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Nine tailed mutant legend
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Nine tailed mutant legend

Nine tailed mutant legend

By Kris Garrett

A boy walks through the forest alone, he comes across a lake and stops. He picks up a few stones and throws them into the lake.

he watches as the stones skip across the lake and sink eventually. The boy wear's the leaf village headband. He looks at his reflection in the lake to see his spiky blond hair and blue eyes, staring back at him. Naruto looks up at the moon with a slight smile.

"Man I wonder what is taking Sakura so long, she was supposed to meet me here." Naruto says to himself.

Naruto just lays on his back and looks up at the dark sky. a few seconds pass and something begins to form in the sky in front of Naruto. He jumps up a little startled.

"What the heck is that." Naruto thinks to himself.

More energy builds up and it forms a portal. Naruto stands his ground as he sees soldiers in gold jump from inside the portal. Naruto looks at them and guesses there must at least be 30 of them.

The portal closes shortly after.

"Well well you must be Uzumaki right!" The leading knight asks.

"What how do you know who I am, and what do you want?" Naruto asks sounding nervous.

"I am Azun the commander of the D.R.K army, we come from another world to obtain the nine tailed fox inside of you." Azun says with a smile.

"I'm sorry but I can't let that happen, how do you know so much about me?" Naruto asks.

"All will be explained when needed, but for now you are coming with us." Azun yells in demand.

Azun pulls out his blade and points it at Naruto.

"Well are you coming or am I going to half to do this the hard way?" Azun asks.

"I don't know why your here, but I'm not going anywhere." Naruto yells.

"The king of our world wants your incredible power, so you leave me no choice." Azun tells.

Azun charges toward Naruto and knocks him down. Naruto is out of breath after being hit, he tries to get up but the commander picks him up by the throwt and slams him to the ground. He then picks him up by his neck and throws him into a tree.

"How pathetic, I expected more of a match from what I heard." Azun laughs.

Naruto's eyes open, as he tries to get on his feet but falls down from the pain.

"How do you have such incredible strength?" Naruto struggles to say as blood falls from his mouth.

"What do you think, the king of our world has me and my men travel around the galaxy, in search for the most powerful fighters. After defeating them, he has the ability to drain there amazing power away and use it to his advantage." Azun explains.

"That didn't answer my question, were did you get your strength?" Naruto asks loudly.

"our master keeps most of the energy for himself, but he donates to us to create a stronger army." Azun explains.

"So your telling me you go around taking the power of great fighters, so tell me why." Naruto asks.

"Our plan is to take over a few planets including this one, the people will be our slaves. With the heroes who can stop us out of the way, it will be a walk in the park." Azun explains.

"I will not let you get away with this!" Naruto says as he slowly gets on his feet.

He wipes the blood from his mouth, he tries hard to keep himself up.

"Oh but you will... you really aren't a threat, and there is only one more source of power we need besides yours." Azun says with a laugh.

Naruto thinks to himself in horror as he knows all of his chokra was knocked out of him, after the small beating he took.

"Ah sir commander, what about the mutant D.N.A. that we need to collect?" One of his men asks.

"You can head to that planet alone, that should be an easy task for you." Azun says to one of his knights.

"Alright yes sir." He responds.

Naruto begins glowing red as he yells, everyone's attention turns to him.

"Oh yes, it must be the power of the nine tailed fox!" Azun says looking amazed.

"Shadow clown jutsu." Naruto yells.

there are now ten Naruto standing before them. Azun opens a portal and directs one of his soldiers to enter.

"This portal leads to the creatures city, remember when you get there they will be located in the sewer's." Azun tells the one knight.

The knight jumps into the air to enter the portal.

"Oh no you don't." The real Naruto yells.

He jumps up to try and grab the knight, but instead he is to sucked into the vortex. The portal shuts behind them as the nine clones turn to dust.

"Noooo, he got away and I don't have enough energy to create another portal for another few hours damn!!!!" Azun yells in anger.

"Hey Naruto is that you." a female voice calls out.

Azun and his minions hide in nearby trees.

"I'm sorry I'm so late Naruto." Sakura says as she walks up to the lake.

She is holding a basket with food inside of it. she looks around but see's know one.

"Naruto I know your here, so stop hiding I heard your voice." Sakura yells.

Sakura pulls out a blanket and spreads it out over the grass and sits down. Azun looks down from the tree he hides in.

"Hmm she must be Uzumaki's girl friend, I have to give it to him the kids got taste." Azun says to himself.

Minuets pass and at this point Sakura has had enough.

"Alright since you want to be a jerk and not show yourself, I'm just going to leave." Sakura yells out.

She picks up the basket and blanket and leaves.

"Hey sir besides Naruto who is the last hero we must encounter?" A knight asks nearby.

"He carries the power of the triforce of courage, his name is Link." Azun says quietly.

"After your power builds up, we are going after Naruto first right." The knight asks.

"Yes of course." Azun replies.

New York city

A portal opens over the huge city and out falls Naruto and a knight. They fall into the water of the docks. Naruto quickly forms a few of himself using his clone jutsu. His clones surround the knight and pull him under water to try and drown him.

His clones hold him under for over three minutes. he is not dead but unconious. His clones then disappear. Naruto gets out of the ocean and pulls the knight out of the water. He leaves his body on the docks as he walks off to explore.

"I'm such an idiot now how the heck am I supposed to get home, this place looks different then back at home." Naruto says to himself.

As Naruto walks down a street he see's a guy hand another guy some money, and after receiving the money, that man hands him something that looks like sugar in a plastic bag. Naruto just ignores them and continues walking.

"This is insane I'm in a place were I know no one, the best thing to do at this point would be to go find those creatures that Azun guy was talking about." Naruto suggest to himself.

"Please no I wasn't giving away the purple dragons secrets, you have the wrong guy." A man yells as he is being beat viciously.

Naruto watches from a far with anger in his eyes. Without much thinking Naruto wants to help the man, so he runs in that direction. The man is now bleeding from his nose and head from the injuries. Members of the purple dragons continue to beat on him.

"Hey that aint very nice." A voice says aloud.

"Yeah you dudes need to be taught a lesson." Another voice says.

The purple dragons stop beating on the man to see were the voices are coming from.

From behind a dumpster out jumps Michelangelo and Raphael.

"Oh darn it's the turtles." One of the men yells.

Naruto stops running and just looks at the two turtles. Raph and Mikey quickly take out the gang in under two minutes. The purples dragons retreat afterwards. Michelangelo helps the man to his feet.

"You will be ok now dude, just stay off of the streets for ah while." Mikey says.

"Stay away from me you freak." The man yells as he runs away.

"Why can't humans just not freak out for once." Raphael says cracking his Knuckles.

Naruto begins clapping, Mikey and Raph quickly pull out there weapons. Raphael looks over to see a fifteen year old boy. He puts his Sais away.

"Ah hey kid I don't know why you are out on the streets this time of night, you should be home with your folks." Raphael says to Naruto.

"I'm impressed by your ninja skills, you must be the creatures Azun spoke of." Naruto tells.

"What the shell are you talking about?" Raphael asks looking very confused.

Michelangelo walks up next to Raphael.

"I am Naruto I come from another planet, Azun sent one of his minions to destroy and get DNA of four creatures who live in the sewer of this world!!" Naruto explains.

"Nice try dude but your human which means you are from this world." Michelangelo says.

"But wait a second Mikey, he wasn't afraid when he saw us and the thing about four creatures, we fit that profile." Raphael explains.

"Ok then Naruto, tell us what you know." Mikey says.

Naruto tells them everything thing from the begining from when they tried to attack him at the leaf village.

"And that is when I ended up here." Naruto says.

"How do we know that any of that is true, I mean can you show us proof of this demon inside of you?" Raphael asks.

Naruto focuses and a red energy field glows around him. Raphael and Michelangelo's eyes widen.

"Hey I'll even show you two the clone Jutsu I told you about... Shadow clone jutsu!!" Naruto yells.

He forms twenty of himself.

"Amazing your one cool dude!!" Mikey says amazed.

"That's enough kid, I think I speak for myself and Mikey when I say we believe what you have told us." Raphael says.

Naruto goes back to normal.

"Now what happens?" Naruto asks.

"Well obviously you don't have a place to stay, so you can just come back to the lair with us." Michelangelo suggest.

"Good idea, in the morning we need to discuss a plan for stopping those guy's!" Raphael says.

"Oh yeah by the way I'm Michelangelo, but you can call me Mikey." Michelangelo says to Naruto.

The two shake hands. Raphael to properly introduces himself to Naruto. Mikey tells Naruto the story how they are mutated turtles.

"I can't wait to meet your sensei and brothers, even though you guys don't use energy attacks you fight well, you took those dragon guys out quick!" Naruto says.

Mikey pulls the sewer lid off and jumps in, Naruto and Raph follow afterwards.


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This was the only way I could get myself to read this at this hour.

Get the Flash Player to play this audio file:

13 minutes of slow boring choppy droll. I am horrible.

This thing is sticky, and I don't like it. I don't appreciate it.
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That was funny AcerBandit

Nine tailed mutant legend

CHP 2: A Dark Knight

Naruto, Michelangelo and Raphael enter the sewer. They begin walking in the cold dirty water.

“Your life story is pretty amazing dude; it is nice to meet a ninja from another world.” Michelangelo says.

“I still can’t believe I’m even here, this is all so very weird.” Naruto replies.

“Yeah I know, I wonder what the others will think about all of this.” Mikey emphasizes.

“You said one of those guys followed you onto our planet right?” Raphael asks.

“Yeah one of those crepes followed me through the portal, don’t worry I defeated him.” Naruto tells.

The three ninja’s hear a weird sound, coming from further in the sewer, it echoes.

“That sounds like a dieing Dinosaur.” Raphael says.

The three can tell that something is coming, from that direction at them fast. The sewer water is splashing and getting louder. Raphael reaches for his Sais, but is knocked down with Naruto by a large tail. The creature runs up to Mikey, grabs him by his neck and slams him into a pipe. Michelangelo falls unconscious. Raphael and Naruto get up.

“This guy looks like some type of mutated Croc or Lizard.” Raph says pulling out his Sais and charging the creature.

He stabs his Sais into the creatures back; he quickly pulls them out afterwards. The creature’s blood splashes into Raphael’s face. He grabs Raph by his legs and throws him into Naruto. Raphael falls, but Naruto doesn’t.

“Shadow clone Jutsu!!” Naruto yells.

He creates 15 clones of himself. Two of the clones grab it’s tail, and spin him around. The clones throw him into the air, and five clones jump up and kick him into a pipe, which breaks on impact. The creature gets up and destroys a few clones, he than slashes the real Naruto on his chest. The ninja falls to his knees in pain, as blood falls from his chest. The creature runs off, and something falls from its shirt. Naruto places his hand on his bloody chest. Raphael walks up next to Naruto.

“Are you alright Naruto?” Raphael asks in concern.

“Yeah I’m fine, but what was that thing?” Naruto asks.

“I don’t know.” Raphael shrugs his shoulders.

Raphael walks over to pick up what the creature dropped. He picks it up and looks at it for a second.

“So what does it say?” Naruto asks, still holding his chest.

“It says Dr. Curt Conner’s, who the shell is that.” Raphael says aloud.

“So what is that, it’s dark and I can hardly see?” Naruto asks.

“It’s a name tag maybe that is his name.” Raphael suggest.

The two can hear a sewer lid being removed, as the creature exits the sewer.

“We need to get to the lair.” Raph says.

He helps Naruto to his feet, he then picks up Mikey and they head to the lair. Within minutes they arrive to the front entrance, Raphael punches in the code. The door opens, and Raphael enters with Naruto by his side. Leonardo rushes over to Raphael.

“What happened Raph, and who is this?” Are you ok?” Leo asks.

“Let me clean up and I will tell you what’s up.” Raphael says, as he lays Mikey on the couch.

Raphael then heads to the bathroom and washes the creature’s blood off of his face, and ninja mask. After doing so, he heads to the front room, where Donatello is questioning Naruto. Raphael joins the conversation, and tells Leo and Don about the ninja’s journey. Don places a cold rag on the head of Mikey; Leo is amazed at Naruto’s abilities.

“Raphael and Michelangelo earlier told me about your Sensei.” Where is he?” Naruto asks.

“He is currently in Japan, having a little break from New York.” And what did this to Mikey?” Donatello asks.

“I don’t know what it was.” Raphael answers.

He throws the name tag to Donatello.

“That came off of it.” Raphael says.

Leonardo gets Naruto a few bandages to wrap around his chest. Naruto takes off his shirt and does just that. He puts it back on afterwards. Donatello pulls up Dr. Conner’s page.

“I’ve got an address for a lab, this guy works there.” Donatello says.

“He looked nothing like a man when we encountered him.” Raph says in anger.

“Lets not make assumptions yet; maybe that is one of his experiments.” Donatello suggests.

He then prints out the address. Leonardo grabs the printed paper.

“I’m going to go check out this lab, I want you all to stay here and hold the fort.” Leonardo says.

Leo then exits the turtle’s lair.

“So Naruto are you hungry?” What do you like to eat?” Donatello asks.

“I love Ramen noodles, but wait do you guys even have that in this world?” Naruto asks.

“Yeah of course we do, I’ll make you some right away.” Donatello says.

Donny heads over to the kitchen area. Michelangelo wakes up, takes the rag off of his head and sits up.

“Wow I’m back at the lair, what happened?” Mikey asks.

“Don’t worry, the creature ran off and we returned here.” Raphael explains.

Naruto and Raphael sit down next to Mikey, and Raph turns on the T.V.

On the street tops

Leo sticks to the Shadows of the streets. He makes his way to the roof tops, but is immediately stopped in his tracks.

“So you must be one of the four creatures that I have come to collect.” The Knight says.

“So you’re the guy Naruto spoke of, how did you find me so quickly?” Leonardo asks.

“I hold a device that tracks down, your type of DNA sequence.” The Knight tells.

Leo pulls out his two Katana swords. The Knight pulls out a long blade.

“I hate to do things the hard way, but oh well I will enjoy this.” The Knight says smiling under his armor.

Back in the Sewer

“Hey Naruto, it seems we are out of noodles.” So I’m going on the surface, a few blocks from here is a restaurant that serves the best Ramen.” Donatello says.

“Alright, but how about I come with you?” Naruto asks.

“Yeah sounds good, hey Raph and Mikey, you two can stay here and watch the place.” Donatello says.

“No prob.” Raph says switching the channel.

Donatello puts on a hat and jacket to disguise himself. Naruto and Don then head out.

“I’m going to keep my eye on Naruto, It’s a bit strange how he just got to this planet and met up with us so quickly.” Raphael tells Michelangelo.

“Are you saying you don’t trust him?” Mikey asks.

“For now yes, we need to be on guard.” Raphael replies.

On the surface

The Knight swings his sword at the turtle, Leo blocks the blades force, with a katana. Leo cuts the Knights blade in half, and kicks him to the ground.

“Oooh so you are much tougher than I thought you’d be, and I thought it would be simple taking the four of you out.” The Knight says.

“Why don’t you just leave this planet, and never come back.” Leonardo demands.

The knight laughs at Leo’s remark.

“You have the heart of a weak, worthless person.” The knight says aloud.

“Bad choice pal, bad choice.” Leo adds.

The Knight’s eyes turn red, he gets on his feet and begins transforming.

“This can’t be good.” Leonardo says, in a nervous tone.

Time passes, and when the transformation is complete, an 80 Ft snake stands before Leo. The Snake hisses forcefully.

“Let’s dance freak.” Leo says charging the snake.

“There’s the restaurant, trust me Naruto; they have some of the greatest Ramen you will ever taste!” Donatello says.

A woman comes crying out of the restaurant. Seven men come out as well following her.

“You worthless bitch, you messed everything up.” A guy says, hitting her across her face.

“What were you doing giving away the bosses secrets.” Another guy says, throwing her to the ground.

Naruto is about to jump in, but Don grabs him by his arm.

“Not yet.” Don says, holding Naruto back.

The manager of the restaurant comes outside.

“Leave that poor girl alone.” He says in a low tone.

“I don’t see how any of this is your business old man, so get your ass back inside.” A man says.

The manager quickly heads in. A black car drives past the restaurant, but in seconds it turns back around. A man steps out of the vehicle, as the vehicle drives off. He makes his way toward the seven men. He looks down at the girl.

“I’m sorry you had to go through this.” He says.

He puts her arm around his shoulder, and picks her up.

“So what’s your name?” He asks.

“Amaya.” She answers.

“Who the hell are you?” Hand over the girl, or you’re a dead man.” One of the guy’s says, pulling out a gun.

1 out of the 7 men notices a name tag on the guy.

“So your name is Bruce, I suggest you take yourself back to weir you came from.” The guy says.

The woman runs to her car and drives off.

“Well gentle men she got away, what are we to do now.” One of the guys says as he smiles.

Bruce takes off his tie and throws it to the ground.

“What are you waiting for?” Bruce asks.

Two of the men run toward him, Bruce jumps 12 ft into the air landing in the middle of the seven men.

“Donatello, we really should help this guy.” Naruto suggest.

“Not yet, let’s see what happens.” Donatello responds.

Bruce kicks two guys into the trash jumps up, and bicycle kicks another guy into the window of the restaurant. The guy goes straight through the window and falls unconscious. Bruce jumps up and kicks another guy 6 ft into the air. He falls on top of the two guys in the trash. The three remaining men stare at Bruce for a few seconds before running off. Bruce picks up his tie, and puts it back on. After doing so, he walks into the restaurant.

“That guy is not too bad.” Naruto thinks.

As Bruce passes the front door, the last guy gets up and exits the diner. Once outside, he sprints away. A woman screams from a dark alley. Naruto and Donatello look in that direction to see the lizard run by.

“Here is some money; this will get your Ramen.” I’m going after that creature.” Donatello says.

“No it can wait I’m going with you, please you might need my help.” Naruto says.

“Ok.” Don says in agreement.

Bruce looks out of the window and can see the creature disappear into the dark city. Bruce quickly writes a check and gives it to the manager.

“This is for any damage caused.” Bruce says.

Bruce exits afterwards, Donatello and Naruto are no where in sight.

Leonardo pulls his swords out of the snake.

“Alright, now that he has been taken care of, I can head to Dr. Conner’s lab.” Leo says in relief.

Leo places his swords into his sheath, and continues his way to the lab.

Donatello and Naruto catch up with the Lizard. Naruto creates a few clones that knock him over. Donatello throws off his hat and jacket. The Lizard quickly gets up, and lets out a loud sound.

“Hey Donatello stay back, this guy is mine.” Naruto says.

The clones throw shurikens at the Lizard, he dodges a few but is stabbed by the rest. Naruto jumps up and kicks Lizard into a brick wall. A huge crack is left in the wall. Lizard pulls the Shurikens out of his body, and throws them. He gets rid of 5 clones. Naruto and his two remaining clones run over and begin fighting Lizard. In seconds Lizard destroys the two clones with his tail.

“Naruto is an amazing ninja, very impressive.” Donatello thinks to himself.

Naruto slams his knee into Lizards chest and before landing kicks him into the air. Naruto then jumps above Lizard and kicks him into a park bench, which shatters on impact. The Lizard gets up showing no pain.

“You’ve got to be kidding; this guy just won’t give up.” Naruto thinks in frustration.

Naruto and the Lizard run at each other at top speed. Lizard bites into Naruto shoulder, and throws him to the ground. Lizard attempts to jump on Naruto, but something wraps around Lizards neck and pulls him back. He is thrown to the ground. A bat figure glides down.

“What the heck is that, Naruto watch out!!” Donatello yells.

The bat figure hits the ground, and helps Naruto to his feet.

“Who are you?” Naruto asks.

“I’m Batman.”

To Be Continue

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Nine tailed mutant legend

CHP3: Drained out

“Stay back kid, I’ll take care of this.” Batman demands.

“This guy is tough; you won’t be able to take him by yourself.” Naruto yells.

“Did you not just hear what I said?” Batman says in anger.

Batman runs toward the Lizard throws two batarangs, which explode when they hit the Lizard. The Lizard is knocked to the ground, Batman then stabs a needle into its arm. Batman steps back as the creature turns into a human, within a matter of seconds. Naruto runs up next to Batman.

“Are you feeling ok Mr. Conner’s?” Batman asks.

“What and who are you?” Where am I?” Dr. Conner’s asks.

“Just stay calm, you will be ok.”

Dr. Conners gets up and runs away.

“I’ll stop him, you stay here.” Naruto says to Batman.

But the ninja is grabbed by his shirt before he can run.

“What are you doing, he is going to get away!” Naruto yells.

“Let him, this transformation of his tonight was not his fault.” A magician named Erv caused this.” Batman explains.

Donatello picks up his jacket and hat, puts them on as he approaches Naruto and Batman.

