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rootstereo Jan 29, 2020 05:12 PM

My review of Wild Terra 2: New Lands. Open world MMO in development.
Hello friends! My name is Javi and I'm part of Juvty World Ltd. A group of indie-game developers. I'm making this post to share our lastest game in development Wild Terra 2 Online: New Lands, made by Unity. The game is actually in alpha stage of development.

I wanted to share this game with you guys in case someone like this kind of game (as i do) and want to help us grow and give it a try. You may find it interesting, the game has a lot of nice features to show up on his early stage of development and is updated every week. It has good graphics, change of day and night, seasons, weather and much more.

The game updates every week. Each patch adds to the game new content that extends basic gameplay and makes it more vivid and more varied.

In the game you start play as a original man or woman in the wild nature, you can gather resourses to build your base, survival weapons and kill animals for raw hide clothes. As long you progress, your character can improve skills and professions and will be able to craft much more things.

Mining, construction, husbandry, cooking, fishing, smithing and other skills are part of all the things you can do. Besides, the possibility of building houses, campfires, a lof of structures for process material and crafting and even castle bases in the future.

Combat system. with melee and ranged attacks, defense. Combat skills.

New features to develope in the next future:

- New continent
- New biome
- New animals, monsters and bosses.
- Dungeon for solo players.
- Improved domains and the possibility of transfer.
- Even more mining, crafts and construction.

Raids and sieges.
Join groups and create clans. You are waiting for the siege of medieval castles, hunting for huge bosses and adventures in dungeons.

Character customization and changes over time.

Change hairstyles, grow a beard and do not overdo it with food, otherwise, you may not fit into your brand new armor.

Travel to new continets

Give it a try. Share your opinion and tell me how it looks ^^. Wild Terra 2 is created by four fans of sandbox games. Without investors and publishers. We will make WT2 exactly as we and the community wish. However, this approach has another side - we are very limited in funds for development. That is why we need your support. Many thanks to everyone who has already supported us!

Thanks so much for reading

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