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Nov 6, 2007 - 05:56 AM
I wait.
I can't stop thinking about my little Persephone. I never thought I'd be this excited. Last night Christian and I went shopping and she kicked and punched and wiggled the whole time (Persephone, not Christian). I just keep thinking that by Christmas she's going to be here, and I can't wait. And also, Persephone. I'm in love with that name.

I wonder if my mother was ever this excited about my children being born.

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[public entry #309]

Nov 4, 2007 - 03:00 PM
Joshua Radin. We listened to this at Joel's house yesterday while we were moving and cleaning. I can't believe I've gone my whole life without this music.

Sundrenched World

The Fear You Won't Fall

Star Mile

I have more if anyone wants it.

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[public entry #308]

Nov 3, 2007 - 04:20 AM
RE: Being Awake at 5 a.m. on Saturday
It goes against God's plan.

Today I am helping Joel with his eternal move. I'm supposed to be at his house at 7:45, and it's like a 40 minute drive from here. Then we're driving another 30 minutes or so to pick up a washer and dryer he bought off of Craigslist. After that, we're shopping for a dining room table and chairs, then we're going to clean the hell out of his house. I always thought when you rented a place it started out extremely clean. This place isn't filthy or anything, but there are spiderwebs in some of the windows it just needs to be vacuumed and stuff.

I expect we'll be cleaning most of the day, which is fine with me because I love cleaning house. But after that we're going to get cleaned up and change clothes and go out for dinner somewhere. I think it will be a fun day. I'm pretty excited.

Oh, and lunch yesterday was wonderful as always. The bad thing about us having lunch together is that we never want to go back to work.

Yesterday was Wyatt's field day, and believe it or not Randy showed up at his school and hung out with him all day. His teacher said Wyatt was so happy and proud that his dad was there. I can't think of anything that made me happier this week than seeing the look on Wyatt's face as he was telling me how every time he did something good for his team his dad would pick him up and helicopter him. He also told me that the kids in his class think his dad is SO COOL because he's in the army. I almost cried when Wyatt was describing all this to me. I just hope that it continues.

On that note, Randy's mother called me last night and...are you ready for this? She asked me if she could keep Wyatt next weekend. I don't know what she has planned for them, but she used to always play board games with him and take him to get ice cream whenever he would stay with her (which wasn't often). I'm not sure what brought about this sudden turn of events, but I am very glad. Hopefully things are going to smooth out a little now.

Last night Christian came over and we took some pictures of her beautiful, pregnant self. She draped a white sheet over the lady-parts she didn't want to show, and I think the pictures turned out beautifully, even though I'm not a very good photographer. As soon as she crops them and lightens them and adds glow and whatever else she's going to do to them I will post some. It's going to be soon now. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have a granddaughter in the next 3 weeks. <3

Dane is hilarious. On Thursday night he went out to dinner with us for my grandmother's birthday, and all of a sudden I heard a text message come in. I checked my phone and it was from Dane, who was sitting across the table from me. It said, "I am so hungry." I looked at him, laughing, and he just sat there looking back at me with a completely straight face. He never did break character, either.

OK, shower time. It's ridiculous that I have to get all cute to throw on jeans and a t-shirt and move furniture and get all sweaty and dirty, but that's the reality of being a girl.

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[public entry #307]

Nov 2, 2007 - 05:06 AM
*yawn* 'morning.

I have SO. MUCH. WORK. to do before I can leave the office today. It's so daunting. I am dreading walking into my office and seeing the literal pile of shit on my desk that has to be done today. Thank God for the following:

a.) My boss is out of town so I get to wear jeans;
b.) Joel is taking me out to lunch today; and
c.) It is indeed Friday

I finally saw an attorney yesterday. The good news is that I am entitled to alimony (which I wasn't going to ask for but since Randy has been such a dick I've decided to), as well as over $1,000 in child support, which I will desperately need since Randy is taking me off his health insurance and I need money to pay for child care so I can work full-time and get my own health insurance.

Now for the bad news. I have to pay the attorney - UP FRONT - a $4,000 retainer fee. Any court costs, filing fees, etc. are additional. I don't have $4,000. I'm going to have to either borrow against my retirement plan (hello, penalties) or ask my boss for a loan. He would let me borrow it interest-free, but that would mean that I am indebted to him, and that's something I don't wish to be.

*sigh* I'll be so glad when this is all over.

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[public entry #306]

Oct 17, 2007 - 02:31 PM
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Music
Does anyone have any?

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[public entry #305]

Oct 16, 2007 - 07:08 PM
Oh yes I did.

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[public entry #304]

Oct 12, 2007 - 07:51 PM
If everyone has already seen this I'm going to cry.
Honest to God, I think this is the funniest thing I've ever found on YouTube.

