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[Burger] GFF Hammerwatch Night: A Chorus of Fucks
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Little Brenty Brent Brent
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Old Jun 22, 2017, 11:02 PM Local time: Jun 22, 2017, 09:02 PM #1576 of 1577
Ok, somebody (Diss?) asked me to explain HOW DOES IMPORTING SETS WORK in PYX in the event that Pang is unreliable. I EXPLAIN.

what you do is, in chat enter /addcardcast [CODE] where [CODE] is whatever 5-character code represents the set you're trying to add. To add Sodomy Dog's Furry Pack (FOR EXAMPLE), /addcardcast 4MYV8. To remove the set, use /removecardcast [CODE] and /listcardcast will just tell you which sets you've added so you don't accidentally add the Furry Pack like six times or something. Who would do that? Such a hilarious accident.

For reference, codes for things what I made:

Coupler Duty: GPOMB
Snake Oil: CRDA5
Unofficial Snake Oil: 2RHBT
SummaryBug: 2TU3R
SummaryBug Terse Mode: RA3SW

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Old Jun 25, 2017, 02:27 AM #1577 of 1577

Jam it back in, in the dark.

"80's Sagat has no time for your shit.", "All I see is fat cocks." - Skills; 2014, "Am I invisible?" "No you're a hobo.", "Baby Killing Strats beat 500 Babies", "Beer?" "FEAR", "But how cool does that look when you fist somebody?" " looks pretty cool.", "Can I be sausage?" - Skills; 2015, "CHz did we kill each other?" "Nope!", "Did you eat the entire box Skills?" "WELL WHO WAS I GONNA SHARE IT WITH", "Did you just give him a carsona?", "Diss; do you have a counter argument?" "", "Do you have any minors that you want to do?" "Yeah a couple", "Does this jazz hand weapon even do anything?", "Don't stab children on my lawn" - Term; 2014, "Ethnic cleansing is the go-to answer.", "Garr did you just spill water on yourself?" "Shh hang on I can fix this.", "Good luck with your blob throwing weapon." "His penis?", "Hang on I'm tryin to watch this Captain Planet episode" - Garr; 2014, "Have you tried licking your own balls?" - Advice Dog; 2014, "heal me" "I can't afford to" "You bought a jetpack!", "Hello burger my old friend... I've come to chomp on you again.", "Here comes the brown person!", "Hold on we have crabs", "I can see Acer wandering away", "I can't figure this out" "whatever let's just play Mega Man", "I felt obliged to ruin everything." — Hawkeye; 2014, "I found a crotch", "I got Jewed!" - Anne Frank, "I guess your horseshoe doesn't negate black slime damage", "I hate how small your crotch is: it's so tiny" — Garr; 2014, "I have a blanket!" — Skills; 2014, "I have become one with the white hole", "I have knuckles!" "Do they drag on the ground when you walk?", "I hope that's the fuck bees version" - Dull; 2016, "I like how Diss can just walk straight", "I love turkey! OH SHIT" - Garr; 2015, "I made a mistake.", "I need to resolve my object" he screamed, "I see your weapon shoots quickly. Mine does as well.", "I squandered my Hogan" - Pang; 2014, "I take a big draft of this poopweed", "I think sudden poop explosion disease is going to win." - Skills; 2014, "I want to run you over with a tuning fork Erik", "I will be your Nick Mason", "I wish I had a handful of the cocks.", "I would rather start with garbage" - Skills; 2016, "I'm a meatatarian" "Then you can eat my horse cock", "I'm a power bottom asshole." - Term; 2014, "I'm aborting as hard as I can!", "I'm going to hold onto my fiery shit for now." - Skills; 2014, "I'm just gonna insert my Boyz II Men cassette into you", "I'm not good at contextual clues" - Dull; 2016, "I'm the only one who isn't an abortion.", "I'm worried about what you're typing", "I've got some bad news for you" "I HAVE AIDS", "Is there a drinking fountain? I'm like really thirsty.", "Is this purple or fuschia?" - Tails; 2014, "It doesn't expand when I unzip it." - OP; 2014, "It looks better on Steam because of the butt.", "It's actually an elephant and not genitals", "It's kind of like what Nicaraguans want" - Term; 2016, "Leroy Jenkins" he said dispassionately, "Lucifer the lord of all dark and terrible confronts you" "Trick or treat", "mayonnaise", "My Super Mario penis is a bit squashed.", "Never give up. Never surrender. I'm a liar." - Shade; 2014, "Never give up. Never surrender." - Justin Wong; 2014, "No! I have no room to FIFA!" "Neither does Brazil", "Oh god I'm green Sauron", "Oh no tasting some of that dognut", "Oh no! I somehow got chili on my underpants." - Garr; 2015, "Oh that fire is hot", "Oh! My manhole!", "Pants? Oh that reminds me." *zzzzzzzzzip!*, "Quit trying to hug me fucklords.", "Roll 2D6." "21!" "That's a D26 Eric.", "Skills and his Garrmondo wiener or whatever", "smokey... trundled?", "Snowmans..." "Uh that's snow people", "Spread it out; it might be a spaceship." - Skills; 2014, "Stop pissing in my weed." — Term; 2014, "Tails is brown" "That's actually racist", "That is FAKE!", "That's my dick!", "That's pretty much how it went.", "The blood ritual or whatever - with the penis rubbing and everything", "the duchess", "The no was the yes" — Colonel Skills; 2016, "There's only so much abortion you can take.", "They expect you to have friends" "That just seems like bad game design", "Uh I have a bleeding thingy" - Skills; 2014, "Wait I want to see dicks.", "water", "wehere is my HAMREBUERGER HAELPER" - Garr; 2015, "Well we call it a school.", "well with goblin now corpsed up in the room here...", "What am I gonna do with all these Ds?", "What is that noise?" "Oh I was adjusting my pants", "What level are these guys?" "Shut up.", "What're you eating?" "NUTS.", "What's so funny about hoofy?", "Whatever bald man go