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Miles Feb 23, 2006 09:32 PM

Please Read Before Posting
Important: Please read before posting

Like most other forums on this board, the gaming forums are for discussion. To improve the quality of threads and posts contained therein, it would be greatly appreciated if these rules could be adhered to:

1. Use the Search Feature
Before creating a new thread, use the Search feature to check if a similar thread has already been created within the last two months. A thread may be re-created if the last post is over two months old. However, if this is not the case, the duplicate thread may be closed or merged with the existing one.

2. Avoid creating threads of the “What is your favourite…” type if possible
Generally, very little discussion is promoted in these threads and were overdone to the extreme on the pre-wipe GFF. Because of this, when an obviously overdone thread is created it may be merged with an existing thread, or closed with a link to the other thread. Versus threads are also topics which lead nowhere.

3. Game FAQs. We are not them.
As mentioned previously, we are a discussion board. If you are searching for help with a game, go to Game FAQs, who are better equipped to help with game related questions. Of course there are exceptions to the usual FAQ threads, but these tend to be few and far between and will be dealt with on an individual basis at a moderator’s discretion.

4. Use spoiler tags where appropriate.
No one wants the ending to a game spoiled for them. It takes just a couple of seconds to add tags to the spoiler.
[ spoil] Here's the secret info [/spoil]
[ spoiler] Here is also the secret info. [/spoiler]

Just remove that first space within the brackets. If the thread title is marked with spoilers then you can ignore this rule.

*Note for those posting in “What is your favourite…” type threads: Do not reply with just an answer like:

“Grand Theft Auto 72”
“No, it sucks”

Back up your opinion with a reason of why you think that way. A single word answer doesn’t give other members much insight into the poster, and these posts will be deleted without warning. Members who continually make spammy/grossly off-topic posts will be warned via PM, and banned if the warning is ignored. Posts replying directly to spam posts will also be deleted along with them as they serve no purpose other than causing confusion once the offending post is gone.

Other types of posts that will not be tolerated are those consisting of:

"Me too"
"Sorry I can't help"
"Thank you for sharing"
"This thread is stupid and should be closed/moved"

These posts add nothing to the topic and the last example causes an unwelcoming atmosphere, especially when four or five members say exactly the same thing when the reader is obviously not blind. Member moderation is highly discouraged, but a friendly pointer by one member as an afterthought on an on-topic post is understandable.

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