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[:plant:] I Guess We Still Play This Kart 8: 16:17 <+BZ> favorite course: Music Park.
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The unmovable stubborn
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this man.

Jam it back in, in the dark.

"AHH EAT" - Mo0, "Did you know... waves are a type of fungus." -Qwarky, "Gentry Twin Powers Activate. Form of whatever nutty is doing.", "Get out of my head Tumblr", "Hey; Teddy Grahams!", "I counted to two too fast." - Mo0, "I fell off the fuck" - Mo0, "I got first that one time." - SuperSonic, "I think BZ's my spirit animal now." - Dave, "I'm always nine months pregnant." - Dave, "If dicks tasted like these enchiladas I'd eat dicks every day" - Daravon, "If I can't have fifth place; no one will!" - Daravon, "It came off your butt! I saw it!" - Skills, "It's peanut butter egg time", "My driver's drunk" - Acer, "Please do not hit me with the red shell Daravon oh god damn it", "Pretty sure it's all dick no matter which part you freeze it on." - Tails, "Red team drownin' us in dicks." "YOU'RE the Red Team!", "There is only victory for Cat Peach!" - Tails, "This game and its items." - AcerBandit, "This is not the road." - Daravon, "We are Daisy. We are Legion.", "What am I even being-" - Mo0, "What happened to you Skills?" "YOU SHOT ME THREE TIMES" "Oh right", "You're either racing or you're dead.", 100 Years of Taco, 16:17 <+BZ> favorite course: Music Park., 2007 Miami Dolphins, 2Spooky4Me, 4 out of 6 people asked for this, 5G Internet, Accidental Spooky, ALL GOLD EVERYTHING, Ambient Anger Noises, Angry About Being Accused of Team Killing, Angry About Bodies of Water, Angry About Counting, Angry About Dolphins, Angry About Mount Wario, Angry About Team Killing, awake apnea, Baby Cup, Banatrix, BILL ME LATER, Blue Brigade, Blue Dynasty, Bullet Bill DLC, Bullet Bill Erryday, Bullshit regular Peach, But who was wagon?, Butterscotch DLC, Butterscotch Pudding, CHz is bullshit, Communist Manifesto, Contract Dong, Countably Infinite Gentrys, counting to 2, Cusim Krap, Daravon: Archracist of Gamingforce, DAVE WHY, Dickspin.jpg, Did You Know, DIVORCE GAME, dolphins, Dongforce, ENEMIES EVERYWHERE, Eternally Fifth, Expand Dong, Foreground Anger Noises, Gentron, Get Good DLC, Get Good Season Pass, GET IN THE DOME, GET SPOOKY, Good Talk, Grumble Something, Half Music Park Cup, Ice Cream Epiphany, infectious Gentryism, Infinity Gauntlet of Bullshit Items, inopportune cats, Item Fucking, Konkey Dong, Koopa Cup, Lemony Fresh, Libertarian Kart, Lore, Mad Mad Farm, MadAlert Bracelet, Madic Park, Maditoba, Mario Kart 8 Featuring Peyton Manning, Master Dong, McCarthy Kart, Mennobot, MOO STAGE, Music Park Cup, Music Park Cup Mk II, No One Asked For This, nutty's gonna take you to the Sylvan Learning Center, Oakland Raiders, One Lap Alliance, origin stories, Origin Story, preemptively mad, prehensile folds, pretzels, Red Menace, Red Team = Nerds, Robokart, ROYALTY SON, RULES OF PRINCESS, Shy Guy Cup, so mad, Son of Bitch, SPECIAL DELIVERY, Squizz, Still better than Q, strangling a duck, Sudden Mii Regret, Team Baby Daisy, Team Enemywealth, Team No York, That UK Shit, the best princess, The Fifth Gentry, The Tiny Left Space, The Unattainable Doughnut, THERE ARE 39 OTHER TRACKS, Throbbing Around the World in 80 Days, Toad Apartheid, two heads of setphones, Yoshi Cup

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Exploding Garrmondo Weiner Interactive Swiss Army Penis > Garrmondo Entertainment > Video Gaming > [:plant:] I Guess We Still Play This Kart 8: 16:17 <+BZ> favorite course: Music Park.

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