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Jun 4, 2009 - 10:35 PM
Animenorth 2009 [No 56k]
I get worse at taking pictures every year. Last year it was my phone camera, and even with a real digicam this time, I still take pictures not wanting to bother people, even though they should expect it en masse.


Cosplay Pics

Tales of Vesperia!
Actually, I could only really tell because of Nan's ring blade. Ring blade users are uncommon. However, just colour her hair green and you have a Tira. I wanted to shout: "YURI LOWELLLLLLLLL!" Duke wasn't enough of a pretty, mysterious, vague, bishounen. I'd like to think that is Rita but the hair is not brown.
Judith has a big spear. She should have tried to make the Sultry Temptress costume to get even more pics.
The biggest disappointment was the lack of Ristelle.

So many asian chicks dressing up with random accessories and things.
I just took this on tag-along, as it was my friend's friend's first con and she was all hyper for camera snapping.

Guilty Gear Isuka
A. B. A.'s character design rocks my socks off so hard. Too bad she's unwieldy in battle with Paracelsus. If this cosplayer had more bloodstained clothes, it would be totally awesome.

My friend was horrified after taking this picture since the girls were so tired. It's their own fault though for picking popular cosplay.
These other girls were pretty enthusiastic though, even apologizing for squinty eyes because of the sun.

Same pedobear as last year I think.

Tales of the Abyss
Luke and Guy. The fact that this popular pairing is heavily shipped and taken advantage of is highly disturbing. Tales. Oh Tales.
Vandesdelca Grant, Natalia, Mystearica Grant, Sync, Jade Curtiss, Luke von Farnel, two others. Funny group pic.

Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3

My friend cosplayed as Minato Arisato. Oh you, always with the emo characters, but you get many, many pics as a result.

Tales of Symphonia
Kratos Aurion, Raine Sage, Lloyd Irving. So happy! Spot-on colours! Photon! Photon!

Final Fantasy IX
White Mage, Zidane Tribal, Freya Crescent. How is white mage supposed to heal if you stab her!? D:

I don't know, but pretty nonetheless.

Bleach, Lolita
Nel? I've lost track of arrancar names ever since I lost interest in the series.
My friend always loves to randomly dress up in lolita fashions. Of course, I coincidentally run into her every AN and snap a photo of her.

Some Asian couple.

My friend just wanted to put on a kimono and carry a parasol. Looks elegant.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Obligatory FFVII:AC made popular by the silly silly gonk Sephiroth.

Tsubasa Chronicle
Yuuko Ichihara and Fai. It takes a very pretty woman to do Yuuko Ichihara properly. Lulu has belts going for her, but Yuuko needs long limbs, a black Mokona, long hair, and sake (optional).

I have no clue.

My friend and her other friend. I have no clue again. I just wanted to take a picture and forgot to ask what they were cosplaying for.

Team Fortress 2
Red Team Spy vs. Blue Team Spy. I got a bad angle since this was a snap-and-go on someone else stopped them.

Wild ARMs 3
Gallows Carradine and Clive. I was so depressed since there was supposed to be a Wild ARMs photo shoot at a certain time, and apparently these were the only two people who knew of this awesome RPG series. Hats off to you! If they had a Virginia and a Jet, then this would have been a complete group cosplay. Cosplaying the prophets would be a bit too easy.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, ???
This girl got a ton of attention for her well crafted Majora outift and titular mask. I don't know what the other mask is.

Soul Eater Group Cosplays
Apart from Vampire Knight, Soul Eater was the hottest thing this year in terms of popular costumes. Last year was *retch* Advent Children I believe, along with Death Note.

Ace Attorney Apollo Justice
Trucy Wright! My GF and I were too chicken to get a picture the first 3 times we saw her early on in the con.

