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Hush and Cool Dec 31, 2012 09:25 PM

If you play a resource-intensive game on a slow laptop, will it wear out faster?
I am thinking about getting far cry 3. It has high system requirements. My laptop has an intel i3 cpu and integrated intel hd 3000 graphics and 4 gb ram. I’m planning to play far cry 3 on the lowest settings and lowest resolution.

Will my laptop wear out faster and be damaged because I’m playing a resource-intensive game? Will it overheat? Will the laptop not last as long?

FatsDomino Jan 1, 2013 12:38 AM

Uh, well it's ill-advised just b/c your experience will probably be shit. However if it's a newer i3 chip with the graphics built onto the chip it probably should be okay as long as you keep it on low settings. It's still a stupid idea since your machine is obviously not designed to play such a game. Quite honestly the only intel graphics you should ever game with is Intel HD 4000 graphics and even those are pretty shit. The next generation of Intel i5 and i7 chips along with Intel HD 4000 graphics will actually be tolerable but those won't be available until probably Winter 2013 so *shrug*. Basically get a laptop with discrete graphics (nvidia or amd whatever) and at least an i5 processor or make an actual decent gaming PC.

RanmaTheAncient Feb 26, 2013 12:40 PM

To answer this question:
Your computer shouldn't technically "wear out" faster, unless the build is actually crap. For instance, if your computer was not build with proper ventilation, then Far Cry will obviously run the components of your computer to its' limits. Generally, that means a LOT of heat. And if you have bad ventilation, it will potentially begin to fry your components.

As the previous poster stated, it wouldn't look good on that comp anyway.

Maris Feb 26, 2013 03:43 PM

type format c: for highest visual definition effect

[it also works for far cry 4]

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