die in a corner.", "Who is SkillsShutTheFuckUp?" "Everyone", "Whoever gives me dick will win." - Hyde; 2014, "Why are Tails and Acer and me different colours?" "Uh... genetics.", "Why does the Dota symbol look like a wiener?", "You and Acer still need a relationship." "I don't give a shit about that.", "YOU ARE SUCH A CUNT", "You think I meant to do that?" "I don't think you mean to do anything", "You're gonna like the way you snuck. I guarantee it.", "You're Mega Mean.", +5 grundlezaps, -14, /m 1, 1 2 3 4 or 8, 1000 units of imperial weed = 1 megaweed, 1066 or 10-the number of the devil?, 1193046 hours, 1894 World's Fair, 1984 World's Fair time paradox, 1v1 me in lol, 2/3 mad, 30 grand straight to the nipples, 4 hours or 1 million points, 500 babies died, 500 foot plesiosaur, 6/10 would spaghetti again, 60 eggs, 62., 800x600 Garrmondo, 9/10 would spaghetti again, :shitty hint: "Choose wisely", a bad hulk, A bear is sort of like a moustache, a beaver place, a box, a box inside a box, A clown disaster, a doctor is a stranger that fondles you for some reason, a figurative box, A frond farewell, A little helpful friendly fire, a meltiferous journey, A momentous discovery, A perfect amount of business, A pig in the bush is worth five crows in the hand, a plethora of test apples, a real American, a reasonably human reasonably person, a round box, a Rubik's cube of elegant despair, a sillusion, A simple folk, A stinking tunnel, a tidal wave of internal goulash, A toddler's understanding of positional play, A toilet "near" the pool, a turd, a weird grid situation, aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, aaahhhhhh shit, aborted a horse, absolutely caveman boner don't even ask me, absolved of plate crimes, Academic skeleton tomb, Accidental handle dick, according to Nicaragua, Acer gets to read something :seal clap:, acer is so handswim, acer is the best at games, Acer sam needs to figure out where in Acer time he is., Acer vs Term: 2014 Racism Championship, acer you bojo, Acer's dubious oil status, Acer's forelimbs, AcerBandit Must Die,, activate the beef, Acute Temperature Debacle, Adolf Iceclimber, adult ghost, Africa: Deejay's home turf, Ah yes - the Jew button!, Ahla-kay-zam, AIR DUMP TRUCK, ALL ABOARD THE NUT WAGON, All I wanted you to say was "yes to cancer", all shit for diss, All the Baldwins, all the galapagos maps, All the koshering that I do, all the non-kosher pokemon butter, Alleviating Yoga Pants, ally of grundle, Alone... in an empty place, alpha strike, Alphabetically not worst, always bet on lag, always fear the blacks, Always/Never be boosting, amazing cyborg ass, amputee porn, An abortion platter, an affable consensus, an african child killed itself, an animal in a cage, An enormous beef comet, an evening of dripping green loads, an evening of the saltiest meats, an immediate end to all context, AN UNDERGROUND LABORT, angrily employed, anonymous papa baby, Antonio "Tony" Meatbuggler, Any number of fish, anyone else wanna host?, anyway I died, approach it from underneath, appropriate but BAD, aquamarine, Are we talking about intercourse? You mean coitus?!, Are you Fing the door?, Are you going to swim up my asshole here?, Argentinia, Argentinian Nickelodeon, arkham sneaking, Arm memory, arteestay, as bad as magicka, Asian hotel rooms, ass grease tsunami, ass robot, assassin of joy, asshole singularity lab, At least 72 feet tall, At least mine was somewhat soupy, attracty, Augh! My biblestones!, authenticate this (grabs lump), autobrutality, Awkward hug duel, awww yeiiii, ayn rand so far away, a_burger, Baccalaureate hygsqdn, back hole, badgermancy, baggy dad, BALL CAM, balls, banana as a structural medium, banananing, banned for low cash, Bartleby and Bartledo, battle on the girthy boulevard, beachstiary, Bean raft, bearspiders, BEEEEEEEavers?!, bees!, bees?, Being lulled to sleep by the soothing sound of a grown man screaming, Belkan spelling bee, berth 2, Betsy Sue: PAIN LADY, better than shade, Beware the friendly rocket, bicycle race, big browns, BIG FLOPPY DONG, BIG TYRONE, Biker Mice From Somewhere Else, Binghost, Bipolar Shakespeare, birthday hugs, blatant pandering to the uppercut lobby, BLEEP BLORP, blehonk, BLIMPLE, blindness race, blob, Blood-pact windmilling, blowfish, blowfish right in the spawn, Blown hot rods night, body on your hoses, boil a toil of trouble, bojo, bombay=mumbai, boner clobberings, BONESAW'S READYYYYYYYYY, boost to get through, boot Acer, botter o' wattel, bowlordium nothing else but bowlordium, box this :grabs box:, BOXBOXBOXBOXBOXBOXBOXBOXBOXBOXBOXBOXBOXBOXBOXBOXBO XBOXBOXBOXBOXBOXBOXBOXBOXBOXBOXBOXBOXBOXBOXBOXBOX, BRAVO ZULU, Breakfast beer, breathin' fire and clubbin' fools, bringer of corn, broken dreams, broken shovel solves all problems, Brooklyn Express, brown demon, BRUCE WA!, Brutalist-era dicks, bullet guns, bullets from the gun, Bumomomomomomo. Bumomomomomomo? Bumomomomomomo!, Bungle in the jungle, burny burns, BURRITO BUSTER, burrito status update, buster only run, butter-sucker the suck-choose, Butthole reggae, buy deni a calendar, BWAH BWAH BWAAAAHHH, C-Hertz, cage game, call in an airstrike, Can an upside-down Pang flip himself over?, Can anyone hear Acer?, canadian trivia night, Capo Scoutbergstein, Capo's never-ending movement concern, Casually Hung 8: 50 Shades of CRUNCH, caterflax, cemetery by knife, Chainsaws mostly, Channel your Spirit Mexican, Chapter 5: I'm seeing a lot of horse, Charles Barkley endorses GoGurt, check out my thing, Check your snow privilege, cheff-knife, chelsea fuck, chessbot.bat, chibi moon vs goldar, chicarda, chinese germans, chiz, choiciest, choose death, chopchopCHOP, Chow Zone, Cinnamon