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Mar 2006

Old Oct 3, 2009, 09:34 PM #1 of 201
Architecture in Helsinki- Places Like This
Label: Polyvinyl
Released: Aug 21, 2007
Genre: Indie Rock

Track List:
1. Red Turned White
2. Heart it Races
3. Hold Music
4. Feather in a Baseball Cap
5. Underwater
6. Like It or Not
7. Debbie
8. Lazy (lazy)
9. Nothing's Wrong
10. Same Ol' Innocence


Their rock song "Same Ol' Innocence" has gotten some popularity on the radio, which is unfortunate, because that song is probably the worst example of what this band and, this album especially, represents. The songs are all up-beat, goofy, fun, and make you want to get up and dance, or sing along as loud as you can while driving your car.

Their style of music can mostly be attributed to a sort of indie theme, but it's not nearly as pretentious in sound. The band is all about feeling good and making you feel good too with its weird lyrics and funky sound. I know that after hearing this album, I had a smile on my face. Hopefully it puts one on yours, too.


How ya doing, buddy?

Member 1928

Level 33.66

Mar 2006

Old Oct 6, 2010, 06:00 PM #2 of 201
Year: 2007
Genre: Electronica

1. Zombie Viking Amazone
2. The Great Coffee Escape
3. Hairstyles Of The Dead And Buried
4. I Want But I Replicant
5. Heresy
6. Swamp Women Time Ago
7. Huzun Horizon
8. Taboo
9. Slow Motion Split Second Decision
10. Tom Is Not My Friend
11. Oceanseas Of Waterterrain
12. Dementia

I'm not good at describing much of anything, but I can say with confidence that Nebular Spool is unlike any other branch of electronic you've heard. In this album--1 of 3--Exposery, it's less about sounding techno-tuned and bleepy bloopy and more about creating an atmosphere by piecing clips of melody together; what you get are actual songs, and not just noise like some electronica can be. Give this album a shot; put it on while you're doing something else, and you'll soon find yourself humming along to Huzun Horizon or Taboo or hell, just about every song. They're all catchy.


Year: 2008
Genre: Indie Rock

1. Dropping out of School
2. Certain Death
3. Fake It
4. Bad Sign
5. There's Something Wrong
6. Gasoline
7. Total Breakdown
8. Understood by Your Dad
9. Out of It
10. You're Not Going Anywhere

Lookee here again it's another indie rock album! Here's Brad Sucks, the one man band that everyone hates. Although everyone should love him and his music instead. Brad Sucks is indie meets rock meets folk with a little bit--and I mean very little bit--of electonic mixed in to create a very... Mellow(?) sound. Without sounding too purple prosey, I would call his music "summer evening" music, because that's the kind of atmosphere I feel it sets. Download it and judge for yourself.


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