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She read me like a Plath in a Bath..

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Jul 20, 2010 - 10:30 PM
All Quiet on the Southern Front
It's no shocking revelation, you're almost certainly aware of this but just a quick reminder.

It sucks to be alone.

but worse still is being alone with nothing going on.
You think. You end up thinking for so long that you build yourself up into this horrific hideous creep who was lucky to have someone in the first place.

Then suddenly you think the opposite, that actually you're some incredible catch, that anyone who wouldnt want something to do with you is an idiot and probably doesnt deserve you.

Possibly the worst is what comes next. Seeing couples. Perhaps you dont notice it when you're part of one... but they're fucking everywhere, and they love it, supermarkets are just the worse for this one.

Finally, you actually get comfortable, you realise your situation isnt the worst, actually it's pretty nice. You dont worry about hurting anyone, you stop working to make someone else happy, you might even start to improve yourself. Go running, swimming, seeing old friends.

At long last.
You relax.
and forget what was even bothering you in the first place.
and best of all, you start thinking about what's next.
That someone out there is spending every second of every day getting closer to meeting you.

Oh and then you stick Jackass 2 on. Just to fill the time.

Currently Playing: Jackass the Movie 2

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[public entry #11]

Jul 19, 2010 - 01:53 PM
Return, a brief roundup and what's new
And i'm back, apologies for the 9 month absence but lets be honest, i didnt have any regular readers to dissapoint in the first place

Since my last entry things kind of went to shit in honesty, not to dwell on what happened i'm going to bullet point it.
  • Got depressed
  • Ended things with my girlfriend of three and a half years.
  • Dropped out of uni
  • fell in love with a girl called Hannah
  • got drunk with said Hannah and ended up passionately kissing, I told her everything, she grinned and we kissed again
  • Girl called Hannah failed to recall the above bullet point
  • told Hannah everything
  • got rejected.
  • spent a while smoking way too much green trying to escape myself
  • Hannah left the country till september.
  • Sorted myself out.
  • Got myself onto a different degree (I am now a Radio Student)
  • Got comfortable being single again
  • Dyed my hair to mark the occasion.

And on to brighter pastures!
Right now i've found myself coping with single life via thinking of whatever's next for me. Somewhere out there is someone who will fall in love with me. I really cant help but smile wondering what she might be doing. I hope she thinks squid are as interesting as I do.

Did you know that Giant Squid have the largest eyes on the planet?
They're the size of dinnerplates.
That's massive.

You think about that.
I know I will.

Currently Playing: E Is For Estranged - Owen Pallett

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[public entry #10]

Oct 18, 2009 - 09:50 PM
A lady friend, dreams of an iMac and a certain matchbox disaster...
Ok so it's been a few days since i started saying yes.. and it's been great!
went to a gig tonight i really wasnt feeling up for but ended up having a wicked time, 80's matchbook B-line Disaster, i saw them a few years ago supporting system of a down but tonight was miles better, proper good. the guitarist cut his finger halfway through the set and got blood everywhere.. i kinda felt sorry for him having to play so hard with no plectrum and no skin on his finger or thumb... pulled it right off though so he did.

i've also decided to get a mac..
but they're expensive.. really fucking expensive... as any mac owner might know..

anyone know any good way to get a desktop imac for a decent price?

I've also rediscoverd the joys of having a printer! no more running into uni early to get stuff printed to hand in, no more begging housemates to print stuff.. it's joy!

also took this rather nice picture of my esteemed lady friend

still, various other developments but im currently feeling the pinch of a tipple..


Currently Playing: Asia- Heat of the moment

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[public entry #9]

Oct 15, 2009 - 05:08 PM
Ok so i've been thinking of doing this for a while, but i'm going to say Yes to any situation, invite or suggestion that i get for the next 2 weeks.

In short ladies and gentlemen, i am to become a 'Yes Man'

things feel stale and i want that to change..

i'll let you know how i get on..

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[public entry #8]

Oct 5, 2009 - 08:08 PM
Year Two, 3D bollocks and an utter lust for the BBC website...
So it's been a while since i've updated but nothing major has happened...
lots of minor things have happened to the point where i feel it's worth an entry..

Firstly and almost certainly most importantly i've started my second year of Uni. and things have been really good so fair, i've got some great modules this year, Radio Drama, Documentry Photography, Interactive new media systems, Print Journalism and Film Fiction. With the exception of INMS i'm really facinated by everything i'm doing, INMS is focused on web design mostly and i've got nothing as a starting point. Absolutely fucking nothing. But i guess i'm at uni to learn in the first point so more on this as it develops...

I've also been on the student radio a few times these few weeks, to great compliments actually. In the name of modesty i wont go over some compliments i've had but the word 'natural' came up a lot... I was even requested by a stranger who emailed the studio the other day..

