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[Attention] The Exploding Garrmondo Weiner Interactive Swiss Army Penis Game of the Year 2016
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Old Feb 5, 2017, 07:47 AM Local time: Feb 5, 2017, 02:47 PM 6 #1 of 7
The Exploding Garrmondo Weiner Interactive Swiss Army Penis Game of the Year 2016

Welp the votes are in and the turn out was.. eh. Some of you fucks really like to say you'll do a thing and then proceed to not do that thing for several weeks.


The official TOP 10 Greatest Videogames of Last Year, as selected by the prestigious Gamingforce Forums Academy of judges, teachers, military generals, philosophers, authors, musicians and other artists:

9. Sakura Dungeon
[PC - Winged Cloud]


"lmao SuperSonic"

"All in all probably the most enjoyable game I've played this year. If you see this on sale on Steam definitely give it a try"


9. Owlboy
[PC - D-Pad Studio]

D-Pad Studio took 9 years to make this little game and it shows in the meticulous care that's gone to every pixel.

"Owlboy is a beautiful little metroid-lite adventure, set in a gorgeous world of floating islands, mysterious ruins and ancient, forgotten technology. Play it. It's absolutely wonderful and charming and beautiful to look at."

"Great visuals, good ost, pretty interesting plot, gud job devs"


8. World of Warcraft: Legion
[PC - Blizzard]

A World of Warcraft expansion with a green cover and a man with horns. If you like World of Warcraft, you are probably already playing this.

"They listened to people complaining about not enough content in WoD by unleashing a fuckton of content at the start"

"Legion took a lot of WoW things that were tedious and made them not tedious, which is a pretty solid design decision independent of the actual new content, which is also pretty solid (although gated behind the inconvenient Mythic mechanics entirely too often). Long story short Blizzard has enabled my desire to turn all games into a fabulous dress-up party and throwing fruit at instance bosses works again and I guess that's worth $40? Yes."


[Multi - Giant Squid]

Underwater Journey has proven to be just the thing people need right now and swimming among fish and mysterious ruins relaxes and enchants all who dive in.

"Beautiful underwater journey with excellent orchestral OST, highly recommended for maximum relaxin"

"A breathtaking underwater exploration game. Just so damn soothing playing this game. There are some incredibly sequences in this game that just need to experienced first hand. It clocks in at around 2 hours and I highly recommend it, even if it's not your cup of tea"


[Multi - id Software]

id surprised absolutely everyone with a corker of a singleplayer campaign, succesfully reimagining Doom in modern times, staying absolutely true to what makes Doom great.

"Doom was a breath of fresh air from the cover based and over shoulder games and grabbing health packs adds such a different flavor than waiting for your regenerating health. Above all else, Doom's atmosphere was captivating. It took me to hell. And it's never looked better"

"Quite literally how retro remakes should be handled. They took the old Doom formula, sped it up, and made it much more intense, all without taking away what made Doom what it is. Definitely lived up to the hype"

[The FURY ROAD Award For Unexpected Old Franchise Revival That Actually Turned Out Really Fantastic]


4. Pokémon GO
[Mobile - Niantic]

Ingress developer Niantic took the groundwork they had with Ingress and applied it to an adaption of Pokémon. Take a walk, catch pokemon. It's magical for the first week or so.

"I traveled to Japan this summer and it was really the perfect place to play Pokemon GO. Maybe I missed out on the western crave over the game, it just felt fantastic playing in Japan. All the hotpots were close together, everyone seemed to be playing (children, mothers, businessmen, elderly), and there was a level of cultural-game synergy that is hard to replicate outside of Japan. I stopped playing after coming back to the states but at the peak of its popularity, it is impossible to deny the sheer scope of the player base and the unique feel of seeing trainers in your everyday settings"

"it was a fun and cute experience and it was a good reason to get out of the house and go for a walk when it was nice out"

"I need to quit this game"

"I played way more of this than I'd care to admit. It is a dandy little time sink when you're out and about. Plus I get to hear about all of the dumb people who tried to catch Pikachu while driving at 40MPH and crashing into cop cars!"


4. Stardew Valley
[PC - ConcernedApe]

The (mostly?) one man Harvest Moon/Rune Factory has taken the world by storm and people who fell in love with the game played it religiously with hundreds of hours. Start a farm. Bribe people with items. Social links don't work like that you nerds.

