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Mar 1, 2021 - 12:55 AM
Where the hell be this discord at

Currently Playing: Sol Peppy - Enter One

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[public entry #143]

Sep 24, 2020 - 07:39 PM
This era has been a ride.

Currently Playing: THE GAME OF LIFE

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[public entry #142]

Jul 28, 2011 - 09:06 PM
Humble Indie Bundle 3 codes.
All gone. Who cares if the journal entry is too short.

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[public entry #141]

Jun 10, 2009 - 05:01 PM
Jazzhorse McHard
Jazzhorse McHard was sitting in a bar one day, playing on stage for his millions of adoring fans where everyone was drinking beers and having fun. But then a bunch of mean bikers came in, and they were wearing leather jackets and combs, and said to Jazzhorse "it is time to die, Jazzhorse". The people were all scared and gasped, and one guy dropped a bottle on the ground where it broke into pieces, Jazzhorse took a drag from his cigars and said to the bikers "No, it is time you are died" and then leaped off the stage where he was playing and hit a biker in the face. The biker said "Oof" and fell backwards and started bleeding, while the other bikers looked sad and angry. One of the bikers took a knife out of his pants and tried to stab Jazzhorse, but Jazzhorse was too fast for the biker and used his saxophone to hit him in the stomach where the biker threw up all over the place. The crowd cheered and the biker rolled away as the other biker pulled out a shotgun from his jacket and started firing at Jazzhorse. Jazzhorse used his saxophone to deflect the bullets and runned over the biker, where he kick him in the face with his hoof and the biker fell to the ground dead.

But just when Jazzhorse though to rapmpage had ended the biker got back up again and ripped off his jacket, revealing him to be a bear. The biker bear said to Jazzhorse "Today you will know my pain" and roared as he punched Jazzhorse, sending him flying backwards into the crowd of people. But then a little girl came out of the crowd and to Jazzhorse and said "I believe in you, Jazzhorse". The believes of the crowd were enough to give Jazzhorse enough strength to get back up and with his saxophone he started to fight the bikerbear, who was big and strong. But then biker bear suddenly blew fire at Jazzhorse's saxophone, melting it to the ground in a puddle. forcing Jazzhorse to use his fists of fury to punch the biker bear in the face. The biker bear said "You cannot win" and slashed at Jazzhorse, but Jazzhorse was strong and said "You are not today" and instantly punched the biker bear in the jaw, sending him through the roof while he said "noooooooo". The crowd cheerd for Jazzhorse but then noticed his saxophone was melted in a puddle. But then the little girl came out of the crowd and said "Do not worry Jazzhorse, I have an idea". So Jazzhorse used the little girl as a saxophone and played for the crowd, and the night was happy.

The End

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[public entry #140]

May 18, 2009 - 07:14 PM
Perturbatory Experience
Good evening, gentlemen of gamingforce.

I thought I might share with you a most perturbatory experience to which I was subjected this morrow. You see, chaps, I departed my domicile this morning, as is my wont, and was just making ready to mount my bicycle and begin the perambulation to my place of employment when I beheld a disturbing sight: to wit, my bicycle was gone from its usual resting place.

I looked around and beheld a figure riding off into the distance on what I quickly discerned to be my bicycle. The figure, I quickly ascertained, was of dusky countenance and woollen hair and I was at once put in mind of the dark-skinned savages who inhabit our colonies in darkest Africa. As you may imagine, my good men, I was quite taken aback by such a development for I had been unaware that the negro had penetrated so far into our green and pleasant land and I was yet more taken aback by the knowledge that this raving hottentot had made off with my means of transportation.

"I say!" I shouted. "I say, negro! That's my bicycle you're making off with! Return it at once or I shall summon a constable!" To my exasperation, the larcenous piccaninny did not return my property but, instead, yelled aloud some comment in his own primitive language. I do not know if it was Swahili, Xhosa or some Bugandan dialect for I am but little educated in the ways of darkest Africa, but I will say that it sounded very much like "get back, muddafugga!", a term whose meaning I can only guess at.