Saw 'The Final Destination 3D' after being in the studio actually, I've really started to loathe 3D cinema, it's becoming pitiful. At first this new wave of admittedly impressive 3D technology was great. 'My Bloody Valentine' was terrific, gimmicky fun but the fun runs out as quickly as it ever does with a cinematic gimmick. It's more expensive even if you save the glasses from your last visit, i've got a cineworld unlimited card and i still have to put in a quid fifty for the eye strain... Essentially it's good fun but it's being horrifically overused. Coraline was a really wonderful movie but the 3D almost spolied it. and now they're even releasing older movies (Toy Story) in this brain itching format...

Toy story alone is enough on the big screen! Surely? it's such a joyous film!

Going back to Radio, i've been listening to a massive amount of BBC radio plays of late. It's really terrific, i cant stress enough how much i've been impressed with the BBC website, Radio Comedy, Radio plays and the Short Film section.

For Example:

Chain Gang




Have a look! spend an afternoon with the archive of 5 minute treasures...
the first two are by a group called 'Rong' who are just great really funny.

the last is... something else entirely...

It's been a while but i think that's enough for now

Oh and the student Radio I mentioned is called Tequila


Currently Playing: The Maltly Collection

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[public entry #7]

Sep 17, 2009 - 12:55 PM
There's a rat on my shoulder...
I know i just added an entry but I felt this photo added something special..

Dorian <3

Currently Playing: Random Irish interviews with movie stars

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[public entry #6]

Sep 17, 2009 - 10:45 AM
Again with the rats, A trip to the Buddhist Center and a ginger aussie called Tim...
just woke up :/
the pitter patter of tiny feet has arrived! I finally got the damm cage and after faffing around trying to find a local breeder i eventually got the 'fuck it' point that i find myself at so frequently...

Dorian and Alex are a pair of 10 week old dumbo rats, im still not great at getting pictures onto these entrys but here goes...

Dorian's the black one, Alex is the black and white..

and they are fucking lovely, I honestly feel like i've just had kids, it's weird.
I keep having horrible thoughts like 'what if one of them gets sick?'

it's true by the way, the love is instantainious...

but away from rats...

Yesterday i visited the Cardiff Buddhist Center for a meditation class.
It was terrific but i feel i didnt get into it the way I should have because the posistion i took ending up making the lower half of my body fall completely asleep.. I'm definantly going again next week.

So I've started making 'things to do today' lists at the start of each day and i'm actually finding i get more of the things i wanna do done. I've written a CV which i got proof read several times and now i just need it printed out and photocopied.

I also saw 'miss march' yesterday which was a right laugh, nothing to remember but it's well worth a watch if you're up for a giggle without thinking too hard.

finally, I went to see Tim Minchin last friday, who was fucking terrific. Originally it was a present to my brother for his birthday but he couldnt make as he just started in Edinburgh. He was such a great act, we had really good seats a few rows back in the centre and his songs were just fantastic, a bit like bill bailey but the actual stand up wasnt as profound and the songs were miles better....

Does anyone know any good ways to apply yourself to something? i dont feel like i've really done that in ages and it's a big fault of mine, i guess i'm just lazy :/

I cant think of an ending...


Currently Playing: nothing at all...

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[public entry #5]

Sep 10, 2009 - 09:59 AM
Cages, Rats and A boring fucking paragraph...
Word of warning, this entry includes a really dull paragrah...

Ok so it's been a while since i updated, purely because of the lack of internet, i'm now back in Cardiff, internets up and running (sort of) and im settling into the new house (Im about to start uni year 2).

I'm living with three other people, an Irish guy called Steve who's one of the best mates i've had in ages, a girl called Poppy who's probably the best friend i've made at uni so far and another girl called Bryony who i like a lot but often find to be a bit reserved and quiet, I'm kinda hoping she comes out of her shell a bit this year.

I'm looking into rats at the moment, in fact i've become a little obsessed. So far i've got a cage in Chester that's currently on it's way here via post, a bunch of toys and the usual bedding, food etc. The cage has been a bastard to get hold of, i didnt pay anything for it as a mate back home didnt want it but she was only free for me to collect it the day after i had to be back in Cardiff. So my brother and father went for me.. BUT! that left the effort of actually getting it to cardiff. We assumed it was too big to post so i was looking into getting whoever my next visitor is to bring it down. Although after looking online i found it's able sorry i'm cutting this paragraph right here. It's become a boring tangent. No one wants to spend their time reading about a rat cage. In fact im doubting how interesting this entire entry is.. *sigh* moving on.

The problem is that I'm without rats. I'm fighting the urge to just walk into pets at home and buy some, i've heard bad things about how they look after them and that ones from pet shops frequently have skin problems and become pretty anti-social.

Is there any truth to that? im looking into breeders online, but transport's an issue, Cardiff has apparently very few rat fanatics.. though i've found one! not a breeder but a girl called Rihannon that's really into her rats and she's going to help me out finding a few rats.

Still! good to write an entry again, expect another in the next week i'm sure.


