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Jun 14, 2017 - 02:34 PM
GFF Meet 2017 photos - Part 1
I have been dragging my feet with these, constantly finding new ways to distract myself from going over everything and picking and finetuning and uploading.

That sinking feeling that this year is going to be a huge disappointment in terms of photos cause I really didn't take that many photos, especially of moments I would have liked to capture. And the moments I did manage to capture, the photos were often focused incorrectly or I had the white balance selected all wrong and couldn't tell from the tiny LCD screen in bright sunlight.


I am going too slowly so here's the first two days while I try to get the rest done. Sorry!

YouTube Video

Days 0-1 Saturday-Sunday:

My flights would have me arrive after 5PM, missing most of the first day.

but it sure was nice being back at the house again.


"it's pikachu!"


Few hours into the meet and Tails was already done


pete fucking died

talec fucking died

it was a good day for acer and haydee

It was somewhere around here that I smoked weed and came along grocery shopping in an effort to find ingredients to make mascarpone ice cream


I took several photos of syrup before eventually finding everything I needed




then we did jeopardy

pang was not oka-


Then we went to pick up Term!

It was Skills, Acer and me listening to the Initial D soundtrack all the way to the airport!

and he arrived!

then it was grilled cheese time!


then telestrations happened

and skills knew

"talec is really good at drawing chocobo or unicorns or something i guess"

angry sun and the tower of too many bells

and now a delightful little set of acer laughing

it was at this point that the brownie that had been on my plate in this photo taken earlier finally kicked in and no further photos were taken on my camera for the rest of the evening from the looks of it

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