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[Attention] Please read before posting (Version 2)
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Please read before posting (Version 2)

Important: Please read before posting

Like most other forums on this board, the gaming forums are for discussion. To improve the quality of threads and posts contained therein, it would be greatly appreciated if these rules could be adhered to. If you don't... well, don't get angry if we lock you out.

1. Don't be a console fanboy
No one cares if you think the Playstion 3 or the Wii is the ultimate console. We don't care if Devil May Cry 4 is better on the 360 because the PS3 sucks hard. We don't care if you think the Wii sucks hard because it uses last gen graphics, or the PS3 is overpriced and a waste of money with no games on it, or if the Xbox 360 is a piece of crap that breaks down for no reason. We don't need threads to turn into huge wars on which is better. We have a variety of gamers here with different consoles. Lets all exist in harmony and peace and enjoy discussion on current and upcoming games. And if you wanna be a huge Nintendo, Sony, or Xbox fanboy, GET OUT!

2. No Mugen threads!

As Q put it in his old thread:


Are you looking for mugen characters? Yeah, thats great. We don't provide them here. Try using WWW.GOOGLE.COM to find your Dragon Ball Z or Final Fantasy VII characters. Or better yet, how about you get out of your fantasy world of Goku and Cloud fighting (and yiffing) Yoshi and Sonic in the middle of midgar and play a real fighting game.

So if you're coming here looking to create a thread requesting mugen characters, kindly fuck off and go somewhere else. It makes our gaming section look bad with your poorly misspelled thread titles and goku558mugen usernames. I will ban you from the gaming forum immediately if I catch you posting one of these.

You have been warned.

3. Game FAQs. We are not them.

If you are a gamer in the first place how do you not know about GameFAQs? Are you asking how to get that treasure chest hanging off a tree for the attention when you can visit GameFAqs, type in the name of the game you are currently stuck in, and then load up one of the many Faqs listed there?

Now there is some ways around this rule. Creating a thread for the sole purpose of asking for help on a specific game will usually get you a slap in the face with a thread closure and a link to, what do you know, GameFaqs! But if there's an official thread on a game, like Pokemon or Final Fantasy whatever number they're at, you can get away with asking fellow posters on advice on what skills to learn or how they beat a boss.

4. Use Spoiler Tags

No one wants the ending to a game spoiled for them. It takes just a couple of seconds to add tags to the spoiler.
[ spoiler]Aeris gets tentacle raped by a gigantic octopus at the end of disc 1[/spoiler]

[ spoil] [/spoil] works too!

Just make sure you remove that first space within the brackets. If the thread title is marked with spoilers then you can ignore this rule. No one can whine and report you for spoiling just because they weren't smart enough to read the thread title all the way.

5. When you post in a “What is your favorite…” type threads:
Do not reply with just an answer like:

“Grand Theft Auto 72”
“No, it sucks”

Back up your opinion with a reason of why you think that way. A single word answer doesn’t give other members much insight into the poster, and these posts will be deleted without warning. Members who continually make spammy/grossly off-topic posts will be warned via PM, and banned if the warning is ignored. Posts replying directly to spam posts will also be deleted along with them as they serve no purpose other than causing confusion once the offending post is gone.

Other types of posts that will not be tolerated are those consisting of:

"Me too"
"Sorry I can't help"
"Thank you for sharing"
"This thread is stupid and should be closed/moved"

These posts add nothing to the topic and the last example causes an unwelcoming atmosphere, especially when four or five members say exactly the same thing when the reader is obviously not blind. Member moderation is highly discouraged, but a friendly pointer by one member as an afterthought on an on-topic post is understandable.

6. Please post your sources
If you make a thread or post a bit of news on something please post a reliable source. I mean, anyone can say "God of War 5 is already in development" but why should we believe you if you can't even link us to a press release or something? And then to go and argue that what you said is indeed true makes you look like a bigger dumbass. Same thing with rumors. Don't state the rumor as if it's true. There's a big difference when something is confirmed or a rumor.

Now, let me explain what each prefix is used for:

General Discussion: Anything that isn't about one specific game or console.
News: News in the gaming world. You know, Nintendo announces a new handheld. Sega goes out of business. Konami, Capcom and Namco team up to form the ultimate game. Any news involved with the gaming world uses this.
Console/Handheld/arcade/multiplatform: If the game is on the PSP list PSP. If the game is on the PS3 select PS3. If the game is on two consoles select multiplatform. Very simple.
Classic: Anything that doesn't fit within the current console tags can go under classic.
Attention: This is for sticky rule threads like this one.
Help: Used when asking for advice on a gaming purchase or anything else as long as it isn't something related to needing help in a game itself.

So what happens when I break the rules anyway?
This makes me very sad. ;____; Removal from these forums most likely. First time might only be a week. Second time longer. Third strike you're out! And don't bother making another account to gain access again. That's against our rules and will only get you banned from all the forums. Creating a Mugen thread and starting huge fanboy wars will get you kicked out permanently.

Just talk about video games. Make fun of bad video games. Avoid console wars. Keep discussion on a intelligent level. Then everyone will be a happy camper. =)

Have a good day!

Last updated 5/12/07

Jam it back in, in the dark.
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