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Jul 17, 2014 - 03:20 AM
Well, that was a short sabbatical
Gamingforce Forums - ChocoJournal: Misogynyst Gynecologist's Journal

This is why nobody takes you seriously. Ever.

"But *I'm* the troll! <3"

Yes, you are. Which explains why you hold the #3 position on the top ignored FSM posters list as of February 2010, and every single instance of you masturbating your pitiful, non-existant self-worth in my direction just so you can make yourself feel better about girls dumping your sorry sexist ass. Every single fucking thing you post ends up becoming hypocritical ("do as I say, not as I do"), and I'm guessing that you are unable to "withdraw for a while" because it's a gene you inherited from your dad, who at some point in 1981 couldn't withdraw long enough to finish on your mom's belly instead of inside her cunt.

"Over the years Justin sort of turned into a talk radio host type. Living in his own mind, having extreme, angry opinions which made sense only to him. He's been a proper internet troll for awhile now. If there's an opinion out there that you'd think no one in their right mind would disagree with.... well, it's possible Justin would."

"Justin's arguments make sense only to him and can roughly be summarized as, everyone is an idiot and needs to be punished."

See Also: Main/Fan Dumb - Television Tropes & Idioms
Apparently this is "protesting too much" - that may be an acceptable thing in Justin's Imaginary World but in real life - which I highly recommend you join as soon as possible - thats just sad.

Oh yeah, back when we were friends (EEEUUUGH) I distinctly recall being so misled by your views on piracy that I actually believed that bullshit for a while, and you took advantage of my naivety to the extent that I had sent emails to a ton of record labels about piracy on Gamingforce (which obviously made no fucking sense, nearly all of it was VGM and I was doing a fair bit of film music sharing at the time)... I'm pretty sure that's why Pang always gets on my case now. And then you had the gall to out me for piracy on FSM when *YOU* made me think it wasn't okay to be getting anything for free, even music, movies, and TV shows that haven't been released because the studios couldn't give any less of a shit, all so you could further your agenda to make me look like the enemy when you ceased this "friendship" because of a fucking TV show. All of this when at one point you were an administrator at Scoremania, a short-lived message board formed by people in My Stuff to pirate film music. If I could go back in time and undo all of this shit I totally would, but since I can't: fuck you, and burn in hell forever.

For the record, this isn't about you not liking MLP - I'm way past that - this is about you taking advantage of my lack of knowledge, and stomping on my happiness over and over years ago because you couldn't be bothered to try MLP before pissing on it. Which is really ironic since you complain about everything else, before *and* after wasting $10 per movie seeing them at the theatre? Oh, but it's My Little Pony, therefore it can't ever be any good regardless of the talent that is brought on to it. And you wouldn't stop crapping on my threads even when I demanded you and your bully friends to stop - and you don't even have a sense of humility to apologize after the fact, because for you it's more fun to be an entitled jerk at a film score forum than to get a better attitude and stop being a child. For you to ignore my call for a truce on FSM back in 2012 and then you post this seven hours later on the same day, THEN publicly posting here the private message I sent you that was meant to be PRIVATE, is beyond deplorable and sets you way below the bar for even your "standards" (of which you have none) of respect.

And let us not forget the days where you fired shots at a film music site's webmaster's wife and child:
Filmtracks: More FSM attacks on Clemmensen
Filmtracks: Clemmensen's parenting attacked again at FSM by Justin Bielawa (LeHah)
Filmtracks: Re: Clemmensen's family ridiculed again at FSM
Filmtracks: Re: Clemmensen's family ridiculed again at FSM
Filmtracks: Film Score Monthly boards, seriously?
Filmtracks: Re: Film Score Monthly doesn't like your review
Filmtracks: Re: Film Score Monthly doesn't like your review

I'd like to see you respond now that you're "taking a break from the internet", you fucking sack of shit.

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