Crunch Toast, CLANG CLANG FENCING LOL, clash of the pickle ticklers, clickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclick clickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclick, cloak of hurblflfuehjajs, clowny reasons, cluhquah, Cock Jr., COLECOVISION?!, Colonel Skills the Farting Bride, Colonial Satyrs, combine all the things, combine gun with shopkeep, Come back Shade you big pile-a wood, COME ON STEVE, Come on; we need a five-high man-stack., COMMENCE OPERATION FETUSEATER, Commissioner Go, communism, complex oreo situation, Complicated burrito mathematics, Confirmed better than Diss, Confirmed Skills likes MOBAs, confundido, Confused about trying hard, cooler on the internet, cornelius fatwhiskers, Corpulent Jim, Could everyone just hold still for a moment for science?, countersnuck, couplers, cowabunga, crab god, crabs!, crapfox, crazy maddercycle, crazy motorcycle, Cream tent, creepy candyland whispers, creepy penis overlap, crime time, crip violence, critical ampersand, Crouching Horsecocks Hidden Treasure, crouching is suspicious, crushing ball mace, crusty fuckin' dwarves, crystal humerus, cultists in the sky, cumstumps, cyberdemon dislikes smoke, damnable fat cocks, dangerousing, danica patrick, Dank Chow, Dankinburgh, darrell the viking, DEAD BAD GUY, Dead in the water, dear diary, decipher the dongs, Declare Attackers - Waiting for penis, dedicated cat button, deep frog situation, delete local content, delicious churros, Deni explains the games, deni is slow, Deni reincarnated as an African cripple, denisucks, denisux, denisux is the buttfuck, DESTROY ALL COWBOYS, DEVASTATING FARTS, develop immunity to fire, DIAL IT BACK, dick syrup dickey my boss' dick, dickbag, Dickbutt & Sarge, dickpenis, Dicks dicks dicks - yeaaaaaaaaah dicks, dicks where we can't see them, dicks without number! countless dicks!, Did you just compare yourself to Hermann Göring?, Die in a ditch for eating dinner, died of balls, dildo gaggins, dim sum, dine? aw ye, dirty warrior, discompatibility, dislimn, Diss blames the NPCs, diss ex machina, Diss smugged up, do da shit too wad, do da shitwad, do me a tasty, do you remember the manhole, Do you wanna go down and smack some more... balls..., DOCK RUSH, Does Erik know what a lute is?, dog remains neutral, dogfighters more like dog...shit, doin' my thing while I'm asleep, dolphins, Don Felipe, Don't abuse your weird eyeball friend!, don't be careless in the Cave of Whispers, Don't be jealous of these spirit fingers, Don't don't the dew, Don't fuck with NASA, Don't warp to Pang, Don't worry guys it's only Deni., Donkey Kong > Exosquad, DOOOOOORFRAAAAAAMES!, Doritos?, dot pretendy, DOTA patchin errday, double agent michelle obama, double fire, doublerock, douchebag teleportation maneuver, draw 2 cards then lose, Dreams of posteriorly approaching scouts, Drills in your mouth - not in your hand, Drop the money trow, Duddles McFuddles in: Louisiana Way: Crocodile's Home Turf, Duddles McFuddles in: The Magnificent Fartrocket, Duddles McFuddles in: Too Many Fireballs!, Dude Huge, Dull Explains The Jokes, Dull is good at trash talk, Dutch tax law: saviour of Earth, egregious mammoth fakery, Ekitt-erina, Elbow-deep colon-punch, Elder's <TAG NOT FOUND> of Mastery, elderly thirstmaster, ELECTRABUZZ, electric ballgaloo, elevator alien bro, embrace the butter, emburgo, Emergency backup blanket, Emergency sandwich, Enchanted peasant underpants gag, ENDLESS HADOUKEN JUGGLES, Endless stream of Skills clones, Enjoy snakes. ENJOY THEM!, Enormous T-Rexion, Ensconced within the rocky hole, ENSECRETING, escape to boner mountain, Evangelion - is that Latin? NOPE., evasive maneuvers, even skeletons need a nap sometimes, everyone is witness to your foolishness, everyone regrets getting told, EVO = Extra Virgin Olive, examine the women, exclamation point, expert in explosives, expert in fists, exploding airports, Exploding Garrmondo wiener capillaries, Explorifying, extreme dying 2013, Extreme Parking Simulator 2013, F1 TWICE?!, Face is terrible, fairy corn, false walls, farm download simulator 2016, Fashion Pals, fightamin C, filter for 'grundle', Filter for squirrel, find the teddy bear, fire hurts me, fire out stuff, fire up the vomit machine, first person thinker, Fisted from top to bottom, fisticuffs, five beers no pants, five fists, five times, flaming fetus foot, flood the desert, Flying Asshole Man, forest ocean pond, forever trapped in a cave, free play warehouse, free smells, fresh batch of future plutonium, friendship is weakness, Front hole, frustrated desire for Chex Quest, FRYING PAN, fuck EA seriously, Fuck you and fuck Canada, FUCK YOU STEVE, Fuck you; eat spaghetti, fuck your balloon, FUCKIN LONG DISTANCE EAT MY DRILL DICK, fuckin' CAT, Fuckin' in the grapefruit, fuckoff alley, fuckyouman, Fulla Pasta, funeral pony, furious gagging noises, g'wan & catapult yourself, G. Mondo PhD, Galactus: Eater of Doritos, Galactus: Nemesis of Stretchy Men, Game night: 1; Light puzzle: 0, GameR anger, garbage day, gargleer, garr and pang are on me, Garr and Skills have confidence in caveman boners, Garr likes two ways!, Garr presents: City Connection Online, Garr snuck fore (in the stern), Garr snuck up (in the butt), Garr's little fist-diddy, Garr's mysterious circle thing, Garr's temporal travels past many a splendid thing, Garr: A man of extraordinary patience, Garrbarian, Garrghis Khan, Garrmondo Montoya, Garrth Vader, garrthur, garrtoum, Gay Ryu challenges you to a manly snake-off, geese, geez, GEMIMIMAM, general skills, Genes: Manly. Sausages: On fire., gentlemanly cunting, geodude, geomoon, GET ABORTED, GET CRISPY, GET FUCKED BY PHONICS, GET FUCKED