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Your favorite new discoveries of the contest, '016 edition
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listen here you little shit

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Old Jul 3, 2016, 03:18 AM Local time: Jul 3, 2016, 01:18 AM 1 #1 of 5
Your favorite new discoveries of the contest, '016 edition

The first round of voting just finished up, so you know what that means! That's right, it's time for Tails to disappear forever and never post the remaining rounds, because our collective shit taste eliminated all of the good songs.

Since he won't be returning, it falls on us to make our own fun and give out extra props to the songs we were introduced to this year that we haven't already deleted from our hard drives. Let's talk about your favorite songs from the Best Song Contest 2016: The Final Installment of This Contest That Tails Will Ever Run, 100% Serious This Time Why Don't You Believe Me Guys.

As usual, please explain a little bit about why you like each of your picks! It's completely fine if it's only a sentence or two, this thread is a lot more interesting if we talk about the music instead of just listing our favorites.

SCHOOLGIRL STRIKERS - Fifth Force ~Five-colored Flash~
lmao what is actual god of music Kengo Tokusashi doing in a place like this. I feel like the melody gets a little too rambly for its own good at times, but then he just drops some other totally unexpected chord change from out of nowhere and I lose my train of thought. I can't believe I have to go find the soundtrack for a game called SCHOOLGIRL STRIKERS now, thanks for getting me on some sort of government watchlist Muzza

Contact - Oasis
I have absolutely no idea what this is, but it makes the list because its percussion is someone crushing cans for recycling out in the garage

Fez - Knowledge
I'm not a super big fan of Disasterpeace, but this is by far the best thing I've ever heard by him, wowza. A big part of my enjoyment of this is that the polymetric base in the first half in particular reminds me of my favorite thing to do in Electroplankton: getting my Philip Glass on with Luminaria. I think I'm one of the four people on this Earth who don't regret paying full price for that game, I love constrained music toys.

Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure - Balankanche Mine
What even is this doing metrically. Actually, Jolteon broke down exactly what this is doing metrically so I don't need to ask that question, but I will anyway because seriously what is this even. Who even does 13 as alternating 6 + 7 and 5 + 8

Samorost 2 - Budoar
Really cool example of how you can just be in straight 4/4 the whole time and still be super weird rhythmically. I love how the syncopation and other bizarre phrasing choices of some of the lines in the first half give it a real ambiguous feel, and DvoYak's instrumental textures are always a winner in my book.

And here are a few extra picks that I found enjoyable:
  • Emil Chronicle - Lively Days: Just some straightforward hot club-ish jazz with piano, guitar, and bass, and that's okay! The soloing is honestly real good.
  • Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX - Tricolour Airline: Surprisingly good bossa nova! Half of the songs in this also-ran list are just "genre I like but don't generally expect to be done well in VGM, except done well."
  • Metal Gear Solid 2 - Yell Dead Cell: Seriously though, was this actually good the whole time?????
  • pop'n music 20 fantasia - Shounen wa sora wo tadoru: VGM cuteprog is always going to make this post
  • Touch My Katamari - Jupiter Dub No.404: I just automatically assume that any piece of video game music with a genre in its title is not actually going to be of that genre, but this is really dub! I'm down with dub.
  • Umineko no Naku Koro ni - rhythm-changer: Pretty similar to the Fez track, but I like Knowledge's harmonic movement and atmosphere more than this one's. Still pretty cool though!

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Old Jul 23, 2016, 03:08 AM Local time: Jul 23, 2016, 04:08 PM #2 of 5
Many great finds this year, which I would never have otherwise discovered. Here are some notable favourites:

Undertale - ASGORE
A very fun and catchy modern chiptune. Intro is a great hook and the track does a good job developing on it to make for a very satisfying listen.

Valdis Story: Abyssal City - Beneath the Surface
Slow, moody tracks like these never make it far in the BSC - they simply lack the usual qualities we've come to expect of a typical BSC winner. But it doesn't matter, I enjoy them. :P I appreciate what the track tries to accomplish with its quiet start and how it works towards little peaks throughout.

Simcity 3000 Unlimited - City Lights
This track was surprisingly neat. I like how it evokes the hustle and bustle of city life at night.

Samarost 3 - Going On An Adventure
Very cool ambient piece. Love the atmosphere in this one and the great interplay between different motifs.