Disgaea 3
THIS MAN HAS TASTE. I should have talked to him more since he was probably the only other Disgaea freak at the entire con. Who else would do such a specific and impossible cosplay of the Male Gunner class dual-wielding a Magichanged Pvt. Prinny and a magichanged Prinny Kurtis!? =D

Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn
Since it is physically impossible to cosplay as baby reborn, unless you are a deranged otaku parent that dresses up your child as baby reborn, adult reborn will suffice.

Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4
Horrible angle. I was shy to take a pic yet again here.


You can shoot me in the face for being such a giant fangasming disgaeafanboy, but a giant whimpering Pleinair plus chibi Laharl, Etna, and Flonne, with Hanako randomly sitting on a prinny, with another prinny being used as a dessert plate holder, is pure WIN. I do not regret the $15 I instantly threw on the table for this masterpiece.

Zelda+Katamari Mashup
The katamari fandom is a dime a dozen, but I have to say this was highly innovative. This rivals the normal Katamari fanart I got last year!

Exit, Bomberman Land, Eternal Sonata
$5, $10, $20
Please read my backloggery for details.

Muhyo and Rouji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation
I have to rebuy Volumes 1-4. I got these since I think I want to update the Manga Moments FAQ, which I have done for a year now :$.

Currently Playing: thesixtyone

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[public entry #229]

May 13, 2009 - 12:21 PM

Last year we were able to witness the apartment across from us burning in a blaze as you might have seen in a previous entry. This year a car exploded in front of our place and we got shots before the flames were extinguished. It seems that the owner wasn't at home, so I guess he or she will have a nasty surprise upon returning to find his or her car a crispy black wreck, or just plain gone.


Currently Playing: A Song Done Gracefully - True Fortune OST

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[public entry #228]

Apr 20, 2009 - 11:26 PM
Please watch Saki.
Thank you.

I'm baffled as to how they managed to combine all of my favourites into one package:

Yuri? Check - Blushing galore. Pretty much every time Saki and Nodoka look at each other.
Fanservice? Check - Schoolgirl soaking wet in the rain. She is hugging another schoolgirl at the same time.
Mahjong? Hell yeah check. I declare Riichi Mangan Dora 5!
Ridiculous In-Game Drama? Check - The tiles explode in light rays and crackle electricity.

Unlike the somewhat disappointing "Murder Princess", I'm quite sure I didn't miss this time.

Currently Playing: Crisis Core

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[public entry #227]

Apr 1, 2009 - 06:43 PM
Excuse me wtf is this axecrazy

Currently Playing: Castle of Shikigami 2

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[public entry #226]

Dec 19, 2008 - 06:24 PM
Mega stuffed entry.
Ah! Amoeba has pointed out the very disturbing fact that even though I haven't made an entry since August, ChocoSpyglass says my CJ view count is amongst the top 10 each day. Now I don't know who or why people are still interested in looking at it, but I might as well make the most of it today:


Wall Complete!

What started just over a year ago as an attempt to avoid studying for my Human Resources exam has finally reached completion. Sure it's not a wall at all, but now it is! These pictures were all taken from the stupid French instruction manuals we get in Canada that waste paper. Can you name all the anime series and games on here?


Heart melting in more than one way.

In addition to finally being observed at work by student trainees, my students have started to get me Christmas gifts. Mind you by "students" I mean two, but I'm still very glad nonetheless. "Piano teacher" is not exactly on the "must-get" list. Of course, that's not the most exciting part. This is:

He was so excited that he wanted me to see his card first thing! Then he paid attention for 7 minutes as usual, and then started to lose focus for the next 23.... as usual. Oh children~

So that's what the triangle was!

Left chocos are from my best girl friend, and right chocos are from my other student.

These chocos were plopped on my table today since my parents don't eat chocolate and someone must have given these to them.


Sexy New Computer

Yay! We got a new computer for my mom's birthday, but since I use the computer the most....:3 We only bought it on the basis that I remembered: more RAM = good, more HD Space = favourable. So it has 5GB RAM and 750 GB HD space, along with slots so I can finally stick my SD cards in without having to use an intermediary device. To top it all off, it wasn't until I sorted everything out to junk the old computer when I realized that "oh we have a microphone and I didn't even know it." Even better too, our internet speed cap multiplied from 200kb/s to 500kb/s now that the ethernet port on the back works instead of having to use USB connection to the modem.

