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Apr 11, 2006 - 04:29 PM
Capo is my hero.
Just had to say it.

Seriously, why are some people so dumb?

"Some impressionable 15 year old could read this thread on the internet and overdose!"

Because, you know, they can't see it on TV every night or in school every single day. If anyone is going to read about something and decide "oh, I'm going to do this just because this person says it's fun" without thinking about it on their own is an idiot. It's not our jobs to pander to the idiots who haven't been brought up to think for themselves and know what is good for themselves and what is stupid.

I think it is great that, if someone is thinking about doing something, we have a place where they can get some insight from people who have actually tried these things and know what the effects are like. If someone is reading about it on here and lets it tip them into doing it, lets be realistic, they were already predisposed to doing it way before they got here. Why not at least let them have some first hand insight so that they don't kill themselves?

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