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[Question] The Gamingforce Game of the Year 2017: Super Deluxe Gold Voting Edition w/ loot boxes
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Old Jan 24, 2018, 07:08 PM Local time: Jan 24, 2018, 06:08 PM 3 #1 of 21
This is gonna be a limited post because meh but here you go

FFXIV: Stormblood

Look, I just really like FFXIV. The game is a lot of fun, the world is beautiful, and the characters and story are great. Only now i get to be a Red Mage and a lot of the odd cross-class grinding is gone now, so it's even better. Stormblood brought a lot of quality of life improvements (and we're getting even more on Tuesday), and just a whole lot more of this thing i really like. I'd never be able to push it onto the top 10 list, and it being an expansion it probably wouldn't count anyway, so not using my points on it, but don't care.


As vanilla as it gets, but it works well. One of the best-designed, least-best-implemented games we've seen in a while. When you can get millions of people to keep coming back to play your buggy game filled with cheaters, you know you've got something special.

Sonic Mania

It's a great Sonic game! Does what it says on the tin, looks great, sounds amazing, and feels like i'm 5.

Golf Story

I got this right at the end of the year. It was too much fun, and i finished it within 3 days. Now i'm sad that there's no turtles left to make friends with.

Horizon Zero Dawn - 15 points

I've still only played half of this game. I played it for a week when i borrowed it from the library. Everything about it makes me want to go borrow it again and finish it, but i want to do so when i have more free time and less homework, so i still haven't done it.

Super Mario Odyssey- 25 points

Puts a silly grin on my face whenever i'm playing it, because it just feels so good. I still haven't watched a speedrun of this game, but i want to because the movement options in it are amazing. A couple of irritating minigames to very little to blunt the joy of running around this game's worlds.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - 25 points

Ignores the traditional Zelda tropes, still manages to feel completely like a Zelda game. Once you learn not to be attached to your weapons, everything flows from one stumbled discovery into the next. If it looks like a puzzle, it is, and there's a korok there. The dungeons, while fewer in number and shorter, are still a lot of fun to traverse and explore. The people of Hyrule are amazing. The kiddos are adorable.

Persona 5 - 35 points

Just... everything about this game was so good. The people are great, the music never stops being absolutely amazing, and even the dungeon exploration manages to be more fun than in previous games thanks to the stealth mechanics that let you jump on jerks and tear their masks off. i wanna play this again, but at the same time i have so many other things to play....

Jam it back in, in the dark.
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Exploding Garrmondo Weiner Interactive Swiss Army Penis > Garrmondo Entertainment > Video Gaming > [Question] The Gamingforce Game of the Year 2017: Super Deluxe Gold Voting Edition w/ loot boxes

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