I filled it up hastily with shit like Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori and Team Fortress 2, so if you don't mind playing with a noob like me then please add me on Steam:

Steam ID: Summonmaster


Drowning in Gaming

If you have me on Backloggery, you'll notice that I update it a little bit too often >.> Around like 5 times a day. I'm really glad Acer introduced it to all of us way back when. These are only the games I consistently work on and can show hard copies of. Sometimes, backloggery just is not enough to for me to rant and complain about my game progress.

Dokapon Kingdom - More infuriating than friendship ruining. The computer cheats obviously as with any other board game.

Disgaea 3 - Axel and his girls are Level 1200. My highest character is Level 1600. My second highest character is 800.

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology - I have strange taste. Obviously this is all just fetch quest tedium and you don't even get out of the first area for like 5 hours, but I still play this a lot. Partially the lure of the Tales series, partially my foolishness. At least I'm finally at Doplund.

The King of Fighters Collection: The Orochi Saga - I eat up SNK, however lazy they are with ports.

Castle of Shikigami III - <3 times infinity. This is my kind of game, although I don't know how any normal person is supposed to get through Stage 3.

Persona 4 - "EVERY DAY'S GREAT AT YOUR JUNES!" I am eternally indebted to whoever can make that my cell's ringtone.

Mega Man Anniversary Collection - I am mortified at how much better I am at these games now than several years ago. Although, I'm still too cowardly to bother with the Dr. Wily Stages I've unlocked.

<not pictured>

Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords (PS3) - Why did I not realize before that the story is optional for levelling up. I wish I knew that earlier than the 5th time over.

Kongregate - Why do you have achievements? Way to get me suckered into the casual gaming niche that I never thought I'd step foot in.

Secret of Mana - I am not switching areas until my spells are at max level and my weapons. This is now more painful since everything is level 4, requiring more casting and killing. I forgot that they already started using recycled bosses about halfway in.

Currently Playing: Secret of Mana

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[public entry #225]

Aug 28, 2008 - 01:38 PM
Saber nendoroid, recent games, get, chatty children
Saber Nendoroid

Even though my birthday was well over a month ago, I finally received the last of my presents rather recently:

These Nendoroids are rather sturdy in comparison to the hilariously fragile small figurines I've gotten up until now (*cough* Disgaea 2 Palm Figures *cough*). Yet again though, it suffers from obtusely large head syndrome, although in this case, the head size does not make it as susceptible to falling over.

Oh so cute~

I thought that this was the position, when Saber didn't balance perfectly on the lion on my first couple tries :$
The only instructions were the preassembled pictures on the back, so I had to figure out exactly the role of each piece.

I keep her in the riding pose in front of my TV now, and am able to fit all the spare pieces inside her gigantic hollow head, surprisingly enough.

Thanks Happy Cow! =)


In addition one of my titas gave me $20. It makes me kind of sad that I realize now how $20 isn't very much anymore compared to when I was younger Granted, it's only a little over an hour and a half or so of work and I tend to spend lavishly.

PSP Games

Ever since I've rebought my PSP as the slim model, I've been on a bit of a handheld game buying binge. Mysteriously, looking at all the prices for PSP games makes them all look so very cheap now, and there are more games that aren't just ports that I want. Even so, all the ports I want are now affordable.

Gitaroo Man Lives = $4.99
YES PLEASE! I bought it yesterday to relive the PS2 nostalgia and beat it (and 'cause it was so damn cheap). For some horrifyingly shocking reason, Master's Mode is a lot easier for me handle this time, and I've somehow made it to Stage 4 just now.
Does anyone know where to get Toda Pasion? That addition, and Metal Header to a lesser extent have made this purchase so very worth it.

Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles = $24.99

These unplanned purchases always turn out to be my least regrettable ones. I didn't think I would like Rondo of Blood since I primarily like the metroidvanias and the Ps2 3D ones, but the graphics were so awesome that I was compelled to keep going. I've unlocked all the stages and gotten the true ending. Just need to get all those tricky CDs.

As for Symphony of the Night, I already beat it on PSN but now I may see if I can get 196+% this time instead of 195% ;_;

Patapon = $19.99

I saw it for $14.99 today, but again another unplanned purchase that I don't regret.
One of those things you just have to experience to get all the hype about. I didn't think it could be this cute and driving!

Wild Arms XF = $34.99
It was much cheaper at EB, but I got it at HMV, even before I bought my PSP again because I had a strong uncontrollable urge to play this and see where "Mechanical Dancing Fight" was used in game. This SRPG, being Wild Arms and all set my fanboy instincts to the max, and I was already impressed that the tiles were all HEXes instead of the standard squares.

This game actually makes you THINK; the objectives are more than just "beat everyone."

Nintendo Games

Mario Super Sluggers = $49.99
Oh my gosh, I didn't even know that this was out already until I saw it at EB and Gamestop yesterday. I literally bought it off the shelf without thinking about the price, during my break from work. Fucking Nintendo.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations = $19.99
So here I am, going from missing out on buying the first one for $19.99 thrice, to being an avid fan in progress. I just beat Justice For All yesterday, and what a foolishly foolish 4th case that was. It kind of blew the other cases away in comparison. Hopefully, there will be kookier and hot characters I'll like in this one.

Chatty Children

When you work as a piano teacher like I do, you'll encounter all sorts of archetypes. Honestly, some of these children can't shut up :O ! I had an hour with one young girl which I thought I would let slide with a little chunk of talking. After all, hour lessons with preliminary students kind of drag on otherwise. The intended 5-10 minutes of interspersed chat turned into 45 minutes of pointless anecdotes. It was the first time in 5 years that I've stopped genuinely caring for the stories, only being able to sneak in "uh-huh" every 30 seconds. Her younger brother before and after the lesson was a chatterbox too as he attempt to ramble on to me about something as soon as he saw me, even though I'd never taught him before. As well, the kids' mother also knew that they talked a lot and asked me if she managed to even play any piano at all during the lesson xD

I primarily had to teach adults yesterday, and they're always a joy since they're humble and agreeable, unlike people encountered in the retail industry. It's easy to kill an hour with them even if the material is also similarly basic.

Currently Playing: Gitaroo Man Lives!

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[public entry #224]

Aug 12, 2008 - 09:19 PM
Summon plays Dancing Mad
Finally a reason to use my dropbox, it's divided into the four movements and I cut repetitions by one or two iterations to avoid a 17 minute long song. Sorry if it sounds manufactured, as some runthroughs had me playing so many mistakes that I had to piece together the best that would come out of my fingers today. If you heard it in person, it'd be easier to ignore the mistakes. This is the Doremi version, so I'm looking for a more complicated score, if it exists.

4th Movement:
Get the Flash Player to play this audio file:
My favourite out of the four because the chaotic chromatic part is so fun to play, and the slow epic part has always made me think "you're doomed!" <3

The rest:

1st Movement:
Get the Flash Player to play this audio file:
Looks like I still need to work on the memory for the flats for the fast part.

2nd Movement:
Get the Flash Player to play this audio file:
Practicing the cadenza, I would repeat it over and over with the metronome until I could do it perfectly to speed without getting lazy while note-reading.

3rd Movement:
Get the Flash Player to play this audio file:
Lots of work needed to get all the correct accidentals without the brief pauses to verify my notes.

Lessons I learned from recording:
- My 50+ year old piano is well out of tune.
- Mistakes audible to the performer can turn out to be indistinguishable to the listener.
- Conversely, anything short of perfect for note-hitting is jarring when the song is known.

