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Feb 2007

Old Nov 24, 2007, 04:32 AM Local time: Nov 24, 2007, 04:32 AM 1 #1 of 201
Praful - Pyramid in your Backyard (produced by Adani and Wolfe)
Label: N-Coded Music
Release: 2005
Genre: FutureJazz, World-fusion

1. Moon Glide
2. Says Kabir*
-(Vocals - Sandhya Sanjana)
3. Acredite*
-(Vocals - Katia Moraes)
4. April Seven
5. Eternity
6. Hand-Cart Puller
7. Naked
8. Azul Listen
9. Drop To The Ocean
10. Wishful Walk
11. Ponto De Partida
12. We Live On

I have a submission to make! Praful's album 'Pyramid in your Backyard', is a blend of jazz, world music and straight fusion bringing it all together. It's a very well made album, written and performed by Praful, produced by Adoni and Wolfe. It's very eclectic if that's your sort of thing.

A bit about Praful...He was born in Germany and has traveled the world seeking out new music. In a way, he isn't just his own musician, he brings together the music of many cultures of the world and makes them his own. There is a lot of brazillian influence in his music, as well as indian influence which usually works alongside an electronic backdrop to create warm luscious vibes of JAZZ excellence. While much of his music is easy listening, there is also a fair degree of challenge and stimulation to be heard. All in all, the music is very healing. (but then again, isn't all music therapeutic)

The Gamingforce music album project featured a song from this album as the 37th track, titled 'Says Kabir', a melding between jazz flute playing, brazillian rhythms via ethnic drums and vocal. I am happy many seemed to enjoy it and I thought it'd be nice to upload the entire album to get you fellas a better idea of Praful's abilites.

I hope you guys enjoy the music as much as I have.

Here it is ---_--_--_-_-_---> Praful - Pyramid in your Backyard


Jam it back in, in the dark.

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Member 19121

Level 28.96

Feb 2007

Old Dec 18, 2007, 04:35 AM Local time: Dec 18, 2007, 04:35 AM 1 #2 of 201
Ladies and gentlemen... a bit of musical potpourri to enliven the senses on this evening/morn:

Squarepusher - Feed me Weird Things

Year: 3 June 1996
Label: Rephlex Records
Genre: Drum and bass/ Fusion/ Nu-jazz

This album is ground-breaking, ear pleasing and just a damn work of art.

"Squarepusher Theme" – 6:20
"Tundra" – 7:55
"The Swifty" – 5:20
"Dimotane Co." – 4:54
"Smedley's Melody" – 2:33
"Windscale 2" – 6:35
"North Circular" – 6:08
"Goodnight Jade" – 2:45
"Theme from Ernest Borgnine" – 7:55
"U.F.O.'s Over Leytonstone" – 6:39
"Kodack" – 7:14
"Future Gibbon" – 2:18

Squarepusher is freaking awesome, FTW. Genre breaking music, especially in regards to this particular album. The "Squarepusher Theme" is sure to get the hair on the back of the neck to stand straight up. Squarepusher is all about finding a good groove, utilizing break beat, drum and bass and mixing it with jazzy undertones to bring it all home. Check him out.

Feed Me Weird Things

Ravel - performed by: St. Martin in the Fields

[Couldn't find image of Album Cover, for now.]

What you will find are some of the better recordings on behalf of Maurice Ravel's grandest orchestral works, including 'Le Tombeau de Couperin' (in orchestral color), the 'infamous' 'String Quartet' and 'Introduction and Allegro for Harp and Orchestra'.
These versions, of the versions that I've heard, are the definitive performances and St. Martin in the Fields nails every solo, every measure, every nuance of Ravel's music with great gusto and passion. Every measure of the music pays great reverence to Ravel's sense of dynamic expression and contrast.
Ravel is perhaps my favorite composer and the orchestra plays his music as it was meant to be played.