“Alright I’m just confused now.” Naruto says.

“I’ll make this short and easy for you to understand, the man you just saw created a lizard sequence which mutated him a long time ago.” But he found a cure for it, so he has been living a normal life these days, until Erv came to this city.” With his magic he created a relapse in Conners body, which is why you encountered him tonight in that lizard forum.” Batman tells.

Donatello pulls out his staff.

“I will ask you once and only once, who are you?” And what are you doing in New York?” Donatello asks.

“I’m after a mad man, and once I get him I’ll leave.” Batman answers.

Batman is a bit confused as he looks at Donatello.

“So what’s the story behind you?” Batman asks.

“It’s not important right now, a lot is going on.” This guy here Naruto comes from another world, and there are guys out to kill us both.” Donatello says.

“I think I figured him not being a normal human from seeing him fight.” Batman tells.

“Hey Batman, maybe you can help us fight off Azun and his minions?” Naruto asks.

“You’re Batman?” I didn’t know or I wouldn’t have questioned you, I’ve read about you.” So you’re from Gotham?” Donatello asks.

“Yes that’s right.” Batman replies.

Batman throws a device to Naruto.

“If you need my help, just press the button.” Batman says.

Batman pulls out his grappler and is on the roof tops in seconds. Donny pulls out his cell shell and contacts Leo. Donny tells his brother what had just happened, and that he did not need to go to the lab.

“So what do we do now?” Naruto asks.

“Let’s go get your ramen and than head back to the lair.” Donny replies.

Lin Kuei temple

Worlds away

A portal opens over the Lin Kuei temple. Azun as well as three knights exit the portal, it closes behind them. The air is cold with a heavy wind. The four can see Lin Kuei ninjas training outside.

“Do you think one of them is him?” One of the Knights asks.

“No, these are just normal ninjas.” Sub Zero will most likely be found inside.” Azun replies.

“So what abilities does he have?” Another Knight asks.

“He can freeze you solid, I will take care of him myself, and the three of you can just stand by.” Azun says.

Azuns communicator device shakes. He presses a button to speak.

“This is Azun, what’s going on?” Azun speaks.

“Great news sir, the leaf village has taken a fall.” Tsunade there leader has surrendered!!” A Knight tells.

“Great I will speak with you again later.” Azun ends the conversation.

Azun and the three knights come to the front entrance of the temple, where a Lin Kuei ninja is guarding.

“Let us through, we are here to see someone.” Azun demands.

“You may not enter, your not Lin Kuei members.” The ninja responds.

The ninja is punched through the door, as Azun and the Knights walk over his dead carcass. They walk down a few halls before reaching the main room.

“I take it you are the leader of the Lin Kuei?” Azun asks.

“I am the grandmaster, but how did you get in here, you were not invited.” The Grandmaster asks.

“Make it easy for us old man, where is the one called Sub Zero?” Azun demands.

“Sub Zero is currently on a mission.” The Grandmaster tells.

“You better not be lying to me, or you’re a dead man.” Azun says.

An ice ball comes in the room at a high speed, hits one of the knights. He is frozen solid. A ninja jumps up and kicks the frozen knight; his icy body is broken into many pieces.

“Sub Zero I presume?” Azun asks.

“Yes I am the Lin Kuei fighter, known as Sub Zero.” Sub Zero replies.

“Impressive, boys stand back, this guy is mine.” Azun smiles as he cracks his knuckles.

Sub Zero shoots an ice blast as Azun, but a force field appears around him, blocking it. Azun teleports behind Sub Zero and elbows him in the head. The ninja crashes to the ground. Sub Zero quickly gets up. He throws a punch at Azun, but it is caught his hand is then crushed. Sub Zero falls to his knees, Azun lets go of his hand and kicks him twelve feet into the air. Sub Zero lands on his back, and is slow to get up. Azun runs at the ninja at top speed, Sub Zero jumps back and creates an ice clone. Azun runs right into it, and is frozen in place. Sub Zero punches right through it, and Azun’s body is shattered. But in seconds, the icy parts form back together and the ice melts. Azun stands there before Sub Zero laughing.

“Impossible you’re just a human!!” Sub Zero says in disbelief.

“I may look like one, but I have many different abilities.” Just Surrender Lin Kuei fighter.” Azun suggests.

“I never give up.” Sub Zero says.

One of the Knights runs behind Sub Zero and grabs his arms.

“Do it now Azun!!” The knight yells.

Azun walks up to Sub Zero, and places his hands on his chest. In Seconds a huge light appears, as Azun begins to drain life out of Sub Zero. Sub Zero yells out in pain as Azun laughs. The remaining knight puts a force field around the grandmaster, incase he attempts to help Sub Zero. In about three minutes it is over, the Knight lets go of Sub Zero and he falls to the ground.

“What have you done to him?” The grandmaster asks in anger.

“I just drained him of his ability to freeze, it is my power now.” He will never gain it back.” Azun tells as he laughs.

Azun freezes a nearby wall; he then picks up Sub Zero by his head. He throws Sub Zero through the wall; the ninja falls sixty five feet before falling into a pond.

“Good bye Lin Kuei warrior!” Azun says with a laugh.

The Knight takes the shield off of the grandmaster. Azun then freezes him to his chair.

“You monsters won’t get away with this.” The grandmaster says aloud.

“Oh but we will old man, lets go boys and charc, mark Sub Zero off of the list.” Azun says.

“Yes sir.” The Knight says putting a line through Sub Zero’s name.

A few Lin Kuei ninjas enter the room.

“Grandmaster we have a dead member at the front entra..” The ninja is cut off when he sees a hole in the wall and there master iced to a chair.

“If you men value your lives, you will step aside and let us leave.” Azun smiles.

The ninjas step aside as Azun and his two remaining knights exit the temple. The ninjas get the ice off of there master.

“Should we go after them master?” One of the ninjas asks.

“No he is to powerful, we will think up a plan.” He killed Sub Zero.” The Grandmaster says sadly.

“No way, are you sure?” The Ninja asks sounding confused.

“Yes I watched him.” The grandmaster replies.

Outside of the temple

Azun opens his communicator device to contact the king. They talk for a little bit, before coming to an end.

“So what does he want us to do now?” One of the knights asks.

“He is sending four million soldiers to this planet, we are going to invade and take over this planet like the last one.” Azun tells.

“Have Zelda and Link been taken care of?” A knight asks.

“I haven’t spoken with the squad responsible for those two, but I’m sure they have.” Azun replies.

“Good, everything seems to be working in are favor.” The other knight says.

“Let’s take a look around this continent, who knows we might find other fighters that aren’t on this list.” Azun says.

Azun contacts a few more knights to head to the planet Naruto escaped to. Azun and the two knights are far from the Lin Kuei temple in minutes.

Back in New York

Naruto is sitting at a table in the turtle’s lair eating his ramen.

“So Donny what was he like, is he like what the myths say?” Mikey asks in excitement.

“We kind of have more important matters to discuss, like about the guys who are trying to kill us.” Donatello says.

“Didn’t Leo take care of that guy?” Mikey asks.”

“Yes he did, but who’s to say they won’t send more.” Donny says.

“Where the TMNT, we can handle anything that comes are way.” Mikey says with pride.

“Ok Mikey whatever helps you sleep at night.” Donny says as he walks off.

“What did I say wrong?” Mikey asks.

Naruto finishes his ramen and then throws the plastic plate away. He heads over to the couch and sits down next to Raph. Raphael hands the remote to Naruto.

“You can watch whatever you want; I’m tired of watching the news.” Raphael says.

Just than the T.V. and a few lights in the lair shut off. A portal opens over the lair.

“Oh crud, that must be them.” Raphael says pulling out his Sais.

Ten knights jump out of the portal, as it closes behind them. Don, Leo and Mikey also pull out there weapons.

“Well well, it looks like we have Uzumaki and the turtle creatures all in one package.” He wants Naruto alive, but kill the turtles.” The leading knight says.

Naruto begins forming a Rasengan, but is knock into a table before completely finishing. Mikey punches one of the Knights, but pulls back in pain.

“What are you guy’s made of?” Mikey says.

“We are stronger than the knight you previously encountered.” The knight says punching mikey through a wall.

At a nearby restaurant

Bruce Wayne is being questioned by reporters as he enters.

“Mr. Wayne what brings you to New York?” Someone asks.

“No comment.” Bruce replies as he enters.

He walks over to a table where a woman is sitting alone. He then sits down next to her.

“I was wondering if you were going to even show up Bruce.” The woman says.

“Any luck finding Erv Zatanna?” Bruce asks.

“My plane just got here, about two hours ago, let’s try and relax.” Zatanna says.

“I’ll relax once we have him.” Bruce says angrily.

“Just take it easy for a little bit ok.” Zatanna smiles.

She rubs her hand over his.

“Ok whatever you say.” Bruce says in a tone of disagreement.

Both of them pick up a menu to see what they are going to eat. Within five minutes something begins to shake in Bruce’s pocket. He looks to see that it is the bat beeper.

“I’m sorry Zatanna something urgent has come up, I have to go.” Bruce says getting up from his chair.

“What is it now?” Zatanna asks rolling her eyes.

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll see you later.” Bruce says.

He gives her the money for her dinner and then leaves.

Back in the turtles lair

Naruto and Michelangelo kick a knight into a puddle of sewer water. Naruto forms the Rasengan, and smashes it right into the knight’s chest.

“One down, nine to go, good job Naruto.” Michelangelo says.

Raph, Leo, and Don are thrown into Naruto and Mikey. The five of them lay in a corner together. The Nine Knights begin to create a huge blast together.

“Oh shell this doesn’t look good!” Mikey says in horror.

To be continue

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Nine tailed mutant legend

CHP4: New dimension

Raphael throws a Sai at a nearby book shelf. It tips over and falls on the Knights. The five ninjas then get up; Raph goes over and grabs his Sai. The book shelf is picked up and thrown across the room by one of the knights.

The nine Knights begin there attack on the ninjas.

“We are so out numbered, but we can still win.” Mikey smiles.

Naruto jumps over Michelangelo creating a clone, he starts fighting two of the knights. The turtles join him. Donatello throws a punch at a Knight, only to get it grabbed. The Knight picks up Dony and throws him into there TV. Dony pulls out his staff and gets up.

Naruto’s clone is destroyed; one of the Knights holds Naruto above the ground. The other knight continuously punches him in the stomach. Leo runs over to try and help Naruto, but he is grabbed by his neck and thrown into a wall. Leonardo falls unconscious.

Raphael tries to stab his Sais into a Knight, but it doesn’t work.

“What are these guys made of, it’s like there invincible.” Raphael says aloud.

Raphael’s Sais are knocked out of his hand, he is then chock slammed into a table. Mikey knocks over the Knight that was punching on Naruto. The knight holding Naruto picks him up, and throws him into Donatello who is fighting another knight. A knight punches Raphael in the stomach, before knocking him to the ground. Raphael spits out blood and gets up. The knight slams his fist into Raphael’s face, this time he knocks him out.

Mikey, Don, and Naruto get together. Naruto begins forming the Rasengan, but is knocked over with Don and Mikey.

“This is almost too easy; I heard so many stories about you Naruto.” You creatures are just as pathetic as the kid; I expected a fight from you all. The knight says in disappointment.

One of the knights spits on Naruto.

“Hey you can’t do that.” Donatello yells as he jumps up.

A knight pulls out his blade; he stabs Dony in the stomach. He then grabs the turtles head and knee’s him in the face. Donatello falls to the ground, bleeding from his stomach and face. Naruto begins to get angry; a red energy field appears around him. One tail of the demon fox sticks out in the back.

“Wow what’s happening to you dude?” Mikey asks Naruto.

“Stay back Michelangelo, I’ll destroy them all.” Naruto says in a dark voice.

The nine knights smile.

“We finally see your true power.” The leading knight says.

Naruto jumps up and kicks three knights into sewer water. A second tail appears on Naruto. Naruto punches another knight into the ceiling. The leading knight shoots energy rings from his hand; they wrap around Naruto and tighten. The energy field around Naruto disappears, and so do the tails. The rings drain the anger and energy out of Naruto. He falls to the ground unconscious. The main knight opens a portal.

“Grab the boy and let’s go!!” The leading knight yells.

“What about the turtle creature’s sir?” Another knight asks.

“Forget about them, Naruto is more important at the time.” The leading knight tells.

The knight grabs Naruto, and the nine of them head for the portal. As the leading knight is about to step into the portal, something hits him in the head. He falls to the ground. The eight knights look around to see who could have done it, but they see no one. The knight picks up the object that hit him in the head. It is shaped like a bat. Just then Batman glides down from a dark corner of pipes.

“What the hell is that?” A knight asks, pulling out his sword.

“Put the kid down.” I won’t ask twice.” Batman says in his dark tone.

“Wow Batman, thank goodness you’re here.” Did you bring backup, because these guys are tough.” Michelangelo asks, with a little relief in the situation.

The knights drop Naruto.

“Boys, destroy this Batman.” The leading knight says with a smile.

Michelangelo gets up, and runs next to Batman. Batman throws smoke bombs at the eight. They begin coughing. Batman runs in and knocks them over. Michelangelo passes Batman and begins fighting the leader. The eight knights get up and begin fighting Batman. Donatello gets on his feet, to aid Batman. Michelangelo is thrown across the room. Batman places a bat bomb on a knight. It goes off and blows the knights chest open. He falls to the ground dead. Mikey throws water on both Raph and Leo, they both wake up. Raphael picks up his Sais.

“It looks like Batman is here, good we need the help.” Leo says.

Raphael runs over to try and get the rings off of Naruto. The rings shock Raph, and he is shot backwards. A knight pulls his sword high in the air, in an attempt to cut Batman’s head off. Something sticky pulls the sword out of his hand. Someone comes swinging into the room. Batman looks up.

“What is he doing here!!” Batman thinks.

The figure webs a knight to a wall.

“You’ve got to be kidding, dudes it’s Spiderman!!” Michelangelo says in excitement.

Two of the knights turn into birds. Batman turns around to see Zatanna. The knight rips out of Spidey’s web. The leading knight’s eyes are wide. He picks up Naruto.

“All knights retreat now!!” He yells

Batman pulls out his grappler. He shoots the grappler ground the knight’s leg. Batman pulls back as the knight jumps in the portal with Naruto. The portals force pulls Batman, Naruto and the knight inside.

“Well we can’t help staying here.” Raphael says jumping in the portal.

The remaining five knights, jump in as well. The portal then begins to close.

“Let’s go guys.” Michelangelo yells.

He grabs Spiderman and Zatanna the three jump in, together. Leonardo and Donatello enter last, it shuts behind them.

Dimension worlds away

A portal opens over a field, out fall Naruto, Batman, and one knight. The portal shuts behind them, Naruto’s eyes open.

“Hey what’s going on?” Where am I?” Naruto asks.

He gets no response. Naruto tries to get himself out of the power rings, but he can’t. The knight pulls out a sharp blade and charges Batman, who is standing near a cliff. As he approaches, Batman grabs him and throws him off the cliff. Batman looks down as he falls. When the knight hits the ground, the rings around Naruto dissolve. Naruto then gets up off of the ground. Batman walks up to Naruto.

“So where is everyone else?” Naruto asks.

“They must be back in the sewer, we are on another planet.” Batman answers.

“What we are, man that sucks.” How did this happen?” Naruto asks.

Batman explains it to him.

“Lets look around; maybe we can find someone that can help.” Batman suggests.

Naruto and Batman are walking on the plains. Naruto looks up to see the sunset. Batman and Naruto walk into a forest.

“Hey Naruto stop for a second, I think we are being followed.” Batman says.

“What makes you think that?” Naruto asks.

Batman throws a batarang at a nearby bush. Someone jumps out of the bush, long blades shoot out of there arms.

“You’re a smart guy, I’m a Tarkada.” I work for Baraka, I kill trespassers like you.” The Tarkada tells.

“I got this one Batman.” Naruto says.

“Your crazy little boy, I will cut you into small pieces.” The Tarkada says.

Naruto creates two clones that begin fighting him. While his clones fight, he creates a rasengan. The Tarkada destroys the clones quickly.

“What kind of joke was that, now I’m going to rip your heart out kid.” The Tarkada threatens.

“Whatever you say!” Naruto says aloud.

He runs at the Tarkada, and slams the rasengan into his stomach. The Tarkada falls to the ground hard, but is not dead. Naruto stands there for a few seconds.

“What are you waiting for, finish me?” The Tarkada yells.

Batman walks passed Naruto; he picks up the Tarkada and ties him up to a tree.

“You will regret leaving me alive.” The Tarkada tells Batman.

“I doubt that.” Batman says tightening the rope.

Naruto and Batman continue walking, until they come up to a sign. It reads “Shaolin Temple ahead.”

“Lets follow this; maybe we can get some help at this temple.” Batman says.

Naruto agrees with him, and they stay to the path.

A Portal opens over a lake

Zatanna, Leo, Raph, Don, Mikey, and Spiderman fall into a lake. The portal shuts behind them. The six swim to shore and get out.

“I want to know how you two ended up in are home, back in New York.?” Leonardo asks.

“Well I was out patrolling the city, when I spotted Batman entering the sewers.” We have teamed up a few times.” I was making sure he didn’t need my help, I also found it weird that he was in New York.” I met her in the sewer; she was following bats as well.” Spiderman tells.

“Ok, so how about you?” Leo asks Zatanna.

“I came to New York with Batman, to try and stop an evil magician.” Must I say more; by the way I’m Zatanna.” She responds.

The sun is down, and the sky is dark. The moon shines in the dark sky.

“This is very strange; I wonder what happened to Batman, Naruto, and those Knights.” Donatello says.

“I’m sure there fine, I know Batman, he is a tough guy that can take care of himself.” Spiderman adds.

Michelangelo walks over to Spiderman introducing himself.

“I say we have a look around, maybe we can find Naruto and the bat.” Raphael suggests.

They all agree and begin walking.

Portal opens over Azun

Five knights come out of it as it shuts.

“What’s going on, where are you warriors coming from?” Azun asks.

“Are squad leader has Naruto Ozumaki.” One knight replies.

“Great!!” Has he got him to the king?” Azun asks.

“Yes most likely sir.” The knight replies.

“Excellent, your squad did well.” Azun says.

Azun opens another portal.

“I want you five to go back to the planet we took over.” The king wants Sasuke Uchiha, take him to our planet.” Azun demands.

“Yes Azun.” The knight responds.

The five knights jump into the portal, and it closes. Azun looks on the list to see the name Shang Tsung. A rope with a spear on the end of it goes through one of the knights arms. The knight just pulls the spear out of his arm; the rope is then pulled back. Azun and the knights turn around to see a black and yellow dressed ninja. The ninja jumps high into the air, and lands right in front of the three.

“So who are you, a ninja from the Lin Kuei?” I suggest you go back to your temple, are business was with Sub Zero.” Azun speaks.

The wind blows, and everything is silent.

“I take it you’re the one who killed Sub Zero?” The ninja asks.

“Yes I did, and I took all his abilities.” So if I were you and valued my life, I would leave.” We are taking over this planet.” Azun tells.

“Who is we?” The ninja asks out of curiosity.

“That is for me to know.” Azun replies.

A village near by is being burned to the ground, by thousands of knights. Azun smiles at the destruction. The sounds of villagers dieing can be heard, Azun laughs at the site.

“By the way I’m not Lin Kuei, I’m the ninja known as Scorpion.” Scorpion says punching Azun into a tree.

Scorpion pulls off his mask; the two knights are surprised to see a skeleton. Fire shoots out of his mouth, the two knight’s fall to the ground in flames. Scorpion then puts his mask back on. Azun pulls himself out of the tree. He looks on the list, but doesn’t see Scorpions name.

“This guy is much stronger then the average man.” Azun thinks.

“I will not allow you to take over this world!” Scorpion yells to Azun.

Azun smiles and runs toward Scorpion, the ninja does the same.

To Be Continue

What kind of toxic man-thing is happening now?
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“Yeah one of those crepes followed me through the portal, don’t worry I defeated him.” Naruto tells.

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Posting in an epic thread. I mean, the Turtles, Naruto, and BATMAN?

Fuck yeah. Awesomeness incarnate.

Yeah, this is definitely my nomination for Thread of the Year.

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Still waiting for Acer to read them to me.

How ya doing, buddy?

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Nine Tailed Mutant Legend

CHP 5: The grouping

As the two run at each other, Scorpion teleports himself behind Azun and kicks him in the head. Azun falls into the tall grass. Scorpion pulls out a sword from his sheath. Azun is a little slow to get up. He notices the ninja’s weapon. Thinking quickly, he grabs a blade that belonged to the now burnt Knight. Azun and Scorpion begin sword fighting.