I'M A PILE OF WOOD, GET GREEN, get greged, GET GRIZZLY, get hammered, Get hit in the junk you Spaniard!, GET IN THE GRITS, get in the vent, get moisty, get off the phone cat, Get on the moon bus, get on top of me, get out of there with your dick, Get rained on, GET SMOKEY TRUNDLED, get the bullet gun, get the bwap, get the hell out of here with your dick, get the hot trick, get the rocket gun, GET THIRSTY, GFF Department of Hogan Resources, GFF Endless Lobbies Night, GFF Garry's Mod/Mercenary Kings/Bioshock/3 Other Games Night, GFF Telefrag Night, GFF VGM Distraction Night, ghastly womanporium, ghost dicks, ghosts: never enough, gimme your big clue, Glorious ball interaction, Glorious Nihon is saved thanks to the European Higher Education Association, glory lounge, glutebutts, go daddy, go fuck yourself, go lay with thy sister, go to a farm to get better wifi, Go to Home Depot, Go west my son, goat head destructor, goats of flame, gobble my backdoor, GOD DAMN IT SKILLS MY BRACKETS, godaddy, goldar's inner demons, good disturbed songs, goosetown, Gouken & Associates LLC, grabbing like some sausages in tow, Grapefruit for yes; skeletons for no, Grapefruit: The Modern Vietnam, Gratuitous rocket wing imports, Gratuitous wall healing, Greasy Widecocks, great scott, green shit, grenades hurt me, grimoire of deception, grits, groovy gregory, grundle, GrundleDecide, guaranteed delicious meat precipitation, guffo, ha ha, haha good haha, halibut mischief, Hambone Zone, Hamburglar Handjob Guy, Hammer space-time, hand island, handjumps, handswim, happy bird-day, hard and ready, hard fist, hard fist emporium, Hard Hat Emporium, hardcore interloping, Harvey De AKA Two-Fa, Having problems with try?, hawkeye always wins, HAWKEYE WHY, Hawkeye: quite the face-rubber, Hawkeye: the most Jewish man, He gets a little goat action, He got me with his wire thing!, He's a big strong Mexican!, he's doing the THING, He's just so cavemanny, He's killing his way UP!, head in a bucket, hee hee hee hee, helicoptering, Here comes the beefy battle!, here comes the chocolate, Hey somebody rotated my penis, hey there blimpy boy, hey you swampface, hey-o, hiding in train stations, high-quality hosefucking, hippos, hms manhogan, Hoganing life itself, Hoist on my own beetard, Hold on there's a shitload of flowers up here, hold still so I can breathe on you, home sweet hole, hon hon hon, Hooray for "fun", Hope you like THIS! :rock:, Horizontal ball cross-up, horse fisting ambition, Horseface McHutchens, hoses, host advantage, hot moon bitches, how did I get that high, how do i drove car, how do i get money, How do I get on the boat? Awwwwww yeah I'm on the boat., how do i hunter, how do i poker, how do I rotate tiles, How to make folders ft. Erik,, hugy, hungry dad, hurnchburk, hurray for bathroom, hutlass and tutlass, Hyde is excited for Garr's upcoming facial, Hydra no hiding, I am a stupid green orc :(, I am in the cheese house!, i believe acer can fly, I bend down and I take a lick, I CAN HEAR MY PANTS, I can pinpoint certain parts of my mouth, I can't confirm the balls, I can't even get to my own buttcrack, I COULD BE USING MY DRINKING HORN!!!, I could probably do with less mango, I cut donk, I died by no one, i drink it, I feel like I should be drowning right now, I flush us both down the toilet, I found a hideyhole, i found skills he's dead, I got 99 problems and I'm gonna tell you about all of them in this 4-part soul-crushing denouement, i got iraq, I got shot with the turtle beam and it made me slow, I gotta rethink the spine, I HAVE NO CHEST, I have smart socks, I have so huge balls, I have some nice chests, I have the weirdest damage boner, I heard a clownshoe, I is the only letter, I know you're in there with my plutonium; I can smell you, I miss C-Block, I need penetration, I need to pick a dude; where's my dude-picker, I now pronounce you man and raging demon, I only spawned 100 helicopters, i punch the gate, I SAID good-bye Face., I see you stabby asshole, I see your little red man, I see your spinny circle, I SPEEL MAI DREENK!, I took a photo of wikipedia scrotum, I turned the lights off and there was a clown there, I understand and now I don't, I understood that reference, I wanna put sinks on you!, i want to do this, i wanted your tube, I was being sincere, I was in that Applebee's, I was shooting a black guy, I will be the wiener judge, I will do it nine times, I will shoot you with a real gun, I'll click in a way that shows you!, I'll have Diss cook some Chinese children, I'll protect your lump, i'm a locksmith, I'm all out of affection aw shit, i'm fire, i'm good at jokes, I'm kind of eyeing up that six-deep manpile, I'm licking your base, I'm looking at a girl. I can rotate her., I'm on not a horse though so victory, I'm Ringo give me the painting by lulu, I'm so raptor attacks, I'm still doing ass damage, I'm stuck with the one-handed man, I'm the Card Caesar!, I'm touchin' it! I'm touchin' it!, I'm tying rope to everything, i'm whackin' it, I'm with the Whalefucking Party, I've been whackin' it, I've got an okay feeling about horse, If Acer comes in the back then we're the corpses, If only I hadn't been there: The AcerBandit Experience, If the server goes down it's because my apartment is on fire, If there's one thing I know it's nothing, If you go to Is Steam Down... it says it's up., If you have no rocks and you try to rock, ikut donk, iliev, Imagine telling a woman it's yogurt time!, Imagurar, Immense pride for not blocking, immersed in the world of velcro, Impending clown, Important bullets, in dog trouble, in my pants, in the melty zone your troubles just melt away, in the midst of my spiraling, in