YouTube Video

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[public entry #303]

Oct 11, 2007 - 09:46 AM
Dying over here.
This cold is much better but now it has turned into a horrible cough. Not one of those kinds where you cough all the time, more the kind where you have two or three major coughing fits a day...the kind where you can't stop coughing long enough to breathe.

My ribs hurt.

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[public entry #302]

Oct 9, 2007 - 05:08 AM
Wakey, wakey...eggs and bakie!!
I feel like I just emerged from a fog. After being jetlagged and sick as hell for a week, and sleeping every chance I got, this morning I feel more rested, alert and well than I've felt in a while. By 7 o'clock tonight I'll probably be running on sheer will again, but I think I might just be on the downhill side of this bug I've had.

My boss is out of town for the next three days so YAY JEANS!! Also, I'm loving my new car. I think I might try to look like something other than shit today. Shower time.

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[public entry #301]

Oct 7, 2007 - 03:45 PM
PREPARE YOURSELVES (test your might)
In this entry I tell you things about people you don't know!

But I'll start with pictures of my new car. My mom took these just before I left for my reunion last night.

OK, here's the good stuff:

This is Carrie Pierce and her husband whose name I don't know. I once got really drunk on P.J. (Jungle Juice, if you're under 30) at a party she had when her parents were out of town. Also, we got pulled over by a state trooper on our way to the senior prom (a bunch of us girls went together) and she made me hide the pot in my lavender silk shoe.

Sorry it's so fuzzy. The big guy on the right in the back is Robbie Muse ("Moose"). He was on the football team and dated my sister. The blonde in front is Lisa Fishe. She was a cheerleader and never spoke to me in school because I wasn't popular enough.

The black dude is Claxton Graham. Sweetest guy you'd ever want to meet. The girl is Genie Rumfelt, my best friend from elementary school, and her husband, Derry. She and I had a huge falling out in the ninth grade when she screwed my boyfriend and then bragged about it at church, and we never spoke again until about 10 years ago.

Beth Smith and her husband who I don't know. I was in band with her. She played the clarinet. She looks EXACTLY THE SAME as she did in high school, even down to her hair.

Gerald Burgess on the left and I can't remember the other guy's name. Also, the only thing I remember is that Gerald Burgess had a crush on me.

Laura Mundy and Nicole Oakley. Nicole was one of my very best friends, but she used to say and do the most retarded things. For example, she'd get all dressed up to go clubbing but wouldn't let us see her until she was completely ready. Then she'd come out of the bathroom and go, "Lookie-lookie at this little cookie," or something equally retarded. Her parents were major potheads, which I found extremely amusing.

The brunette on the far left with her back turned is Laura Stewart. She was probably the richest girl in school, but she was always super nice. The one in the middle is Kristina Hovis. She was our homecoming queen. The one on the left is Crystyl Lewis. She was knocked up before she graduated high school just like me!

I don't know who the guy on the front left is, but the one behind him in the light-colored shirt is my cousin, David Wyatt. The redheaded guy across from him is my mailman, Nelson Queen. We used to call him "Orange Crush" because he had flaming red hair and it looked like his face had been smashed. The heavy guy in front is Jamie Cantrell. He was the class brain. Last night he pulled me aside and drunkenly whispered in my ear that he was in love with me all throughout elementary, junior high and high school.

The guy on the left is Mike Williams (with his much younger wife). I was madly in love with this guy but he never would give me the time of day until I started dating Jeff, who I ended up getting pregnant by and marrying. When he saw that I was getting serious with Jeff, he finally decided he liked me and was RELENTLESS in asking me out until I finally caved and went out with him. I remember drinking a lot of beer and singing/rapping every Beastie Boys song on Licensed to Ill before the inevitable happened, which he felt the need to rehash last night while his wife was in the bathroom. The other two are Nancy and Andy Olls and they go to my church. She is the librarian at my son's school and she sings like a bird.

This is Paula Gingles. I used to go to this teen dance club called Glory Days with her almost every weekend. She's such an awesome lady and she has aged better than pretty much anyone else.

Beth Lawing (my stoner buddy from middle school and high school), Laura Mundy, and Amy Huffstetler. Laura and I were on the rifle squad together and Amy was our majorette. Beth was probably my very best friend in high school. She was the first one I told I was pregnant. I used to run away from home every once in a while when things got really bad with my dad, and her parents would always let me stay at their house for as long as I wanted. She is a ski instructor now, has never been married and has no children. Last night we accidentally spilled her pot all over the parking lot and she got angry, but promptly got over it, courtesy of Jack and Coke. Also, I think she propositioned me but I'm not sure.

This is a heinous picture of me, but this entry is not about vanity so I'm posting it. Beth, Laura and me.

Me, Amy Huffstetler, Beth Lawing and Laura Mundy

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[public entry #300]

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