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May 11, 2009 - 10:28 AM
Three Dogs
I've always been a cat person (as in a person who's fond of cats, not some kinda anthropomorphic feline fellow), so this past night and RIGHT NOW is a pretty interesting experience for me. My boyfriend (sorry boys, i'm taken ;D) is house/dog sitting for a friend of his for a week, and invited me over for a night. This guy's got three dogs. Here's what I learned from staying in a house with three dogs:

- I'm allergic to dogs
- This guy's dogs will sleep with you. I had one snuggled up to my belly half the night, and another plopped on my feet
- Dogs make suprisingly suitable cuddle buddies
- Goddammit Pearl farted again, IT SMELLS SO BAD
- what the fuck do you want Rosie stop looking at me go wake up Joey D:
- My boyfriend won't wake up even if three dogs are GODDAMMIT PEARL HOW DO YOU HOLD THAT MUCH GAS EW FUCK
- dogs like to lick faces and they have stinky breath
- I don't speak dog, Rosie, what do you want?!
- Where's Porter, guys?
- Dogs need lots of attention, it seems.

I guess overall I learned that dogs aren't as bad as I always thought. I guess I had lots of bad experiences as a kid with families with untrained BEAR DOGS that would leap on you when they saw you, and my friend would insist "aaw, he's just being friendly!" when really all I would see was GIANT TEETH AND GIANT PAWS ON ME GET IT OFF GET IT OFF so I've always wanted to live with cats. But dogs are ok, I guess.

Also, this guy whose house we're watching is a successful nerd who lives by himself, so he's got what every GFF member dreams to have. I'm on a TRIPLE MONITER right now, typing on an ergonomic keyboard. He has two xboxes set up as entertainment systems, and a 360 hooked up to a hueg liek xbawks TV, with an HDDVD player hooked up to that. His magic card collection is MASSIVE (not like anyone but me would care) and meticulously organized, a HUEG movie collection (all burned himself, what a pirate), and pretty much anything a 20-something year old nerd wants. ('cept a girlfriend. :/ Just dogs. Three of thGODDAMMIT PEARL YOU SMELL SO BAD

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