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Hush and Cool Jan 7, 2015 12:31 PM

Hard drive problems
Recently, the hard drive on my old laptop failed. I was able to connect it to an external hard drive enclosure and transfer data on the 2 partitions to my new laptop, but the OS folder was somewhat corrupted.

I got a new laptop and it sometimes makes an eggshell cracking sound close to the hard drive and the hard drive always makes a very quiet cricket-chirping sound and it is in synch with the hard drive activity light (the cricket-chirping sound started a day after I started using the laptop). I’ll be returning this laptop and getting a new one.

Is it a good idea to run a hard drive scan when I get a new laptop? Should I use the windows 7 hard drive scanner (disk check)? Which options should I check? Should I just run a basic scan and not repair anything the first time I run the scan (i.e. don’t select fix errors and recover bad sectors)? Or should I use a different program? Which one would you recommend? It is a Toshiba brand hard drive. What can the scan tell you about the hard drive? If the hard drive is making noises, it won’t necessarily show up on the scan?

Also, how likely is it that my old laptop’s hard drive failed because of a virus? When I transferred the data from my old laptop onto my new laptop, I scanned the folders with Avast and Norton Security and no virus showed up.

Also, if I transfer corrupted data from one laptop to another, can it corrupt the new laptop’s hard drive? In that case, is there a way to repair files before I transfer them to a new hard drive?


Sehun Aug 5, 2019 03:00 AM

Maybe your hard drive is corrupted. Did you have a backup? I think hard drive data recovery programs are a good choice for you. But you should first stop using it to avoid overwriting the hard drive. Then choose a data recovery tool to get back the files from the hard drive. I' ve tried Bitwar, Easeus and Wondershare, etc. they all have satisfied scan results, especially Bitwar' s preview function and its capability of scanning devices with bad sections really surprised me.
You can search online, and choose one to have a try.

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