the midst of my time spiraling, inadequate canoodling, incoherent meat pile, incorrect sound fucking off, INCREASE SHIP ALTITUDE, infinite bojo, infinite dumping, informerant, inspecting the neon ring, insufferable European masseuse goblins, intense burger interest, intimate squat throne, invincible pheasant, invite trolls, Is he Mexican or just brown?, Is lurker a nice person?, Is Team Death Match a real thing?, is that a euphemism, Is the banshee in testicle town?, It is you who will eat the peanut, It looks like Shade because he's short and doesn't open his eyes all the way, It makes a little *pang* noise, it was such bad idea, It's a metaphor Erik, it's a woman, IT'S BLIRSTY BLURSDAY BRAH, It's funny because it's a weiner: The Colonel Skills biography, IT'S MEOW MIX TIME, It's not like a regular Wal-Mart wheelbarrow, it's on page 2, It's restablishing time!, It's still shootin' out billions of babies, It's the majestic penis dolphin, Itchy bees finger, itchy horf-finger, itchy tasty, j'accuse!, jackassery, Jafibble, JAGUAR SLEEPOVER!, Jazz: dark brown rock, jennifer, Jeremy Geriatric, jerkin gold, Jet Jackie John Chong Wee, JEW ALARM, Jewish history, Jingles of disapproval, jokes? really?, Juice collector, jump up all purpley, jumpkick a tornado, jumpkicks, jumpkicky jones, jungleer, just 'cause, Just a dirty fuckin' guy, Just an insane amount of daggers, Just call me Dick Punch Man, just reach out and tap it, Kate Sith, keep licking that cow, kick-based regime, kill every civilian, KILL TERM, kill the archers, kill whitey, kill your way to the top, king garrthur, Knapssos, knife to the chest, Known guy who is higher than you are Capo, Known waddler Colonel Skills, kraft dinner, LAMENTABLE, LAMENTABLE FLORIDIAN WI-FI, Landshark, large rowdy, larpy, LASER CHAMBER, Last Shootsies, Lauren Fuck-All, lava joust, leave ellis to die, legit Sputnik noises, Let me look at your dude, Let's get sticky, Let's have our own meet! IN SAN ANTONIO, liberally apply the party oil, Light the Skills Signal, Like escort a dude? Or 'escort' a 'dude'?, Like Jammerwatch, like tehy did, Like that but with the penises, Line art ravine banana, Literally a BEAVER dam, literally why, little penis growth, live bait, Look at this fucking purple asshole over here, look at this photograph, look at this SHINY ASSHOLE, Look out! Doppeltraps!, Lord of Atlantis, Lost phone histrionics, lower caps, Lucky goblin annihilation, lurker is reluctantly impressed, Ma'am's spaghetti, macaroni wiggle, mace of reasoning, Mad minute, Mad ups, Maddoknight, Madgic the Gathering, MAGGY LATCHES, Magic Johnson's Magnificent Work, mail eh, Make Greece Great Again, makin' a mess, MAMMY NIGHT, Mancannon Man, Manhogan Emporium, MANHUGGIN', Manly rock-off, many impressive gizmos, maple syrup hockey my boss' daughter, Marie Antoinette - Bonker Extraordinare, Mario Kart Man, massive growler, Master Growler, master inserter, Masters in dongography, math jokes, Maximum jacking, maylee, mayonnaise manwich, mayonnaise seal, mcgee, Meat Disaster, meep, Mega evasion, Mega Man - secretary to the fuck, mega man 8-bit feelings, Megamorphosis, megaweed, meltifest destiny, Memphis Kansas, Men's Snuckhouse, mentioned anime: must be taco, Menu Chess, mercenary centipede, microwaveable meat envelope, mid eyes, mid-eye, Milk dud nutritional information, milkmouth.jpg, mimbo window, mines, Miraculous Acer Perfecting, Mjölnir cannon, Mmm - the taste you can grits!, Mmmmmmmmmmega Man, MMX1V, Mo0 is fat; can't jump, mobile chokepoint machine, Moby Kick, moon cologne, moon rebellion, MOOOOOOOOOON NUGGETS, more another, more cows, mother of PEARL!, movment, Multidirectional Mexican Mashing, multiplayer city connection, multiple hemming ways, Munchy Jesus, murkweed, murray xman, musical kings, mutiny!!, Muzeum Narodowe, my armful of fresh fiery sausage, My Bacon homeland, MY BIDOOF! YOU'VE MANGLED IT!, my feline companion, my initiative is spitting, my liege, my mustache became galvanized by the time particles, My Mysterious Grunting is coming for your Dong Sounds, My onitor!, My secret water corner, my sloppy indigo mess, my sordid noun, my sweet maamut, my verisimilitude!, my whale returned to the sea, mysterious aborthole, mysterious birdhole, mysterious bloodhole, mysterious bluehole, Mysterious danger hole, Mysterious icehole, mysterious zombiehole, nagar, nanomachines: small but dense, NATTY ICE, Needs ball fluid, never enough crash jokes, Never go Full Bard, never stop pressing c, Newbamas and Oldbamas, nice dick by the way, nice mammoth, Nice oboe!, nice parka, NICE SHOT IDIOT, nightlunch, no chiz, No dinner for Skills, NO GRASH ASS, no jazz tonight, no kill server, NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO, No one can stop Mr. Garrmino, NO POGO, no pogoog, No true Scotsman, no u, No! Not the perilous half-goatse!, NOBBITYPEGGAR!, NOBODY NEEDS MORE SNAKES, noif, non-halal pokemon, non-killing lava, nontransformers, Noodling recess, NOOOOOO THE MELTY ZONE, nope.wad, north! south! NORTH! SOUTH!, not enough tags, Not gum disease! The seas!, not just the shaft, Not my sordid affair!, Noted char-broiled steak Anne Frank, Nothing is fucked up here, Nouwandi!, nows, Nuclear shadow mustache, object permanence, Of .o, offset our goblins, oh - creepy penis, Oh dude you said my pony was stupid this is the best, Oh get fuckin bouncy! Get bouncy! GET BOUNCY! :incomprehensible squealing:, oh hog, oh hug, oh no more spiderholes, Oh no; my self esteem!, OH SHIT I GOT THREE CHERRIES, oh shit that is air, oh you mean a door, Ohhh - the GATES of Ironforge!, oil time, oily garlic brandy, On wobbliest horseback, on your body, Once you go black dice you never go