Shalion Temple

Batman and Naruto come to the front entrance. A huge door blocks them from getting in. Batman pushes on the door, and it opens. Naruto and Batman slowly enter. Up ahead, Young boys of the temple are training. Within moments the two are spotted by the group. Startled and afraid of the two unknown guy’s, the kids run somewhere inside.

“I guess that means they are afraid of us.” Naruto suggests.

“That is only natural that they would be, we have entered there home without permission.” But stay on guard.” Batman says.

“I’m always on guard.” Naruto responds.

The two continue walking. A man wearing a hat comes from inside the temple.

“That is as far as the two of you go.” The man says aloud.

He takes a second to look at the two. He is a bit confused when looking at Batman.

“Why are the two of you here?” The man asks.

Batman takes a few seconds, before explaining. The guy stands there for a moment, debating whether or not he was going to believe this story.

“I’m not the kind of guy to be fooled.” The two of you probably work for the tribe that attacked this village, days ago!” The man yells.

“No you have to trust us, he is telling the truth.” Naruto tries to reason.

The guy takes off his hat and throws it at the two. Both Naruto and Batman duck down, the hat flies around like it is a boomerang. After being air born for a few seconds, the hat returns to its owner.

“You two should not have come here.” The guy says.

“Just one question, who are you?” Naruto asks.

“It really doesn’t matter who I am.” But since you would like to know, I’m Kung Lao.” He answers.

Batman pulls out two batarangs, and throws them at Kung Lao. They explode; Kung Lao is tossed into the air, but lands on his feet. Batman and Kung Lao run at each other, and begin fighting. Batman throws a punch at Kung Lao, which is blocked. Kung Lao uses

the opportunity to knee Batman in the stomach. Batman yells out in pain. Naruto looks up at the full moon, wondering if he will ever see his home again. Kung Lao uppercuts Batman into the air. The Dark Knight catches himself, and glides down to his feet. Kung

Lao runs over and begins fighting him again. Batman grabs one of Kong Lao’s punches and twists his arm. Batman then punches Kung Lao to the ground. Kung Lao is dizzy, but he is quick to get up. Batman and Kung Lao punch each other in the face, at the same time. The next second, they are both shocked by electricity. The two fall to the ground. A huge light of electricity appears before them, and in moments it is gone. A man stands in its place.

“Lord Raiden, these two intruders tried to attack the temple.” Kung Lao tells.

Raiden looks over at Naruto, and then down at Batman.

“Is this true?” The thunder god asks.

Batman gets up off of the ground.

“No it is not, this is all just a big misunderstanding.” Batman replies.

Naruto walks up next to Batman, as he explains to Raiden.

Different Location

Scorpion’s blade has been split into two pieces. Azun throws his sword to the ground, and begins fighting the ninja specter. Scorpion knife hands Azun on the neck, he then elbows him in the face. Scorpion kicks him high into the air. The ninja pulls out his rope spear, and throws it up. The blade goes right into Azuns shoulder. Scorpion pulls him down, and punches him into a bush. Azun gets up and spits blood, the rope is pulled back by the ninja. Scorpion and Azun stare at each other for a moment.

“Nice moves Lin Kuei fighter.” You seem to be more skilled than even Subzero.” Azun says amazed.

Scorpion just stands there, as a small light rain begins.

“I told you before.” I am not a Lin Kuei fighter!” Scorpion yells.

Azun quickly teleports behind Scorpion, places his hands on Scorpions in an attempt to drain his abilities. Azuns smile is wide, but is short lived. Azun realizes that he is not draining the ninja at all. Scorpion removes Azuns hands from his shoulder; he then turns around to face him.

“You cannot drain life from a dead man.” Scorpion says punching Azun to the ground.

Azun quickly jumps up, and puts space between him and Scorpion. He creates an Ice ball and freezes Scorpion in place. Scorpion quickly breaks out of the ice. Scorpion jumps up to kick Azun, but he is grabbed and thrown to the side. Azun throws smoke bombs to the ground.

“We will meet again ninja.” Azun tells.

When the smoke clears, Scorpion stands alone.

Shalion Temple

Raiden thinks about the story Batman just told him, as it continues to rain.

“So you must have been in one of the portals that opened over this planet, in the last few hours.” The elder gods brought this to my attention.” Raiden tells.

Batman thinks for a few seconds.

“We only came through one of those portals.” How many have opened over this world?” Batman asks.

Raiden tells the three of them.

“That many, could it be an invasion.” Kung Lao suggests.

Batman tells Raiden about the knights he encountered back on his planet. Naruto tells them about Azuns master’s plan, to take over many different worlds. Raidens face turns serious. He realizes the truth. He explains his sudden appearance at the temple. Raiden came to alert Kung Lao that the knights attacked many civilians, and are heading to the temple. Kung Lao shows a face of fear.

“We must go to them, before they reach this temple.” Batman says.

“So you will help us?” Kung Lao asks.

“Yes, after all they are out to kill anyone who is against there kings rule.” Batman replies.

Raiden directs the three of them to the marching knights. Before leaving the temple, twelve monk warriors join them. They all exit the temple. Raiden returns to the elder gods.

Somewhere by a lake

Princess Kitana sighs, as she breathes in the night air. She looks at the moons reflection in the lake. The princess is amused by the beauty of the night. Suddenly she sees something floating in the water. It looks a lot like a body!! Kitanas heart rate increases. Thinking quickly, she takes off her boots and runs into the lake. She swims up to the body. Right away she identifies him.

“Subzero!!” She says surprised.

She feels his wrist. After a few seconds she can feel his pulse. Kitana pulls him out of the lake, and takes him back to the castle.

A few miles


The group decides to rest for the night. Mikey, Raph, and Donatello went out on a search for fire wood. Leo, Spiderman, and Zatanna sit on the wet grass. Leonardo just sits there, with his legs crossed and eyes closed. Spidey is in his on train of thought.

“I’m cold; I really hope they hurry back.” Zatanna says with her arms over her chest.

Spiderman moves up next to her, and puts his arm around her. Zatannas body heat rises, as she is now nervous.

“I’m sure they will be back really soon.” Spiderman says rubbing his hand on her shoulder.

“Yeah I’m sure they will.” Zatanna says blushing.

About half a mile away the turtles are in a forest. Raphael picks up a few stacks of wood. The three turtles have gathered up all the wood, and are ready to head back. Raphael stops walking and puts the wood down. He turns around to face his brothers.

“Do you get the feeling someone is watching us?” Raphael whispers.

The three of them are silent while listening to the rain drops. But the sound of footsteps can be heard from afar. The turtles pull out there weapons, ready to fight. Darts shoot at the three from all directions. The darts put them to sleep, when it pierces there skin. The turtles fall to the ground unconscious. Donatello catches a glimpse of a woman wearing a purple ninja mask over her mouth, before his eyes close. She approaches the turtles with many others. The huge group looks at the turtles for awhile, confused.

“What are they?” A Tarkada asks aloud.

The woman takes a few seconds to observe the creatures.

“I have no clue, but we will take them with us.” The woman says.

“Yes Mileena.” A Tarkada replies.

The turtles are picked up and tied to nearby horses.

“What would you like us to do now mistress?” A Tarkada asks.

She stands there for a few seconds thinking.

“We shall head back to the temple.” See that the three of them are jailed and questioned, if possible.” Mileena replies.

Mileena then leads the tarkadas back to the temple.

Half a mile away

In the darkness, Spiderman, Leo, and Zatanna sit quietly. Spidey finally takes his arm from around her.

“Hey Leonardo, what do you think is taking your brothers so long?” Spiderman asks.

Leonardo looks up from the ground to face Spidey.

“Knowing them, they might be messing around.” But if they take to long, I’ll go check it out.” Leonardo says.

Spiderman stands up stretching.

“I’m tired of waiting; I’ll go see whats up.” Plus I need the exercise any way.” Spiderman says.

Leo looks up at the wall crawler.

“Ok suit yourself, but do hurry back.” Leo says.

“Of course, be back in a flash.” Spiderman says.

Zatanna looks up as he swings off on his web.

Many miles


Many minuets pass by; the knights have been spotted by Kung Lao and the group.

“So how are we going to attack these guys?” Just straight forward, or a sneak attack?” Naruto asks.

Kung Lao sticks his finger out, and counts the knights.

“It seems there is about seven of them, and fifteen of us.” I’d say a direct attack.” Kung Lao replies.

Batman looks down at the knights through his binoculars. Batman agrees with Kung Lao.

“After we take them out, we will head back to the Shalion temple.” By time we get back, Raiden should have a plan to stop this invasion.” Kung Lao says.

Batman puts the binoculars back in his utility belt.

“A direct attack it is, but be careful those guys are a bit tougher than they look.” Batman notifies.

The group begins there descent down the hill to confront the knights in black armor. The group is quickly spotted, and the fight begins. Batman throws bat wiring around a knight, and kicks him to the ground. Naruto jumps up high, grabs a knight by his head and throws him into another knight. Kung Lao takes off his hat, and throws it. The blade of the hat goes right into the knight’s head. The knight looses balance and falls. Kung Lao pulls the hat out of the knight’s head and puts it back on. Blood shoots out of his head, and he is dead in seconds. Two monks get there necks snapped while fighting. Naruto trips a knight, but before he can hit the ground, the ninja kicks him up. Batman seeing this acts quickly pulling out a bat bomb and throwing it up. The knight explodes Naruto smiles at the team effort. Kung Lao uppercuts a knight off of a cliff. Within minuets the knights who survived retreat. Kung Lao looks around to see four of there own dead. The group is silent, the rain slowly stops.

“Lets all head back.” Kung Lao breaks the silence.

Sadness can be seen in his face. Batman’s hand meets Kung Lao’s shoulder.

“They didn’t die for no reason, I will see to that.” Batman tells.

Kung Lao’s face brightens a bit. The men begin their journey back, with the bodies of there own.

Miles away

Spiderman finally returns with fire wood. Leo and Zatanna look at him, and then each other.

“Whats wrong?” Spiderman asks, sounding confused.

He drops the wood on the ground.

“Did you see my brothers at all?” Leo asks with concern in his voice.

“No I didn’t see them, but I found this thing making this ringing sound.” Spiderman says tossing the object to Leo.

Leonardo looks at it for a second.

“This is Raphael’s cell shell!!” I’m going to see if I can get a hold of Don.” Leo says.

Leonardo takes his cell shell out of his belt, he punches in Dons code. It just rings for a little bit, until someone answer’s on the other line. The voice is dark and nasty. Immediately Leo shuts off the cell. He looks up at Spiderman and Zatanna, with worry in his eyes.

“Someone has got my brothers.” Leo says sadly.

“Well let’s go get them back.” Spiderman suggests.

Leonardo stands up facing Spiderman.

“Are cell shells have tracking devices on them, mine is almost out of power.” I will let it charge over night, and we will go after them in the morning.” Leo tells.

“Good idea, plus I need some shut eye.” Spiderman yawns.

Zatanna stands up with a grin on her face.

“What about Batman, have you two forgot about him?” Zatanna almost yells.

“We don’t even know if Batman is on this planet.” Plus like I said before, the guy can handle his own problems.” Lets just all get some sleep.” Spiderman says.

Zatanna roles her eyes and sits back down. Zatanna uses her magic to start the fire on the wood. Spiderman looks down at her; he can see she’s upset.

“Oh I’m sorry, did I say something that hurt you?” Spiderman asks.

Her blue eyes look up at him.

“It’s not you; it’s just the situation we are all in.” She says softly.

Spiderman sits down next to her, but his hand accidentally touches her butt. He pulls his hand away, realizing his mistake. Zatanna blushes and smiles, her body shifts over as she looks at Spiderman. He backs up from her a little bit.

“It was an accident, I didn’t mean to.” Spidey says panicking

She stares at him for a second. She giggles a bit.

“It’s ok; I know you didn’t purposely do it.” Zatanna rubs her hand on Spiderman’s leg.

The hairs on his back go up from her soft touch. Zatanna says her good night to both Leo and Spiderman before lying on her back. Her eyes soon close. Spiderman takes off his mask. Leonardo looks at him.

“So what is your real name?” The turtle asks.

He thinks about it for a second, whether or not to tell the truth.

“I’m Peter Parker.” He answers.

Leonardo sits down, and stairs at the fire.

“I can’t sleep with my mask on; it would be hard to breathe.” Peter tells Leo.

The turtle just smiles. Parker lies on his stomach next to Leo. He rests his head on his arms. He falls asleep shortly afterwards.

Shalion Temple

Kung Lao and the group enter. Raiden awaits them inside. The dead bodies are carried to a different destination. Kung Lao enters the room, with Batman and Naruto at his side. Raiden begins to speak.

“I got in contact with Jax, Sonya, Kitana, and Johnny Cage.” The four of them, will join the three of you.” This invasion must be stopped.” Raiden tells.

Kung Lao looks a bit confused.

“What about Liu Kang?” Kung Lao asks.

Raiden looks over at Kung Lao.

“He is currently on a mission, but will be back soon.” In the mean time, show these two gentlemen to a room.” Raiden says.

Kung Lao bows, the two then follow him. They travel up many sets of stairs, with lit candles on the wall. After awhile of walking, they come to two rooms, across from each other. Kung Lao unlocks both doors. Naruto looks over at Batman.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” Naruto says.

Batman replies by saying good night. Naruto enters the room, and closes the door behind him. Batman looks straight at Kung Lao.

“Thank you; we appreciate you giving us room in your home.” I understand that you probably don’t trust us fully, which is understandable.” I just have one favor to ask?” Batman says.

“Ok… What?” Kung Lao replies.

“Do you have any normal clothes I can wear?” I only wear this while fighting criminals, Etc.” Batman explains.

Kung Lao forms half smile.

“I’ll go get you a few things that will last you a few days.” Kung Lao responds.

“Thanks, greatly appreciated.” Batman says in his Bruce Wayne tone.

Kung Lao walks down the hall. Batman enters his room, and kicks the door shut behind him. First thing he takes off is the cape and cowl. He then undresses until he is down to his boxer shorts. Bruce just sits on the edge of the bed thinking.

Across the hall, Naruto lays in a bed. He looks up at the ceiling until his eyes clothes, and he falls asleep.

To Be Continue

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Nine tailed Mutant Legend

CHP6: A Search

The sun rises over the shalion temple. Bruce Wayne pushes himself up; he stretches as he gets out of the bed. He opens the nearby curtains, to let in some light. He walks over to the door that leads to the hallway, and opens it. On the ground, lays a basket filled with clothes. He smiles picking up the basket, and shuts the door. After getting dressed, he heads down the many stairs to get to the main floor. Kung Lao sits in the kitchen, eating eggs, Bacon and a glass of orange juice. Bruce enters the kitchen wearing a gray sweater with blue jeans and white shoes. Kung Lao looks up at him.

“I had no idea you looked like that, without the cape and cowl.” I figured you were a man last night, so what is your real name?” Kung Lao asks.

Bruce walks over to the table Kung Lao sits at.

“My name is Bruce.” Thanks again for letting us stay the night in your home.” Bruce says.

“Don’t thank me, it was Raiden’s idea.” I do have a question for you.” Kung Lao says.

“Ok, you can ask anything.” Bruce replies.

“What is the story behind the bat suit?” I just want to know why you even wear it.” It seems a bit pointless.” Kung Lao asks.

Bruce just sits there, trying to think what to say. His heart sinks a bit, at the memory when it all began, the death of his parents. The two shots that have haunted him, since that dreadful night. Bruce looks away from Kung Lao, with sadness in his face.

“That’s really not a happy topic for me.” Bruce finally replies.

Kung Lao can hear the sadness in his voice.

“I’m sorry I asked.” Tragedy is never a good.” Kung Lao says.

Bruce walks over to a dish sitting on the counter top, and pulls an apple out of it.

“Do you mind if I have one?” Bruce asks.

“Not at all, go ahead.” Kung Lao replies.

Bruce washes the apple off, before taking a bite into it.

Miles away

On a field

Peters eyes open, he feels by his side for his mask. But it is not there, he pushes himself up onto his knees. The sun shines bright. He looks around on the ground, but does not see it anywhere. Zatanna walks over to Peter, waving something in his face.

“Is this what you’re looking for, huh Petey?” Zatanna asks with a giggle.

Peter looks up at her.

“Hey give it back; I need that to conceal my identity.” Peter demands.

Peter thinks to himself, realizing he never told her his name.

“Hey Zatan, or whatever your name is.” How do you know my name?” Peter asks.

Zatanna looks down at him with a frown.

“My name is Zatanna, but you can call me Zee.” Leo told me your name before he left to find us breakfast.” Zatanna replies.

“Ok Zee, can I have my mask back please?” Peter asks nicely.

“You can have it back, if you catch me!” Zatanna says about to run.

Spiderman quickly grabs her by one of her legs, and pulls back. Zatanna falls right on top of him. Her hat falls on the ground. The two are chest to chest. Peter panics a bit, as Zatanna sits up on him. What she does next surprises the wall crawler. She places her hands on his chest, rubbing the spider symbol.

“We should make love to each other, right now.” Zatanna says, putting one of her hands on Peter’s face.

Peter’s eyes widen, and his heart moves fast. He attempts to say something, but stops. Zatanna laughs as she gets off of him.

“I was just kidding; I wanted to see your reaction.” You’re a good boy.” Zatanna tosses his mask to him.

She picks up her hat and puts it back on. She looks down at him, as he sits up.

“I didn’t know you were so cute behind the mask.” Zatanna says.

Peter blushes at her sweet comment.

“Thanks.” You are very beautiful.” Peter replies.

“Your good looking, but I find Batman to be even more attractive under that cowl.” Zatanna says with glowing eyes.

Spidy looks at her confused.

“About that, who is Batman behind the mask?” Are the two of you dating?” Spiderman asks.

“Why so interested?” To answer your question, he does not seem to let any woman close.” We are not seeing each other.” If you really want to know his identity, just ask him the next time you see him.” Zatanna replies.

Peter puts his mask back on. Zatanna walks over to a nearby tree, to sit under it. The two sit in silence waiting for Leonardo to return.

Shalion Temple

Naruto enters the kitchen to see Bruce eating an apple, and Kung Lao washing his plate in the sink.

“What are you two doing?” Do any of you have a clue when the others will get here?” Naruto asks.

Bruce continues to eat his apple, Kung Lao finishes washing his plate and turns to face Naruto.

“They should all be here in less than thirty minutes.” Kung Lao tells.

Dimensions away

Outside of the Leaf Village

Kakashi stands on a field, surrounded by twenty knights.

“Surrender Kakashi, you are out numbered.” One knight yells.

Kakashi just smiles at his words. He runs over and begins fighting the Knights. He forms the Chidori taking down a few knights with its power. One knight throws a punch at Kakashi, he grabs it. With much strength he rips the arm off.

“You’re a dead man Kakashi!!” A knight yells.

The knight picks Kakashi up by his neck, and throws him into the ground. A few knights stomp on him for awhile. He falls unconscious.

“One of you pick this joke up, we will take him back to the village.” Make sure to put him with the rest of the prisoners.” A knight picks up Kakashi, and throws him over his shoulder.

The knights arrive at the prison quickly. Tsunade, Sakura, Shizune, and many others are in jail cells. Force fields are what hold them in. A knight throws Kakashi into a cell; he pulls out a remote and presses a button. A force field appears around Kakashi’s cage.

“What have you done to him?!” You better hope he is alive, or when I get out of here you will all be dead!” Sakura yells, punching at the force field.

A knight turns to Sakura with a smile.

“Silly child, you are nothing to us.” You better watch what comes out of your mouth; it might get you in trouble.” A knight replies.

Sakura doesn’t say a thing, she just sits down.

“I have a question for you all.” Why did you pick this peaceful village to invade?” Tsunade snaps at them.

A knight smiles at her anger.

“Who says we were just taking over this village.” This entire planet will be under our full control, in no time.” It must hurt to know you can’t do a thing about it.” A knight says.

All knights in the room exit. A few seconds go by, before anyone speaks.

“Hey Tsunade, are you able to use any of your jutsu’s?” Shizune asks.

“No I cannot, this is all very strange.” Tsunade answers.

“Same with me, I can’t perform any either.” Maybe it has something to do with these force fields.” Sakura suggests.

“If that is true, than we need to try and figure another way out of this place.” Shizune tells.

Shikamaru sits back in his cell, listening to them talk back and forth.

Back at the

Shalion Temple

Kung Lao, Naruto, and Bruce, sit at the kitchen table talking. Raiden appears in front of the three, in bright electricity.

“I’m just letting the three of you know, that the others have just entered the temple.” All except Kitana, she is taking care of a small problem.” Raiden tells.

“Thanks for letting us know.” We will go out and greet them.” Bruce says.

“I have something to do, but I will see you all shortly.” Raiden says.

