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Jul 9, 2010 - 07:55 PM
The kids next door... not guilty?
For anyone who has read my husband's journal (Angel of Light) we have these annoying neighbors that live in the basement apartment next door with even worse kids.

They ride their bikes on our back yard and build ramps. I have never spoken to the kids about it, but I would make my presence known, such as making up a reason to go outside where they can see me. When they see me, they get off.

Recently my house was egged, while I have not seen the kids throw them, it wasn't hard to assume it was them, I decided to call the landlord to express my concerns about the eggs, I stressed to him that while I cannot be 100% it was those kids that threw them, I explained my reasons why it 'could' have been them.
He said that he would look into it because he also had issues with their rent.

Fast forward to the present: today after work the boys where biking in the backyard again, I went outside and caught one on his bike next to the step, so I finally said something to him... I calmly and polity asked if he not ride on my property, the kid just said "ok" and got off, I then said thanks. If he will stay off remains to be seen.

The whole crowd was sitting outside of their apartment, to make sure that the boys stayed off, I made it look like I was taking some measurements of my patio (It's sinking outwards but it will be fixed soon).
One of the ladies asked what I was doing (to start conversation I guess). I told her my patio situation. She then explained to me that the boys did not throw eggs at my house, in fact their place got egged too (I find it weird that my house got egged from the behind while theirs got egged in the front)

She told me that she got a call from the landlord and wanted to assure me that her boys did not do anything, though she did not blame me because of all the things I see go on at their place.
We where both polite about it and ended the conversation on a friendly note, she says she got the rent straightened out too.

What will happen next I wonder? Will the boys stay off my property? Will things finally calm down? Time will tell I guess. But if they keep their music cranked up, then I should just play my piano extra loud.... see how they like it.

Currently Playing: Don't play games a whole lot anymore, I just read.

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Mar 28, 2010 - 06:43 PM
Pregnant teen needs help! (The threequel)
I don't even give a shit about my cousin anymore, for those who don't know what I am talking about, you can read the 'saga' here:

She's pregnant again for the THIRD time, with the same asshole. Still no job, just living off government aid (nice to see where my tax dollars go)

There is trouble with this pregnancy, there is a serious issue with one of the fetus' kidneys, chances are as soon as it's born it will need to be sent to ICU. My cousin asked the doctor what she could do, and her answer was 'Stop Smoking!!'
She still hasn't stopped. There was actually a family wanting to adopt the child, but she said no.

My aunt like many people have cut ties with her, no one wants anything to do with her, the only time my cousin calls anyone is if she wants something... like a ride to the store or something. My aunt has the first two children at her own home every Sunday. They are great girls, and it's a shame that they have to go back to their mother at the end of the day.

The kids are my ONLY concern, I could care less about my cousin anymore, she made her bed, now she has to lay in it. I actually had thoughts of going to court to take the kids myself.

Something tells me she wont be growing up for a long time.

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Jun 7, 2009 - 11:13 PM
Mmmm... Waffles
It's like 1:30am and I am eating waffles.. I have no idea where my sudden sweet tooth came from, I am more into salty snacks.

Another day of work tomorrow, at least I pumped my iPod with more music. I am currently listening to Riverdance... I LOVE Celtic music, makes me wanna get up and dance. I have also been going through my old soundtrack CDs and found some gems to add to my play list for work tomorrow! I found Dragonheart and Balto! I so remember buying those as a teen and the music is still classic to me to this day!

Hell I still got my 'Free Willy' soundtrack. I should look though my old CDs more often.

Currently Playing: Suikoden DS

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[public entry #4]

May 25, 2009 - 06:01 PM
Shitty weekend
Not sure
My youngest cousin Aiden died Friday suddenly of Meningitis, it was so sudden that we obviously did not see it coming. Right now there is drama between my family and the hospital because Adien was brought to the hospital with a high fever and vomiting. After medication the fever went down slightly and was sent home. With a fever as high as it was he should not have been sent some, but in the mean time Meningitis is not something you think about when you have a child that appears to have the flu.

Anyway for people who are curious this story was highlighted in our local news and can be seen Here

Rest in peace little guy.

Aiden 2008-2009

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May 19, 2009 - 12:36 PM
Better Music
I have gotten up and began to listen a different OST... the one for Angels and Demons. It is much better the the Star Trek one.
Star Trek was ok, but I am a sucker for Hans Zimmer goodness anyway.

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May 18, 2009 - 10:42 PM
I will give this a go
Never made a journal entry before... so why not.

As of right now I am not doing much, it's past midnight, I am playing suikoden on my DS, and I am listening to the Star Trek OST (which is quite good). I have not seen the movie, and I am not sure if I will because have not been into Star Trek much, although I know that I don't need to know much about it to enjoy the movie.

It was really nice outside today so a friend and I went for a walk, hope my husband will when he gets home. The weather is getting warmer, so I think I will go for walks on my days off from work.

Anyway... I am off to bed. ZZZzzzz

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