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Jul 27, 2007 - 10:59 PM
"If I had words to make a daaaay for you,

I'd sing you a mor-ning, gol-den and true.

I would make this day last for alllll time,

Then fi-ill the night deep in moo-oon-shine."

"That'll do, pig."

"That'll do."

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Oct 14, 2006 - 01:05 AM
Master of Monsters (Genesis) (music blog)
Note: I blog occasionally at GAF. I just did a vgm blog and thought, "Hey, why not start posting blogs at GFF?"

You won't know me unless you frequent the Game Music boards, but hi to everyone.

So, I was in the local Old & New Shop again the other day. Remember my first blog post when I found those great Genesis games (Pirates! Gold, Shining Force, etc.) for $1 each? Well, there were a few more this time, scattered in random places throughout the store. I got Shaq-Fu (silliest concept ever, but worth owning), a complete Sonic 2, and this other cartridge that was in a Ziploc bag called "Master of Monsters."

Just like last time, I figured, "Eh, why the heck not? Maybe it's rare."

I am SO glad I found this game. Now, the game itself isn't really my thing. It's a simple strategy RPG / monster summoner type deal. But, it's one of the best purchases I've made in quite some time. Not only will it fetch me a decent amount on eBay (it is indeed rare), but it has WONDERFUL music. This is seriously great stuff. I noticed it first at the title screen; I thought, "This is kind of neat." Then, I realized you could toggle through the 6 songs while playing the game. That led to, "Wow, these are great. I wonder if anyone has ripped this."

As it turns out, there was actually an official soundtrack released (for an old, obscure Genesis game...go figure). So, I grabbed that and have been listening to it for hours now. In addition to the 9 original game songs, there are 9 really well-done arranged versions. Sweet.

A guy I've never heard of named Hayato Matsuo composed these tunes. It turns out he's worked on a lot of collaborative projects, including the Ogre Battle games and surprisingly, some FF XII tracks. Whoa.

Furthermore, Hitoshi Sakimoto is credited as an arranger for Master of Monsters. And Koichi Sugiyama, of Dragon Quest fame, is listed as the sound producer.

So now, I'm really, really happy. This has quickly become one of my favorite soundtracks.

The moral of the story: Buy Genesis games you've never heard of that you find for $1.

Currently Playing: Master of Monsters - Purple time

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