back dice, once you go osaka, one big ball of supercop, one bouncy avocado, one does not simply walk into Grundletown, one queer night, one ugly motherfucker, only pang can host, only pang knows, Ooooooooold maaaaaaaan riiiiveeeeerrrrrr...?, oooooooooooh bourbon, Operation goodbye squid..., Operation: Shark Drop, Opposite Ebola and the Dreamkillers, oppressive nature of kicks, Oppsite oin evberydfway, optimal yeti placement, optimors prum, orange juice gesticulations, Orchestral luting, Original bambi is worth mad bank, other brothers can't deny, ouch fruit, Our game of hit-ball, our shared collection of rat poison, ow my area, P.S. swallow juice, page 51, Pain followed by confusion, pang dnf, Pang's cans of liquid patience, pang's ping, Pang's salty revenge, pangigyas, Paradise City, party sounds, passive-aggressive Wing, pavlovian theories, peanut butt area, peanutbutt is judging, peanutbuttermoon, Peczenie odbytu. A sad handjob. Mokry bsk., peg battles, Peh-nis has joy-enned, penetrance, penetrateer, perdón señor pendejo, Peripheral vampire involvement, Permanent moon relocation, Persian cheese-smoking bar, Peter Throckmorton, pharaoh supremacy struggle, Physiology 101 with Professor Diss, Pickle pocket, piston smearing, pitchfark forms, planet garr, play sonic forget sonic, PLEASE BE AWARE OF WHEN IT'S YOUR TURN, Please describe the limpness in more detail, POGO DICK, POISON RULES, Pokemon Jim Crow era, Pondering the elusive poop shot, Pony domination, Poorly-aimed retribution, popechritude, pornographs disks, Pornucopia, portal to porn asses, Position 1 or position AH FUCK, Potatorium, poutine calculus, praise beacon, prerequisite horror, PRESIDENT HURG, Pretty far... for a BABY, pretty good considering how everywhere they were, prince ali, Probably a penis, probation, PROFOUND MADNESS, Proud about bonking a guy, prunecircle, psychiatric care, puff beef, pulchritude, Punchstivities!, puppy vomit +1 karma, purple stuff, put on your Fancy pants, putrid lung meats, pvpenis, Quaff the potion of getting checked out by chicks +2, quafgaing the Zeurjs Juice, quarter-circle back demon, Quarter-circle forward: Purple Hand Maker, querious, Questionable grasp of cyberpunk, quintuple revenge, Quite the arsenal of clone hammers, race to boner mountain, Racism, Racist Mark, racist under protest, racistbandit, ragtime, ramp up gooey sausage production, rampant toad hatery, rattlesnake sarsaparilla, re-roll role rolls, reactivating swans, Ready for shonking, really groom it in there, Really hitboxy I would say, Realm of excessive moisture, rectified, red alert, red stuff, refreshing leaf gas, Relax it's the thing, relax shut up wait relax, Relentless garden terror, Remap thrust, Repeated unforced tooth error, Reroute something to something!, res! res!, rest around, restablishing, ricketosis, Rico T. M. Sanchez, Rico Tony Meatbuggler Sanchez, right about nows, ring ring meowtherfucker, RIP and TEAR your ARMS, RIP THEM A NEW ONE, Roboblogging on robotumblr, RoboXenu the hormonal teenage girlbot, robust assholes, ROCKET COPS, rocket guns, Rocket Rocket Resignation, Rocket Rocket RIP, rockets without suits, rocks fall everyone dies, roflff, Roflfox has left the game, Roll 12 The Game, roll a punchman, Rollin' up on Niggashire, Rudolph with your nose so bright I will wreck your shit tonight, Run of the mill Butt-Pang, S 1.17 Ds, sad times in the violence office, safety corner, safety island, sanitize wounds with scotch; bandage with potato, Satsui no Mad - Filled With Furious Intent, SAUSAGE ASSASSIN, Sausage barricade, Sausage to the Deep Space, sausage vodka, scrotums, Secret colon technique, Secret yellow penis, sega history lessons, Self-identified graveler, SEND MOOOOORE MARINES, sepeckoo, Serious El Salvadorian Action, Serious starts at 2!, Serpentine blast, several conflicting opinions on time travel, sex map, sex TVs, shade deserves his fate, shade how, SHADE IS A SANDBAGGING ROGUE, Shade isn't supposed to, Shade literally the worst person to ever live, SHADE'S A LIAR, Shady Dick, shakin that ass, shambling corpuscle, shazbot, shield sniping, shitty Goodwill, shoot down terrible ideas, shoot it and fun comes out, shotpots, Show me your erocktion, shut up canadian piece of shit, SHUT UP YOU FUCKMASTERS, sick moon air, Side effects include: your house, sight beyond sight, sinister taint, Sir Conrad the Fuckweasel presents, Sir Garrthur - rightful heir to the Fuckoff Throne, sir knife of huntington, Sir Ragnar the Mopey, situational loin arousal, six deep manpile, skeletal whores, Skeleton lord Trump, Skeleton punching in the secret zone, skeletor endurance run, ski lessons, skilessence, Skills "Tiny Splash" McInternet, skills did you see?, Skills figures out how stairs work, Skills only gets out of bed for Mega Cancer, SKILLS YOU ARE DUUUUUUMB, Skills' big wind thing, Skills' romantic object of interest, skull lettuce, skull shortfalls, skyborted, skyletons, Slapsco de Gama, slaughtering blacks, slide, sloppy floppy, small cods, smellin' so hot dog, Smoke coleslaw; be immortal, smoke data, smokestacks, SNAKE FIGHT, snake hole, Sniping: Snucking for cowards, snucking around, SO MAD AND STUPID, SO MANY CROWS, so pander. much ing., So Rupert Jacksony, So sinewy barbarians, so skills just goes to the bar with his aluminum money and michelle obama is there, so slippery, SO STYLISH, some buttfuck mountain, some kind of bat-shaped bomb, some kind of fuckin' fairy, Some kinda anti-citrite, some sums, someone call Craig, Someone wrote 'fat cocks' in the journal, Son of a cock, Sonic and all the peoples racing, sorcerer, sort of Mexican, Sounds of the jungle: Snake sounds. Tiger sounds. Garr sounds., spaghetti