So now I've memorized the last boss themes for VI, VII, VIII, and IX. Decisive Battle in X is far too chromatic and grandiose for me to want to memorize, so I think I'll stop with those 4, or work on V next.

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[public entry #223]

Jul 31, 2008 - 05:17 PM
My nerd level up and recent gaming
Sweaty teens, hyper children, and rectangular Pocket Monsters

On Tuesday, I had nothing better to do so I decided to ask my friend to go the comic store and play Pokemon cards, instead of vice versa. Upon arriving there for the second time ever for me, the tables are packed with triple the scant amount of people I saw last time I was taken to see how people play this card game with each other on an almost weekly basis.

  • 60% = Young boys
  • 30% = Older teen guys
  • 10% = Middle-aged old men

and a single girl, not counting the two women on staff

At first I didn't want to play, because these children along with everyone were packing horrendously metagame cards like Claydol and Absol, and I didn't want to die too quickly. Eventually I rationalized that I was already there, and the fact that I wanted to go already labels me as a nerd so I shouldn't bother trying to hide it.

1) When I finally settled in, I had a good battle with the first kid by getting lucky with some of my key draws and being able to get Magmortar out before Absol sliced through my starter. As well, getting Switch right before Darkrai Level X managed to overpower me with Endless Darkness.

2) I trounced my friend's lightning deck as usual with my fire deck as usual. Psychic would have been my first choice from when I got started, but I need to collect more to get more speed and a decent mix, apart from my goal of getting Gardevoir Level X and Gengar out. Plus, fire is hilariously easy to use.

3) The last kid had a water deck, but it ended so quickly he didn't even need to trounce more than one of my pokemon, since we both only had one starter, and I drew my Bebe's Search one turn too late, via Professor Elm.

Listening around, it was pretty funny because it was everything I expected.
- The weird teens were belligerently arguing over some card text or something.
- Some kids were smack talking each other.
- A couple of the older players were rather helpful to their less experienced opponents.

My friend and I are saving up for the Legends Awakened Booster Box:

  • 36 packs -> 18 for me, 18 for him
  • $118 or so for the box -> 50% split between us
  • August 19 = Pre-release.


Final Fantasy Tactics A2
- 4th last story mission, it appears, and Vaan and Penelo seem likely to be encountered for the third time in the next story mission.

- 240 quests, although I'm still annoyed that "Rancher's Request - Yellow" has been there for the longest time. I caught a Black Chocobo, and yet can't seem to find a yellow one anymore :/

Soul Calibur IV
- Create a character is giving me loads of laughs. I'm focusing particularly on what the character will look like when armour is destroyed. Afros abound and skimpy underwear! They really outdid themselves with the feature this time. I didn't do it much in III due to the terrible movesets, but thankfully you can even modify existing characters or create any character, using any character's moveset.

- Online didn't seem to work for me the one time I tried earlier. I could connect to Playstation Network, but I couldn't start a Quick Match.
Anyone with the PS3 version want to fight me?

- What is this about Downloaded Stage Music in the Options menu? :O

The Orange Box
- I just got the crossbow in Halflife 2 and am at the end of the part under the bridge where you have to cross all the girders. I am so thankful that the vehicle doesn't handle as shitty as the water buggy did, although driving into the wrong place takes so much gravity gunning that I just reload. Whether I die or manually reload, the load times are killer :C


Breath of Fire 2
- How stupid of me. I didn't beat it the first four times I try it, so what makes me think I'm going to this time? Well I bought it on Virtual Console since I had 800 spare points lying around since Earthbound is not likely to come out any soon at this crappy rate of weekly releases.

Same routine for me:
grind earnestly at the start, with the grind time to gameplay progress ratio rapidly declining instead of remaining constant.

