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ps2 audio ripping
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Feb 2009

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ps2 audio ripping

i saw schoolbus' thread(thats how i found this place) but some links didn't work and it may be outta date. can anyone tell me exactly what softwares i need to rip anything i want? i have a disc, then i see a bin file. then i try stuffit,and icobuster and i get a tao file. and nothing works. i already used cubemedia player and got some music but i want the sounds and stuff. is there a way to open those bin files? or do need something else?

YouTube - Raz 1
look, i can't rely on LP to make my animations interesting. i want the sounds to do that. i will take all help i can get, and sorry if this is in the wrong place

Jam it back in, in the dark.

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Exploding Garrmondo Weiner Interactive Swiss Army Penis > Garrmondo Network > Help Desk > ps2 audio ripping

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