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Hard drive issues
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Mar 2006

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Old Jun 19, 2006, 02:51 PM Local time: Jun 19, 2006, 11:51 AM #1 of 1
Hard drive issues

Well, the hits just keep on rollin'.

You may have remembered about a week ago I had an issue with the vgaoem.fon file getting courrupted. I ended up taking it to a tech guy since everything I tried failed. Here's the issue that's coming up, and the troubling thing this is THIS HAS HAPPENED BEFORE.

Here's the scoop.

This happened now on both my media drive AND now my main drive. The thing is...the bios recognizes the drive and actually says it's healthy. Everything checks out, so it's not like the drive is dead or making little clicky noises of doom. The problem is there's a sector messed up and it's impossible to access. When my media drive was fuggered, it displayed it as a RAW format only drive, and I had to reformat it. During that time the night before the computer froze so I had to reboot it. When I woke up the next morning -- bammo! I had that problem, so I just assumed that's what you get for rebooting a frozen computer. This time I did nothing. The computer was on and I came back to that problem.

I ended up doing easy reocovery professional on the media it and managed to get about 90% of my files back, so I'm hopeful I can do it again with my main drive. The tech guy is gonna place the faulty drive in my 2nd HD slot while i buy a new HD (Which I was planning on doing anyway).

The thing also to note: My media drive was EXTERNAL. The main HD obviously isn't. Here's the issue: What's causing this? Is it a power supply issue (I only have 330 wats of power and that's one thing I plan on chaning soon) is it a motherboard problem? Is it a heat issue? I find it really wonky that now I've had two drives in the span of 4-6 months do the exact (or near exact) same thing, I really want to solve this becuase I'm positive it'll happen again.

Also, even if I don't get my data back I assume my HD which has bad sectors can be reformated to work -- it would just reformat around the bad sectors, right?

Thanks in advance.

Jam it back in, in the dark.

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Exploding Garrmondo Weiner Interactive Swiss Army Penis > Garrmondo Network > Help Desk > Hard drive issues

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