Year: ?
Label: Sony
Genre: Classical ('impressionism')

'Le Tombeau de Couperin' (Ravel's tribute to good friends lost during World War I. Also inspired many of Stephen Sondheim's later works...especially 'A Little Night Music')

1. Prelude’ 3:13
2. Forlane’ 5:44
3. Menuet’ 4:49
4. Rigaudon’.

'String Quartet in F '- (Ravel's definitive string work which failed to bring him the 'Prix de Rome' and caused great scandal because of it. It is commonly known as one of the most beautiful and evocative string works available.)

1. Allegro Moderato - Tres Doux’. 8:22 -'String Quartet in F'
2. Assez Vif - Tres Rythme’. 6:20
3. Tres Lent’ 8:57
4. Vif Et Agite’ 5:02

'Vas Nobles es Sentimentals' - Ravel's experimental and rather defining piano works. Intriguing, simple and utterly beautiful. A bit dissonant but spoken with utmost beauty and sensitivity.

1. Modere - Tres Franc’ 1:36
2. Assez Lent’.
3. Modere’. 1:31
4. Assez Anime’.
5. Presque Lent’. 1:23
6. Vif’.
7. Moins Vif’ 3:05
8. Epilogue - Lent’.4:40

‘Introduction And Allegro For Flute, Clarinet, Harp And String Quartet'’.– 10:45

The music is harmonically playful and bitter sweet. Ravel is a master of the orchestra and utilizes it to great effect to give the music a sense of depth and quiet strength. As I mentioned before, these recordings play Ravel's music as it was meant to be heard.

Ravel - By Martin in St. Field

Toru Takemitsu - Between Tides

Toru is an often over-looked composer but still very significant. His piano works and approach to harmony have been commended by Igor Stravinsky himself. Toru grew up appreciating the impressionistic composers (such as Debussy and Ravel) and his music largely reflects a reverence for big luscious chords and imaginative music, in all. He was additionally, besides being a composer, an inventor, a writer of books and a chef!

I believe his most profound reach can be realized within the realm of music composition.

1) Romance 4:08

2) Distance De Fee 7:39

3) Hika 4:26

4) Pno Pieces For Children: Breeze 0:54

5) Pno Pieces For Children: Clouds 1:35

6) Rain Tree Sketch, SJ1010 3:59

7) From Far Beyond Chrysanthemums And November Fog, 7:01

8) Orion, SJ1019 12:06

9) Litany-In Memory Of Michael Vyner: I. Adagio 5:09

10) Litany-In Memory Of Michael Vyner: II. Lento Misterioso 5:27

11) Rain Tree Sketch II: 3:43

12) Between Tides

Year: 2001
Label: Grama
Genre: classical/ neo-classical

Between Tides- Toru Takemitsu

Venetian Snares - Chocolate Wheelchair Album

Year: 2003
Label: Planet Mu
Genre: Breakcore/ IDM ('Intelligent' Dance Music)

...Aaron Funk. Heard of him much? I can guarantee that you've never heard anything quite like Venetian Snares. This can be either good or bad, depending upon your viewpoint. Not everyone will be able to digest Venetian Snares music, but for those who try, will find something quite challenging in both attention to detail, productive scope and progressive compositional sensibilities. Venetian Snares is brilliant in the ways of percussion and rhythm. Additionally, Venetian Snares is a master of sound. Observe.

1)"Abomination Street" – 4:22
2)"Too Young" – 3:02
3)"Langside" – 3:34
4)"Einstein-Rosen Bridge" – 3:36
5)"Einstein-Rosen Bridge Dub*
6)"Hand Throw" – 5:03
7)"Epidermis" – 4:42
8)"Ghetto Body Buddy" – 4:46
9)"Sky Painted On Car" – 5:15
10)"Marty's Tardis" – 9:17
11)"Herbie Goes Ballistic" – 5:13

I realise the original album has 10 tracks only. *However, I've included the Dub mix of Einstein-Rosen Bridge for this particular upload. I hope that's alright!

Venetian Snares - Chocolate Wheelchair album

There's nowhere I can't reach.

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