- Currently at: Coursair -> Baba's woods -_-;

Gaming Considerations

- The Eye of Judgment
- PSP (again), for the sole purpose of Wild Arms XF
- Tales of the Abyss (if I ever see it in stores again)
- Disgaea 3 (not a consideration, but a mandatory purchase for me, "disgaeafanboy")

Currently Playing: Final Fantasy XI Piano Collections - The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah

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[public entry #222]

Jul 21, 2008 - 07:28 PM
My first concert and other silly vanities and news
My First Concert

Completely involuntarily, I went to Z103.5's Summer Rush at Canada's Wonderland yesterday, so I'm not entirely at fault for all of my following complaints. I also have to note that I hardly know of many mainstream artists and songs nowadays, nor do I have interest in them, so I was quite out of place.

The big names for the event were Nelly, and the Jabbawockees who were last and second last respectively. There were some other apparently notable performers like Girlicious, Jesse McCartney, Lady Gaga, Estelle, Cascada and Elisha Estrada(sp?).

We were standing in an aisle in the middle, just behind the front block of seats and in front of the back area of the grassy inclines (so smack in the middle theatre), that was crammed full of people since the theater area was occupied by 17000 people according to their ticket sales.

We literally stood up in the aisle for 8 hours straight, because my friends did not want to lose our standing places and they wanted to see Jabbawockees, even though we didn't know when they were up.

Inevitably, our bodies were all packed like sardines and there were a lot of unavoidable boob grazes and ass grazes from all the silly people who were coming in and out of the aisles to get food or change views, and all our sweaty bodies created enough heat to offset the cold rain and wind from outside the uncovered part of the outdoor theatre.

Cut to the Chase!:

Long story short, my knees hurt when I bent them from all the standing. My eardrums were pierced from both the constant blaring loud music (although I enjoyed the primal beats of DJ Danny D) and the screaming fangirls and wild crowd.

At least I can now say I've been to a big-name concert, although I'd never want to attend one of those things again, save for Go! Go! 7188, and Video Games Live (fucking missed it twice >:@).

Birthday Haul

- Happy Cow got me the Okami Artbook which I am madly in love with, since I think Okami is the beautiful game in the world. The artbook certainly lives up to that, with neat touches like the soundtrack recommendations and the cute "Amaterasu theatre" art. Again, this is my FAKE gift and the real one is imported, just like last time -_-;

you silly boy! :@

-- One of my friends made me (read: us all) a tiramisu, which was apparently "subpar" this instance since he added more alcohol and substituted chocolate with cinnamon, and used lower grade cookies. I'd have to slightly agree, but regardless it was still heavenly to eat.

--- My other friend was very extravagant and printed out an MSN log that accused of me certain claims using evidence. Then she made me open a huge giftwrapped cardboard box that almost sealed off my hallway. Inside were lots of balloons and clever items that showed that "I got exactly what I asked for." In addition to all the lavish and cheesy gifts in the box, she gave me $20 to top it all off.

---- Finally, Himitsu, who left on vacation, relayed a gift to me by leaving it in my one friend's care from the time she left a couple of months ago. It turned out to be my favourite messed up anime OVA, Cat Soup, which comes with a bloody cover that oozes the cats around if you squeeze the box.

-----In addition, I received about $195, a lot of which I had proactively spent :x on a preorder of the PS3 version of Soul Calibur IV, and (cue the disses):

I thought I had killed the TCG habit, but my friend showed me how to play Pokemon and now I'm hooked on it, and so are my spending habits :$. It's the thrill of getting lucky with every pack that keeps me coming back, and so far I have been pretty darn lucky, managing to get the Gardevoir Lvl. X and Blissey in my first and last packs, respectively, that I had wanted after reading up intensively on the subject.


FFTA2 - All my units are level 41, so are overlevelled due to the abundance of missions. I finally reached a turnoff point, since it's the second encounter with Vaan and Penelo, and I'm doing fine at the mountain since my characters have Faerie Shoes, but the turnoff was that Penelo died in one hit from a normal rear attack that criticaled her. Mission = INSTANT FAIL. I hope she isn't this frail when you get her :s

Halflife 2 - I'm at Highway 17 where you get the Rocket Launcher and I tried to shoot down the plane. I think all the bullets hit, but it was still in the air. Maybe I'm not using the laser tracking properly?

