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Fluffykitten McGrundlepuss Apr 26, 2011 12:29 PM

LA Noire
So it's like a couple of weeks until the latest money spinner from Rockstar hits the shelves.

Official site is here.

Set in LA in 1947, you play a cop, rising through the ranks of the LAPD. Apparently there's an emphasis on crime solving as well as gunning people down and beating people up. The game also promises groundbreaking animation technology that makes the people look more realistic.

Anyway, it looks pretty mental and I think I might treat myself and buy a game when it comes out for once (Rather than waiting a year or so, I've still not played Mass Effect 2 or Red Dead Redemption which have been sat on my shelf for ages). Anyone else planning on picking this up?

dagget Apr 26, 2011 05:15 PM

May 17th release date

I am all for this game. I loved Red Dead Redemption. It sat on my shelf for almost a year and then when I picked it up, I couldn't put it down. I absolutely can not wait, plus it comes out on my birthday, so I know what I'll be doing that day.

The technology in it is just amazing. Of course I preordered the LE guide and won't crack it open except to look at artwork or when I get pissed off I keep accusing the wrong person. It sorta reminds me of an updated Dick Tracy game! :O

Gameplay overview

Rising through the Ranks

Naked City Pre-Order Case

Paco May 17, 2011 12:39 PM

One of my students bought it and I watched him play it yesterday in our game lounge before I had to dip out to class. The acting in the game is solid enough to make it feel unique but I didn't actually sit down to play it and judge it for myself. I really wanna get it but I'm kind of broke right now.

Fluffykitten McGrundlepuss May 24, 2011 12:21 PM

After getting distracted by DJ Hero all weekend, I finally stuck this in for a go last night and I have to say so far I really like it. I've completed all the tutorial style uniform cases and the first traffic case. One thing I must say is you really do have to pay attention in this game, doing something else at the same time is totally not the same option is usually is when I'm playing computer games.

The facial animations are as amazing as all the hype made out and I'm sure a lot of the models are made up to look like famous actors (The guy you speak to in the bar in the first traffic case totally looks like Alec Baldwin). Combing each area for clues can get a touch irritating if there's a ton of irrelevant junk around but the pacing of the game is generally superb and given that it's a secondary part of the game to a large extent, the shooting and cover system is pretty great, I hope they implement something similar in the next GTA game.

The cinematic feel of the game and the use of sound in particular is mightily impressive, the way the music changes to let you know when there are clues nearby or when an interrogation is going well or badly is a nice touch. My one gripe so far would be that the streets are a touch empty and the cars all look the same but I guess it was the 1940s so you'd expect a bit less traffic and more samey vehicles on the streets.

I think I might spend a bit of time just cruising the city next time I turn it on, then go back and redo the first proper case to get five stars (I missed two pieces of evidence and got a couple of questions wrong on my first attempt). Top game so far though.

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