuck this. I'm out.

Did the presents ever make it in time?

Did Acer use his new powers for good?

Did Term's floating head make out with like 300 bitches?

No. No. And very yes!

bonus animation:

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[public entry #275]

Oct 20, 2013 - 02:10 AM
reviving an old meme


Also Tails got Mo0 to play PAUSE AHEAD and I took really shitty phone cam videos of it toward the end.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

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[public entry #274]

Oct 10, 2013 - 09:16 PM
GFF Game Night Math: beer = 3
On April 6, 2012 a very special GFF Game Night occurred. After an unsuccessful train investigation something amazing happens. A robot DJ chocolateer, a chimney sweep, a canary wizard, and the time-traveling ghost of Queen Victoria reincarnated as a wandering warrior or something go on a quest to terrorize the town and challenge the agents of chaos.

Join Pang, Rychord, Colonel Skills, Stop Sign, and myself as we play some very silly games: Orient Express & Legend of Anglerre. Diss reminded me of this night and asked me to look up my archive. It is for you to enjoy now.

YouTube Video

Legends of Anglerre starts at around 1 hour 19 minutes and 18 seconds into it if you'd like to skip to that.

After game posts:

Bonus Video

Coupler Duty 2 - A Horrible Night on the Moon
Presented in PowerPoint

YouTube Video

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[public entry #273]

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