Metal Gear Solid V - Ground Zeroes - Extracting Paz (Enemy Combat Status)
Wasn't expecting much at first and then realised the track has some really cool electronica that's nicely complemented by some moderate orchestral elements.

Ripple Runner Deluxe - What Lies Beneath
One of the artists I've come to like a lot from this BSC is DDRKirby(ISQ) and this track is one of the reasons why I like the guy's work so far. The highlight of the track reminds me a bit of something from VVVVVV but a tad more sublime.

Hatsune Miku Project mirai COMPLETE - Tricolour Airline
Oh, Miku. :P Her songs are a bit hit or miss for me. Thankfully this is a hit. The melody and beat are great, and Miku's don't detract from the piece. Definitely a song I'm going to be relistening.

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards - Shiver Star
So much charm is this tune with a very nice aerial quality to it. And some measure of the whimsical doesn't hurt.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni - rhythm changer
Such a fun track to listen to. There are so many things going for it, and so many things to look out for in this piece. Just gets more and more interesting on repeated listens. Pity it's been booted out of the finals already - it's a winner in my books.

pop'n music 20 fantasia - Shounen wa sora wo tadoru
Another delightful tune. It's like a mix of different ideas that somehow work together as a cohesive unit. Very cool.

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Dandelion Cysts

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Mar 2006

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Old Jul 30, 2016, 01:43 AM #3 of 5
Doom (2016) - BFG Division
yessss I love industrial and I'm so glad it's what was chosen for Doom'16
literally only thing I would have been happier with would have been Andrew Hulshult

Home Alone 2 Lost in New York - Dark Streets
I love me some slow dark chiptune

Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 - Girls Like Spice
I dunno what to say, it's just really good

Tetrobot and Co. - Crossroads
It's sooo chiiill

Tetrobot and Co. - Steambot
It's sooo niiiice

Undertale - ASGORE
I've been trying to avoid listening to the Undertale noms as much as possible because I still haven't finished it (I KNOW, OKAY) but FUCK this one is SO GOOD I'm not even sure why it just gets into my heart

Umineko no Naku koro ni - rhythm-changer
awwwww yisss I love Umineko noms

This thing is sticky, and I don't like it. I don't appreciate it.

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Old Jul 31, 2016, 11:04 PM #4 of 5
Things I liked this year and wish they would have gone further:

SCHOOLGIRL STRIKERS - Fifth Force ~Five-colored Flash~
Basically what CHz said. WELCOME TO THE WATCHLIST, CHz

Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 - Girls Like Spice
Lmao why is this even a nom. I feel like I've heard this before (in a non-SOTW capacity), it's extremely catchy and I hate myself for liking it.

Nuclear Throne - Venus Mansion

Emil Chronicle - Lively Days
This song is MUZZA AS FUCK, which makes CHz mad and gets my 1000% approval. Super fun tune to listen to.

Kirby 64 - Shiver Star

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#654: Braixen
Put the nostalgia straight into my veins

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Mar 2006

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Old Aug 11, 2016, 02:55 PM #5 of 5
This is new stuff (to me) that I really enjoyed this year:

Crypt of the Necrodancer – A Cold Sweat
Layerz - Aqua
Undertale – Battle Against a True Hero
Kirby – Planet Roboto
Tetrobot - Crossroads
Home Alone 2 – Dark Streets
Falcom Sound Team J.D.K. – Exciting Shop
Reflect Beat Collette – Following Flow
Street Fighter V – Forgotten Waterfall
Samorast – Going on an Adventure
FFXIV Heavenward Sword - Imagination
Nuclear Throne – Legend of the Throne
Emil Chronicle Online – Lively Days
Jurassic Park - Mountain
Fester’s Quest – Outside Streets: Final Boss
Adventure Time: Hey Ice King – Party in the Clouds
Umineko – Rhythm Changer
Hyper Furball – Search the Ruins
Undertale – Spider Dance
Fire Emblem – To A Foreign Land
Ori and the Blind Forest – Up the Spirit Cavern Walls
Baby Felix Halloween – Western World
Ripple Runner Deluxe – What Lies Beneath
FFXIV Heavenward Sword - Woe That Is Madness

I was speaking idiomatically.

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