That, then, is my story, dear gentlemen of gamingforce and I would have your counsel on how to proceed, how to recover my property and how to take proper retribution on this chocolate-skinned felon.

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[public entry #139]

Apr 1, 2009 - 09:27 AM
Date the ban will be lifted: Apr 4, 2014, 09:00 AM

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[public entry #136]

Mar 29, 2009 - 07:59 PM
Response to: ITE: Enjoying bad fanfiction. by ComradeTande

Taken from here.
Rain Strife who was Cloud Strifes brother was one day near Midgar in a city that was small called Strifetown were Cloud Strife was born in and Rain Strife too. Rain Strife was littler then Cloud Strife so he couldnt join Barret and Tifa so he stayed home and stayed. Rain Strife was pracktising so he could one day do it like Cloud Strife and that is the time when it happened when comets came down to Strifetown and killd people in Strifetown and Rain Strifes parents who were Cloud Strifes parents too.

The comets came and killd people in Strifetown and Midgar and every where else and people said really loud "Help us some body soon" and Rain Strife heard it so he went. Rain Strife traveled fast to where loud sounds come from to help them out there. They said all together "Help Rain Strife we are hurting" and Rain Strife said back "I will help you if your hurting" and Rain Strife blew out fire and pickd up some comet off people and bandaided them to health. Then Rain Strife yelled out loud real loud "Sephiroth stop or i make you stop!" and traveled faster to were Sephiroth is.

Rain Strife went traveled over the lands and hills and ground and water and wanted to stop Sephiroth to make him stop hurting people in Strifetown and all other towns in Fantasyworld. Rain Strife stopped at other places and said "All people i will stop Sephiroth and help the people until I do" and the people of Fantasyworld said "Thank you Rain Strife save us like Cloud Strife did before" so he went. On the way to Sephiroths castle in the sky Rain Strife had fight and battle bad guys on the way there. Rain Strife traveled and then BOOM there was fight and Rain Strife had to fight but he didnt have members to help Rain Strife yet so Rain Strife did it himself. The bad guy was like a tree but had wings and fire came out so Rain Strife had to duck alot. Rain Strife went SLASH fast and SLASH cut tree in parts and fell a part and died fast so Rain Strife did win dance and kept traveling faster.

Rain Strife went over hill and saw town and went and he got in and saw bad things puncing people in town so Rain Strife said "STOP!" and fighted them and won them and did win dance and kept talking to see what happen. People in town said "Sephiroth came" and Rain Strife said "NO SEPHIROTH NOT THIS TIME!" and screamed to sky. Then a balck guy with gun on hands said "I help you Rain Strife in to fight Sephiorth in the sky" so Rain Strife said "Thanks you black guy you are in quest" and Rain Strife and black guy with gun hands left town to fight Sephiroth. Rain Strife and black guy talked on the way to travel there to see what happen to them. Black guy said Sephiroth comets came to his town and killed all the family in his house so black guy wanted to kill Sephiroth back. Rain Strife told black guy about Strifetown and all happened so black guy said "I help you more" because the story was sad.

Rain Strife and black guy kept going then all of a sudden BOOM again and a other fight came. Black guy said "This is my fight this time" and shot the bad guys with wepon hands and bad guys said "AHH NO SPEHIROTH WER SORRY WE DIE!" and disapeard so black guy and Rain Strife did win dance and music came when they dance then they kept going. Rain Strife and black guy kept travel on the path then they saw a big city on fire and said "Oh no" both together because it was an important city on fire and Rain Strife and black guy said "We need to help fast!" and ran there but something bad happened!

to be continued...?

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[public entry #135]

Mar 25, 2009 - 04:41 PM
Dearest good-looking ness151,

The first run of the MOTHER 3 Handbook came off the press on Monday! You can see some pictures at

Since Monday we've had a cadre of Fangamer helpers working literally around the clock to get envelopes stuffed, turning our living room, kitchen, and garage into a postal warzone. We sent off a few hundred packages yesterday (Tuesday) and have about 1200 ready to send off today (Wednesday). There's another batch of 1200 going out on Thursday and the remaining orders should ship on Friday/Saturday.

Currently Playing: videogames!

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[public entry #134]

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