Raiden disappears with electricity. Bruce, Kung Lao, and Naruto get up from the table. The three exit the room, and head outside. Approaching them is Jax, Johnny Cage, and Sonya. Kung Lao introduces Bruce and Naruto to the three.

“So where do the two of you come from?” I have never seen either of you before.” Sonya asks.

Both Naruto and Bruce are silent.

“It’s a long story, we can tell you about it later.” Naruto replies.

“Yeah, trust me Sonya you will find it hard to believe at first.” We should discuss a plan, to stop this invasion.” Kung Lao tells.

“I sure do hope Liu hurries back.” Something tells me, that we are going to need him.” Johnny Cage says.

“That might be true, but we can’t always rely on him.” We will do this ourselves.” Kung Lao says.

“I’ve never met this Liu Kang person, but I’m sure we will do just fine without him.” Bruce adds.

“The two of you should stay here at the temple.” Things can get very brutal.” Jax says to Bruce and Naruto.

The leaf village ninja laughs at Jax’s suggestion.

“You haven’t seen us in action yet, we will be a big contribution.” Naruto says.

“This kid might be young, but he’s a good fighter.” So is this man, the two of them will come with us.” Kung Lao adds.

Jax looks down at Naruto.

“How old are you kid?” Jax asks.

“What does my age have to do with anything?” Since you would like to know, I’m 16.” Naruto replies.

“There is no reason, I was just curious.” Jax replies.

Just then, a portal opens over the Shalion temple. Many Knights come out of it. It closes after a few moments.

“What the devil is this, what are they doing here!” Johnny yells.

“One of them must have followed us back here, last night.” Kung Lao guesses.

“I guess we have no choice but to fight them now.” Johnny says.

“So you must be the earth realm heroes of this world?” A knight in the front asks.

Kung Lao steps forward, putting himself in front of everyone.

“Yes we are, what is it that you want from this planet?” Kung Lao asks.

“We want the most powerful fighters dead, leaving no one to stop us from taking full control.” A Knight replies.

Naruto steps forward, putting himself next to Kung Lao.

“That’s not going to happen pal; you’ll have to go through us!” Naruto yells.

All knights in the group seem to be surprised. They take a second to look at the blond haired boy.

“It can’t be!!” Are you Naruto Uzumaki?” A knight asks.

“Of course I am.” You guys seem surprised that I’m still alive.” I guess your king really wants me dead.” Naruto replies.

“I was sure the other squad disposed of you.” No matter, you will be added on as an extra bonus.” The knight says.

The knights pull out there weapons, ready to attack the fighters. Bruce takes this second to run. Kung Lao and the others look at him as he runs off, confused.

“Good fighter my butt.” He is a coward.” Sonya complains.

“Trust me Sonya, not even I expected that.” Kung Lao replies.

The knights begin there attack on them.

Jax punches into the ground, its force cause a few knight to fall.

“I’ll take the one with the metal arms.” A knight says.

Jax pulls his arm out of the ground, only to be kicked into a statue. One knight throws a kick at Naruto who grabs it. The ninja begins spinning the knight around, hitting other knight in his path. He eventually throws him into three knights.

“Good work Naruto, I didn’t expect that.” Johnny says.

Johnny jumps over a knight, grabbing his head at the same time. He throws the knight into the ground. Another knight runs at him fast, he shoots a Plasmic Fireball at him. The knight knocks the blast out of the way, and begins fighting Cage. Kung Lao and Sonya fight the knights off, back to back. Sonya uppercuts a knight, pulls her gun out and shoots him in the head. Three knights punch Kung Lao in the face at the same time, knocking him out.

“Hold on Sonya, I will be right over to help.” Naruto says.

Before Naruto can get to Sonya, he is surrounded by a group of knights. They begin fighting him. A knight grabs him by his hair and punches him in the face. Naruto goes crashing into a wall. Jax is tied to a statue as knights beat on him. Johnny seems to have the upper hand, over his group. He takes a sword from them, and slashes the knights surrounding him.

“I hope Raiden shows up soon.” We need some real backup.” Johnny says.

“You got that right; these groups of knights are more powerful than the last.” Naruto says, kicking a knight into a nearby fountain. A few minutes pass.

A Knight grabs Sonya by her pony tail and knees her in the back. She yells out in pain, as she is thrown to the ground. Johnny runs over to help her, but is picked up by his neck and leg. The knight throws him into Naruto. Just then two bat objects come fast out of nowhere. They end up in the head of a knight. He falls to the ground. All knights stop fighting, and look up to see Batman gliding down.

“Oh thank goodness, it’s Batman.” I knew he wouldn’t abandon us.” Naruto says in excitement.

Batman hits the ground, and knocks over a few knights. He pulls Sonya to her feet. She takes a second to look at him.

“Who are you?” Sonya asks.

“I don’t usually share my identity with anyone, but in this case I will.” It’s me Bruce, or you can call me Batman.” He tells.

“I’m glad you came back to help.” Sonya says.

Batman does not reply, he runs over to fight off the knights attacking Jax. Sonya continues fighting, and so does everyone else. Naruto creates a few clones, and delivers a few combos on a knight. Batman throws a bat bomb to Johnny Cage, who places it on a knight. The bomb blows one of the knight’s arms off. After a few more minutes of fighting, the knights decide to retreat. Batman walks over and picks up Kung Lao.

“Everyone follow me, I’m going to lay him inside where it is cool.” It won’t be the best idea to leave until he is awake.” Batman says.

Everyone follows Batman inside. He sets Kung Lao down on a couch. Johnny puts a cold rag over his head.

Inside a dungeon

Miles away

Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo have awakened.

“Man my head hurts, what the shell is going on?” Raphael asks.

“If I can remember we were looking for fire wood and than we were ambushed.” Dony says.

“Yeah your right, someone is going to be hurting when I get my hands on them!” Raphael says in anger.

“We should be trying to figure out how to get out of this place.” I don’t know about you guys, but this is no where close to being home.” Michelangelo says.

The three of them feel around, to see that there weapons had been taken away. A nearby door opens, and Mileena enters with two Tarkada’s. Raphael gets up to try and attack the three, but the jail bars electrify him. He falls to his back. He quickly gets back up.

“I want some answers now, why the shell are we here?” Raphael asks.

“Fascinating, so you can all speak?” What kind of creatures are you?” Mileena asks.

“I’ll be asking the questions, you will answer.” Raphael says.

Mileena laughs at his words.

“You don’t seem to be in the position to question me.” Mileena says.

“She’s got a point Raph.” So what is it you really want to know, besides the fact that we are not from this planet?” Mikey asks.

“I see, you must be the smart one.” I would like to know what you are, and how you got here.” Mileena demands.

The turtles are silent for a bit, they don’t talk for a while.

“If we tell you what you want, will you let us go?” Donatello asks.

“Yes of course, you have my word.” Mileena promises.

Raphael jumps up.

“I don’t think so!!” Just look at her Don, she is lying.” We’ve dealt with people like you many times.” The answer is no, so get lost.” Raphael says.

Mileena drops her hair down.

“I will give the three of you time to talk it over, and when you want to get out of here, just let me know.” Mileena says.

She signals the Tarkada’s to exit along with her.

“It always seems to be the pretty girls who are evil.” Raph says.

“You can say that again.” So Don, what’s the plan to get us out of here?” Mikey asks.

“I’m still figuring that one out.” Dony replies.

In a castle

Miles away

Subzero’s eyes open, he feels his face to see that his mask is gone. His head rests on a pillow; he looks around to see that he is lying in a bed. Subzero tries to sit up, but feels dizzy and lays back down. A nearby door opens, and a familiar woman enters. Kitana sits on the side of the bed next to him.

“How are feeling?” I found you unconscious in a lake.” Kitana asks.

She hands him a cup of tea. He takes the cup, looking into her eyes. He takes a sip, not saying a thing.

“So are you going to tell me who did this to you?” Kitana asks.

She moves up closer to him. Subzero sets the cup to the side of the bed, looking up at her.

“I don’t know who the guy was.” He drained me of my abilities; I believe he got most of his strength, from fighters all over the universe.” He does not come from this planet.” Subzero tells.

“He drained you of your abilities?!” We will meet up with the others, as soon as you rest up for awhile.” Kitana says.

She rubs her hand against his leg. He grunts at this action, and she removes her hand.

“I don’t even know if I will regain my abilities.” It seems as though he was draining the life out of me.” Subzero says.

“There is a chance you will get them back right?” Kitana asks.

“Yes there is.” Subzero replies.

Kitana gets up and exits the room, giving Subzero time to rest.

On a field

Miles away

Spiderman finishes eating, while Leonardo and Zatanna sit waiting.

“Alright I’m finished now; let’s go after your brothers.” Spiderman says.

“Yeah about that, it seems my charger has been damaged.” We won’t be able to trace there destination.” Leo tells.

Behind his mask, Peter has a confused face.

“Ok.” Now what are we supposed to do, we are like in the middle of nowhere.” Spiderman says in frustration.

Zatanna stands on her feet with half a smile.

“I think my magic might be able to tell us where they are.” Just give me a second.” Zatanna says.

She pulls out a wand, and has Leonardo and Spiderman step to the side. She stands in front of the fire wood. She chants a lot of words backwards.

“I wonder what she is saying.” Spiderman says to Leo in a whisper.

“I don’t know, but hopefully it will work.” Leonardo replies.

The two look at Zatanna who seems to be in a deep train of thought. They sit there for about a minute, before Zatanna’s eyes open. She turns to the two.

“I could see them; they are locked up in some kind of prison.” But I don’t know the directions.” Not just that, but I saw Batman and Naruto in some kind of temple.” Zatanna says in much relief.

“Well at least we know they are alive, we won’t find anyone just sitting around here.” Let’s see if we can find either group.” Spiderman says.

“Good idea, but I’ll lead the way.” Leonardo replies.

“Ok Sparky lets do it.” Spidy says.

Leonardo looks over at Spiderman with a frown. Zatanna just shakes her head.

“I was just messing, come on let’s not waste anymore time.” Spiderman says.

The three begin walking further into the field.

To Be Continue

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Nine Tailed Mutant Legend

CHP7: Champion appears

Over thirty minutes pass, and Kung Lao’s eyes open. He takes the rag off of his head and sits up. Standing in front of him is Raiden. He looks around to see no one else.

“Don’t worry about the others.” I have taken them to where a group of the invaders will strike next.” Raiden tells.

Kung Lao almost jumps out of the couch! But falls back, knowing he has a headache.

“Right now I suggest you rest.” It will be hard for you to help the others in your condition.” Raiden says.

Kung Lao looks up at Raiden as if to say something. The shalion warrior does not speak, but lays back down.

Miles away

Inside of a forest, the knights walk side by side chatting. Johnny Cage and the group are not to far ahead, watching the knights get closer hidden. Naruto hides in a bush close to Jax who is behind a tree. Batman looks down at the knights with his binoculars. Sonya gets on her knees next to him, and takes the binoculars out of his hands.

“I want to have a look at how many we will be dealing with.” All these trees around should give us an edge over them.” Sonya whispers.

Batman takes the binoculars from her and puts them back in his utility belt.

“Since we still have some more time, how about you tell me about yourself?” Batman asks her.

She looks down at the ground to see dead leafs. She messes with them, giving her some time to think. She lets out a gasp turning to face him, but he speaks before she can completely face him.

“If you feel uncomfortable, I understand.” It was just an idea to burn some time off.” Batman says.

Sonya stands up, dusting the dirt off of her pants. She looks down at Batman, who looks up at her.

“I’ll tell you another time, after all we just met.” After I know and trust you a bit more we can talk.” Sonya says walking away.

He looks at her as she walks off. His attention is again taken back to the knights. Digging in his utility belt, he pulls out the binoculars again. Naruto makes his way out of the bush; he spots Johnny Cage who is sitting on a tree stump. Naruto decides to go over and talk with him. Sonya sits down next to Jax.

“It would have been a good idea if we had brought the weapons.” When Raiden said an invasion, I had no idea they would be in these huge numbers.” Sonya says.

“The word invasion should be enough to tell you that it is a large group.” Those guys’s are definitely stronger than the average human.” Jax says.

Sonya takes a bag off of her back and opens it. She pulls out a bottle filled with water, offering Jax some. He declines, resting his head on the tree. She drinks a little of it herself. Johnny and Naruto are well hidden like the others, behind trees and bushes.

“My goal is to become Hokage one day.” It’s not an easy goal to reach, but I will.” I consider myself one of the best ninjas from the leaf village.” Naruto tells.

Johnny sits there and listens to Naruto tell him a little bit about his life story.

“It must have been hard for you, when you were a little boy.” No friends and people who feared you.” It sounds like it was a nightmare.” Johnny replies expressing his interest.

“So how did you get into the movie business?” We don’t have that kind of stuff back where I come from.” Naruto asks.

Johnny smiles thinking to himself.

“It was something that just happened, it wasn’t really planned.” Johnny answers.

Batman’s voice can be heard, as he calls everyone over. They all make there way over to the dark knight.

“The enemies are close enough now; it’s time that we attack them.” Things will work more smoothly if one of us goes out there and confronts them alone.” After they are off guard, the rest of us will come in and take them out.” I have one question, who would like to be the one?” Batman asks.

Naruto looks down at Batman, a bit confused.

“Are you asking which one of us is going to be the bate?!” Naruto asks.

Batman looks over at Naruto, almost smiling.

“Yes that is what I am asking.” Batman replies.

“I’m up for it, but make sure you guy’s are quick to jump in.” Naruto tells.

“Good, I will tell you all how we are going to do this.” Batman says.

Everyone moves in closer to hear Batman explain. Over two minutes pass and the knights are even closer. Naruto comes from behind a tree, standing in the way of there path. A knight in the front pulls out a sword.

“What are you doing all alone in here kid?” Shouldn’t you be with your mommy or something?” The knight asks.

His surrounding friends laugh at his words. Naruto’s fist tightens at this.

“You’re going to wish you didn’t say that!” I’m going to take you all down myself.” Naruto says, smiling.

Giggles and laughs can be heard throughout the group of knights.

“You stupid fool, just go home or you will be killed.” I don’t have time for pathetic people like you, who don’t matter.” The knight demands.

Naruto quickly creates over ten clones. The knights in front of him all of a sudden get serious. Two of the clones create the rasengan in his hand.

“I’d say the odds are even now.” Naruto says.

The knights run over to attack the leaf village ninja. He slams the rasengan into the chest of an approaching knight. Naruto and his clones pull out shurikens and throw them at the enemies. Three clones kick into a knight at the same time, sending him head first to the ground. A batarang comes out of nowhere and hits a few knights in the head. Batman joins in kicking and punching two knights to the ground. He pulls out his grapple gun and shoots it. The bat wiring wraps around a knights neck, so Batman pulls back on it bringing him to the ground.

“Nice move Batman!” Naruto yells over.

Batman puts the grapple gun back in his utility belt. Jax comes from behind a tree and punches a knight high into the air. The knight lands on his feet. A knight comes from behind Batman and grabs him by his neck

“Lets see you get out of this one you bat freak.” The knight says with a tight hold on his throat.

The knight throws Batman to the ground and grabs him by his cape. He swings him around throwing him into a tree branch high up. Batman manages to get his fingers on the branch, not falling. He jumps down from the tree gliding.

“I don’t know why you came here boy.” It doesn’t make since that you chose to come out here and die.” You had a whole life to live.” A knight says grabbing Naruto by his hair.

He throws him to the ground stomping on him a few times. Sonya comes from behind and leg grabs the knight throwing him to the ground and snapping his neck. She gets up and puts her hand out, helping Naruto to his feet.

“Thanks a lot for the help Sonya.” Naruto says relieved.

“Don’t mention it.” Sonya says with half a smile.

The two head in separate directions to attack the other knights. Johnny finally joins in. He jumps over a knight kicking him in the head at the same time. The knight falls into a puddle of mud. Batman makes his way over to Cage, and the two fights off the knights. Jax grabs a knight by his head and slams his head into the ground. The knights head busts open, with blood all over the ground. Jax throws a punch at a knight who grabs it and picks him up. He throws Jax high into the air. He almost falls into Batman and Johnny, but the two moves and he falls into four knights. Batman and Johnny knock down the knights, and help Jax up.

“I hope these guys’s are planning on giving up soon.” Jax says.

Johnny wipes the sweat from his head, as the four knights get up. Batman jumps into the air and kicks one of them back down. He slices into another knight’s chest with the blades on his gauntlets. He grabs the knight by his head and knees him in the face, and then elbows him in the back of the head. The knight falls to the ground knocked out. The remaining two knights look at Batman, as he uppercuts one of them into a nearby tree.

“Damn, this guy is good.” Jax says shaking his head a little bit.

He and Johnny join in, as the other knight gets back off of the ground. Naruto grabs a knight by his leg and swings him around for a bit before throwing him into the air. Thinking quickly he grabs Sonya by her waist and throws her up. While in the air she bicycle kicks the knight up even further. He falls into a nearby lake. She lands on her feet. She turns to Naruto.

“How did you know I was going to do anything?” Sonya asks.

“I didn’t, I just assumed you would think of something.” Naruto replies.

Sonya smiles at his answer. A few knights surround Naruto and Sonya, the two get back to back. All of Naruto’s clones have been destroyed. The knight’s jump in to attack the two, but someone jumps out of no where and takes a few of them down. Sonya and Naruto turn to see who the person is. Sonya is surprised to see the familiar face!!

“Oh thank goodness you’re here Liu.” Sonya says.

Liu jumps over and twists a knight’s arm and round house kicks him to the ground.

“I got here as soon as I heard.” Raiden hasn’t explained the details to me fully yet.” Liu Kang says.

“We can give you a full update once we take all these guys out.” My name is Naruto.” He introduces himself.

Both Liu Kang and Naruto shake hands. After doing so, the three head over to help Batman and the others. The group fights the knights for a little while longer, before finally defeating them. Batman gathers up all the unconscious knights and ties them all to a tree. He then turns to Jax, Sonya, Liu, and Johnny.

“Do you have a police force in this world, which can pick them up and take them in for questioning?” Batman asks.

“Yes of course, in fact Jax and I are a part of it.” I will call in someone to pick these guy’s up.” Sonya replies.

Liu Kang and everyone head back to the Shalion temple.

Many worlds


Outside of the sand village miles away, seven knights stand against one person.

“We finally meet Sasuke Uchiha.” To bad it had to be under such bad terms.” A knight yells across the field.

Sasuke pulls his sword out and stares back at the knight’s.

“Obviously you fools do not know who I am.” It’s too late for any of you to turn and run now, I’m going to kill you all.” Sasuke tells.

Sasuke’s eyes close for a second and then open again to display a new set of eyes.

“What happened to his eyes chief?” A knight asks the leader of the group.

“What we are seeing right now is called the Mangekyo Sharingan!” Take a good look, because it will be your last once we take him out.” The knight says.

The knights run clear across the field and surround Sasuke, who smiles. He zooms over and begins sword fighting with a few of them. He jumps over a knight slicing his head off. Blood shoots out everywhere; Sasuke kicks his carcass to the ground. A knight shoves his sword into the back of Sasuke’s shoulder, making him yell out in pain. He pulls the sword out of him and backs up. Sasuke turns to the knight who injured him, only to be knocked over by another knight.

“Stay down Sasuke, are boss will take you dead or alive.” Don’t make us have to do this the hard way.” A knight suggest to him.

Sasuke sits up to look up at the knights.

“What does this boss of yours want from me?” Sasuke asks.

“He wants your abilities.” Which include your Mangekyo Sharingan and your ability to use the chidori.” A knight tells.

Sasuke gets off of the ground with his sword in hand.

“Do I look stupid to you, after he is done with me I’m a dead man.” Sasuke replies.

“It’s either that, or you can die right now.” Another knight replies.

Sasuke jumps back and uses the fire breathing jutsu. A few of them catch on fire, given this chance he swings his sword and slices into them. One hand holds the sword, and he places his other hand over his bleeding shoulder.

“This is just a waste of my time.” If your boss wants me so bad, have him come get me himself.” Sasuke says.

With those words Sasuke begins to run from the knights.

“Don’t let him get away you idiots.” Go after him right now!” The leader of the group demands!

The injured knights are on the ground rolling around trying to put out the fire. They get the fire out within seconds. When they look up, Sasuke is no where to be seen.

“This is unacceptable.” We must find him.” The group leader says.

“Yes we will, but I say we rest up for the day.” We can try and find him tomorrow.” A knight suggests.

“I guess we can do that, but we will search for him first thing tomorrow.” The leading knight replies.

Many Worlds


Leonardo and Zatanna sit under a tree. Spiderman jumps out of the tree with three apples in his hand.

“Do you guys want one?” Spiderman asks nicely.

Both Zatanna and Leo accept and take an apple. Spidy pulls his mask up a bit so he can eat the apple.