Super Smash Brothers Brawl - I play with Freelance Wolf, Identity Crisis, and some RL friends and find my output to grossly vary. Sometimes I handle my characters well and other times my fingers and reflexes have an off day. I should really learn how to play with other styles than the Wiimote too, as my precious Zelda can only teleport in half the directions available, and I can't glide with Metaknight/Pit/Charizard. Otherwise, same as usual. My friend is having a Brawl get-together on Saturday and has over-hyped my skills to everyone.


- I have to give props to gamemp3s for finally being at the point where they're churning releases out faster than I can keep up with them. Right now I'm working through the Super Mario Galaxy OST for song deletion (HD space ), but as you may or may not know, there are already a bunch of OSTs to get after that batch

- I thought I would use Sousuke's dropbox invites for music hosting and it -does- work, but looks I don't have time for recommendations as of this point. I guess some wouldn't hurt though. I'm really looking for breakbeats and heavy percussion. JPS's "Powerful Enemy (Actraiser)" is my current favourite song of all-time for this, and I'm hoping to exceed Hanamuke's 700+ listens because of this percussive action
<hosting another day since dropbox is on the laptop...> It's on Kairyu's FTP though under Doujin -> JPS

Currently Playing: Super Mario Galaxy OST Platinum Version

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[public entry #221]

Jul 8, 2008 - 01:42 PM
Another for the praises of WALL-E
Bringing the count up to 3/5 movies to see, the last two being Hancock and maybe the Dark Knight.

Yesterday my friends and I went to see the 10pm showing, and at first there were only 2 groups of people in the theatre, and shortly after I ran up to get the back row middle seats, the theater filled up the middle section with a bunch of incoming people decently.

Thanks to the warning in Acer's journal, the stupid preview for that dumb chihuahua movie left slightly less of a bitter aftertaste.

However, that Presto Digitatione (lol prestidigitation I get it ^o^ short was awesome. I couldn't help but think "Itchy and Scratchy" when I saw it, as they managed, quite cleverly, to use animated violence as the basis of the laughs for the short. In addition, they told the story quite well. Basically, the bunny wants the carrot, and there is a pair of magic hats that function as portals. Let's just say I cringed at a fair share of those painful pranks.

Then onto the movie. I thought it was surreal how they depicted the wasteful aftermath of what remained of earth, and of course, a little sad at how bleak and alone it was. I read an article in the paper noting how the composer of two "Hello Dolly" songs was moved at the way his music augmented WALL-E's emotions, so throughout the entire movie I was thinking of that.

When Eve comes in we see how she has a penchant for destruction and rather grandiose capabilities. I think she was well suited to be utilized as the transition to the second half of the movie set in outer space.

Another shock, almost equal to the opening scenes of the movie, comes when we see the state of humans, who have become utterly vegetative and dependent on technology. It wasn't bleak but rather disgusting, triggering some kind of morality thoughts and "just desserts" (forgive the pun) in my mind.

Skipping even more scenes, my favourite parts from here on out were (in no particular order):
- WALL-E's misconceptions of Eve in the Repair area.
- WALL-E's outer space dancing with Eve, and subsequently, its impact on the two humans WALL-E just happened to meet earlier.
- Mo's coincidental appearance at the airlock scene, showing how one robot made a difference (big theme throughout)
- The teamwork of the defective robots to get the plant to the chamber. Especially the reverse umbrella!
- When Eve realizes all the memories with WALL-E her security camera recorded ;o;

The part towards the end made me clutch my heart, where:
Eve frantically revives WALL-E and succeeds, although he lost all his memories ;________________; I would have been angry if they didn't arbitrarily have WALL-E regain his memories just because Eve clasped his hand.

I enjoyed the credits too, for first being a watercolour rendition of the future, and then an 8bit representation of the whole story.


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