fight, spandex wizard pants, spectacular love wound, spidermanning, spiral owl vs. spirlaw showdown, Spite Night, SPOILER ALERT: HEIRESS DIES, Spontaneous prison banjoing, spooky scary Lich King, spooky scary skeletons, St. Aloysius (Patron Saint of Explosions), stable of woe, stale tavern danishes, stameena, starcraft? never, stay out of my shed, steel tornado, Stereotype jew scout, steven the waiter, still better than shade, STOP FUCKING AROUND LINK, STOP PICKING TRAINING STAGE AND GO OUTSIDE ONCE IN A WHILE, stop STOP stop, STOP THAT NO, Stop you goblin army, strangers in the dark, strangling a drifter, Strategic door cloggery, Stupid multiplier, stupid or french, subliminal bollywood, sublimminy, success is lurker gets cancer, Success... is Shade cuts off his own dick, Suck a dick Maeby Bot, sucking a dick progress, Sulky questing, Summer vacation ft. Ibuki, sup dickles, super wrong acer tactics, Surprised to be the megalodon, sushi duck, swagatha, swamp nihilism, sweeden, sweep the leg, Swelteringly Yours, swing your packaxe, swinging to and fro, Swiss Army Penis, Switch-triggered Phil Collins drum fill, sword hug, talk your way into the front of the leprechaun queue, TANGO YANKEE, Taste the flavor!, Teach me how to duddle, Team Deathmad, Team End Piece, Team Fortess True, Team Log Push, TEAM ONI, Technically - the best kind of correct, Teenage Ninja Monkey Beast Thing, Teleporter clown car, Tell me of your brazen hobo, Term recognizes the butthole, Term: Wielder of Second-Hand English, Termsumaki Senpucopku, Terrible extra life buyer's remorse, test your handswim, Thanks Audacity; fucking go away, thanks car, Thanks El-Choppo, Thanks for the hyperinflation Zimbabwe, That broccoli fuck!, that dog is dead; fun fact, that floor is my place, that smug asshole, That time in the evening when Pang is upside-down, that's a good way of getting eaten by a bear I guess, that's a lot of eyes holy fuck, That's a lot of Mexican, That's a man-baby, that's my black thing, That's my flavorite!, The art of conduction, The Badger Explosion of 2016, The Ballad of Chargey Erik, The ballad of Worst Horse, the beef is hot and fast, the best power ranger, the blubbery fuck stone, the bobble also gazes into you, the bottom half of duckmouse, The bowl of poutine is large enough for Skills to move mostly anywhere in North America, THE BRINGER OF CORN APPROACHES, The British Lefty, the buns are smaller than I'm comfortable with, the butts are getting slippery, The Canadian Girthy Smokey, the capacity for fist, the choiciest of beefs, The Christmas Boot, The classist undertones of the Hardfist Emporium, the clellis, The clink of doom, the difficult risk/reward ratio of Chargers, THE DOER OF THINGS APPROACHES, The Erstwhile Capolita, The fiasco scrolls, the flash and wolverine, The Forbidden Blood Hand Technique, the full animonty, The Garrmondo Concoction, the gayest of all lords, THE GLUTECLENCHER, The grundle growl, the hard working smexican, the hee hee hee tube .jpg, The high price of left, The HMS Camelfucker, the holy grill, the houdini maneuver, The Infamous Wang-Off, The Infernal Jackass, the island of no sass, The Jo has escaped from Arkham As, The jump move where she leaves the ground! :seal clap:, The key aspects of witches, the keystrokes for a turd, The League of Extraordinary Awesome Motherfuckers, the legs are so big and they're everywhere, The lonely man leaves no leftovers, the long trap that takes too short is not a trap, the man in gauze, the mastery of mastering, the middle hole, The Misadventures of TiGarr Woods, The Most Amazing Bus Adventure, the most hardcore mustache area, The most pungent goulash, the most rarest artifacts, The most unfortunate Evil Ryu fashion, the mouth is where the mushy stuff happens, The Nasty Swampy Area, The niggling woogler, The oil comes from inside me, The ol' Colon D, The ol' dig around nope, The old onesy-twosy, The original Robot Master: Jew Man, The perfect meat card, the permutation of your fiery sneaky hole, The Person Who's Having a Bad Day Makes Angry: The Colonel Skills Story, The power of Thinking, THE POWER OF ZEUS JUICE, the problem with being 72 feet tall and covered in butter is, The quest for BUS, The Rare Cops, The Redemption of Seth, The relative national dimensional disparities inherent in smokies, The rembrandt assholes, the remnant of the mustache is keeping you alive despite the incredible amount of cancer, the ritz, The role of Garr will be played by Steve Carell, the room hurts and is red, THE RULES, The scariest of winds, the scrooge mcduck of plutonium, The Seaman's Wobble, The secret of Garr Dick dies with you, the secret of the mayonnaise factory is in my box, the shitty pink area, the sign of the weird, The situation has changed, The smell of a burning Olive Garden, the solution is always genocide immediately, The sturdiest of meats, the telltale sounds of kung-fu, The terrible ascent of Tiberius McInternet Man, THE THINGMASTER, THE TIME OF ACER., The Time Rickshaw, the tiniest splash, The Trail of Teals, The treasure ensconced in my bone hole, The treasure in my bone-hole, The true fixing nature of Garr, The very first Garr; of decades ago, The Vladimir Putin of treasure, the way white people is, The Whatshisname Synthetic Orchestra, the white Dullhole, the wrong latinos, The Yes-I-Will-Fuck-You Special, them jitteryhands, Them jungle apples, therefore yes, these pigs are so beefy, they don't stack, They spell it with a J in Mexico, they're babies lol, things i can never unsee, things in my head don't sound like words, things that I've done in the walls, Third geodude from the sun, third-party hugger, this a shit game, this