“Man it sure is hot out here.” I’m starting to think we aren’t going to find any of them.” We should have held hands when we entered the portal that would have helped a little bit.” Spiderman says taking a bite into his apple.

Leo and Zee are quite not saying anything. Leonardo plays with the grass, pulling a few pieces out of the ground. Zatanna uses her magic to get rid of the skin on her apple and begins eating it.

“This situation would have been much better, if we had been back on our home planet.” We would have probably found them by now.” Leo says.

He throws his apple up into the air and cuts it into two pieces and catches them. Spidy looks up at the sky as he continues to chew.

“It is so hot out here; I wish there were a pool of water around.” I would go in it with nothing on.” Zatanna says.

Spiderman almost chocks on his apple. He thinks of her naked in a lake and smiles. He realizes his thoughts and shakes his head.

“Come on Spidy, you can’t think like that.” You already have a girlfriend.” Spidy says to himself, getting the image out of his head.

The three of them sit there in silence for another few minutes. Spiderman finishes his apple and pulls his mask back down. He then stands to his feet.

“I think we’ve had a long enough break.” Are you guys ready to continue looking for them?” Spiderman asks.

Zatanna and Leonardo look up at Spidy who seems to have a lot of energy.

“Why don’t you just sit down, there is no rush.” We can rest up a bit longer.” Zee says.

Spiderman sits back down next to the two.

In a dungeon

Miles away

Raphael, Don, and Mikey sit in there jail cell with there plan to get out.

“As soon as one of the Tarkatan fighters comes back, the first part of the plan will begin.” Remember guys, don’t sound too desperate.” Donatello says.

“I just hope after we do this, those guys aren’t smart enough to figure out to fast that they have been tricked.” Raphael adds.

“I’m confident that it will work just fine.” Dony says.

“I hope you are right about this Don.” If we are here too much longer without talking, we are going to become turtle soup.” Mikey says.

The turtles sit in there cell silent, waiting for a Tarkatan to show up. Mikey looks up at the clock as time seems to be going slow. Sweat drops from the anxious turtles head.

“What is taking them so long?” One of those Tarkatan dudes should have made his round to our cell by now.” Mikey complains.

“Have patience Mikey, they will be here.” Dony says.

The turtles wait another ten minutes before a Tarkatan enters. He approaches there cell.

“Are any of you freaks ready to talk?” The Tarkatan asks.

“We will tell you anything you want to know.” But first we would like some paper and paints?” Dony asks.

The Tarkatan laughs loud at the turtles. It takes him a few seconds to calm back down.

“Why do you want those objects?” Are you going to try and paint your way out?” The Tarkatan laughs again.

Raphael jumps up in anger.

“Listen pal, if pretty Mileena wants answers, give us what we want!” Raphael says.

The Tarkatan clears his throat.

“Ok, you will get your paint and paper.” But you will talk and give us answers.” The Tarkatan says.

He exits the room. Raphael sits back down, next to his brothers.

“Somehow I think this plan might just work!” Raphael says, with hope in his eyes.

“Let’s hope so, because as soon as we get out of here, we need to go and meet up with the others.” Michelangelo says.

Shalion Temple

Kung Lao, Jax, and Naruto sit at a table.

“I think we need to find out who is sending these knights’s.” We aren’t going to stop them unless we stop the source.” Kung Lao says, slamming his fist on the table.

Naruto sits back, taking another sip of his ice water.

“I couldn’t agree with you more.” The problem is finding out where they are all coming from.” Jax replies.

“Can’t Raiden trace them back, from where they came?” Naruto asks.

Kung Lao sits back and thinks about the question for a second. Jax looks over at Johnny and Sonya who sit in a nearby couch.

“You know Naruto; he might just be able to do that.” When he returns to the temple, I will inform him.” Either him or the elder gods can help us with this.” Kung Lao answers.

Sonya gets off of the couch, and makes her way into the training room. She gets inside to see Liu Kang and Bruce Wayne training. Sonya sits down in a chair and watches them. Bruce punches on a sand bag, while Liu is lifting weights.

“How can these two be training after the big fight earlier?” You would think they would be resting.” Sonya says to herself.

Sonya walks over to ask Liu a question, but spots the many scars on Bruce’s back. It catches her attention, so she walks over to him. She taps him on his shoulder to get his attention. He immediately stops punching, and turns around to face her.

“Oh hey Sonya, how can I help you?” Bruce asks.

“I just noticed the bruises on your back.” What is it you do again?” Sonya asks, looking confused.

Bruce laughs a little at her expression.

“I am a crime fighter, back where I come from.” Well it is my night job; I’m actually a vigilante hero.” I don’t get paid to do it.” Bruce tells.

“Sounds like you’re a very heroic man.” So does each bruise or scar tell a story?” Sonya asks.

“Yes, I guess they would.” Bruce replies scratching his head.

Sonya places her hand on his chest, moving it upward to feel the many injuries. Bruce tense’s up at her light touch. She stops after a few seconds.

“I didn’t mean to disrupt your training session, you can continue now.” We can talk later.” Sonya says.

She makes her way over to Liu Kang. Bruce turns around and continues to beat on the sand bag.

To Be Continue

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Nine Tailed Mutant Legend

CHP8: Escaped

Raphael stands in a corner of the jail cell, waiting for the Tarkatan to return. Michelangelo stands up, and walks over to look outside through the bard window. He can see birds flying freely outside, he gasps at this. Donatello sits on the cold cement floor with his legs crossed. The Tarkatan re enters with papers, and different colors of paint. He opens the door to there jail cell, and sets the stuff down. Quickly he steps back and locks up the cell. The Tarkatan looks down at Donatello.

"This is what you all wanted? I will be right back; I'm going to let lady Mileena know that the three of you are ready to talk." He says making his way to the door.

Donatello jumps up yelling, getting his attention. The Tarkatan turns from the door to face the turtle.

"Don't bring her in, until another thirty minutes. We are going to make something for her." Donatello says smiling.

Raphael smirks while leaning up against a wall. The Tarkatan shakes his head with a face of disbelief.

"If I find out that the three of you are tricking us, I will eliminate you myself. You have twenty minutes, whatever your doing had better be done by than." The Tarkatan tells.

Mikey makes his way from the window, walking until he is next to Don.

"Don't worry dude, will have this little project done in no time. You should leave now, the longer you stay we won't get anything done." Mikey says.

The Tarkatan grins leaving the room. The turtles are quite, listening to his foot steps fade away. Raphael breaks the silence amongst them.

"I think he bought it, let's just hope it fools them long enough." Raphael says.

Miles away

Leonard and Spiderman walk through a lot of sand. Spidy carries Zatanna on his back.

"This is kind of ridiculous; I just wish we knew where they were." Spiderman complains.

Zatanna climbs down from his back.

"You don't have to carry me anymore. Walking in high heels after awhile can get uncomfortable." Zatanna tells.

The three continue to walk, as a smoke bomb comes out of nowhere exploding in front of the three. Leo and Spiderman react quick, jumping out of the way. The bombs gas knocks out Zatanna who falls to the ground. Leonardo pulls out his two Kitana swords, both he and Spidy stand close together. They are surrounded by knights who come from behind the bushes and trees.

"I don't know who you're supposed to be, but we want the turtle. So either you back off, or you will be taken in as well." The knight tells.

Spiderman answers by webbing his arms together. He then pulls him down to the ground. Leonardo jumps in and slashes a few knights with the tip of his blade. Spidy webs one of them by his chest and swings him around. He throws his enemy into the surrounding knights.

"You guys obviously haven't heard of me. I'm Spiderman, your boss should have did better research." Spiderman says.

Spidy picks up one of the knights and throws him into the air. The knight is electrified before he hits the ground. The surrounding knights are also electrified. Spiderman and Leonardo turn around to see a man covered in electricity. The knights get up and run, with Leo and Spidy staring at the man who walks up to them. Spiderman places his hand up.

"Stop right there pal. Who are you supposed to be?" He asks.

"I'm Raiden, known as the thunder god, and this world's protector. I would like to know what you three are doing on this planet? The elder gods sensed an outside presence besides the attackers." Raiden asks.

Spiderman and Leo look at each other, and then back at Raiden. Leonardo puts his swords back into there sheaths.

"Well basically these guys attacked us on our home planet, and tried to escape. But we followed them through a portal, loosing one hero from our world. We have been searching for Batman and a blond kid since." Spidy tells.

Raiden thinks for a second, before smiling.

"I think you two should come with me. I think I may know the two you are looking for." Raiden says.

Leonardo walks over, and picks up Zatanna who is still unconscious. Raiden has the two of them make physical contact with him. The four of them vanish into electricity. Shortly they re appear in front of Johnny Cage, who sits on a couch. He is startled to see Raiden with outsiders. Jax and the others look over. Naruto gets out of his chair, and rushes to see them.

"Hey Leo, it's good to see that your ok. Where are your brothers?" Naruto asks.

He looks over at the other ninja with a smile.

"I'll tell you all about it, in awhile." Leonardo replies.

Johnny stands up, putting his hand through Zatanna's hair.

"So what's this pretty girl's name?" Johnny asks.

"Her name is Zatanna. We were ambushed, that is why she is not conscious." Spiderman tells.

Naruto runs out of the room, and heads down the hall to the training room. He enters to see Sonya watching Liu Kang and Bruce sparing. He makes his way over to them.

"Hey Bruce, Leo is here! You know, one of the turtles. He has an injured woman with him." Naruto says aloud.

Bruce and Liu back off from each other, and turn to Naruto.

"I will be right out." Bruce tells him.

He then turns back to Liu shaking his hand, and thanking him for the sparing session. Bruce walks over to a table and picks up his bat shirt, utility belt, and gloves putting them on. He then puts on the cape and cowl. Batman and Naruto head out of the room. Liu picks up a nearby towel, putting it around his neck.

"You can let the others know I will be out in a bit. I'm going to take a quick shower." Liu tells her.

Liu heads for the bathroom, while Sonya exits the room. Batman and Naruto enter the main room. Batman's heart drops a bit, at the sight of Zee un conscious in Leonardo's arms. He gets over there fast.

"What happened to her?" Batman asks.

Spiderman puts his hand on Batman's shoulder.

"Don't worry bats, she will be fine. It was just some smoke bombs." Spidy tells.

Batman is relieved to hear this.

"Do you guys have a quite place to lay her?" Leo asks

Batman walks in front of the turtle.

"Give her to me. I will take her to lay and rest in my room." Batman says, holding his arms out. Leo puts Zee into his arms.

"I will be back shortly." Batman says.

He walks out of the room with Zatanna. Raiden looks at Johnny, Spiderman, and Leo.

"I will be back soon; I must come to a conclusion with the elder gods." Raiden says, disappearing yet again.

Spiderman introduces himself to Naruto and Johnny. Afterward, Leo and Spiderman follow Naruto to the table to meet the other guys. They all sit at the table, with Leo telling them what he and Spiderman went through. Many floors up, Batman takes off Zee's hat and shoes placing her in the bed.

A Castle

Miles away

Mileena enters the turtle's cell, but is very surprised at what she sees. The turtles lay on the ground, covered in blood. Mileena rushes over to the jail door and unlocks it. A Tarkatan enters behind her, to see the turtles laying there. He grins as he sniffs the air, realizing the truth. Mileena makes her way into the cell.

"Get away from them Mileena, there not dead!! It's just paint!" The Tarkatan yells.

Raphael jumps up and grabs her, throwing her into a wall. He then runs outside of the cell. Mikey jumps up to kick her but it is grabbed, and he is thrown into Donatello who was getting up. She runs out of the cell locking it.

"Get out of here bro, just save yourself!" Mikey yells.

Mileena and a Tarkatan face Raph. He thinks quick, running to the nearby door and exiting. When outside he locks the door, he backs up as the Tarkatans blades come through. The turtle looks down both hallways, to see Tarkatan fighters guarding both. He looks up to see a vent opening. Raph jumps off of the walls, and makes his way up there. He gets inside the vent, closing the entrance behind him.

"I need to try and relocate my weapons. I will come back for my bros, but not now." Raphael says moving around in the vents.

Mileena and the Tarkatan quickly break out of the room. The Tarkatans guarding the area hear the huge bang. So they all come down the hall to check it out.

"Did any of you see where the green freak went?!" Mileena says growling.

The surrounding Tarkatans all reply with the answer no. Mileena punches at a wall, with her head down. She then looks up to see the Tarkatans sitting around talking.

"What are you idiots doing just standing there, go out and find him!" Mileena yells.

The groups of Tarkatans quickly split and begin the search. Mileena walks back into the turtle's cell which no longer has a door entrance.

"The three of you thought you were so clever, it must hurt to get caught. You have one option now, you either talk by tomorrow night, or your sea food." Mileena says with an evil laugh.

Michelangelo stands up.

"Could you please bring us a bucket of water? We really do need to wash this paint off." Michelangelo asks.

Mileena smiles, while shaking her head.

"What will you try this time, I doubt water will get you out." She says laughing.

Mikey frowns at her, crossing his arms.

"If you want any answers, I suggest you do this little thing for us." Mikey tells.

Mileena looks away from Michelangelo.

"You will get your water, but another stunt like that again and I will kill you both myself." Mileena tells them.

Mileena then walks leaving the room. Mikey walks over and taps his brother who seems to be staring into space.

"At least Raph got away, so what do you think he'll do now?" Michelangelo asks.

Donatello looks over at his brother.

"If he is smart, he won't try and bust us out himself. He will go and find Leo and come back." Donatello says.

"Whatever he does, he better make it fast. I feel if where here to much longer, we won't live to tell the story." Mikey says.

Shalion Temple

Zatanna's eyes open to see a wall with Japanese writing on it. She remembers that she was walking on a field with Spiderman and Leo, and then they were attacked! She jumps up at the memory. A hand moves over and rests on her shoulder; she is startled as she turns to face the person.

"Batman!! Where am I? What happened to the others?" Zatanna asks.

He takes his hand off of her shoulder.

"Don't worry; the two of them are down stairs. Just get your rest, and if you need anything I will be down there as well." Batman says.

He gets out of the chair at the side of the bed, and makes his way to the door. Zatanna sits up on the bed.

"So what exactly happened?" Zatanna asks.

He turns from the door, looking back at her.

"Maybe later, just get your rest Zee." Batman says exiting.

Down in the main room, Naruto, Spidy, Kung Lao, and Jax play cards at a table. Liu Kang enters the room walking over to the table.

"So who has been winning?" Liu asks.

The guys look up from there cards at Liu.

"Kung Lao has taken the last two games, but I won't let him this time. Nice to meet you Liu Kang, I'm Naruto."

Liu smiles shaking hands with the leaf village ninja. Spiderman and Liu also introduce themselves. Liu walks over and pulls up another chair to the table and sits down.

"Why don't we start over, I want to get in this." Liu suggests.

Kung Lao looks over at him with a grin.

"You can be in the next game, it's almost over." Kung Lao says.

"How about we just let him in, it will make things more interesting." Spiderman says.

Kung Lao and the others look over at the wall crawler. All of them know he suggested that because he knew he had no chance of winning the set. Kung Lao smiles at this.

"How about not Web boy." Kung Lao says smiling.

The game continues with Liu watching. Johnny and Sonya sit on a couch nearby.

Back at the Castle

Raphael crawls in the vents for a long time. He finally comes to a place, spotting his weapons as well as the others. He looks down in the area, not seeing any Tarkatans. So he opens the vent and jumps down. The turtle picks up his sai's, and jumps out of the way before he is kicked. He turns to see a Tarkatan.

"Where did you come from, I didn't see you from up there?" Raphael asks, spinning a Sai.

"I hid in a corner that can't be viewed from up there. You didn't really think we would leave your weapons un guarded?" The Tarkatan asks.

Raph answers by attacking the Tarkatan. He throws a Sai right into his head, before he can do anything. Raphael then pulls the Sai out of his head. The turtle quickly makes his way back into the vent. Blood drips from the fighters head.

Worlds away

Sasuke wraps something around his earlier wound. He walks around in a forest alone. Up ahead he can see someone lying down injured in the tall grass. He makes his way over to the person flipping them over. He is surprised to see Hinata.

"Sasuke you mus.. ge.. ou.. Of here." Hinata tries to say.

Her face is all beat up. Sasuke looks up in the surrounding trees to see knights looking down at him. They jump down surrounding him.

"Hello Sasuke, you have the choice of coming with us. Or you can choose to end up like your friend here." The knight tells.

"She is not my friend, and I will not be going anywhere with you." Sasuke says, with his eyes closed.

His eyes open to view the Mangekyo Sharingan. He gets off of his knees and begins fighting the knights. He kicks two knights into a tree. He snaps the neck of another knight. One knight grabs Sasuke by both his arms and slams his knee into his back. He yells out in pain as another knight stands in front of him, punching him in the stomach. The knight grabs Sasuke by his hair and knees him in the face. The other knight lets go of him, and the two watch as he falls to the ground. Blood comes out of his mouth and nose.

"You just had to do this the hard way. That is what happens to people who defy us." The knight says.

Another knight creates energy rings, which wrap around Sasuke. One of the knights in the group creates a portal.

"Grab him and let's go. Azun wants us to bring this one to him." The knight says.

"I think you're mistaking, we have to take him back to our king." The other knight argues.

"This was a last minute thing that was changed." We are taking him to Azuns prison base on the other planet we are currently trying to maintain order.

A knight picks up Sasuke, and they all jump into the portal. It opens in front of a prison yard, and the knights enter with Sasuke.

A few miles


Raphael has escaped the castle, and has entered some forest area. He sits on a rock catching his breath. He looks over in a pond to see a frog on a lily pad.

"Man is I glad to be out of that place. I need to find Leo and the others, than I will be back to help my bros." Raphael says.

Over an hour passes, and Raphael begins his move. Back in the Shalion Temple, the guys still play cards. But they have there money on the line this time. Batman has joined in. Batman, Spidy, and Kung Lao are the only three who still remain in this game. Batman takes another look at his cards, and pushes his money forward.

"I'm all in" Batman says.

Spiderman and Kung Lao push there money into the crowd as well. Kung Lao and Batman reveal there cards at the same time. Spiderman smiles and reveals his cards.

"That's right gentlemen, the King beats all." Spiderman says, pulling the pile of money toward him.

Batman grabs Spiderman's hand.

"Hey what are you doing, let go man!" Spidy says.

Batman pulls an extra two cards out of his glove. Everyone at the table is surprised to see this.

"I knew there was something fishy, about how well you were doing. You're a cheater." Batman says, letting go of his hand.

Spiderman moves the pile of money closer to him.

"Don't take this personal guys. How about we all talk this over, like civilized men." Spiderman says, backing up from the table.

Kung Lao gets out of his chair and runs over to Spidy, grabbing him by his shirt area.

"You're the biggest loser at this table!" Kung Lao yells.

Batman pulls the two of them away from each other.

"That's enough. After all it's just a game." Batman says.

He puts his hand into the pile of money, and takes back his entire share. Everyone does the same. Spiderman looks down at the table to see no money left.

"What about the money I put in?" Don't I get my money back?" Spiderman asks confused.

The room is quite with no one saying a word.

"Let this be a lesson to you. Don't get caught cheating in a mans game." Batman tells.

Batman then walks over to Sonya, throwing her the keys to his room.

"If you don't mind, could you check on Zatanna for me? I will be in the training room." Batman tells.

She looks up at him and smiles.

"I'll do that for you, but I think you should take a break from training." Sonya says.

"Thanks, but no thanks." Batman replies.

He heads to the training room with Liu and Kung Lao. Spiderman sits at the table with his head down, disappointed. Naruto walks up behind Spidy tapping him on the shoulder. Spiderman turns around to face him. Naruto hands him five bucks.

"Here is 1/10 of your money back." He says.

Spidy takes the money putting his arm around the ninja.

"I like you Naruto, you're a cool kid!"

To Be Continue

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It was lunchtime at Wagstaff.
Touching butts had been banned by the evil Headmaster Frond.
Suddenly, Tina Belcher appeared in the doorway.
She knew what she had to do.
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I have finally gotten around to reading chapter 2. And as usual my reading sucks but I think it's justified in this situation.

Anyway enjoy or don't enjoy:
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Cool as usual Acerbandit.

Nine Tailed Mutant Legend

CHP 9: Truth or dare?

Kitana enters her bedroom, to see the bed empty. She looks over at the opened window. She walks over to it, where her curtains blow back and forth. She looks out of it, down at the many trees and mountains.

"Be careful Subzero." She whispers.

Raphael swims in a lake to cool off, and to remove the paint from his body. He does not spend much time in the pool of water before getting out. He gets out and begins running through the forest. An arrow comes out of nowhere, heading fast at him. The turtle dodges the weapon pulling out his Sais, turning around. Someone jumps out of a nearby bush, shooting three more green arrows at him. He dodges one of them, and slashes the other two to the ground. Raphael looks over at the person with anger.

