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The Law of Ueki
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The Law of Ueki

The Law of Ueki is an anime involving a young man named Ueki Kousuke who believes very strongly in the concept of justice. We see the adventures of Ueki and eventually his companions as they compete in a tournament to win the blank power/talent/zai.

It turns out that just many people in the world are possessors of very strange and powerful talents that are especially handy for use in battle and the tournament in particular. In particular, Ueki's power (given to him by his teacher Kobasen) is the power to change Trash into Trees:

Over the course of time, Ueki eventually gains access to heavenly powers and treasures which are insanely powerful, expecially in combination with his power to change trash into trees.
<pics to come>
This may sound all fine and dandy for Ueki and his companions but there are other people in the world with power too. Wielding heavenly treasure and conjuring up trees sometimes just doesn't cut it against these other people. For example, this guy has the power to change gargled water into fire:

While this insane boy can turn cotton into needles:

Luckily, Ueki eventually gains various companions to help him out. Although they may not have the strongest powers, they tend to be able to pull through based on how they utilize their powers. Ueki's eventual companions are shown in the intros but if you want to spoil yourself:


Mori Ai - eventually gains an unknown power, which will be revealed in the latest episode as of this type date, around Ep. 40

Rinko Gerad - The power to turn beads into bombs. She comes up with other variants on how to use this power effectively.

Sano - The power to turn towels into steel. He is the genius of the group and uses his towel power in the most clever ways that normal people would not immediately grasp. Always thinks many steps ahead of the opponent.

Hideyoshi - The power to project one's voice into an arbitrarily placed picture and the talent of deception. His power is not for combat but usually serves as a neat escape tactic.

Tenko - Heavenly Beast that helps to awaken Ueki's Heavenly treasures

Warning: The first 11 or so episodes are a total deviant from the juicy story and significant powers. We see silly plotlines like kids that want to run as hard as they can, and the most illogical first episode featuring a doctor with a whip and a drill car. If you really want to see all these amazing powers keep watching until around Episode 12, since the arcs are approximated as follows (estimated episodes):

1-11: Aforementioned Filler

12-24: Robert's 10 Arc -> Robert Haydn is one of the most feared power users with an overwhelming special ability. On top of that, he has 10 subordinates working under him, that are all no cakewalk to defeat as well. Can Ueki overcome the 10 and face Robert himself?

25ish and onwards: God Tournament -> The Tournament for a God candidate is underway. With wacky rules and fearsome opponents, can Ueki and his new teammates outlast their many new opponents?

35ish to current: God Tournament (Marilyn Team) -> Ueki's toughest new opponents are these Battlefield masters. Armed with powerful teamwork and natural experience, the Marilyn team has the Ueki team is facing its hardest times yet! Can the group overcome the merciless Marilyn team's onslaught?

Long story short: If you want to see an anime with lots of unique powers being used in extraordinarily clever ways with seemingly-impossible situations, then give the Law of Ueki a go!

Jam it back in, in the dark.

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