chest is so ornate, THIS INDEX FINGER HAS FELLED BEARS, this is a success...somehow?, This is what happens when you go down a hallway with a cat, this isn't about jewry, This many skeleton time, this outrageous accent, this showing of the whiz, THIS time Paul Bunyan stole MY donkey!, This zone is so safe, Thomas the Dank Engine, threeven the waithreeve, throbbin' valiant, throbing goblin intentions, Throw your arms up in the air and wave 'em like you just don't care, Thus spake the oven, Ticket to HoMo, time for a little reverse DP, time rats, time snuck, Toggle on 'whale vehicles', Toggle your dudes, tokenhoof, tome of treachery, Too busy razzling spicy meat, too much fist, TOO MUCH ROPE, TOOT TOOT TROMBONE, torgund kriggenhauver, torpedo tarp, totally easily wooed, Toto I think we're fucked, tourette's, trading all of the dicks, Tragic Sonic explosions, Transient penis, Trapped in the fire closet ft. Smug Kelly, trash garage, traw a treasure, tree buckets, Triple told! Overtold! Toldtacular!, Triple-revenge!, Trolleporter, Trombone Force 5, Trouble way back deep, TRUCKNOLOGY, trudge trudge trudge, tryhard.exe, Tubbies, turd-sensitive context, turkey bacon, turn down for hwat, Turning radius you SLUT, Twice as not last, Two chests one druid, TWO Penis McTieFighters!, two pubs fighting, two-fisted shrivelling, Two-piece rape device, tyranny of the kickjority, ugh, Ultra Boat Fighter IV, Ultra into throw a rock at them, Ultra Street Platformer 4, unbeknunst, uncle ben sucked anyway, Uncle Llama-Blower, Under the ball cam, under the boardwalk, undone by the wrong Latinos, Unending Derby Hell, unfulfilled vortex regret, Unfurl your bonus, universe.exe, unless someone wants to go to Winnipeg, unprotected hugs, unprovoked Georgia burn, unreal troanmetn, UNRELENTLESS, Unrest in drill team, Unsatisfactory majesty, Unsharkly coordination, unstoppable combat rolls, Unworthy of sharkitude, Upkeep - Waiting for penis, Upset Man, Urine trouble now!, use my existing Garbageranger, useless ass-charger, usually they like their turds, Valley of the Turdballoons, Vega ft. stabby tools, vehicle to meal scaling coefficient, vent access categories, vibrateer, Victor Charlie in the jungle, Victor Fondue, victory through headbutts, Vietnam: SLOPE NATION, waggle waggle, Waiting for fart, Waiting for Incredible Girth, WAKE UP SKILLS, walking is cancelled, wanna blow your tube, wanna touch that dwarf, wanna touch that thing, Warmy of warmies, warning: baby may be hot, Wasserfiend the Fun Oaf!, Watch out for the spit kaboom, wattahaoen, Wayne Gretzky facts, we all have to focus on pooping, we didn't start the fire, we enter an interesting world, we have become cancer, We have established he is hard to find., we only ride at night, We rubbed along both sides of erotically, we're playing ghost dick, We're SHARKS. We can SEE THROUGH WALLS., we're under cattack, weiner flex, Welcome to Blackshire, Welcome to Dicking Central, Welcome to the DRINK ZONE, welcome to the hardware store, welcome to the jam, Welcome to the windy city, whackin' your Mike, WHAT DOES HAM DO?, What Goes On in the Asian Hotel Room Stays in the Asian Hotel Room, what good is a person, what is a hug?, what is the weird, what is this, WHAT IS THIS DUCK!?, What is this duck?!, WHATAFOK, whatever isn't very big, Wheezes of disapproval, When your mic is muted nobody can hear you scream, Where do I fix my legs, where does this hole go, where is acer? in heaven, Where is rocket car?, which one is pang, Which way is port? Just say left!, While I appreciate your attempt to help All-My-Friends-Dying-Man..., white personal liquid, Who deleted my head?, Who is The Weird?, who the fuck is Batman, Who wants a magical turkey ride?, Who's Blackity Rabbit?, who's dead? everybody, Who's sizzlin' that sizzlin', who's smuggling tube?, Whoa - that's actually racist, whoopeeer, whore-ribble, whorerible, whose smuggling tube, Why DO YOU EAT?, WHY DO YOU EXIST, Why is it on fire?, why is the water burning, Why would you not pick sausage?, Why wouldn't I steal it?, wide arc, wiggle the Frenulum, will it blend, wolf morningstar, wolfbears, women don't mind getting pierced, Wood and dicks vs. wooden dicks, work the shaft, World's greatest secret door finder, worst police, Wrath of the Accidental Demon, Wrath of the home run demon, wreck it, x-min, X-Wang Alliance, xenophobia, Yeah! Fist that...porium., Yeah... anaconda whatever, year's supply of meat, yeehaw?, Yellow-health-bar mad, yes i porr man, yo dawg I heard you like .zip, Yo where your taxes at lemme look this shit over, Yoshi's huge egg-laying CLIQUAH!, You Asian Mexican!, You can click on the ball, you do something massive to the victim, YOU E-GUZZLER, you fragged a horse, you got got son, you have to burn yourself, you have to kill the hide man to be the hide man, You JEWISH MAN, You just put your dick in your hat a little bit, you lexican, you obtain the Frances, You put a cat in my mystery hole!, you same looking motherfuckers, you SHIT TRUMPET, You sound Shogo Mad, YOU WORK AT NASA, YOU! SUBLIMINEY!, you're a choo-choo, You're a horse; you're fine, You're bartle-done bartle-son, You're only alive because you have friends, you're scaring my chicken, YOU'RE SO MAD AND STUPID, your chompery is unsurpassed!!!, your face is so slicy, your fuckin' ass bubbles are hilarious, your goat component is paralyzed, Your resistance only makes my bonus harder, Your stream is chunky business, Your sylph thing is so bouncy!, z + 9, Zap me zap me, zeus juice, Zimbabwean gorilla dick calendar, zoom out it's mo0, [buking intensifies], [loping intensifies], ¿No habla Ingles?

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