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May 27, 2010 - 10:21 PM
Dear people who design websites for a living:
Ok ok, I know I never post and that starting regularly posting with a long whiny journal entry isn't going to make any friends, but I just gotta let this out, guys.

So I'm a stumbleupon addict, so I see a lot of shitty websites. Here's the page I just got:

Alright. I had to hit the "page down" button about 8 times to get to the end of the article. That's whatever, that's cool. It covers a lot of bases and has a lot of pretty pictures. Hey, neat. Oh, but my scroll bar is telling me that is a lot of website left!

There are 124 pages of comments. Jesus christ.

Ok. Comment sections are nice to find answers to questions you may have, especially if the author responds to them. But I don't think the content of a page should be completely dominated by comments. Have it in an expandy thing or a separate page. I don't know, the most impressive coding thing I can do is change font colors in HTML.

Ok rant over. Here's a picture of Pyramid Head and Bayonetta going to prom I drew:

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