"Who the shell are you? And why are you trying to kill me?" Raph asks, impatient.

"I am Night Wolf. You have trespassed against my territory, and will have to die. I know your one of the invaders." Night Wolf says, putting another arrow into his bow.

Raphael jumps out of the way of the speeding arrow, putting himself behind a tree.

"Look you crazy man, I'm one of the good guys!" Raphael yells, from behind a tree.

Night Wolf ignores him, shooting more arrows to try and get him out from hiding. Raphael runs around a few trees and logs, getting behind Night Wolf. He punches the Mortal Kombat fighter to the ground. His bow falls to the ground, but he gets back up to face Raph. He puts his two Sais onto his belt, putting his fist up. He throws a kick at Night Wolf who grabs it. He jumps up kicking Night Wolf in the face, with his free leg. Both fighters jump back at the same time.

"Listen to me Night Wolf, before one of us does something he regrets. I'm not one of the invaders; they are after me as well." Raphael explains.

"I've never seen you in my life, so I find it hard to believe you. I'll give you a chance to run; I'd rather not kill you." Night Wolf replies.

Raphael pulls the two Sais off of his belt.

"Bad decision my friend." Raph replies.

The two jump at each other, only to have Raph knocked to the ground by an energy blast. Night Wolf looks around to see knights, surrounding the two of them. Night Wolf runs over to pick up his bow, but only to have it blasted in half.

"You must be Night Wolf. Stay out of our way, our only objective is to take full control of this planet. The turtle is the one we want dead." The Knight tells.

Raphael gets up, running next to Night Wolf.

"What do you say we kick these guy's butts?!" Raph asks.

Night Wolf smiles as they get shell to back. The two fight off the knights who surround them. They are greatly out numbered. Raphael blocks the knight's blades with each of his Sais. The two continue to fight the invaders for a few more minuets, as they fall back. They are knocked all over the place. Suddenly a few knights are frozen in place. The knights turn around to see the ninja in blue and black.

"Subzero! How do you still posses your ability to freeze? I heard Azun had already taken care of you." A knight asks.

Subzero jumps over and shatters the bodies of the knights he froze in place. He turns to the others after doing so.

"My abilities can't simply be taken away, like that." Subzero replies.

He does a front flip into the air, landing in the middle of them. Raphael and Night Wolf join him. The three of them fight against the knights together.

Shalion Temple

Zatanna lays in the bed with her eyes closed, just thinking. She can hear the door being unlocked and sits up, using her magic to fix her hair a bit. Sonya enters the room, sitting at the end of the bed.

"How are you doing? My name is Sonya, Batman sent me up here to check on you." Sonya says.

Zatanna smiles at her, but at the same time uses her magic to place her hat on top of her head.

"Hi Sonya, I'm Zatanna. I feel just fine, maybe a bit tired though." Zatanna tells.

The two of them sit in the room talking. Batman, Kung Lao and Liu Kang all train together. Liu jumps into the air, bicycle kicking Batman into a wall. He quickly turns around and uppercuts Kung Lao. The Shalion fighter lands on his feet, facing Liu. Batman stands behind him.

"I'd say that is enough, you were impressive Liu. But now I want you both to go against me." Batman says.

The Dark knight takes off his utility belt, and throws it to the side. He walks over to the middle of the room, with Liu and Kung Lao standing on both sides of him. The three of them stand in silence, with the entrance door opening. Leonardo steps in, sitting down in a chair.

"Begin, Come at me hard!" Batman says, breaking the silence.

Both Liu Kang and Kung Lao charge him at the same time. Bats jumps into the air as they both throw punches, Liu and Kung Lao stop before there fists end up in each others face. The two look up to see him gliding down, as he kicks them both to the ground. Quickly they are both up and attacking him! He blocks a kick from Liu, but is knocked over by a punch from Kung Lao. He is back up quickly, grabbing a punch from Kung Lao. He twists his arm around, and throws him into Liu, who jumps out of the way. Batman ducks down, as Liu performs a flying kick.

"Wow, the three of them are really good. They all seem to have different fighting styles, nothing like my bros and I." Leonardo says to himself.

Kung Lao throws a shuriken at Batman, which is cut in half by the blades on his gauntlets. He grabs Liu by his arm and shoulder throwing him to the floor. Kung Lao comes from behind grabbing him by his cape, and swinging him around. Batman is thrown into a chair, which breaks on impact. Kung Lao rubs his hands together, as Batman gets up.

"Time! That is about it. For a big guy like yourself, you sure can move fast. What are you like 6'4?" Liu asks.

"Actually I'm just 6'2. Let's move on, are you ready Kung Lao your up?" Batman asks.

Liu Kang looks over at Leonardo.

"How about two vs. two? Leonardo and I against the two of you. Weapons will be aloud this time." Liu suggest.

Batman walks over to his utility belt, and puts it back on. Leo gets up, walking over to the middle of the room standing next to Liu. Batman and Kung Lao stand in front of the two. Everything is silent for a little bit.

"I'm ready, let's do this." Leo says, pulling out his Kitana swords.

Leonardo jumps up and begins his attack on Kung Lao, while Liu Kang and Batman fight. Many minutes go by as the four of them train. Inside of Batman's room Spiderman, Zatanna, Sonya, Naruto, and Johnny Cage talk.

"Hey guys, I have an idea of something that we could do that is entertaining! Have you guys heard of Truth or Dare?" Naruto asks.

Everyone looks at him as if he were crazy.

"You must be joking right? That game is for little kids." Sonya says.

"Trust me guys it will be fun, just play one round at least. If you don't like it, we can be done." Naruto tells.

There all quite not knowing what to say.

"I'm in, it's not like it will kill anyone." Spiderman says.

Everyone else agrees to play, and they begin.

Miles away

Subzero, Raphael, and Night Wolf have defeated all of the Knights. Night Wolf limps a bit, holding his sprained arm. The three of them make there way to Night Wolfs hideout. Night Wolf digs into his refrigerator offering Raph and Subzero drinks. Subzero declines, with Raphael accepting.

"Thanks a lot pal, I needed an energy boost." Raphael says.

Night Wolf walks into a back room. He wraps bandages around his arm. Subzero turns to Raphael.

"Can you tell me why those knights are after you? And where you came from?" Subzero asks.

Raph takes a deep breath.

"These guys are after my DNA, or whoever it is they work for. I followed them through this dimension, and that is how I ended up here. Unlike most of the guys there after, they can take my brothers and I dead or alive." Raphael tells.

"So you have brothers, that's interesting. I'm assuming you all got separated." Subzero adds.

Night Wolf re enters the room.

"So what are we going to do to stop the knights? I for one have no clue, there are just so many of them." Night Wolf says.

"You stay here; I'm going to take the green guy back to the Lin Kuei temple with me. I have a few things to do, before meeting up with the rest of earth's defenders." Subzero tells.

Night Wolf sits down in a nearby couch.

"I just hope we can stop those guys in there path. What they are planning to do doesn't sound good." Raph adds.

The turtle follows Subzero out of the door. The two of them make there way to the tree tops, jumping from branch to branch. The Lin Kuei warrior and ninja are fast paced. Subzero leads the way.

"So Subzero where did you learn that awesome freezing technique?" Raph asks, doing a front flip onto another tree. Both fighters move fast, not messing up. Subzero creates an ice slide, to keep him from falling. He slides down, leaping up onto a tree.

"It's a natural talent of mine." He answers with pride.

Subzero and Raphael continue to jump forward, as a missile speeds toward them, they jump out of the way. The missile passes between them both. They jump from the tree tops, landing in front of a robot. Subzero identifies the cyborg as Cyrax.

"What a treat you actually survived, Azun has sent me to help eliminate all threats. Both you and the turtle must be dealt with." Cyrax tells.

He shoots a green net at the two of them. Both fighters dodge it.

"Let's kick the shell out of this guy." Raphael says, pulling out his weapons.

From the surrounding trees, two more cyborgs pop out. They stand next to Cyrax, ready to attack the two. Subzero identifies them as smoke and Sektor.

"I guess I spoke to soon." Raph says.

The robots shoot missiles out of there chest at the same time. Subzero freezes one of them, while Raph jumps out of the way of another one. It explodes into a tree. The turtle kicks off a tree slamming himself into Sektor. The two of them begin fighting. Sektor and Raphael kick each other in the face at the same time. There both knocked back. Smoke watches at the side, as Cyrax begins his attack on Subzero. Cyrax throws a series of punches at Subzero, which are blocked. Subzero hook kicks him close to his neck area. Raph cuts into Sektor, as oil shoots in his face.

"It looks like your having an oil leak, I doubt you last long." Raphael says.

Sektor does a back flip, kicking him in the face. He goes a few feet into the air, landing on his shell. A few minutes go by, with the four of them still fighting. Smoke stands at the side, stating to get agitated. He studies Subzero and Raphael move for move.

"If the two of them do not hurry and finish this, I'll step in and do it myself." He thinks, while watching.

The robot records the fight, saving it into his memory core. Subzero punches into and pulls something off of Cyrax's back. The Cyborg immediately falls to the dirt, with his hands reaching for his head area. Subzero looks down at the fallen fighter, who seems to be confused.

"What happened, where am I?" Cyrax asks.

Subzero realizes what is going on. He turns over to Raphael, only to be hit into a bush by smoke.

"Raphael, these cyborgs are being controlled!! You must destroy the device on the bottom part of his shoulder!" Subzero yells.

Subzero jumps up and fights with smoke instantly. Raphael jumps over Sektor, stabbing a sai into him. The robot falls to his knees, while Raphael makes his way over to Subzero. One of them fights him from the front, and the other from the back. Subzero and Raph kick him in the head at the same time. The turtle slashes a sai into him.

"That should take care of him, let's get out of here so we don't have to stay here and explain." Raphael suggests.

"Agreed, we don't want this little event here to cause anything else." He responds.

The two of them run, making there way to the tree tops once again. Over thirty more minutes pass. Raphael and Subzero arrive at the Lin Kuei temple.

Shalion Temple

"The truth is I was some what the guy older boys picked on, until I finally got to high school." Johnny Cage tells.

"Alright this will be the last one. Zatanna, truth or Dare?" Naruto asks.

She seems to be spaced out, until she is tapped on the shoulder by Johnny. Zee looks at everyone around her.

"Ok I choose dare."

Sonya sits up on the bed.

"Let's make this last one interesting. I want you to kiss Spiderman for ten seconds." She says evilly.

Sweat runs down Peters face behind his mask. Zatanna blushes while smiling. She looks over at Spidy, who looks the opposite direction. The intensity in the room builds up. He finally turns to her, lifting his mask up past his mouth. Zatanna moves on her knees across the bed, to get to him. She wraps her arms around his neck, bringing her lips to his. Their lips collide and his hands make there way up and down her back. Her tongue rubs against his lips; he reacts by opening his mouth allowing her to enter. The two kiss passionately. Naruto watches on the side with wide eyes! Time goes by with the three of them watching.

"That's enough you two; it's almost been a minute." Sonya says, pulling Zatanna off of the wall crawler.

Spidy takes deep breaths attempting to catch his breath. Zatanna moves up, sitting down at the edge of the bed. She looks over at a wall.

"This was fun you guys, but can you all promise this will stay between us. I think it's better if Batman doesn't find out about these events." Zee almost whispers.

"If that's what you want, we can all keep a secret." Johnny says.

The others in the room agree to it. Zatanna turns to all of them and smiles. Spiderman pulls his mask down over his mouth.

"That would be a funny site to see, Batman playing truth or dare. That wouldn't happen in a million years." Spidy says aloud.

Naruto and Zatanna laugh a little bit at the thought. Johnny stands up stretching.

"Let's all head downstairs; I'm sure Liu will make us something to eat." He suggest

The group follows Cage outside of the room. Inside the training room, Leonardo swings his swords at Batman, which he blocks with his gauntlets. Liu Kang swings Kung Lao around, throwing him into a wall. Batman sees this throwing a batarang at Liu, hitting him across the head. The shalion fighter turns around to face the Dark knight, only to see him kicked to the ground by Leo. Liu Kang gets back up, performing a flying kick which sends Kung Lao into Leo. Bats gets up, siding by Liu. Kung Lao gets up as well putting his hat on.

"This was a good session, but if we are to fully be ready for the invaders, we should rest." He suggests.

Batman attempts to speak but a blast of electricity appears before them all.

"The four of you need to come with me right now! The outsiders are destroying villages, killing the men and children." Raiden shouts.

Liu and the group grab onto him, as he transports them all. They re appear on a battle field, the site of flames and the smell of dead bodies is present. Raiden leaves the four of them, returning to the elder gods.

"Alright let's go in guys, try not to get separated." Leonardo says.

Kung Lao kicks down the entrance door to the village, which was partly already in flames. The sound of screams and cries can be heard throughout the village. Kung Lao runs over to fight two knights who have just beheaded a man. Liu jumps over a burning carriage, going after a knight about to execute a group of teenage boys. Batman runs over smashing into a burning wall of a cottage, where the many screams of children can be heard.

"This just can't get any easier." Leo says, shaking his head.

The turtle runs over to a couple of knights, who are hanging men from burning trees. A knight picks up a burning log, swinging it around in an attempt to hit Liu Kang. The knight is taken down, and Liu does the same to many others.

Shalion Temple

Jax, Sonya, and Zatanna enter the training room. The two girls turn around to look at him.

"Why are the two of you looking at me like that? This is where they were; maybe they went outside for fresh air." Jax tries to explain.

The three of them are out of the room, as quickly as they got in.

On the

Battle field

Batman makes his way into a burning room, where three children cry in the corner of a wall.

"All of you come to me right now!" Batman yells, putting his hand out.

There all shocked at the situation and don't move at all. Batman sweats from the heat of the flames. Part of the roof comes down on bats, he falls to the ground. He quickly pulls himself out of the burning rubble, running over to the children. Wrapping his cape around them, he pulls out his grapple gun shooting it outside. The wiring wraps around a tree, pulling him and the kids out. Leonardo sword fights with a few knights. He cuts the fingers off of one of them.

"Kill that bastard!" The knight yells in pain.

Leo jumps over the knights, stabbing his sword into him. All across the village, some knights retreat with the woman of the village. They ride away on horses. The three children run from Batman, crying and yelling for there parents. A knight retreats on his horse, Kung Lao seeing this takes off his hat. He throws it like a boomerang, cutting off the knight's head. His dead carcass falls off of the horse and into a puddle of mud. The shalion fighter catches his hat and puts it back on. Liu finishes un tying the young men.

"Can any of you tell me how this all started." He asks.

A knight tries to attack Liu from behind, but he reacts quickly sliding out of the way. Liu uppercuts the knight, and kicks him into a pile of burning wood. Batman and Leonardo brutally beat on a group of knights. Liu Kang turns around to see the group of boys running. The earth realm protectors fight off the knights for a little while longer, before the battle is finally over. The four of them look around, to see dead villagers, dead knights, and a destroyed village.

"Look over there; it looks like he might be alive." Leo says, pointing.

A little boy lays in the dirt bloody and beat down, but still alive. The group makes there way over to him. Batman bends down, putting the kid in his arms.

"Hey boy, can you hear me? Can you tell us what happened?" Batman asks.

The others stand behind him. The kid's eyes slowly open. He tries to talk, but coughs blood onto the ground.

"Th the guy's i i in black armor ca came out, kill killing everyone. Th they took al.. all the women, an and killing the res rest of us." He struggles to say.

"Why?!" Why did they take the woman, and kill everyone else?!" Batman asks, yelling a bit.

The boy begins to fade out, but the dark knight shakes him. Trying to keep him alive, even if it is just a bit longer. His eyes open again.

"They sai ss said something about re.. reproduction." He tells.

Batman's eyes close as his head goes down; he knows exactly what is happening. Liu Kangs fist are clinched, with anger. The boy looks up at bats.

"Can you dd do me a favor, please sa save my sister Chika? I wat wa watched both my parents d die today, she i is th the only one le le left." He says his last words, as his head falls back.

Batman's eyes open, as a tear falls out.

"I promise boy." He says with much emotion.

It begins to rain; Kung Lao places his hand on bats shoulder.

"There is nothing more we can do here, we must go." He tells.

Batman spots a nearby blanket that was only partly burnt. He sets the boy on the ground, wrapping the blanket over his body. He then walks up next to the others.

"I guess it's time we go after them, there are a few horses on that hill top. We can use them as our transportation." Batman says.

"I can't believe there using the woman as sex slaves, this is unacceptable. We must catch up with them quick." Liu says.

Kung Lao leads them all to the horses.

Lin Kuei Temple

Raphael sits at a table with Subzero, the grand master, and a few other Lin Kuei ninjas. The group talks about what they can do to stop the invasion.

"Raphael son, do you have any idea where there main base might be located?" One of the Link Kuei members asks.

"Nope, I don't have a clue. Theses guys randomly came out of nowhere wanting to kill and take my DNA." Raphael responds.

The grand master calls for everyone's attention.

"As for now, I'm going to send Tokie, Raphael, and Subzero to find there hideout. But before my decision is final, I would like to see you spar in the ring with a few of the Lin Kuei's best." The grand master tells Raph.

He smiles at the challenge sitting back in his chair.

"I'm ready, bring it on" He replies.

He thinks it better not to mention his captured brothers at the moment; he knows the time will come for that.

To Be Continue.

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Nine Tailed Mutant Legend

CHP10: Discovery

Liu Kang and the group ride through an open field. The horses gallop at high speeds.

"We should keep to this path, we will run into them. I just hope we're not too late." Kung Lao says.

Not even two seconds pass, and they are surrounded by a group of familiar foes, who come out of the trees to their side. The invaders sit on the tops of black horses.

"Hey you Civilians over there, stop right where you are!"

The wind plus the speed they are moving at, blows Batman's cape at an upward position.

"Why don't you murderer's try and catch us, all you have done is create sadness and pain to the people of this world!" Kung Lao yells back.

The evil beings speed up, putting themselves next to the earth defenders. Leonardo holds on tight, reaching back in his sheath for a sword. Batman does the same, while reaching into his utility belt.

"You ingrates will be forced into submission!"

Liu leaps to the side, kicking one of them onto the ground tumbling. He now rides on the horse of the knight. Batman pulls out a batarang, throwing it to his side. The projectile hits another of them in the head, causing him to fall onto the field. The remaining guy realizing his defeat retreats going the other way. Leo looks back at the retreating character.

"Thank goodness there were only three of them; I don't know how many of them we could have taken, especially in this position." Kung Lao says.

The four of them continue on their path, hoping to catch and stop another group of the outsiders. Raphael steps into the ring cracking his knuckles. He looks outside of the ring to see a group of Lin Kuei fighters cheering. The surrounding walls in the room are covered with Japanese décor. In front of Raph, two of his opponents step in.

"Do your best Raphael son; I don't expect you to defeat them both. However I would like to see you take one of them down." The grand master tells.

The turtle steps forward, moving to the middle of the ring. His opponents do the same.

"So what's you're guess? Do you think this green guy will even beat one of them?"

"This mutant obviously is not from around here, I doubt he can take either of those two veterans."

Two of the members talk among each other. Subzero stands next to the grand master with crossed arms.

"You may begin; this will be a three minute match. I don't want either of you holding back on him." The grand master tells.

Both men nod, before turning to the turtle. The fight begins with one of them jumping over and kicking him in the back of his shell. Raph spins to the side, keeping himself from falling. The other ninja throws shurikens in his direction, noticing it instantly dodges them. One of them pulls out a staff while the other reveals a long blade. Raphael too pulls out his weapons. The staff comes at him in great speed and force. He jumps and slides out of the way of it. While doing this he kicks the weapon out of the wielder's hand. He turns just in time to block the blade of the approaching sword. He slashes the ninja on the arm, but is kneed in the stomach. The other Lin Kuei fighter from behind, kicks him to the ground. Showing no weakness, Raphael jumps right back up.

"Impressive, he isn't too bad. Let's just see how long he can keep it up." The grand master says.

Time passes by with the turtle sparring against some of the Lin Kuei's best. One of them tackles Raphael onto the ground, punching him viscously. He kicks the ninja into the air, after the few seconds of the punishment he took. Raphael jumps up running over to the ninja, throwing a series of punches and kicks on him. He ends it by upper cutting him out of the ring. The Lin Kuei member falls unconscious on the cement floor. The group of ninja's watching are clapping and cheering. Raphael smiles while turning to his remaining opponent.

"Un believable, maybe you should have had him fight against me. I'm curious to where he learned his techniques from." Subzero says.

"This turtle creature hasn't disappointed, let's see what he does with the amount of time that is left."