Currently Playing: with myself.

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[public entry #4]

Aug 27, 2009 - 08:08 AM
Axes, Grass and Superman...
none too shabby
Just got back from a few days worth of gardening in Ellesmere,
no internet, no phone signal and nothing even similar to entertaining unless you bring it yourself.

I tell a lie, there's a tescos now... it's a nice excuse to bum off for a cigarette at 9 oclock at night. I have my own little tricks to smoke without suspicion around my parents. my usual one in ellesmere is to smoke in the bathroom where the smell cant be soaked up by carpets and other textured stuff, then i just leave the window open overnight so the smell is long gone by the morning. Of course this wouldnt work if my parents didnt have an en suite toilet.. mwa ha ha! Sometimes i feel like i've 'won' somehow.. then i realise it's kinda petty...

Still, spent most of the time either asleep or trying to get rid of this fucking great spider plant in the Garden, it's been there for about a year and when it was planted it was about 8 inches tall.. it was now over 8 feet.. and the grass from it cuts pretty fiercely. after lopping off most of the top with garden sheers we ending up chunking bits off the bastard with an axe which was fucking FUN.

i cant reccomend axes enough to anyone, seriously, they are so much fun.
they're just as dangerous and silly to play with as you'd expect.

Number one christmas toy this year?
my moneys on axes...

I also took the time to watch the 4 original superman movies, which i found great examples of an earlier movie franchise thats often overlooked in terms of how awsome they are.

the first two speak for themselves, they're just fucking cool.

Hell, even the fourth one was fun enough, tad political but fair enough.

But... But the third.




rather than try and explain i'll just list some of the crap...

-Richard Prior

-Lois Lane 'goes on holiday'

-Superman starts attending birthday parties

-superman decides to start drinking

-superman fights a computer?

-This :

It's just... just amazing..

Currently Playing: the cure

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[public entry #3]

Aug 23, 2009 - 10:09 PM
Pub Games, Sitting at the Table and Vagina Dentata...
Ok so i've already come across a bump in the 'only blogging interesting things' philosophy.

What the hells interesting!?
i mean, i had a great day but would it be interesting to hear about??
What if my tale of darts, pub quiz, pool then vagina dentata isnt much more than a footnote on the 'things i've done this month' storybook?

Well here goes anyhow..

So waking up at around 3 in the usual 'shit is that the time?' platform that is most of my mornings, i was called down for lunch. I'm sure how used i'll ever be, given my sleep cycle, to waking up and eating lunch, somehow being awake for 20 minutes and then being confronted with a bloody great plate of pasta seems a little off.

Do many people eat at a table? i cant help but feel that the eating habits of my family have slipped since i was younger. At first an evening meal would mean everyone sat at the table, saying a prayer (my dad's a vicar) and chatting, however until the recent discovery of a kitchen table hidden under a phenominal pile of ironing, we've ended up eating silently (not even a prayer) in the lounge watching TV. I've come to the mild mannered revalation that perhaps the routine of eating isnt what adults made it out to be when i was 10, even at school it was only when everyone was around 15/16 that i noticed people eating... god forbid.. standing up.

I digress. Today was actually really nice, it felt like a Sunday in a way that not many Sundays actually do, I was in the pub with Ellie (the famed 'Bernard Black' who's journal is infinately more interesting that this one), we played darts which i havnt done in years and we just smoked, laughed and enjoyed ourselves in a really passive way. Drinking was just enjoying a pint rather than getting drunk which was great, it's what drinking should be really, getting drunk's just a wonderful side story to sipping icy cold boddingtons for about 4 hours.

From the pub we sauntered over to Blockbusters and rented 'Teeth'. I'd be amazed if no one had any idea what this movie is, it's got a reputation...

It was fucking hilairious. and scary in the sense of being jumpy, which is really the only thing you can ask of a plot involved a toothy clunge..

Still, it felt unsure of what it wanted to be, sometimes it seemed like it was trying to be a genuine horror whilst other times it was clearly going for laughs, the ending for instance, which is easily found on dear old YouTube..

Is just daft. Yet overall I liked it!
it's not well written, the characters are wafer thin, it's not overly well directed and the sight of a crab toying with several day old severed cock will stay with me to the grave...
but the initial concept is easily retarded enough to carry the whole film. besides, i cant imagine ever tightening my muscles in grimace quite as much as the initial 'Bite'...

I rate it! it's nothing to be taken seriously but then barely any modern horror is, it's almost impossible to think of a recent horror film that hasnt been either funny, a remake, or just plain terrible.

Still, a box from 'wok n go' of various noodley bits covered in chili sauce and hours online lolling together at the majesty that is internet funnys and here i am, sat on Ellies sofa typing this as she drifts off in the other room...

just about to pick up a copy of Dante's divine comedy: Hell... i'll let you know how that goes...



Currently Playing: Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

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[public entry #2]

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