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[:plant:] Gourmet Chocolates
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Gourmet Chocolates

Alright since I'm an adult now (lol) and appreciating dark chocolate more and more, I find myself scouring for the higher percentage of pure chocolate and less sugar/milk varieties and yet discover some of the better milk varieties.

I'm here to backlog (OH YES, like my games and movies thread) about a couple of chocolates and their confections. The best part about good chocolate is that they can give you that awesome filling in small bites than a whole bag worth of fucking kisses. Not that I'm bashing these kind of chocolates but that's just how you get fat isn't it. First step to savoring good chocolate is not to eat too much of it but also acknowledge how some chocolates are weak in comparison in volume.

70% Green and Black's Organic Dark Chocolate

Don't be fooled by the organic part in pretense, dark chocolate is often organic already since most of the processes leaves it untouched to have that dark bitter flavor. At least from what I've read anyway. This bar is awesome, I can have it last me a week at 2 dollars. I'll try a higher percentage later on. I also appreciate Green and Black's wrapping, its totally giving me that Golden Ticket vibe.

Hershey's Special Dark

I know. Fucking Hershey's? But if it wasn't for their special dark in their variety pack along with krackel, good bar, milk chocolate, I've not known about how awesome dark chocolate is. Its a good start for you guys who grew up on Hershey's and gone no further in depth of dark chocolates.

Newman's Own Organics 50% Dark Chocolate Bar

Its not bad, but definitely not that strong enough for me. I knew I can do so much better than this so I went for Green and Black's 70%.

Harry and David's Milk Chocolate Truffles

For some reason, their dark chocolate variety didn't taste as good as their milk variety which was interesting. I find their milk variety to be more in depth of smoothness than their dark.

Harry and David's Moose Munch Bar

Their milk chocolate bar is fantastic mix with popcorn soft bits in it. Not too strong, and not too weak of a chocolate.

Ghirardelli's Dark Chocolate with Mint filling

Ghirardelli's a bit expensive for me that I don't get these very often. As I recall, I didn't like their mint all that much. Its probably too empowering for my taste and I could barely taste the dark chocolate to judge much on it. Ditto with their Carmel filling variety. I should try their Intense Dark but if my memory serves me right or rather the lack of, I didn't find their chocolates all that appealing.

Florida's Finest (or Anastasia) Coconut Patties

These are a fantastic gourmet kind for the Mounds lovers. I wasn't big on coconut in general but their dark chocolate was excellent with it. Its not all that bitter and it blends in well with their coconut, and definitely gives more of that coconut flavor.

Hawaiian Host's Chocolate Covered Macadamias

These are godly with their "secret chocolate recipe", I'll love to try their dark chocolate variety if my store would sell it.

Newman's Own Organics Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

They're stupidly delicious for their atrocious prices. I have no idea how strong their dark chocolate is, but often enough, I'll find just one cup (out of the 3 in a pack) worth savoring for the day.


Brands of Chocolate

I have yet to try some of Lindt's dark chocolates since they're a bit higher in price range for a poor chocolate connoisseur wannabe like me. But since I'm now trying in seriousness for a search of worthy chocolates, I'll try Lindt's and any other recommendations you can give me.

There's that Godiva brand but I swore them off after trying one of their dark chocolate spoons. It wasn't bitter or anything, it wasn't kept well and you could taste their process instead. It could be a bad batch but yeah. But their chocolate sided biscuits has always appealed to me and I may just one day try it.

There's also Guylian I've seen often at my store that with their seashell shapes which are neat. But again, I'm not a fan of milk chocolate anymore and less willing to try it.

Chocolates with other flavors

In varieties of flavors, I'm still hesitant about their salted flavors, which is odd since I've eaten soda/potato chips/chocolates in that mix all the time as a kid. (Horrible diet I know but that's my craving.) I should be able to take to their salted flavored chocolates. I just hope some of you who had tried a few can recommend a brand. I'm definitely curious about that chili flavor going around but I'm not big on spicy in general.

I'm also a fan of mints in general. I like Junior Mints, Andes, New York Patties, Mint Chocolate chips in ice cream or cookies.

As for peanuts or creamy butter variety, I grew up largely on Reese's shell candy to cups, a gourmet goobers kind (I can't recall the name), a few M&Ms here and there and mini Good Bars.

As for WHITE chocolate lol, the only time I've had one is on a Limited Edition Oreo cookie. Or some kind of Hershey's bar (Cookies creme?). I forget which. I still don't like how rich white chocolate tastes, too much sugar diabetus for me.

I'm also interested in importing a few too upon recommendations.

Also, this is a hilarious read.

Jam it back in, in the dark.

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