The Lin Kuei fighter kicks into Raphael who falls back a bit, but once again catches himself. The ninja attempt's to round house kick Raph across the face, but only to have it blocked. The turtle counter's it by throwing in a knife hand, which is blocked by the ninja. Both wanting to end the fight, pull there fists back gaining power. They slam there fists into the other's face. Both fall onto the ring floor. There seems to be no movement from either of them for a moment. That is short lived, as one of them slowly gets to there feet. The crowds of ninjas are loud and cheering, standing before them is Raphael! Both Subzero and the grand master stand shocked.

"I can't believe that turtle guy won, and not only that! But he K.O.'d them both! A ninja says in the group.

The grand master looks at the time, to see that forty seconds remained.

"You put on quite a show Raphael son, now step out of the ring and come this way."

Raph heads over to Subzero and the grandmaster.

"I would like to ask you a question. Who is your sensei? Surely you didn't learn that type of material arts on your own?" The grand master asks.

"It's actually a really long story, but I was trained by my Master Splinter. I can explain it to you later if you'd like, but for now we should focus on the mission."

The grand master looks over at Subzero, and then back at Raphael. He places a hand on both their shoulders.

"I guess your right, and I have made my decision. The two of you along with Tokie, will be the three I will send out. The three of you will begin your journey as quickly as now."

The grand master calls over the Lin Kuei member, as the four of them exit the room. They are given utilities and maps, before leaving.

Miles away

Batman pushes on a huge gate, which leads to an enormous castle. The dark knight enters with the others at his side. They walk across a field, making there way up some golden steps. Kung Lao places a hand on Batman's shoulder, pulling back on his cape slightly.

"We don't even know if they are inside. If we have made a mistake, we have a chance of being imprisoned for trespassing."

Bat's thinks about the Shalion fighter's prediction before turning around.

"That is why we will get in un noticed. If you're that concerned, you can wait out here, while the rest of us go in."

"I'm not worried, I just wanted to be sure you are aware of that."

The group back up from the castle.

"The best way for us to enter, is to find an opening on the rooftop. I want you all to grab hold of me." Batman tells.

They do as they are asked, while the caped crusader grapples them up. They walk slowly and carefully, making sure that none of them falls. The group walks over to a part of the roof that is stable.

"I think it best that the four of us split up, in groups of two. It will lower our chances of being noticed." Liu suggests.

"Good thinking, we need to lower our chances in definite, especially if this is one of their head quarters." Batman adds.

The dark knight digs into his utility belt, pulling out three devices.

"I want you all to wear these close to your ears, just incase we get separated somehow."

The three of them take the gadgets from him.

"What about you, how are we to keep contact with you if something happens?" Leonardo asks.

"I have one that is built into my cowl." He replies with half a smile.

The four of them stand silent, looking down at the many fields. Cows and horses can be seen galloping, or chewing on the dark grass. The warriors observe them for a while.

"It's time we head inside. Remember that if this is one of their bases, we get in and out. They would out number us by too great a margin." Batman tells.

The four split up, with Kung Lao traveling with Liu to the left. Batman lasers a window open, as he and Leo jump in. The room is filled with dust, and spider webs stretch among the walls. Leonardo walks over to a bookshelf, rubbing his hand across the top shelf of novels. He clears the dust off to read a few of the titles. Batman looks at the many lamps, which are covered in web.

"This must be the adic, judging by the surroundings." Leo says.

Batman picks up a picture, wiping the dust off it. He studies the image.

"I'm going to agree with you, it would seem they keep their antiques up in this place. This picture is of a passed king, which leads me to believe the invaders are not here."

"Maybe so, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't take a look around. After all, their trail seemed to have stopped in front of this place."

The turtle walks over to a spot in the room, pulling on a chain that pulls a board out of the ground. Fresh air enters the room; Leo looks down to see a hallway. Both He and the dark knight jump down. They move along with extreme caution. Liu and Kung Lao walk side by side, in a hall that get's its light from the torches on the wall. Stacked up against the walls are silver armor's, and paintings.

"I would imagine the people in this place would get depressed sometimes. Just look around, there are hardly any window's to let in some light." Liu complains.

"I don't know, but this place creeps me out a bit. We need to hurry up and see what is going on in this place, and get out.

The sound of footsteps can be heard ahead, the two-shalion fighters are quick to hide behind a statue. Kung Lao peaks his head out to get a glimpse. His eyes widen at what he sees. He puts his head back in, looking over at Liu.

"What is it? Tell me what you saw?"

"We need to contact batman, it's the knights they're here. They must have taken down the leaders of this palace."

Kung Lao fidgets with the device in his ear, trying to figure out how to work it. After pressing two buttons, the dark knight and Leo are notified. Both Leo and Batman look at statues that are made of clay.

"What is it; did the two of you find something?" Batman asks quietly.

"I don't know if the two of you discovered them, but the invaders are here! You don't have to ask me if I'm sure, I'm positive it's them."

"Good find, but we can't leave just yet. We need to find out why they are here, from what I have seen this castle is ran by citizens. I want you and Liu Kang to stay hidden, and try to locate the main room. Leo and I will do the same, Batman out.

The transition is ended, as Kung Lao turns over to Liu.

"Let's follow them down that hall, but slowly."

Both of them stand up, walking down the hall. A huge door can be seen, with a lot of sound behind it. Both of them walk over, putting an ear up next to it. So that they can hear what is going on.

"Everything seems to be going good, Klenk will be proud! Our master's dream will finally become a reality."

"So the women of this planet, will be taken back to ours? Or will they be held at our bases, here in this world."

"It depends; they are picked at random where they will go. You need not worry about that, our main focus should be on accomplishing the mission."

Liu and Kung Lao stand there for a bit, listening to them talk back and forth. They are both surprised, as they are pushed into the room. The two of them were to slow to react. From the ground, the shalion fighters look up at the tyrants.

"I found these two spying outside of the door. I'm assuming they've heard a lot and should be dealt with!"

The group of villains looks down on the two, who try and stay calm. Showing no fear, both shalion monks stand.

"I don't know how the two of you got in here, but this is not acceptable! I want the two of you to follow me."

Kung Lao almost protests, but Liu gives him the look to go along with it. Glass from the ceiling comes crashing in! They all look up to see the caped crusader gliding down. Leonardo comes sliding down a rope. Batman kicks the leader of the group, as he comes down.

"They aren't going anywhere with you! And what have you done to the citizens of this palace?"

The knight gets up wiping the blood from his mouth while smiling at bats.

"All of the un cooperative beings were killed, as for the others that is strictly private. Both the king and Queen were executed for not following our King's rules."

"I don't know what kind of sick people you are, what is the name that your leader goes by? If he is so great and powerful, why doesn't he do things himself?" Kung Lao asks.

"Our king goes by Klenk, and never speak of him like that again! I will cut your tongue out and feed it to the mosquitoes! Enough with the questions, the four of you will be disposed of this instant!"

The earth defenders get back to back. Leonardo takes out one of his swords, while Batman pulls out two batarangs. Liu looks down to see he did not come prepared, forgetting his nun chuck. Just as they are about to be attacked, the group of villains are electrified! Liu Kang looks to his side to see Raiden.

"I'm not sure whose rules you're all following, but this is a planet of peace. Is it power what your leader seeks, destroying the lives of innocents is not power! Nor I or the protectors of this planet will let you succeed!"

"Big words old man, but at this point we've already won. Alright gentle men, kill them all." A knight tells.

Raiden performs his torpedo glide, knocking a few of them into a wall. Batman grabs Liu Kang by his wrists swinging him around; he throws the Shalion fighter into the air. While up high, he performs his bicycle kick into the face of a knight. Raiden grabs another one of them shocking the dark warrior. Leonardo turns to Kung Lao, as the two of them fight a group of knights.

"I just have one question, how did you and Liu get discovered?" Leo asks, dodging a speeding blade.

"These guy's caught us off guard; I will make sure that doesn't happen again." Kung Lao replies kicking one of them across the room.

Batman elbows a knight into Raiden's direction who uppercuts him. Liu Kang shoots his dragon fire at a few of them. They are knocked over, but most of them get right back up. The surrounding doors bust open, with more of them pouring in.

"What is this, like two hundred to four?" Leo says a bit nervous.

Raiden looks around to see them quickly being out numbered. He fires off a few lightning bolts to clear a path.

"All of you grab hold of me!"

Liu Kang and the others jump over the many knights, grabbing hold of Raiden. There all teleported away. The knights look around confused on what happened to them. Raiden and the others re appear in front of a temple. A slight wind blows to the east.

"What is this place?" Leo asks.

"I want the four of you to wait outside here. Inside is the elder gods, I have one last meeting with them. It shouldn't take to long, so I want you all to be patient."

Raiden steps forward entering, with the four of them standing in place. Leonardo spots a huge rock, walking over and sitting on it. Kung Lao sits down next to him, while Liu Kang and Batman stand next to them. They give there devices back to Batman.

"I'm really starting to wonder how many of them there are, we could be in deep trouble. I'm not saying we can't win, there is always a way to come out on top. Things just seem to be getting tougher." Bats tells.

"I think it's time we go after them, from where ever there coming from. The longer we stay here, the more of them continue to come." Kung Lao says.

"That would be dangerous; we would be too out numbered. We need to come up with some sort of plan." Liu Kang tells.

The four of them sit there for over an hour, and when Raiden doesn't show up they begin training with each other. Many hours go by and Raiden finally exits. He comes out to see the four of them meditating. He looks up at the sky to see the sun setting behind the clouds. Raiden speaks bringing them all out of there Transition.

"I'm sorry, but that took much longer than I thought it would. Let's head back to the shalion temple now."

They all get up, as Raiden takes them all back to the shalion temple.

Subzero, Raphael, and Tokie walk around a lake. The three hold maps, as they continue walking toward substantial mountains. Raiden returns with the others into the training room. The room looks the same way they left it. The thunder god leaves them once again, through bright electricity. The four of them head into the back room to get cleaned up. The group takes there time, finishing at about the same time. Bruce throws his bat suit into a washing machine, putting on some clothes. Liu and Kung Lao do the same, and the four of them exit the back room.

"Your suit should be clean within the next thirty minutes." Kung Lao tells.

"No problem, I'll just get it tomorrow I will be turning in early. Leonardo and I will be going to recover his brothers first thing in the morning; I want the two of you to just focus on the invaders."

"How do you know that it isn't them, who have them captive?" Liu asks.

"I don't, but this will be a two man job no questions asked."

Everyone is quite until the entrance to the training room opens, as Spiderman and Naruto enter. Bruce shakes his head realizing the mistake he made.

"What the heck! Bruce Wayne, what is he doing here? And what happened to Batman?" Spiderman asks.

He looks around confused, and can see a smile grow on the billionaire's face. Spiderman almost laughs at this.

"Are you serious, a guy like you is Batman? I find that hard to believe, you seem so bright and cherry on TV. Do you have a split personality or something?"

"The questions can wait till later; we just got back and are tired. There is a lot that needs to be done tomorrow." Bruce responds.

"Speaking of that, where were you guy's all day? We tried looking for you, but gave up after an hour." Naruto asks.

"As I said before, questions can be answered later."

As Bruce heads to the door, Zatanna enters with two Ice cream cones. She is surprised to see him not as Batman. She attempts to say something but is cut off by him. He exits the room.

"What's wrong with him, he sure is in a bad mood?" She asks.

"I think he's probably just tired, I think it's time we all turn in. We have a lot to do tomorrow. The three of you can split yourselves up, and sleep in a room with either Batman or Naruto." Liu tells.

He exits the room as well, with Kung Lao following him.

"I guess the two of you can share the room with Naruto, I'll kick it with bats." Leo suggests.

"Thanks but no thanks; I want to share a room with him. I have a few questions to ask that guy any way." Spiderman replies.

"If that's what you want, than I'm fine with it. Why don't we all head upstairs. So are Jax, Johnny, and Sonya still here?" Leo asks.

"They actually left a few hours ago." Naruto tells.

Zatanna hands one of the cones to Naruto, while she begins licking on the other. They follow Leonardo as he exits the room. The leaf village ninja leads them up to his room unlocking the door. Spiderman walks across the hall knocking on a door. Bruce slightly opens it.

"What is it you want?"

Spidy can hear the agitation in his tone.

"Believe it or not, I'm now your official room mate!" He says cheerfully.

"Are you serious? I don't know how that is going to work out; there is just one minor problem."

"Let me have it, whatever it is I'm sure we can work it out."

Zatanna walks behind Spidy with a smirk on her face, pulling off his mask!

"Problem solved, he is Peter Parker you can let him in now. Sleep well you two." She says walking back across the room, into Naruto's room.

"Come on in Peter." Bruce says, fully opening the door.

Spidy walks in with a frown on his face.

"There is no need to pout; she just made the situation easier. If I wanted to, I could have figured out who you were on my own. I'll let you have the bed; I don't mind sleeping on the ground."

Bruce throws Spidy some shorts to sleep in; similar to the one's he wears. He throws a couple of blankets onto the ground creating a comforter, and lays his head down over a pillow. Peter gets un dressed turning off the lights and getting into the bed. He stares up at the wall for a bit, feeling restless.

"Hey Bruce, do you think you could tell me the story of how you became Batman? What motivated you to do such a thing, I had no idea a rich boy like you would fight crime? I'm not tired at all."

All Peter gets from him is a grunt.

"Take my advice Parker, look up at the ceiling and count as many bats as you can. That will make you tired." Bruce finally replies.

Peter laughs at his some what lame joke. Not another word is said as the two of them fall asleep eventually. Time passes through the night.

Something startles Peter, which awakens him. He can feel the breath of someone up against his lips. His first thought is Bruce!

"What the heck are you doi…"

A finger is placed on his lips to keep him quite.

"It's ok Peter it's just me."

As his eyes get use to the darkness, he can see that it is Zatanna. He sits up a bit, looking her up and down. She wears a long white tea shirt.

"What are you doing in here Zee?" He asks whispering.

Her leg crosses over as she rubs her foot against one of his legs. His heart rate speeds up!

"I can't stop thinking about the kiss we had earlier, there is something about you that I like."

"I like you a lot to Zee, but we hardly even know each other. I think it's best that we just stay friends for now."

"You're not rejecting me are you; I can make all your dreams come true."

She now rubs her hand up against his chest. Peter backs up from her a bit.

"I thought Bruce locked the door, how did you get in here?"

"Duh I used my magic."

"Look Zee, even if we were going to do anything Bruce would wake up. Come on now, he is Batman."

"That is where you are wrong."

With the snap of a finger, head phones appear on Bruce's ears with a force field around it.

"He won't be able to hear a thing through those. What's wrong Pete do I not turn you on?"

Zatanna moves over sitting on top of him and removing her shirt, to reveal her bra. She leans on him, pushing his back onto the bed.

"Just tell me if you want me, I can make this a night to remember!"

"I'm sorry Zee, but I just can't. I guess I failed to mention there is another woman in my life. I would have told you earlier, but I didn't think things would go this far."

Zatanna gets off of him putting her shirt back on, and getting rid of the head phones. She looks over at him.

"I'm so sorry about this Peter, please forgive me. Let's pretend this never happened. Good night."

She gets out of the bed stepping over Bruce and opening the door, closing it behind her. Peter lays down thinking before falling asleep again.

To Be Continue

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Nine Tailed Mutant Legend

CHP 11: Wanted revenge

Three characters walk through a forest, equipped with numerous resources. The wind blows steadily as they advance further in. One out of the three holds a map open, following a certain conduit.

"So how does your boss figure their foundation is precisely at this point?"

"He is not 100% sure Raphael, but we need to check this place. Say this isn't what we are looking for, Maybe we will find it in the process." Subzero tells.

Raph nods as a form of response, looking back down on the map Tokie holds. Both Raphael and Tokie are kicked to the ground by Subzero, who jumps out of the way. Arrows and shurikens come storming in to the area! Both Raph and Tokie kick off of each other, sending the other airborne going opposite directions. This makes it so they aren't pierced by the blades. Both are speedily on their feet, looking up to see many ninjas jumping out of the surrounding trees. Raphael's teeth grind together, realizing the ambush.

"Well if it isn't Subzero and his Comrades, the three of you are in un charted province and should leave!"

Subzero looks up to see a familiar smiling man!

"Azun, you had some nerve coming to the Lin Kuei a while back and disturbing the peace! You just made our job easier; we were actually looking for your base and or bases." Subzero says.

Azun smiles as he jumps down from a tree, landing in front of them. His ninjas do not attack, seemingly waiting for orders to be given to them.

"I could just have my group of assassins here finish the three of you off, but there would be no fun in that. The three of you will have the chance of battling against demon squad!"

Azun pulls out a diamond looking object, chanting a long phrase causing it to glow and produce a ringing sound. Large amounts of energy build as three different colors of flames come out of the strange diamond. The flames after some time form into three women! Raphael's eyes widen as he steps back.

"What the shell is this! Is this some sort of deception?"

"There is no deception turtle freak, what you see hear is no allusion. Don't be alarmed by their beauty, they are deadly warriors. I will begin by telling you a little bit about them, not that it will help your chances of defeating them."

Azun takes a deep breath before beginning. Subzero takes this opportunity to step forward next to his two allies.

"First their names are Kayla, Mia, and Quila who were all raised by their parents in a village back on my home planet. By the orders of our planets leader, that village was to be burnt to the ground. That is exactly what happened, except for seven survivors. The three of them were in the group of these survivors."

Azun is cut off hearing the grunt of Raph; he turns to the turtle smiling.

"What kind of people are you? Your master should be over thrown; I'm surprised he hasn't been assassinated yet."

"I appreciate your pitiable opinion and possibility, but he is surrounded by his many followers. As I was saying they were three of the survivors, at the ages of seven, three, and six they were easily brainwashed as you would say. The three of them were taken to one of our kingdoms most skilled training camps, and taught the most intricate material arts. That was fifteen years ago, these three ladies have become irreconcilable fighters!"

"I don't care who they are, or the training they went through! They will not defeat the three of us." Subzero tells, putting a fist in the air.

Quila licks her orifice crossing her arms. Kayla is the youngest of them, with pink hair and green eyes. Mia is the second to oldest, with light blue hair and golden eyes. Quila is the oldest of them, with orange hair and ocean blue eyes.

"I wouldn't be so sure honey; you men always think everything is so easy when it comes to us women." Quila says.

Subzero attempts to say something, but stops within mid sentence.

"Alright gentle men; this is how the whole thing is going to work. I'm going to split the three of you up throughout this forest, and you will each fight one on one against the demon squad members."

Having an adequate amount of the circumstances, Subzero runs forward in an attempt to strike Azun, but is zapped along with Tokie and Raphael.

Subzero lies on the wet grass, getting up slowly looking optimistic at the full moon. Everything seems to be silent, except the sound of the wind blowing the leaves around. He looks up in time to see Quila coming down on him, grabbing her by the shoulder he throws her into a nearby tree. The woman laughs as she gets up.

"It humors me how you strive so hard, and just to contemplate it, will be all for nothing!" Quila says.

"I can clearly see that you are a very talkative individual, let us see if you can back your terminology up." Subzero replies.

She pulls out two hand grenades throwing them his direction; these projectiles are frozen solid before even reaching him. Quila bends down, pulling two knives out of her boots. She runs at Subzero, as the skirmish begins. She knees Subzero in his private area, as a reaction his eyes amplify. He punches her across the countenance, falling back a bit it leaves a little more interval between the two of them.

"Oh please hit me like that again, I just like the feel of it." She says seductively.

Subzero now shows a face of huge misunderstanding! He performs his ice slide which knocks her even further back. This time she ends up on the ground. Quila gets up quickly, hoping onto Subzero she jumps off his shoulders into the tree tops.

"Come on sweetie; let's see if you can catch me." Quila tells, daring him to follow.

Subzero shakes his head while mumbling beneath his breath. He grabs onto a vine making his approach into the tree. The sounds of her laughter can be heard, not knowing her exact position he continues going up. Subzero finally spots her humming the tune of a song, sitting cross legged.

"Are you going to come out of that spot, or am I going to be left with using brutal force?"

She looks up at him with a smirk on her face.

"That is totally up to you lover. I would prefer you pull me out with your big strong arms."

Now Subzero closes his eyes while shaking his head. He decides not to reply to her comment. Quila notices that he is not fully on guard, so she takes the chance to stab a knife into his left shoulder. Only after jumping up!

Subzero yells out in agony, pulling the blade out dropping it down. The two of them begin fighting; throwing punches and kicks onto each other. Some of which that are blocked. Jumping from tree top to tree top, the two of them continue their battle.

Raphael holds both Sai's in hand, being very vigilant of his surroundings. Raphael's eyes narrow as his adversary steps from behind a tree in front of him.

"So which one of them are you?"

"I'm Kayla green man, but don't let my name full you. I'm nothing like a kind person; your wretched existence will be over before long." Kayla tells.

The two of them step forward, running at each other. Kayla carries with her a golden staff. She whacks Raph across the facade as he falls to the dirt. He doesn't get up entirely, just sitting up to observe her. He looks into her dark green eyes, and then at her short pink hair following her sexy body!