"What the entirely-too-small farm RPG genre should always aspire to be"

"I smashed some rocks and I think I named my dog after Skills or something"

"Absolutely the best game by a mile I played all year. Brilliant HM-like that's better than most HMs since...well. FoMT probably"


3. Swapdoodle
[3DS - Nintendo]

Nintendo brought back Swapnotes and everyone should get in on it.

"CHz draws triangles. Skills draws words. I copy things I find on the Internet. Abby draws herself sleeping. Q draws Abby sleeping. Term makes masterpieces."


2. Oxenfree
[Multi - Night School Studio]

Night School Studio's debut game is a mix of 80s teen movies and spooky ghost stories. Time travel, cursed spirits, possession, growing pains and friendships. Hums like a barracuda.

"My favourite game of the year. A completely wonderful little ghost story, with a fantastic dialogue system, terrific writing, lovable characters and a surprisingly engaging narrative and emotional punch. A remarkable debut work from a highly promising developer who know what they're doing."

"Beautiful looking game with great music. But what really stood out was the dialogue system. In other game, dialogue choices seem to stop time or sometimes they will add a timer, but nothing has ever felt as naturalistic as Oxenfree that I've played."

"Beat for beat it's a teen horror flick, except it uses that to tell a ghost story that's really a senior year of school story. All the layers are done well, and I'm always 100% down for video games taking on narrative styles from other media that they don't do often and they don't do well often."


1. Overwatch
[Multi - Blizzard]

The Big Cheese. The MVP. The Multiplayer Event of the Year. 25 million players and counting. So Blizzard took the remains of a cancelled MMO thingie and used the world and characters to make a team-based FPS in the vein of Team Fortress 2. It's bright, fun, colourful and has gotten a lot of us hooked for hundreds of hours.

"this game is super satisfying and I love the diversity in both gameplay and character design"

"A game where people are more concerned with one of the character's sexuality than the game's actual objectives. 10/10 would push the payload by myself again."

"All the TF2 without the hats with all of the Blizzard humor and silliness. Still playing it, loving the fact that they keep giving free maps, game modes, and heroes without a DLC pricetag."

"I played that game. I think mostly only that game. Yup. It's good. I like Winston."

"Probably the most fun I've had with a shooter since Team Fortress Classic, and it's inspired some amazing memes. I love Dad 76 so much"

"I don't like competitive multiplayer games but I put 200 hours into Overwatch so it has to be doing something really well"

"Blizzard made such a fun game that I couldn't remember what I played in 2016 before it came out"

"it allows me to play a cyborg ninja who double-jumps around the map spamming MERRY CHRISTMAS, which is probably worth the price of entry"

Congratulations to Overwatch for taking home the The Exploding Garrmondo Weiner Interactive Swiss Army Penis Game of the Year 2016 Award by a huge margin.

Most amazing jew boots

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Franky Mikey

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Old Feb 5, 2017, 10:24 AM Local time: Feb 5, 2017, 04:24 PM 1 #2 of 7
The Sakura Dungeon banner says it all.

There's nowhere I can't reach.

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map car man words telling me to do things
find animals!

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Feb 2006

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Old Feb 5, 2017, 11:40 AM Local time: Feb 5, 2017, 06:40 PM 3 #3 of 7
The Sakura Dungeon banner says it all.
Thanks. I made it myself.

This thing is sticky, and I don't like it. I don't appreciate it.

Old Feb 8, 2017, 02:56 AM 10 #4 of 7
Good job counting things, Q!

While Swapdoodle didn't win it got pretty damn close. , CHz!

Thanks for voting, everybody!

How ya doing, buddy?
I'm just informing you

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Feb 2006

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Flipping cups since 2014

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Mar 2006

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Old Feb 16, 2017, 11:08 AM Local time: Feb 16, 2017, 04:08 PM #5 of 7
Damn nice work Acer, and of course nice work Q. Sorry for letting people down on this.

I was speaking idiomatically.
Minecraft Chocobo

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Mar 2006

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Old Feb 16, 2017, 01:41 PM #6 of 7
Just want to shout out thanks for the Abzu reviews! Consider this game bought and beaten already! I already love underwater games so this game was a no brainer. I've heard/read about it before but I didn't realize its out.

How ya doing, buddy?

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Mar 2006

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Old Feb 16, 2017, 07:31 PM #7 of 7
Yassss, more Abzu love.


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