"Why are you doing this?" Raph asks.

She looks down at him, not sure what exactly his question is regarding.

"Pardon, but are you asking me why I am trying to eradicate you? Shouldn't that be comprehensible to you already?"

The turtle gets entirely off of the ground standing tall. He puts his weapons to his side, indicating to her that he does not desire to combat.

"No, that is not what I'm talking about; I would like to know why you are fighting for a man like Azun? You heard him yourself, his leader burned down your village! You were probably too young to even reminisce." Raph tells.

She pauses for a few moments in relation to his words.

"That is none of your anxiety, besides I don't have a say in the matter. Women and children back where I come from do not query that of our leaders. That is the job of the men!"

She swings her staff at him again, but he is quick to block it with a Sai. He uses this opportunity to kick her back. He performs a flying kick, which sends her departing the opposite direction into a cluster of flowers. She puts her hand within her bra, pulling out a gun and shooting at Raphael. He ducks for cover behind an adjoining tree. Staying close to the ground, he creeps around dozens of bushes trying to get closer to her without being seen. He finally jumps up throwing a Sai which knocks the weapon out of her hand. She turns to him as he steps out of a bush.

"We don't have to do this Kayla; there is absolutely no meaning to this fight. We would be killing each other for no reason, don't you understand? Just think about it, if it weren't for them you would still have your family."

"Klenk is the one responsible for the destruction of my village! I don't know what you are trying to accomplish with your soft words." Kayla replies.

"What part of that do you not understand, Azun along with his fighters work for that man! You don't have to; it's your choice if you want freedom and independence.

Kayla steps forward ready to attack, but freezes in place with so many thoughts and emotions going through her head. She stands in place thinking for a few seconds. Something that she had not experienced in forever occurs, she finds herself with tears in her eyes. Raphael walks toward her.

"Stay the hell back!" She demands.

He watches in place as tears fall from her eyes, and down onto her cheeks.

"Don't you understand now just how wrong this is, they used you Kayla. It's not too late for you to turn things around."

In a burst of anger, she charges Raphael knocking him onto the ground he lands on the back of his shell. She runs off into the darkness in tears. Raph gets up walking over to retrieve his other Sai. Looking up at the moon light, he feels ghastly for Kayla.

"I hope she makes it ok." Raph finally says to himself.

Tokie begins to feel a bit of frustration, not being able to locate any of the Demon squad members. This is short lived as he notices a hissing sound coming from his back side. He turns around to see Mia leaning up against a tree. She sticks her tongue out at him, this surprises him. Her tongue resembles that similar of a snake!

"I think it's time that you and I get this show started." Mia tells.

Both she and Tokie draw out swords and begin. Subzero continues to fight with Quila in the tree tops, the two of them move rapidly. The sound of Kayla's tears catch both their attention. Quila punches Subzero to the side.

"Why is that little bitch crying, hopefully she didn't do anything imprudent!"

Quila leaves Subzero, who watches her retreat after Kayla.

"Wow so that's it, she's just going to leave just like that." Subzero says to himself.

Tokie's sword is sliced in half, as Mia throws her blade to the side. She puts her fist up, punching him across the face. Tokie jumps back, as she blows fire from her mouth! She leaps into the air, kicking the Lin Kuei fighter onto the ground. She walks over slowly getting on top of him. She takes off the makes which covers his face.

"Oh my you sure are a cute one, tell me what is it like to stare the person in the eyes who kills you seconds before?"

"You tell me, you're the one who is going to die?" Tokie replies.

She places her hands on his chest as she laughs aloud.

"Let me ask you; are you good at sucking face?" Mia asks.


She brings her face down to his, pressing her lips up against his! His mouth opens trying to say something, but she uses this opportunity as her tongue enters. She holds him down as she kisses him roughly! Venom from inside her mouth is inserted into his. She stops after a few seconds, sitting up on his dead body. She licks her lips with a smile on her face.

"To bad I had to kill this one, he had a good taste."

She gets up off of him, and retreats into the darkness. Moments later, Raphael and Subzero enter the area. Coming from different parts of the forest, the two of them look down at his dead body. His lips have increased great size, covered in venom. Raph shakes his head at the sight of this.

"I'm sorry to say Subzero, but your boy Tokie got jacked up!"

Subzero bends down, putting the mask back on the face of his fallen colleague.

"Quila was not the one who did this, so which of them was it that you fought against?" Subzero asks.

"We didn't actually fight; I tried to explain to Kayla that this whole thing was unnecessary. She went off in tears, but I can tell she has a lot of good in her heart. Maybe if I see her again, just Maybe I can possibly show her a path."

Subzero picks up a rock, crushing it in his hand.

"That leaves only Mia! She will pay for this, but our main focus is to be on the invaders for now. Obviously Azun is one of their leaders, but he is not the king of their world. We must be on the right path, or we wouldn't have encountered Azun and his assemblage."

Subzero digs into Tokie's provisions, pulling out another map and standing.

"Come Raphael son, we must continue our mission. We will set up camp after about another mile." Subzero tells.

Both ninjas continue their journey through the gloominess. A great deal of time passes as the demon squad members arrive at Azun's temporary castle.

"I'm glad to see that you all made it back in one piece, so did you exterminate Subzero and his cohorts?"

Kayla steps forward with her head downward.

"I'm sorry Azun but it is my fault that Subzero and the turtle creature still live. I promise that if you give us another chance we will finish them off."

Azun steps forward, slapping Kayla across the face as she falls to the ground. Mia giggles at the side, trying to keep herself from laughing. Azun kicks her in the stomach, knocking the wind out of her. He then picks her up by her hair, spitting in her face he punches her back onto the ground.

"That is enough; she said it wouldn't happen again!" Quila yells stepping forward.

"You know I don't tolerate failure Kayla, don't you dare let this happen again! Get your pitiful ass up and go get cleaned up! I don't want you in my presence!" Azun demands ignoring Quila.

Quila helps Kayla to her feet, as the fighter leaves the room on her own.

"Now that she is gone, I want the two of you up in my bedroom ASAP. I'm feeling in the mood, and want the two of you to satisfy my needs, am I understood?"

Mia walks over to his side, rubbing up against him.

"Don't worry darling, it will be our pleasure. Just give us ten minutes, so that we can slip into something more comfortable.

Mia walks over next to Quila wrapping her arm around hers; both women wink at Azun as they exit the room. He smiles while heading up the stairs to his room. Within the shower, Kayla thinks hard about what the mutant fighter had said to her earlier. Come to think of it, she didn't even get his name! Time passes while Azun waits under the sheets entirely nude. Quila is the first to enter wearing only a small tea shirt that reveals her belly and everything below! She makes her way over into the bead and under the sheets. While smiling she spreads her legs apart, as Azun gets on top of her. The two of them begin kissing passionately.

Within the forest, Raphael and Subzero have stopped for the night and sit over a fire at their camp site. The turtle throws a few more logs into it, to get larger conflagration. Both warriors sit back in stillness for a bit.

"Azun is nothing but a pretty boy, who steals the abilities of fighters and uses it as his own. I can assure you, I'm going to enjoy pulling his heart out of his chest!" Subzero breaks the silence.

Raphael's eyes widen a bit at the Lin Kuei fighter's viciousness.

"I don't know about the whole pulling out heart stuff, but he will be stopped."

Raph opens up his sleeping bag while staring into the flames of the fire. So many things go through his mind, this instant. The two of them eventually fall sound asleep, snoozing over the fire.

Shalion Temple

A few hours have passed, with the sun escalating in excess of the colossal mountains. Its dim light is enough to awaken Bruce, A.K.A. the dark knight. Doing his best not to wake Peter, he gets up slowly moving around unhurriedly. He swiftly exits the room, making his way down the many stairs to the training room. He recovers his bat suit from there, and suits up. As he puts on his utility belt, someone approaches him from behind. He turns approximately to see Kung Lao.

"What is it you are doing up so early? You should still be asleep, getting your rest." Batman asks.

"Liu and I spoke with each other after you turned in, and decided that I should travel along with you and Leo. Just incase the invaders are the one's who hold his brothers." Kung Lao tells.

Batman crosses his arms while looking up at nothing in particular.

"I guess that will be fine, let us try and find them quick so that we can focus on the real quandary."

Just than, the entrance door to the training room opens. A shalion monk enters, walking over to the two of them.

"Good morning Kung Lao and outsider. Are there any weapons I can get for you before your departure Kung Lao?"

"No thanks Isazkie, I'm already taken care of. However, you can inform the workers in the cafeteria to have breakfast ready for our guest as well as Liu when they awake." Kung Lao replies.

"No dilemma, it's done."

Isazkie exits the room subsequently.

"You can meet me in the front of the temple, I'll go wake Leonardo and we'll meet you there." Batman tells.

Both men exit the room, going there separate ways. Batman walks up the many stairs, making his way over to the room across from his. He just walks straight in, as the door is unlocked. Looking in the bed, he can see Naruto sleeping on one side and Zatanna on the other. Leo sleeps on the ground with a cluster of covers. Batman taps him twice, before he awakes. He sits up stretching and yawning.

"Well, I guess this means it is time to go. Hopefully we are successful in finding them." Leo says.

The turtle gets up stretching and heading over to grab his weapons. When he turns back around, he catches Batman staring down on Zatanna.

"Do you have a thing for her?" Leo asks whispering.

Batman turns to him grinning.

"Certainly not, let's get going we have a lot of ground to cover."

Leo follows the dark knight out of the room, as the two of them go down the many steps. The two of them exit the premises, meeting up with Kung Lao in the front. The three of them exit the front gates together. Leonardo and Kung Lao carry bags, filled with useful equipment and maps.

"I need you to give me the replicate device, of what your brothers have as well." Batman tells.

Leo hands his cell shell over to Batman, who connects it to another device out of his utility belt. It takes over a minute, but they do get a location. Kung Lao takes a good look at it, having an idea on where they might be.

"I'm not positive, but based from our stand point and that one I would say your brothers are in Tarkaden territory! They are a very brutal unit of warriors, and we must be careful if that is who holds them."

"It shouldn't be a problem if we stick to stealth, judging by the distance we will get there by night fall unless we find some sort of transportation." Batman acknowledges.

Miles away within a Castle, Azun sleeps soundly. A knock can be heard from his front door, which awakes him. He grunts, a bit angered that his sleep was disturbed.

"Who is it?" He asked frantic.

"It's me Micly; I have some info for you. But it's not tremendously significant, so it can wait for later if you'd like."

"Get lost." Azun replies.

Both Mia and Quila lay asleep, completely nude on both sides of Azun's chest. A few hours pass by, with Kung Lao, Batman, and Leo taking a break in front of a lake. They look up at the water fall, and the clear beautiful colored water.

"The two of you can sit back and watch as I get us breakfast. I don't think the two of you ever knew back at the temple my nick name is fish man! That is because I am grand at catching fish." Kung Lao tells.

Leonardo shakes his head, not believing the shalion fighter. Kung Lao opens up his bag, getting out some bate and fishing net. Kung Lao throws his bate into the lake, sitting back with Leo and Batman on a large rock waiting.

Shalion temple

Naruto wakes up, looking over to his back side to see that Zatanna is gone. The leaf village ninja sits up looking down on the ground to see folded up blankets. Leonardo had left as well. Naruto gets dressed, making up the bed and heading down to the main room afterward. When entering the kitchen, sitting at one table is Liu, Peter, and Zatanna.

"Good morning everyone, what happened to the others?"

"Maybe you forgot, but they went on a mission earlier this morning. We probably won't see them for another two days possibly." Liu tells.

Zatanna and peter catch glimpses, but she turns away from him instantly.

"Come on and sit down Naruto, they will have your breakfast on the table for you in just a few minute." Liu tells.

Naruto takes a seat next to Liu, as the two of them talk, Zee and Peter are silent.

To Be Continue

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It's been a long time but here's chapter 3. I like how much I fuck up any semblance of consistency for the character voices. Ah well.

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Oh wow, I posted a comment back in 2009!

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It's been a long time but here's chapter 3. I like how much I fuck up any semblance of consistency for the character voices. Ah well.

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Good stuff as usual haha

Nine Tailed Mutant Legend

CHP 12: Continued journey

Evading the speeding blade which approaches the fighter, he counters attacks with a special move. The challenger either had the move read, or was quick moving out of the ice blasts conduit. Leaping high into the air, the mutated turtle recovers his weapon, turning to his challenger Subzero. The sun can barely be seen through the firmament filled with clouds. A sense of urgency can be felt within both Raphael and Subzero. The Lin Kuei fighter ends the practice session.

"We have a long voyage before restoring order and light to this realm. If you and I fail, we'll have to depend on the remainder of earth realm's protectors." Subzero tells.

The turtle from another dimension paces back and forth, with something in mind.

"Don't you think it would be smart if we joined up with this planets defense?" Raphael turns to Subzero. "The two of us against all of them, is just plain suicide."

Subzero bends down picking up a rock, and chucking it into the lake. It skips across the lakes exterior before plummeting into the darkness of the foundation.

"Things will work out for the best this way." Subzero turns from Raph looking into the clouds. "Besides if we can somehow locate the brains of this operation, we can put an end to this whole ordeal."

Raphael thinks of their chances of accomplishing that, smiling at the long shot.

"We've spent enough time here; it's time for us to advance on." Subzero says.

The two of them gather up their supplies, continuing on the set destination.

"I wonder if we are goanna get any rain." Raph looks up at the somewhat gray clouds. "It wouldn't be so bad, but it is much less hassle traveling when it is dry."

The two ninjas pass through deep into the woods.

Miles away

Batman, Leo, and Kung Lao make their way onto a dirt road. Leo chews and swallows what is left of his meal.

"So how much longer do you think it will be until we reach this place?" Leo asks.

The caped crusader looks down at the device to see them progressing toward their set point.

"If we keep at this pace, we should disembark in another three to five hours." Batman puts the device back into his utility belt. "Let's hope your brothers have not been debilitated."

"Whatever the case may be with all this, one thing is certain." Kung Lao takes a deep breath, looking at the growing flowers located at the side of the road. "We need to recover them so that we can return our attention back to the real issue."

There is no reply from the dark knight or Leo, as it is clear they fully agree.

"We might be jumping the gun a bit, we don't know if they're actually being held captive." Batman suggests.

Kung Lao along with Leonardo put some thought into the possibility.

"That is possible." Leo shakes his head, with an almost certain face. "But in a place this far away from home, my brothers wouldn't have just left like that. Someone must be holding them."

Walking in silence, none out of the three say a thing. It isn't much longer before the duo comes across a bridge which is guarded by a strange creature. Leonardo turns to Kung Lao.

"So I'm sure you're familiar with guys like this right?" The turtle whispers.

A smirk forms on the face of Kung Lao.

"To be honest I've never seen a species resembling this." Kung Lao takes a closer look at the being. "Maybe it's just that I haven't been getting out enough, but I'm positive he is not from around here."

Batman conclusively pulls the tracking device out of his utility belt, surprised at what he discovers. It's something they didn't anticipate, something that didn't even show up on their maps!

"How can this be, is this some type of allusion?" The dark knight asks himself.

The creature guarding the bridge stands in place not making a move, he keeps his full attention on Batman and company.

"Get over here right now, the two of you should see this." The ninja and shalion fighter side up next to Batman. "According to this, if we cross this thirty ft long bridge we can cut off close to two and a half hours." Batman tells.

A sigh of relief can be felt between them all. Kung Lao clears his throat taking a step forward.

"Hello sir how are you doing today?" Kung Lao rubs his chin while smiling. "Would it be possible for you to kindly step aside, so my buddies and I can go through?"

The monstrous creature steps up a bit with crossed arms.

"None shall pass without three thousand Yin." The individual speaks in a deep tone. "However there is an alternative."

It is now the creature who smiles. He appears with flaking purple skin wearing a silver helmet, and is suited up in silver armor. He carries on him a sword and several daggers.

"So what's the alternative?" Batman finally asks.

The creature lets out a bizarre chuckle, which causes Leo and Kung Lao to exchange glances.

"Well it's really quite straightforward, one out of you three needs to demonstrate to me that you are a true warrior and I'll let you all pass for free." The creature laughs again. "Also my name is Gerldlax, and that is what you all will address me by."

"Alright listen up you two, just stand by and wait till this is all over." Batman glares at both his allies. "Don't try and jump in, I will have this all wrapped up as quickly as possible."

Kung Lao turns to bats with a slight frown.

"Hold on a sec, you didn't even ask if I wanted to handle this. Honestly, I wouldn't mind getting my hands dirty right about now."

"Well so what's it going to be!?" Gerldlax yells out.

"We aren't here to have fun, if you haven't already forgotten. Just let me handle this." Batman replies.

Kung Lao doesn't dispute, watching Batman step up.

"We don't have much time, so if you are ready lets begin."

The Dark Knight follows his geared up opponent onto the bridge, who takes them to the middle section. The two back up a bit from one another leaving some space between them.

"Lets begin!"

The creature throws out four boomerangs which Batman dodges.

Shalion Temple

Peter strides in the halls of the shalion temple, with Liu showing him around. Zatanna enters the work out area to see Naruto vanquishing two of his clones.

"So how are you feeling right now?" Naruto turns over to Zee. "Earlier this morning you seemed to be upset."

Zatanna looks up at him puzzled, trying to show a face that she is staggered at what he just said. She walks over to a chair sitting in it backwards looking up at the leaf village ninja.

"I'm actually quite fine." Zatanna rests her chin on the chair's top. "What makes you think that?"

Naruto shows a face of concern, and could hear it through her voice that she wasn't telling the truth. He walks over to a nearby fountain, taking a sip of water, before returning to the middle section of the room.

"I guess we can just forget about it." Naruto bends down stretching. "It's not really a big deal any how."

Batman glides above Gerldlax kicking him three ft back. The creature gets up, swinging his sword back and forth at the caped crusader. Batman blocks a few of the blows with his gauntlets, while moving out of the blades path.

"I guess I failed to mention this can end in one of us dead!"

Batman jumps back a bit, throwing a few batarangs. Gerldlax slices them all up, except for one that comes around hitting him in the back of his head. Batman takes this opportunity and punches him to the ground.

"Had enough yet, this fight is pointless. Why don't you just let us through?" Batman suggests.

Gerldlax jumps up instantly, grabbing Batman by his neck and throwing him off the bridge to a 250 ft fall! Gerldlax turns over to Kung Lao and Leo.

"Looks like the two of you will have to take the long way around." Gerldlax says laughing.

Just as Gerldlax is about to revolve away, he is kicked off of the bridge by Batman who swings holding on firmly to his grapple gun. Taking the wiring off of a statue on the bridge, Batman shoots the grapple gun catching Gerldlax by his ankle as he falls. The Dark Knight quickly pulls him up.

"What a great counter, you're a true warrior with much proficiency. As I promised, you and your friends may go through."

The Dark knight looks over at his allies who approach them.

"Have a safe crossing." Gerldlax tells.

"We will, but that all depends on what's ahead." Batman replies.

Both Kung Lao and Leonardo make it to Batman's side, and continue their journey down and off of the bridge. They enter into a swamp jungle looking vicinity.

"Hopefully that guy back there is the last of our set backs." Leo looks up into the trees to see Monkey's and other animal life. "Let's just try and get there in one piece."

Raphael along with Subzero walks side by side surrounded by mountains and trees.

"I wonder why your master didn't send more Lin Kuei fighters along with us on this mission." Raph says.

"That is because most of them are still in training." Subzero replies.

Shalion Temple

Liu returns with Peter to the main area in the shrine.

"Hopefully that gives you a good example, of how my home is. If you'd like, I can show you other parts of it later in the day." Liu tells.

"Yeah that sounds like a plan, I'd really like that." Peter walks over picking up a glass and feeling it with water. "Hopefully Batman and the others will return before long."

Zatanna enters the room coming from the training room. She looks up to see Liu Kang and Peter. Not saying a word she walks pass them both. Liu looks over at Peter perplexed.

"She seems to be very moody; I wonder what's bugging her." Liu says.

"I don't know, but I think I should probably go and talk with her." Peter replies.

Parker goes after zee down the hall quickly catching up to her.

"Look I'm really sorry about last night, please don't be disconcert." Peter places a hand on her shoulder. "Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?"

As Zatanna turns to face Peter, the screams of children can be heard from the temple front. Their attention is taken away from each other instantly. The two of them sprint down a few halls making it to the front door, and exiting. Liu Kang, Naruto and the temple leaders stand before Azun and a cluster of his minions.

"Good afternoon, sorry too just barge in like this." Azun laughs observing the petrified civilians. "But all the women will be coming with me, and as far as the rest of you that all depends."

To Be Continued

What kind of toxic man-thing is happening now?

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